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Foo Fighters FAQ, V. 7.0 [4/4]

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Archive-name: music/foo-fighters/part4
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Version: 7.0
Maintainer: Ben Rogers <>

IV. Television Appearances
A. What songs did they play on their appearances on David Letterman?

See Section VI-B; the recording sessions list also lists as
many TV appearances as we know about.

See reader questions & answers on this topic! - Help others by sharing your knowledge
  B.  What songs did they play on their MTV special?
On November 22, 1995 MTV aired I'M OK, EUR-OK, a combination of two
taped Foo Fighters concerts from London. They played:
*Enough Space
*This Is a Call
*For All the Cows
*Weenie Beenie
*Big Me
*I'll Stick Around
*Alone+Easy Target
*Up In Arms
*Gas Chamber (Angry Samoans cover)
  C.  What songs did they play on Saturday Night Live?
See Section VI-B, the recording sessions list.
  D.  Have there been any "in-store" appearances?

Yes, at least one that we know of.  On 4/25/96, the boys played the 
Virgin Records Megastore in New York City, NY.  It was only intended for 
private television viewing of the rest of the Virgin Megastores around 
the world.  The setlist is as follows:

*This is a Call
*For all the Cows
*Gas Chamber
*Big Me
*I'll Stick Around
*How I Miss You
*Alone + Easy Target

  E.  Did they win any 1996, 1997, or 1998 MTV Music Video Awards?

The Foo Fighters' video for Big Me won them Best Group Video award in 1996.

In 1997 and 1998, the Foos were shut out, and did not win any awards.

V.  Foo Fighters Internet Resources
  A.  Where can I find Foo reviews, lyrics, images, etc...?
*The Foo Fighters
Maintained by Mike Cunningham (
Tour schedule, images, a link to the Billboard Top 100 Albums 
page, this FAQ, soundclips in .AU format
*A Brave Foo World
Maintained by Sean Foley (
Information, Foo icons, lyrics, images, guitar tabs, this FAQ, 
soundclips in .WAV format, movie clips in .mov and .avi format,
tradecenter, Videography, screensavers, etc.
*Foo Fighters
Maintained by Chris Blackburn (
Images, soundclips in .AU format
*-=Foo Fighters Unofficial Homepage=-
Maintained by Vincenzo Bochicchio (
Band information, various links

*Foo Fighters
Maintained by: Espen Skoglund (
Foo Fighters interactive discography

*Jeff's Foo Fighters Page
Maintained by: Jeff Tan-Ang (
Images, this FAQ, links to many other Foo pages

*Chris' Alternative Bands Homepage - Foo's
Maintained by Chris Lake (
Sound clips and movie clips

*The Quadrangle - Foo Fighters
Maintained by Dave To (
Sound clips (many in mp3 format), articles, lyrics

*Jim's Foo Fighters Page
Maintained by Jim Lennerhed ( 
Notes:  Discography, tabs, European concerts, lyrics

*Foo Song Interps!
Maintained by Scott Newby (
Notes:  Fan based interpretations of the meanings behind 
various Foo Fighters songs

*Lee Bishop's Nirvana and Foo Fighters Page
Maintained by Lee Bishop (
Notes:  News, facts, and links about Foo Fighters and Nirvana

*Swimming In A Wattershed - A Foo Fighters Page
Maintained by Scott Schillaci (
Notes:  Rare Song FAQ, concert reviews, lyrics

*Static - Foo Fighters
Maintained by
Notes:  lyrics, images, tabs

*Foo Fighters World Wide Web Site
Maintained by Loel Campbell (
Notes:  Foo related multimedia, lyrics, tabs

*Foo b, the Foo Fighters b-side page
Maintained by Chris Osborne (
Notes:  Many audio files of Foo b-sides, including mp3's

*Foo Fighters Dot Com
Maintained by 
Notes:  Official site, news, tour dates, etc. 

*Dave Grohl's Best-Kept Secret
Maintained by Tayla Shale (
Notes:  Uh....

*Village of the Foo People
Maintained by Jokum Larsen (
Notes:  Bootlegs, pictures, etc.

