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Archive-name: music/cd-club-faq
Posting-Frequency: every two weeks
Last-modified: 20 September 1995
Version: 3.96

+    This FAQ has three sections (I, II, and III) and an Appendix A.  If
this post was cut short, please email me at

+     The CD Club FAQ can be found by ftp at in
pub/ra/ramseyms/cd and by gopher at  An HTML version
of the FAQ can be found at

     Let me introduce myself.  My name is Brad von Haden and I can be
reached via email at  I have been a member of a BMG
club since the mid-80's (currently a member of both the popular and
Classical divisions) and a member of Columbia House since 1993 after I
heard about the KGN telephone offer (recently cancelled) here on this

     This FAQ was originally maintained by Carl Ponder.  Much of the
information contained in the FAQ was compiled by him.  So, from here on
out in the FAQ, when there is a personal pronoun, it means either Carl or

     If you have any information (new, corrections, or whatever) or
questions pertaining to the FAQ, please contact me.


	Brad von Haden

+p.s.Special thanks to Malcolm Humes, James Fowell, Glenn Lea, Troy Biles,
     Bob Neidorff, Jerry Dallal, Victor Ortega, Benn Tannenbaum, Bob
     Retelle, Bruno Fernandes, and all the dedicated readers of
     "" who have provided me with so much invaluable

+p.p.s.  My thanks, especially to Carl Ponder for all his hardwork, and to
      all those mentioned by Carl, plus Scott Clark, H.W. Neff and Dave
      Datta, and Hugh Chou, Jason Hirschhorn, Rob McIntyre, Mark Ramsey,
      Michael Santos, Martin Stern, Eric Stauffer, Brian Wilson and
      Yi-Shin Wu.

   *   *   *   * 

+ a '+' signifies a change from the previous version (which was 3.95).

I.  Join, Quit, Repeat

	A.  Deciding to Join

	To find out whether BMG and/or CH offer artists and titles that
appeal to you in quantities sufficient to fulfill the membership

		- check magazines and newspapers for club advertisements
		- check a friend's club bulletin/catalog
		- call, write, or email (Sect II) the club for a catalog:
+			- BMG - (317) 692-9200
			- CH  - (800) 457-0500
		- check the online catalogs:
			- Regular (BMG and CH)
			  - ftp: in /pub
			  - gopher:
			  - www:
			- Classical (BMG):
			  - ftp: in music/cd-catalogs
				file: bmg-classical-collection_2ed.gz

	B.  Joining

	CH and BMG have several membership offers available.  CH has
offers ranging from their standard '10 CDs for 1 cent, buy 6 more CDs' to
'10 CDs for the price of one of a CD'.  CH has recently made available
offers of 8 for 1, 9 for 1 and 10 for 1.  BMG's deals go from '8 CDs for
the price of 1 CD' to '10 CDs for the price of one-half of a CD'.  Both CH
and BMG reserve the right to cancel an offer without notice.

		1.  CH's Best Deal - ???

	As reported on, CH's best deal is '10 CDs for the
price of 1 CD'.  Call CH at 1-800-457-0500.  Many different codes have
been reported for the offer; one set is '4SH-5X' and below that

		2.  BMG's Best Deal - ???

	According to several posts on, BMG's 10 CDs for the
price of one cent is no longer being accepted.  In the letter telling of
the end of the deal, there is a card for an offer of 10 CDs for the price
of one-half of a CD, so 10 for 1/2 seems to be the best deal out there at
this time.

	C.  While a Member

	Other than paying the bills and fulfilling the membership
requirements within the stated time period, a club member's main
responsibility is to return the monthly selection cards in a timely

	If you receive a CD that is either received in error (unwanted
monthly selection or wrong CD shipped by the club) or flawed (CD or
packaging) call or write the club's Customer Service Department and ask
for a return label.  If the CD's shipping package has yet to be opened,
just write "Refused - Return to Sender" on the outside of the package and
give to the US Postal Service.

	D.  Quitting

	Once the membership requirements have been fulfilled, either write
(be sure to include your account number) or call the club's Customer
Service Dept, or just write PLEASE CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP on a monthly
selection card.  Prior to the club cancelling your membership, you might
receive another monthly selection card.  Ignore it.  The club will
probably send notification when it has processed the cancellation.

