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Archive-Name: music/christian/wedding

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*********************************************************** Wedding Song List

last modified: 19 November 2001

Copyright (c) 1995-2001 Andrew D. Taylor <>.

This is a list of contemporary Christian songs which have been
suggested by various readers of the Usenet newsgroup as applicable for use at a wedding, either in the
ceremony or the reception.

        Is this the most up-to-date version of the list?
        Adding to the list.
        The List

Is this the most up-to-date version of the list?

Possibly.  The most up-to-date version can be found at

Also the WWW page points to this list.  It is
located at where there is
more wedding related info.

If you do not have access to the World Wide Web, a copy can be
obtained via e-mail.  Just send an e-mail to me at
with a subject header REQUEST WEDDING SONG LIST and I'll e-mail a copy off
just as soon as I get a chance.

Adding to the list.

If you have any suggestions for me to add to the list they can be
e-mailed to me at with the subject header

Keep in mind that this is a list of contemporary Christian songs when
you make a suggestion.  Also, if you can provide it, the name of the
album that the song appears on and the composer of the song would be

The List

"Above All Things"
        Phil Keaggy - Phil Keaggy

"Across The Miles"
        (Paul Alan)
        Nouveaux - Beginnings

"All For You"
        Billy Crocket

"All I Ever Wanted"
        Margaret Becker - Simple House

"All My Dreams"
        Lenny LeBlanc

"All Of Me"
        (Michael Sweet)
        Stryper - To Hell With The Devil

"Arise My Love"
        Michael Card - The Way of Wisdom

"Author of Love, The"
        Paul Clark

        Scott Wesley Brown - Signature

        Plankeye - Commonwealth

"Blessing, The"
        The Electrics

"Bonded Together"
        Twila Paris - A Heart That Knows You
        Twila Paris - Same Girl

"Bride's Song 1984"
        Riki Michelle - Big Big Town

"Bridge Across The Water"
        (Robert White Johnson & Taylor Rhodes)
        Nouveaux - Beginnings

"Butterfly Kisses"
        (Bob Carlisle, Randy Thomas)
        Bob Carlisle - Shades of Grace

"Charm Is Deceitful"
        Kim Hill - Talk About Life

"Cherish The Treasure"
        Steve Green - Find Us Faithful

"Cross My Heart"
        (Wayne Kirkpatrick & Michael W. Smith)
        Michael W. Smith - Go West Young Man

        Billy Crocket - Starlite Night

        Phil & Brenda Nicholas

"Devoted To You"
        Imperials - This Years Model

"Do You Dream of Me"
        Michael W. Smith - The First Decade

"Do You Know What Love Is?"
        (Karl Ney, Tony Palacios, David Bach & Jamie Rowe)
        Guardian - Miracle Mile

"Doubly Good To You"
        Amy Grant - Straight Ahead

"Dream In My Life"
        King's X - King's X

"Edge Of The Dream"
        White Heart - Emergency Broadcast

"Enough For Me"
        Leslie Phillips - Various Artists Love Songs For Christian Couples

        Brian Doerksen - Jesus Alone

"Faithful Friend"
        Twila Paris

"Fall in Love Again"
        Mark Schultz - Mark Schultz

"Fallin' In Love"
        Shaded Red - Shaded Red

"Falling In Love With You"
        Sweet Comfort Band - A&R

        Gary Chapman - Light Inside

"Five Candles (You Were There)"
        Jars of Clay - Much Afraid

"Flesh Of His Flesh"
        Michael Card - Present Reality

"Flesh Of My Flesh"
        Leon Patillo

"For His Bride"
        John Michael Talbot

"For You"
        (Wayne Kirkpatrick, Michael W. Smith & William Owsley III)
        Michael W. Smith - Go West Young Man

"Forever Yours"
        (Gregg Fulkerson)
        Michael Sweet - Michael Sweet

"Found Someone"
        Shaded Red - Shaded Red

"Friend In My Eyes"
        (Peter King, Davia Vallesillo, Derik Toy & Chuck Cummings)
        Dakoda Motor Co. - Welcome Race Fans

        Michael W. Smith - Michael W. Smith 2

        (Mark Gersmehl & Billy Smiley)
        White Heart - Tales of Wonder

"Give Me Forever (I Do)"
        John Tesh & James Ingram - Grand Passion

"Go There With You"
        Steven Curtis Chapman - Great Adventure

        dc Talk - Supernatural

"Great Adventure, The"
        Steven Curtis Chapman - Great Adventure

        Jars of Clay - If I Left the Zoo

"Hand In Hand"
        (Eddie DeGarmo & Dana Key)
        DeGarmo & Key - The Pledge
        DeGarmo & Key - Destined To Win The Classic Rock Collection