*Oof Brand Tofoo
Maintained by Curtis (
Notes:  Hard to describe

*foo fighters:  the.colour.and.the.shape
Maintained by Whitey (
Notes:  mp3s, tour dates, ICQ list, etc.

*The Worst Foo Fighters Page...
Maintained by
Notes:  wav clips, news, etc.

*I'll Stick Around
Maintained by Pamela (
Notes:  Original artwork inspired by the Foo Fighters

*Footos - The Fresh Fighter!
Maintained by Jamie ( and
Whitey (
Notes:  news, tour dates, ICQlist, mailing list, etc.

Maintained by Will Walton (, Mathieu Tremblay
(, and Ben Guevara (
Notes:  message board, rare audio, mailing list

Foo album and live show reviews:

Misc. Foo Stuff:
Sunny Day Real Estate sites:
Nirvana links: 

  B.  Why do people yell at me when I ask for mp3s in this 

Well, you didn't read this FAQ to find out where to find
them.  :-)

Seriously though, the issue boils down to this:  you are 
obtaining a digital copy of a song that you did not purchase,
which in turn means that you are not compensating the artist who
created the song.  This is especially problematic when you are
asking for a song that is available on one of the Foo's major
releases, such as "Everlong" or "Big Me."  Not only are you
asking for something that's readily available in music
stores, but the CDs are also now available from such places
as (which, coincidentally, also has samples
from the songs on the albums) on the net.  This tends to raise
the ire of some of the regulars of the newsgroup, and thus
the rather negative responses to your post.

If you are really desperate for the mp3s, and are possibly
just looking for rare releases that you can't find in stores
(such as live performances), your best bet is to use one
of the many, many mp3 search engines available on the web.
A fairly decent list of available mp3 search engines can be
found at:
  C.  Where can I find guitar tabs?
  D.  Is there a newsgroup?
The Foo Fighters newsgroup is  For those without
access to the newsgroup, there is usually some Foo or Foo-related
discussion going on in or 
  E.  Are there any mailing lists?
Yes, there is one.  For more information on it, go to:

VI.  Miscellaneous
  A.  Is there a fan club?
Foo Merchandise and Fan Club:
P.O. Box # 19700
Seattle, WA 98109
Note:  Reports are that this address has never worked, although
it was listed in the liner notes for the Foo Fighters' debut
album.  Use your $.<insert current postage rate here> wisely.

  B.  Can you list every recording session and the songs recorded?
Well... no.  And frankly, I haven't been able to keep this section of
the FAQ up to date.  As a result, *Simon 13* maintains a more
complete list than I do.  I've included the latest version that
he has here; any updates can be sent to him at his e-mail address:

   |one in ten : a foo fighters page|
   |the (updated) foo fighters recording sessions list|
   The list is split in 2 differents sections :
     studio sessions (including bcc sessions)
     tv/radio appearances
   Original Creator: Brian Olson (The Foo Fighters Faq)
   Maintainence Concept: Johnny and Simon
   1.We made this list because the first one wasn't updated anymore, so
   we decided to take over.
   2.We're just trying to give information out to people - we're not
   suporting bootlegs.
   3.We're not 100% sure on some of this info, we try our best to put
   this as accurate as possible. If you want to give info or make
   corrections, e-mail us.
   please do not post this list on your website. 
   Recent Updates :

     February 2000 : Added 2 Meter Session info.

     January 2000 : Added 2000 Leno appearance.

     November 1999 : Added TINLTL sessions, SNL appearance.

