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alt.guitar.rickenbacker Frequently Asked Questions
Section - 5.23 I would like to buy a new truss rod cover. Why does Rickenbacker require me to trade in my old one?

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   "The recent spate of 'copy guitars' sporting genuine Rickenbacker
    nameplates, has forced us to adopt a stringent nameplate
    replacement policy. Customers must return at least half of any
    nameplate in order to purchase a new one.

    While it might be relatively easy to counterfeit some of these
    parts, it's also a serious crime. Moving a legitimate plate to a
    non-Rickenbacker is primarily a civil issue, while making
    counterfeit plates is a criminal matter which may result in

    Jack plates, which generally have the guitar serial number stamped
    on them, are also a controlled item. In order to obtain a new
    jackplate with proper serial number, the buyer must return the
    existing plate, otherwise a special sequence serial number,
    registered to the buyer, will be applied to the new plate.

    Finally, all limited edition guitar signature pick plates are
    similarly restricted. A broken plate must be tendered in order to
    buy a replacement.

    These measures are directed primarily toward retaining the resale
    value of genuine Rickenbacker guitars for their owners. It is also
    designed to protect somewhat less knowledgeable buyers from those
    who would offer non-Rickenbacker products as the genuine
    article. Finally, our name is our reputation and we must be sure
    we're able to insure that the goods sporting the logo meet the
    quality standards our customers demand."

    [John Hall,, 7/26/1999]

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