	E.  Repeat

II.  Brief Membership Information

	A.  Customer Service

	Columbia House			BMG
	----------------------------	-----------------------------

Mail:   Columbia House CD Club		BMG Music Service
	1400 North Fruitridge Avenue	Customer Correspondence
	Terre Haute, IN  47811		PO Box 1958
					Indianapolis, IN   46291-0010

					BMG Classical Music Service
					Customer Correspondence
					PO Box 91119
					Indianapolis, IN   46291-0050


+Phone:  (800) 457-0500			(317) 692-9200
	M-F : 5 AM - 8 PM		M-F : 8 AM - 6 PM
	SAT : 6 AM - 2 PM		(800) BMG-9555 (Only for info
					 on joining the Classical Club)
					(317) 542-6090 (FAX)
			All Times Eastern

          * Cancel Selection of the Month.
          * Order any CD.  (This can be faster than sending in the card.)
          * Check on the status of an order.
          * Check on the availability of a CD or an Artist.
          * Order a catalog
		BMG: 'The Collector's Guide to Classic Rock, Pop & Soul'
		BMG Classical: 'Encore: The Collector's Guide'
          * Questions or Problems.
          * Request that you be removed from Mailing Lists going to
            outside companies.  (This reduces the amount of junk mail you
            would receive because you joined the CD Club.)
          * Request to be placed on the Order-Only list.  This option may
            not be allowed until after you order your first CD and it may
            depend on the operator who answers your call.  If they tell
            you no, then try again later in a week or two.  By using this
            Order-Only option, you do not have to do anything concerning
            the Selection of the Month.  You will still get a Selection of
            the Month card, but it will have a note on it that you will
            have to return the card to receive the Selection of the Month.
            It will NOT automatically be sent to you.
          * Cancel your membership

	B.  CD Prices

	CDs that fulfill the membership purchase requirements are priced
over $12.98 for CH and over $14.98 for BMG.  To get the final cost, add in
shipping costs (see below) and your local sales tax.

		Shipping & Handling (Single CD Selections)

		First CD:  $2.27
		CDs 2-4 :   1.99 each
		CDs 5-7 :   1.84 each
		CDs 8+  :   1.72 each

	CH:	Single CDs
		First CD:  $2.29
		CDs 2-  :   1.99/each

III.  More Indepth Information

Questions                                             Answer     Sections
=========                                             ------     --------

Can I rejoin the club if I quit?                       yes.         1.[1]
Are the CD club disks as good as the store ones?       open.        5,6,7
Can I order from back issues of the catalogs?          yes.         4
Can I use numbers from catalogs to order from ads?     yes.         4
Should I use the half-price coupons?                   no.          1.[1]
Which club is better?                                  depends.     1.[2]
Can I order Boxed sets through the introductory offer? BMG only.    1.[6]
Why do the clubs charge Sales Tax?                     see below.   9
How do I stop getting these cards every month?         see below.  10
What if they send me a CD that I don't want?           return it.  10
What do I do with a defective disc?                    return it.  10
Do they have Beatles or Pink Floyd?                    not really.  4
Where did all this junk mail suddenly come from?       surprise!    8

1. Getting the most CD's for your $$$

     By following these rules, the club CDs will cost on average between
$3 and $4.  Only the "bad" cutout bins at retail stores can beat this
price.  The clubs catalogs' contain strictly domestic CDs (except for BMG
Classical) made mostly by more popular groups like U2 etc., or CDs that
they couldn't sell, like "Best of Slim Whitman":

    [1] The Golden Rule: Join, buy the requirement amount, then quit.
        Do *not* use their so-called "special member deals", like
        buy-one-at-half-price.  Having just bought ten CDs for next to
        nothing, half price is *not* a good deal in comparison.  Want more
        CD's?  Quit and rejoin!

        The stated policy of both Columbia House and BMG is that they
        reserve the right to refuse any application.  I have been a member
        of both clubs maybe 7 times.  As the clubs usually offer new
        memberships to members who have quit or allow past members to
        rejoin on their own, the clubs' policy evidently is to allow
        former members in good standing to join, fulfill, quit (repeat) at

        After quitting a club, BMG or CH might ask you to re-join by mail
        and/or by phone.  Be forewarned that the offers to return may not
        be the best offers then available from the clubs.

    [2] For BMG, wait for a 'buy 1, get 2 free' offer to fulfill the
        membership agreement.  This should happen within the first three
        months of being a member.

    [3] The best deals come out around Christmas time. BMG advertises
        offers of 10-for-1, 10-for-1/2, or even 10-for-a-penny, as opposed
        to their usual 8-for-1 offer.  Columbia House offers 10-for-1 or

        These offers will cost an average of $3 or so, for all the CD's,
        taxes, shipping and handling, and even the stamps.  The "normal"
        Columbia House offer of 15-for-the-price-of-six will cost more
        like $5 or $6 per CD.  If time is not a consideration, it might be
        better to wait for a special offer.