     August 31 1998 : Top of the Pops.
     July 27 1998 : added some infos about the Xfiles soundtrack session
     June 7 1998 : added some infos about the Xfiles soundtrack session.
     May 23 1998 : split the guide in 2 differents sections.
   The Foo Fighters FAQ
   The Guide to Foo Fighters Live and Demo Recordings
   Dave in some interviews
   Contributors :
   Brian Spekis
   Ed Dame
   Brian Olson
   |the (updated) foo fighters recording sessions list|-|studio sessions|
   December 23 1990 - Laundry Room Studios with Barrett Jones
   Pokey the Little Puppy [pocketwatch]
   Petrol CB [pocketwatch]
   Friend of a Friend [pocketwatch]
   Throwing Needles [pocketwatch]
   Just Another Story about Skeeter Thompson [pocketwatch]
   Color Pictures of a Marigold [pocketwatch]
   * Dave played all instruments
   July 27 1991 - WGNS Studios, Arlington, VA with Geoff Turner
   Hell's Garden [pocketwatch]
   Winnebago [pocketwatch]
   Bruce [pocketwatch]
   Milk [pocketwatch]
   * Dave played all instruments
   ?? ?? 1991 - Laundry Room in Arlington, VA, with Barrett Jones
   How I Miss You [I'll stick around single]
   * Dave on guitar and drums; Lisa Grohl on bass
   ??/??/?? unknown session
   Ozone [I'll stick around single]
   19?? King Buzzo Ep session
   * Dave - plays bass, drums and guitar under the name Dale Nixon
   * Buzz Osbourne - vocals and guitar
   Early 1994 Backbeat Soundtrack - Ocean Way Studios, Hollywood, CA
   Money [Backbeat]
   Long Tall Sally [Backbeat]
   Bad Boy [Backbeat]
   Twist and Shout [Backbeat]
   Please Mr.Postman [Backbeat]
   C'mon Everybody [Backbeat]
   Rock 'N' Roll Music [Backbeat]
   Slown Down [Backbeat]
   Roadrunner [Backbeat]
   Carol [Backbeat]
   Good Golly Miss Molly [Backbeat]
   20 Flight Rock [Backbeat]
   Darkroom [Backbeat]
   She's Wearing My Bathrobe [Backbeat]
   Just Read The Poems [Backbeat]
   Why Do They Call This Drink? [Backbeat]
   You Asked, I Came [Backbeat]
   * Additional Recording at Record One, LA
   * Recorded by: Rik Pekkonen
   * Dave - Drums on all tracks; Greg Dulli - vocals; Don Fleming -
   Guitar and Vocals
   * Mike Mills - Bass and vocals; Thurston Moore - Guitar; Dave Pirner -
   Lead Vocals
   May 29 1994 - September 11 1994 Mike Watt Album various studios
   Big Train
   Against The 70's
   Forever - One Reporter's Opinion
   * Dave - plays drums on Big Train and Against The 70's
   * Krist Novoselic - plays farfisa organ on Against the 70's
   * Pat Smear - vocals on Forever - One Reporter's Opinion
   * Eddie Vedder-guitar and backup singer on Big Train and lead singer
   on Against the 70's; Mike Watt vocals and bass on Big Train and
   Against The 70's
   * Producer: Mike Watt
   October 17-23 1994 - Robert Lang's Studio, Seattle, WA
   This Is a Call [Foo Fighters]
   I'll Stick Around [Foo Fighters]
   Big Me [Foo Fighters]
   Alone+Easy Target [Foo Fighters]
   Good Grief [Foo Fighters]
   Oh, George [Foo Fighters]
   Weenie Beenie [Foo Fighters]
   Floaty [Foo Fighters]
   Winnebago [this is a call single]
   X-Static [Foo Fighters]
   For All the Cows [Foo Fighters]
   Exhausted [Foo Fighters]
   Podunk [this is a call single
   Wattershed [Foo Fighters]
   Butterflies [bootlegs]
   * Producer:Barrett Jones and Dave Grohl
   * Dave on all instruments - drums, guitar and bass
   * Greg Dulli - guitar solo on X-Static
   ?? ?? 1994 - Laundry Room in Seattle, WA, with Barrett Jones
   Gas Chamber [bootlegs]
   November 16 1995 - BBC Radio One, Mayda Vale Studios, England
   Winnebago (live) [bootlegs]
   Wattershed (live) [bootlegs]
   Alone+Easy Target [Big Me single]
   Floaty [Big Me single]
