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alt.guitar.rickenbacker Frequently Asked Questions
Section - 5.16 How can I rewire my 325 or 350 to make the 5th knob function as a volume knob for the middle pickup?

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   "What you end up with is a regular acting 2 pickup rick, less 5th 
    knob, and the fifth knob acts as a volume for the middle pickup. 
    The mid pickup functions independently of the switch, and it does 
    not utilize a tone knob.  Works great on my 350, but takes a little 
    getting used to.  To utilize the mid pickup by itself, you'd have
    to kill the volume on the other 2 pickups.

    To perform this, have the headstock facing away from you.  Remove 
    the pickguard and flip it over:

       1. Disconnect the middle pickup lead from the top right post 
          on the selector switch.  Also, remove the mid pickup ground 
          (braided wire) from the bass tone control, or whichever pot 
          it is soldered to.

       2. Find the red wire running from the left post of the 5th knob 
          to the center post of the bass volume pot and remove this 
          wire completely.  Keep the wire as you'll need it later.

       3. Find the red wire running from the bottom right post of the 
          selector switch to the middle post on the 5th volume pot.  
          Remove wire at middle post of 5th knob, and solder it to 
          middle post of bass volume pot.

       4.  Solder the mid pickup lead to the center tap on the 5th pot.

       5. Solder the mid pickup ground (braided wire) to the left tap 
          on the 5th pot, as well as to the pot itself.  You may have 
          to strip the wire to have enough braid for this.  I ran the 
          braid through the tap, soldered it at the tap and then to 
          the pot.

       6. Utilizing the wire removed in step 2, run it from the right
          tap of the 5th pot to the left tap of the bass volume pot.  
          Tracing this wire, you'll see that it is the hot supply from 
          the input jack, which is jumped through the treble volume pot 
          as well.

    That's it.  Let me know if you need any help, and also let me know how
    you like it when it's done.

    Good luck,

   [Chris,, 9/29/1998]

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