        Another option is to join as a friend of a current club member.
        For BMG, the standard offer is '8 CDs for the price of 1 CD' for
        the joining member and 3 'free' CDs for the existing member, or 11
        CDs for the price of 1 CD.  This is a good deal for the joining
        member if the existing member is willing to 'give' at least two of
        the 'free' CDs to the joining member.  Once in a while, BMG will
        run a '10 CDs for the price of 1 CD' deal for the joining member
        with the existing member still receiving 3 'free' CDs; 13 CDs for
        the price of 1.  This is a good deal period.  The CH version of
        this option is not recommended as it contains the standard CH
        membership agreement which requires the joining member to purchase
        6 CDs at regular price.

    [4] The prices of the CD's are not all the same.  For the introductory
        membership order, take the more expensive CDs as the "free"
        selections and pay for the cheaper CDs.

    [5] Apparently you can sign up your roommates, girlfriend, etc. even
        if you live at the same address.  It's handy to split memberships
        if you already have *almost* everything you want.

        BMG allows up to five memberships under different names per

    [6] Getting double-CD's and multiple-CD boxed sets is complicated.
        Columbia House only allows *some* double-cd's to be ordered in
        their introductory offers, and does not allow you to order them
        if you join through the offers listed in their catalogs. You *can*
        get the double-CD's in your follow-up orders. Sets with "N" CD's
        do not always count as "N" for fulfilling your obligation.  As
        they are inconsistent with this, it would be best to call them for
        verification. Remember to get the name of the representative.

        BMG allows you to order double- and multiple- sets in the
        introductory, buy-1-get-1-free, 60% off, offers, etc.  In the
        introductory offer, just put the number of the N-CD set in one of
        the entries, and leave (N-1) of the entries blank so it adds up to
        the correct number of total individual CDs (not titles).

2. Sample Price Calculations

+    Columbia House's '9 CDs for the price of 1 CD':

          # of     CD          Shipping       6.25 %       Sub-
          CDs      Price       & Handling     IL Tax       Total
          ====     =====       ==========     ======       =====
          1-5      Free          10.25         0.64        10.89
           6       15.98          2.29         1.14        19.41
          7-9      Free           6.27         0.39         6.66
                  ------         -----         ----        -----
                   15.98         18.81         2.17        36.96
                  ======         =====         ====       ------
          Stamps (7)                                        2.24
          Number of CDs = 9
          Total Cost    = $39.20
          Cost per CD   = $4.36

     BMG 10-for-1 offer, using a 'buy 1, get 2 free' offer to fulfill

          # of     CD          Shipping       6.25 %       Sub-
          CDs      Price       & Handling     IL Tax       Total
          ====     =====       ==========     ======       =====
          1-7       FREE         13.76          .86        14.62
          8-10     15.99          6.25         1.39        23.63
           11       FREE          2.27          .14         2.41
           12       FREE          2.27          .14         2.41
                    ----         -----         ----        -----
                   15.99         24.55         2.53        43.07
                   =====         =====         ====        -----
          Stamps (10)                                       3.20
          Number of CDs = 12
          Total Cost    = $46.27
          Cost per CD   = $3.86

3. Available Deals (unconfirmed)

     Deals vary throughout the year. Some are only available for a limited
time, or through exotic sources. The ads can even vary between different
printings of the same edition of the same magazine, like TV Guide or
Rolling Stone. If you read the fine print, some will forgo shipping
charges. Here are some of the ones that you will find reported:

    Columbia House:
        10-for-1-cent, buy 6 more. (Standard offer in most magazines
                and newspapers).
        10-for-1. (4SH-5X and below that, 892A/F95)
        9-for-1. (YDZ/YEA)
        8-for-1.  Reported on
        4-for-shipping. (call CH at 812-242-7500)
        4-for-1. (Showed up on Prodigy).
        4-for-free, for buying a Sony CD player.
        ?-for-free, for signing on with AT&T.

        10-for-one-half. (reportedly replacing 10-for-one-cent).
        8-for-1. (Standard offer in most magazines and newspapers).

4. Inventory Listings

     There are many sources for the selection numbers of the CD titles
carried by the clubs.  These include advertisements, monthly flyers,
yearly catalogs, and the customer service centers.  The problem with the
ads, flyers and catalogs is that they are not comprehensive.  The problem
with the customer service center is, while it is the definitive source, it
is inconvenient to have to call them all the time.