   How I Miss You [bootlegs]
   Up In Arms [bootlegs]
   Gas Chamber [Big Me single]
   * broadcast in January 1996
   January 24-26 1996 - Robert Lang Studios, Seattle, WA
   Enough Space [bootlegs]
   Butterflies [bootlegs]
   I'm Alone Again [bootlegs]
   My Hero [bootlegs]
   Down in the Park [X-Files Soundtrack]
   October / November 1996 - Touch Soundtrack - Robert Lang Studios,
   Seattle ,WA
   Bill Hill Theme [Touch]
   August Murray Theme [Touch]
   How Do You Do [Touch]
   Richie Baker's Miracle [Touch]
   Making Popcorn [Touch]
   Outrage [Touch]
   Saints In Love [Touch]
   Spinning Newspapers [Touch]
   Remission My Ass [Touch]
   Scene 6 [Touch]
   This Loving Thing (Lynn's Song) [Touch]
   Final Miracle [Touch]
   Touch [Touch]
   * Producers:Dave Grohl and Barrett Jones
   * From an interview : "I started it (recording the soundtrack) six
   days after we came home from the Phoenix festival of the last
   year(1996). It took me 2 weeks to finish it and now I've seen the
   movie for the 1st time!". If you know the exact date, mail-us.
   The Colour and the Shape session at Bear Creek Studios, Woodinville,
   Doll [TCATS]
   Up In Arms (Slow Version) [Monkey Wrench single]
   Monkey Wrench
   Hey, Johnny Park
   My Poor Brain
   Wind Up
   My Hero
   See You
   Enough Space
   February Stars
   New Way Home
   The Colour And The Shape [Monkey Wrench single]
   Dear Lover??? [Scream 2 Soundtrack and My Hero single]
   * Producer: Gil Norton
   * Drums : William Goldsmith
   * help needed; Make a Bet was recorded at either this TCATS
   session or the next one, any info appreciated
   The Colour and the Shape session at Grand Master Recorders, Ltd.,
   Hollywood, CA
   Monkey Wrench [TCATS]
   Hey, Johnny Park! [TCATS]
   My Poor Brain [TCATS]
   Wind Up [TCATS]
   Up In Arms [TCATS]
   My Hero [TCATS]
   See You [TCATS]
   Enough Space [TCATS]
   February Stars [TCATS]
   Everlong [TCATS]
   New Way Home [TCATS]
   * Producer: Gil Norton
   * Handclaps on See You: Lance Briggs, Chris Bilheimer and Ryan Boesch
   * help needed; Make a Bet was recorded at either this TCATS
   session or the last one, any info appreciated
   The Colour and the Shape session at WGNS Studios, Washington, D.C.
   Walking After You [TCATS]
   Everlong ???
   * Recorded by: Jeff Turner
   * Producer: Gil Norton
   * help needed
   April 30 1997 - BBC Evening Session, London, England
   Requiem [everlong single]
   Drive Me Wild [everlong single]
   Friend of a Friend [bootlegs]
   Baker Street [my hero single]
   Note: 1st broadcast date is May 19 1997
   About a Girl Session - Laundry room studio, Seattle , WA with Barret
   About a Girl
   * help needed
   Puff Daddy Session
   It's All about the Benjamins
   * help needed
   AutoEnvironment Session
   45 min crazy jam
   * help needed
   February - March 1998 Godzilla Soundtrack session - Sound City
   Studios, Van Nuys, CA
   A320 [godzilla soundtrack]
   * Petra Hayden plays violin on A320.
   * help needed
   February - March 1998 X-files "Fight The Future" Soundtrack session -
   Ocean Way Recoding, Hollywood California
   Walking After You [Xfiles soundtrack]
   * Jerry Harrison plays piano on Walking After You.
   * According to Giles, "when the Foos were recording the new version of
   Walking after you, they took about seven or eight takes to get it
   right - Dave was trying to get all his emotion into the song. Anyway -
   he succeeded - he's actually crying while singing the song, if you
   listen carefully, you can hear his voice cracking and breaking..." It
   did come from the mouth of Dave.
   * help needed