        Amy Grant - Christmas Album

"Here And Now"
        Phil Keaggy - Way Back Home

"Holding On To You"
        Servant - Caught In The Act Of Loving Him

        (Michael Sweet)
        Stryper - To Hell With The Devil
        Stryper - Can't Stop The Rock The Stryper Collection

"Household Of Faith"
        Steve Green - For God And God Alone

"How Beautiful"
        Twila Paris - Cry for the Desert
        Twila Paris - A Heart That Knows You

"I Could Never Promise You"
        Don Francisco - Forgiven

"I Do (Promise To Love You)"
        Phil & Brenda Nicholas - More than Music

"I Found Myself In You"
        Clay Crosse - Time To Believe

"I Found Love"
        Geoff Moore & the Distance - Foundations

"I Found Love"
        (David Bach, Tony Palacios, John Elefante & Jamie Rowe)
        Guardian - Miracle Mile

"I Promise You"
        Greg Long - Days of Grace

"I Will Be Here"
        Steven Curtis Chapman - More To This Life

"I Will Be Here For You"
        Michael W. Smith - Change Your World

"I Will Never Go"
        Twila Paris - For Every Heart

"I Wish"
        Billy Sprague - La Vie ???

"If That's What It Takes"
        Clay Crosse - My Place Is With You

"If You Could See What I See"
        (Geoff Moore & Steven Curtis Chapman)
        Geoff Moore and the Distance - Evolution

"If You Ever Need Me"
        Gary Chapman - Shelter

"I'll Be Here Loving You"
        Amy Morriss - I'm a Believer

"I'll Give"
        Smalltown Poets - Smalltown Poets

"I'll Never Get Tired Of You"
        King's X - Faith, Hope, Love

"I'm Committed To You"
        Steve Camp - Taking Heaven

"In Your Arms Again"
        Michael W. Smith - Live the Life

"Jesus In Your Eyes"
        Julie Miller - Orphans and Angels

"Jesus Let Us Come To Know You"
        Michael Card - The Final Word
        Michael Card - The Life
        Michael Card - Scandalon

"Kiss Me"
        Sixpence None The Richer - Sixpence None The Richer

"Let It Be So"
        Victoria Williams - Musings Of A Creekdipper

"Lost Inside of You"
        Jon Gibson - The Hits

        (Bob Hartman)
        Petra - Beyond Belief

        (Matt Slocum)
        Sixpence None the Richer - Sixpence None the Richer

"Love Divine"
        (Phil Keaggy)
        Phil Keaggy - Crimson & Blue

"Love Has a Hold On Me"
        Amy Grant - House of Love

"Love I Found In You, The"
        Steve Camp - Taking Heaven By Storm

"Love I Know, The"
        (Joel Hanson)
        PFR - Great Lengths

"Love Like This, A"
        Phil & Brenda Nicholas - A Love Like This

"Love Moves in Mysterious Ways"
        Michael English - Hope

"Love Never Fails"
        Servant - Swimming

"Love Of My Life"
        Sheila Walsh - For a Time Like This

"Love Song"

"Love Song"
        (Mac Powell)
        Third Day - Third Day

"Love Song For Number 2"
        Mickey and Becky Moore - Love Song For Number 2

"Love Will Be Our Anchor"
        Gary Chapman

"Lover of My Soul"
        Amy Grant - Various/My Utmost for His Highest

"Margee Ann"
        Fernando Ortega - The Breaking of the Dawn

"Matter of Time"
        Michael W. Smith - Live the Life

"Maybe Tomorrow"
        (Paul Alan, Steve Ashley, K.C. Smothers)
        Nouveaux - And This Is How I Feel

"Melody's Song"
        Keith Green - Prodigal Son
        Keith Green - The Ministry Years 1977-79 Disk 1

"Mt. Nebo"
        Twila Paris - For Every Heart

"My Love I'll Always Show"
        (Michael Sweet)
        Stryper - Yellow and Black Attack

"My Promise"
        (Gary Lenaire)
        Tourniquet - Vanishing Lessons
        Tourniquet - Carry The Wounded

"Never Say Goodbye"
        (Jamie Rowe, David Bach, Tony Palacios & John Elefante)
        Guardian - Fire & Love

