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alt.guitar.rickenbacker Frequently Asked Questions
Section - 5.20 How is a model 330 different from a 360?

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   "The 360 was originally the deluxe version of the 330."

   [Ted Breaux,, 11/4/1998]

   "The choice was made to call the Deluxe model a 360 and the
    standard model was a 330 --- the terms WB, OS, & WBBS did not
    exist at the time----the 360 was enough different to warrant its
    on model number designation because of the Deluxe features ---
    more features higher model number.  That is a simple question to
    answer ---way back when----in the early 60's before 64 there were
    no 360's with rounded top edge and binding on back only---the
    originals were 330 thin semi hollowbody and 360 deluxe thin semi
    hollowbody the only difference between a 330 and a 360 was the 360
    had white binding, front and back, bound fingerboard, triangle
    neck inlays, and both standard & Ric O Sound jacks----they shared
    a common body.

    It was not until the new 360 body style came out in 1964 with the
    rounded front edge and binding only on back came out, that the
    original style body became known as 360OS (old style) at first
    then 360WBBS(white binding both sides) was used later then even
    later 360WB( white binding ) was used to refer to the original
    style 360 binding style.  The answer, I guess, is that the term WB
    did not exist/was not in use at that time in history."

   [Encapsulight,, 11/4/1998]

   "Well, the 330 is a bit more acoustic, and that is reflected
    somewhat in the plugged-in sound. The 360 has quite a bit more
    wood at the edges, while the 330 is routed out quite a bit
    more. This is just a guess, but the interior air volume of a 330
    if probably 15% greater than a 360, and only some of that comes
    from having a fully developed lower bout. It's not a huge
    difference but it IS noticeable."

   [John Hall,, 1/14/2000]

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