   Spring 1999    There Is Nothing Left To Lose session at
   Studio 606, Virginia
   Stacked Actors [TINLTL]
   Breakout       [TINLTL]
   Learn To Fly   [TINLTL]
   Gimme Stitches [TINLTL]
   Generator      [TINLTL]
   Aurora         [TINLTL]
   Live-In Skin   [TINLTL]
   Next Year      [TINLTL]
   Headwires      [TINLTL]
   Ain't It The Life [TINLTL]
   M.I.A.         [TINLTL]
   Fraternity     [TINLTL import]
   Have A Cigar   [LTF single]
   Iron and Stone [LTF single]
   Try Me On      ???
   7 Corners      ???
   Fuck Around    ???
   * Recorded by:  Adam Kasper
   * In interviews, it's been said that there were 20 tracks
   recorded for TINLTL

   July 1999      There Is Nothing Left To Lose Session at
   Conway Studios, Los Angeles
   * Recorded by:  Adam Kasper
   * unsure of track listing here
   |the (updated) foo fighters recording sessions list|-|tv appearances|
   January 8 1995 - Self Pollution Radio
   Gas Chamber [bootlegs]
   Exhausted [bootlegs]
   * This was broadcast by Eddie Vedder during Pearl Jam's 1995 american
   tour. Gas Chamber is the version recorded with Barret Jones at the
   Laundry Room in Seattle.
   August 14 1995 - Late Show with David Letterman, NY
   This Is A Call [bootlegs]
   August 28 1995 - Nulle Part Ailleurs, french tv
   This Is A Call
   November 6 1995 - Nulle Part Ailleurs - french tv
   Big Me [bootlegs]
   I'll Stick Around [bootlegs]
   December 2 1995 - Saturday Night Live - NBC Studios
   I'll Stick Around [bootlegs]
   For All The Cows [bootlegs]
   Almost Live, Seattle
   Big Me + Dave guest starring in the episode
   * Dave plays an acoustic Big Me as part of a fake talk show. Then the
   host interrupts the song and says that the C chord after the chorus
   really should be an A minor.
   March 18 1996 - Rockline - Clatter & Din Studios
   For All The Cows [bootlegs]
   Wattershed [bootlegs]
   How I Miss You [bootlegs]
   Up In Arms [bootlegs]
   * Acoustic session
   April ?? 1997 - Tokyo, Japan, Live from the road
   Carry On My Waywayd Son [bootlegs]
   Wannabe [bootlegs]
   Bullet With Butterfly Wings [bootlegs]
   Big Me [bootlegs]
   * Only part of the songs. Acoustic.
   April 2 1997 - Tokyo, Japan, EMI Studio
   For All The Cows [My Hero japanese single]
   Big Me [bootlegs]
   Up In Arms [bootlegs]
   * Acoustic
   May ?? 1997 - TFI Friday, London, UK
   Monkey Wrench [bootlegs]
   * Broadcast on may 9 1997
   May 9 1997 - Nulle Part Ailleurs, french TV - Cannes, France
   Monkey Wrench [bootlegs]
   2 others songs wich weren't broadcast.
   May 13 1997 - MTV Studio, London, UK
   Monkey Wrench [bootlegs]
   May 15 1997 - Letterman Show, Ed Sullivan Theatre, NY
   Monkey Wrench [bootlegs]
   * Broadcast on may 16 1997.
   May ?? 1997 - Later with Jools Holland, London, UK, BBC Studios
   Monkey Wrench [bootlegs]
   Everlong [bootlegs]
   * broadcast on may 31 1997
   June 13 1997 - Tonight show with Jay Leno, NBC Studios, Burbank, CA
   Monkey Wrench [bootlegs]
   August 7 1997 - Keenan Ivory Wayans Show, Los Angeles, CA
   Everlong [bootlegs]
   September 4 1997 - MTV VMA pre-show, NY
   Monkey Wrench [bootlegs]
   Everlong [bootlegs]
   * Pat leaves the band after Monkey Wrench.
   October 8 1997 - Letterman Show, NY
   Everlong [bootlegs]
   December 12 1997 - TFI Friday, London, UK
   My Poor Brain [bootlegs]