"Now That I've Found You"
        Angelo & Veronica - A&V

"Nowhere Closer To Heaven"
        Charlie Peacock - West Coast Diaries #2

"Nowhere Else"
        (Mark Tootle)
        77's - Sticks & Stones

"Oh How the Years Go By"
        Amy Grant - House of Love

"Once In A Lifetime Love"
        Acapella - Conquerors

"One At Heart"
        Servant - Light Maneuvers

"One I've Been Waiting For, The"
        Out of the Grey - Diamond Days

"One Of The Best Ones"
        Bruce Cockburn - Nothing But a Burning Light

"One of Two"
        Gary Chapman

"Only God Could Love You More"
        Kelly Nelon Thompson

"Only The Beginning"
        (Bob Cull)
        Dakoda Motor Co. - Into the Son

"Open Arms"
        Amy Grant - Straight Ahead

"Other Side of Me, The"
        Michael W. Smith - I'll Lead You Home

"Over And Over"
        Annie Herring - There's a Stirring

"Page is Turned, A"
        Bebo Norman - Ten Thousand Days

"Perfect Union"
        Matthew Ward - Fade to White

"Precious Love"
        Al Denson

"Razor's Edge"
        Gary Chapman - The Light Inside

"Say Once More"
        Amy Grant - Lead Me On

        Leon Patillo - The Sky is the Limit

"Sentimental Song"
        (Steve Hindalong)
        The Choir - Circle Slide

"She's My Angel"
        (Dan McCabe)
        Dreamer - Full Metal Racket

"Shine On Us"
        Philips, Craig and Dean - Various/My Utmost for His Highest

"Since I Found You"
        Matthew Ward - Fortress

"So We Never Got to Paris"
        Out of the Grey - Gravity

"Song of Reconciliation"
        Ashton, Becker, Dente - Along the Road

"Still In Love"
        East to West - North of the Sky

"Strong Determination"
        Phillips Craig and Dean - Lifeline

"Take Hold"
        Fear Not - There is a God

"Take My Hand"
        Between Thieves - Between Thieves

        Glen Kaiser - All My Days

"That's Why God Made the Moon"
        John Elefante - Windows of Heaven

"There Will Never Be Another"
        Amy Grant - My Father's Eyes

"There's No Remedy For Love"
        Susan Ashton - Susan Ashton

"They Say It's Love"
        Cindy Morgan - Listen

"Thigpen's Wedding"
        Kemper Crabb - The Vigil

"This Day"
        (Lowell Alexander)
        Point of Grace - Point of Grace

"This Flame"
        Margaret Becker - Soul

"This Is The Day"
        Scott Wesley Brown

"Thy Word"
        (Amy Grant & Michael W. Smith)
        Amy Grant - Straight Ahead
        Amy Grant - The Collection

"Till the End of Time"
        Steve Green - The Letter

        Rachel Rachel - You Otta Know By Now

"To Keep Love Alive"
        Out of the Grey - Shape of Grace

"Together As One"
        (Michael Sweet)
        Stryper - Soldiers Under Command
        Stryper - Can't Stop The Rock The Stryper Collection

"True Companion"
        Marc Cohn - Marc Cohn

"True Friend"
        Twila Paris - For Every Heart

        (Matt Slocum)
        Sixpence None the Richer - Fatherless and the Widow

"Two Hearts"
        Jonathan Pierce

"Two Of You, The"
        Phil Keaggy - Underground

"Two Trusting Jesus"
        Mark Heard - Appalachian Melody

"Virginia Rose"
        Fernando Ortega - Home

"Vow, The"
        Geoff Moore & The Distance - Home Run

"Walk Forever By My Side"
        The Alarm - Strength

"Watercolour Ponies"
        Wayne Watson - Watercolour Ponies

"Wedding, The"
        Michael Card - Scandalon
        Michael Card - The Life

"Wedding Prayer"
        Glenn Kasier - All My Days

"Wedding Song (There Is Love)"
        Noel Paul Stookey - Noel Paul Stookey and Bodyworks

"What A Wonder You Are"
        Phil Keaggy - Town to Town

"Whatever It Takes"
        (Amy Grant, Keith Thomas & Gary Chapman)
        Amy Grant - House of Love

"When Love Comes Home"
        Sheila Walsh - For a Time Like This

"When The Love Is Right"
        (Ted Kirkpatrick)
        Tourniquet - Carry The Wounded

"When You are a Soldier"
        Steven Curtis Chapman - For the Sake of the Call

"Why Don't We"
        (Karl Ney)
        Guardian - Swing Swang Swung

        Bleach - Space

"You and I"
        (Jamie Rowe, David Bach, Tony Palacios)
        Guardian - Miracle Mile

"You And I"
        Kathy Trocolli - Pure Attraction

"You Must Have Been an Angel"
        Bob Carlisle - Shades of Grace

"Your Love"
        Guardian - Swing Swang Swung

"You're A Gift From God"
        Kenny Marks - Right Where You Are

"You're The Best"
        Kenny Marks - Right Where You Are

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