   ??/??/97 David Bowie - A Birthday Celebration
   -Hallo Spaceboy (Foo Fighters Backing)
   -Seven Years In Tibet (Only Dave Backing?)
   February 26 1998 - Tonight Show with Jay Leno, NVC Studios, Burbank,
   My Hero [bootlegs]
   March 18 1998 - Howard Stern Show, NY
   Everlong (acoustic) [bootlegs]
   May 14 1998 - Letterman show, New York, NY
   Walking After You [bootlegs]
   * They played the new version, with drums and backing vocals. The
   backing vocals were done by Greg from Shudder To Think. Dave played an
   acoustic guitar.
   They may have played Everlong with the Letterman orchestra too. At the
   end of the song, you can hear the orchestra starting Everlong. Then
   the advertisements start. Atter, you can hear the end of the song.
   August 28 1998 - Top Of The Pops, UK
   Walking After You [bootlegs]
   * Dave played with blue contact lens.
   November 6 1999 - Saturday Night Live, New York
   Learn To Fly
   Stacked Actors

   November 18 1999 - TBD, Madrid


   November 22 1999 - 2 Meter Sessions, Amsterdam
   Intro (Short Dutch Intro for the band by Jan Douwe Kroeske (Ducth DJ) 
    with a little talking by Dave)
   Ain't It The Life [Stacked Actors & Generator single]
   Blackbird (Short Jam on Beatles Song by Dave and Taylor)
   Learn To Fly [probably version]
   Dave Grohl Interview
   Floaty - This Is A Call (Short "Rockabilly" Jam on these songs 
    by the whole band)
   Next Year

Also played, but not broadcasted:
   Floaty [Stacked Actors & Generator singles]
   *The interview with Dave focused on the band and also the 2 Meter
    Session that he did with Nirvana
   *Next Year features Taylor on the Mellotron


   November 29 1999 MTV Total Request Live

   Larger Than Life (Short Instrumental Backstreet Boys Cover)
   Learn To Fly
   Stacked Actors
   *Stacked Actors was only partially aired

   November 30 1999 - The Late Show with David Letterman, New York
   Learn To Fly
   *Full broadcast of Breakout on Internet, but cut on TV

   December 5  1999 - The VH-1 Fashion Awards, New York
   Learn To Fly

   January 13  2000 - Tonight show with Jay Leno, NBC Studios, Burbank, CA
   Learn To Fly


   March 9 2000 - Sen Kvall Med Luuk, TV 4, Stockholm, Sweden
   Generator (not broadcast)
   * Generator was played twice, but only the second version aired
   * Taped March 2, 2000
   * Read the full show review at:

   April 4 2000 - Late Night with Conan O'Brien, New York City, NY

   May 15 2000 - The Late Show with David Letterman, New York City, NY 

   May 23 2000 - The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, Los Angeles, CA         


   June 23 2000 - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Burbank, CA

  C.  What do the songs mean?
The songs may have multiple meanings, or none at all, so you 
shouldn't look too much into them.  Dave has given some of the 
mystery away, though, in a few interviews, and in his introductions
of the songs at concerts.
*This Is A Call:  Dave thanking and paying respects to everyone 
                  he's ever been close to.
*I'll Stick Around:  A song about feeling like you're lost, but 
                     you're not going to quit.
*Big Me:  A song Dave wrote for his ex-wife.
*Floaty:  Dave told an interviewer that he once had a dream that 
          aliens had come to the earth, and a new age of man was 
          beginning.  It inspired one of the songs on the album. 
          While he didn't say which one, he did say that the 
          lyrics were very spacey and general.  He could be 
          talking about "Floaty".  (Then again... maybe not.)

*Up In Arms:  Right before they played this song on the MTV special, 
	      Dave mentioned that [probably paraphrased]
	      "That's a cute little love song about my wife."

  D.  Can you tell me what Dave's whispering towards the end of Everlong? 

Apparently Dave scrambled three audio tracks together so as to distort
what you, the listener, hear.  To this date, no one has been able
to decipher exactly what is being said, but we do know that one track
is a love letter being read, one track is a technical manual being
read, and the last track is a story about one of the studio technician's

  E.  What was the LATE! "Pocketwatch" album?
Dave Grohl recorded a 10 track demo back in 1990. Just as with the 
Foo Fighters demo, he played every instrument himself.  He gave this 
demo to one of his friends, Jenny Toomey, who happened to own 
Simple Machines records.  This demo was later released under the band 
name Late!  The album title was "Pocketwatch".
The tracks are:
1.  Pokey the Little Puppy 
2.  Petrol CB
3.  Friend of a Friend
4.  Throwing Needles
5.  Just Another Story About Skeeter Thompson
6.  Color Pictures of a Marigold
7.  Hell's Garden
8.  Winnebago
9.  Bruce
10. Milk
(A different recording of "Marigold" later appeared as a B-side of the
Nirvana "Heart-Shaped Box" single.  A different recording of "Winnebago"
was released as a B-side of Foo Fighters' "This Is a Call" single.  See
section II-A for more info.)
The album has been available via Simple Machines; however, they are 
currently swamped with orders, and are no longer taking new orders until
they can get caught up.  For more information on Simple Machines, a good
web site is "Jeff's Tribute to Simple Machines":

  F.  What's the connection with the movie "Touch"?

The movie "Touch," released in the United States early in 1997, 
was completely scored by Dave.  The CD to look for in music stores is 
entitled, "Music from the Motion Picture Touch."  The tracklist is as 

1.  bill hill theme
2.  august murray theme
3.  how do you do
4.  richie baker's miracle
5.  making popcorn
6.  outrage
7.  saint's in love
8.  spinning newspapers
9.  remission my ass
10. scene 6
11. this loving thing (lynn's song)
12. final miracle
13. touch

  G.  What's the connection with Nirvana?
Are you kidding?  Foo Frontman Dave Grohl was the drummer for 
Nirvana.  Guitarist Pat Smear was recruited by Nirvana near the 
band's end.  (See section I-A; for Nirvana links, see section V-A; 
For additional Nirvana information, consult the Nirvana FAQ, 
posted bi-monthly to, maintained by Jeff McRae.)
  H.  What's the connection with Sunny Day Real Estate?
Bass player Nate Mendel and ex-drummer William Goldsmith were the 
rhythm section of the once dead and now resurrected band, Sunny
Day Real Estate.  (See section I-A.)  A new album was recorded prior to 
the break-up, and was released in November, 1995 under the independent 
Sub Pop label.  (For SDRE web sites, see section V-A.)
  I.  What's the connection with Devo?
Devo bass player Gerold Casale directed the Foo Fighters' first 
video, "I'll Stick Around".  Dave rented a video of a collection of 
Devo videos and short films, directed by Casale.  The Foos started 
talking about making a video with him, that would sort of resemble 
a Devo video, and it happened.
Also, in 1990 when Dave was with Nirvana, they recorded 
"Turnaround", a Devo song co-written by Casale, for the John 
Peel show in England.  This recording was released first on the EP 
Hormoaning and then the album Incesticide.  (For more information, 
check out the Nirvana FAQ, posted bi-monthly to, 
maintained by Jeff McRae.)

  J.  What's the connection with Backbeat?

Backbeat was a movie released in the mid '90s that chronicled the 
early years of the Beatles.  Dave played drums on a number of tracks for 
the soundtrack of the movie, and even played the MTV Music Video Awards
with some of the other contributing artists.

  K.  What's the connection with Sean "Puffy" Combs?

Dave laid down the guitar, bass, and drum portions of the rock remix
of Puffy's "It's All About The Benjamins."  It can be found on the
following single:

*Been Around The World (CD)
Puff Daddy & Family
1.  Been Around The World (Radio Edit)
2.  It's All About The Benjamins (Rock Remix 1)
3.  It's All About The Benjamins (Rock Remix 2)

Release date:  11/21/97
  L.  How well are their albums selling?

Their debut album has slowly but steadily sold, never cracking the top 
20 popular albums.  In January 1996 it was given certification by the 
RIAA as a platinum album, and this was then announced in the February 
1996 issue of Billboard Magazine.

The Colour and The Shape, their second album, peaked at #10 on the charts
and has gone platinum since.

There Is Nothing Left To Lose, the Foos' third album, debuted at
#10 on the Billboard charts, and went platinum in December of 1999.

  M.  Why is all this information so out of date?
Because it's now January of 2016, and you're reading the June
2000 version.  The Foo Fighters FAQ is updated periodically.  Always 
check the date of the FAQ to make sure you're looking at the most 
recent version.
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