     Thankfully, there are online catalogs.  While neither comprehensive
or without error, they are readily available.  The BMG online catalog was
started by Bob Neidorff who handed it over to Bob Morris.  Currently,
Jason Hirschhorn and Hugh Chou maintain the regular online catalogs for
BMG and CH.  The BMG Classical online catalog is maintained by Sami Deeb.

	Online BMG and CH Catalogs:
		ftp: in /pub

	Online BMG Classical Catalog
		ftp:  /music/cd-catalogs
			file: bmg-classical-collection_2ed.gz

     Public contributions to the BMG and CH online catalogs at the
biogopher site are possible via email, gopher and WWW.

     Catalog numbers are generally good indefinitely from both Columbia
House and BMG.  CD's *do* drop out of inventory occasionally, although it
is more common for them to list something and then have the contract fall

     Evidently, numbers directly from most any source can be used when
joining the clubs.  I always join Columbia House through their *telephone*
offers so I just tell them the titles and let them find the numbers.

     There are some significant artists, like The Beatles and Pink Floyd,
that just don't make themselves available to the CD clubs.  Some of the
weird stuff does, like The Wall Live in Berlin, or the Beatles with Tony
Sheridan, the Star Club recordings, etc.  I read that Geffen and some
other labels no longer supply the CD clubs, due to pressure form Tower and
other outlets that are mad about being undercut by clubs (I don't shop
there anymore!).  [While this maybe true of new albums out on the Geffen
label, older material on Geffen is still available through both BMG and
Columbia House.]  Peter Gabriel's US was scheduled to come out in Columbia
House but was pulled when I tried to order it.  You can still get some of
the old Peter Gabriel.

5. The Quality Debate

     There is an ongoing debate as to whether CDs purchased through the
clubs are of as high a quality as those purchased in stores.  Both BMG and
Columbia House (SONY/CBS) do sell CDs on the commercial market, so
presumably many of their CDs will be of commercial-grade. Both BMG and
Columbia House print many of their CDs under license.  Here are two
possible reasons why the club's CD *might* end up being worse:

    [1] To reduce prices, they may be pressing too many CDs from the 
        same master, which could conceivably raise the error-rate past
        the error-correcting capability of the coding scheme. Records I
        bought from the old RCA club sounded pretty bad for a similar

    [2] They may be "mastering down" the quality of the mix. They *do*
        sometimes "master down" their artwork, omitting liner notes, using
        a poorer quality image on the booklet, or shrinking foldout
        posters down to the size of the normal booklet.

     There is no hard evidence that either of these is the case. In a year
or so we will be able to take binary dumps and do a "diff" to see if the
digital stream is the same or not. In the meantime, there have been claims
by people that they could actually *hear* a difference, which substantiate
#1 or #2. Another person claimed that the track positions were actually
*different*, which substantiates #2.

     In the Fall of 1994, a company did such a test comparing CDs
purchased at retail stores versus CDs purchased through the clubs.  The
conclusion was posted to the family of newgroups.  And the
results: there were no differences in the binary dumps.  The test was done
on a very small sample of CD titles.

     There are several other "quality" issues.

    [1] Re-masters/re-releases.  While these will show up in stores
        immediately, it may take sometime to show up in the clubs.  The
        time lag allows the club to sell out its inventory of the old

    [2] Older/lesser quality binary masters.  It is possible that the
        clubs do not get the BEST version of the album, or are unwilling
        to buy the newer version.

6. CD Club "Re-Mastering" Statements

     H.W. Neff and Dave Datta received this information from BMG and
Columbia House and was current in 1991.  It is included in this FAQ with
out permission from the clubs but with permission from Mr. Neff.  Messrs.
Neff and Datta had permission from the clubs to include the information in
their FAQ.  Mr. Neff, after reading this FAQ supplied me with the
following information:

   Several times the question has been raised about the remastering of
   material by cd clubs.  A written query was made.  Posted here, with
   permission, is the bulk of each response:

     BMG Music Club


     CBS Music Club

	In reply to your question about the mastering of CD's,
	Columbia House takes the material as it comes to us from
	the licensor and we duplicate it in the manufacturing
	plants of Digital Audio Disc Corporation in Terre Haute
	or, in some cases, at the Warner Communications
	duplicating facilities in Pennsylvania.  We do not
	ourselves re-master any product nor do we attempt -- or
	in fact are permitted - to make any changes in the master.

7. Resale Value

     BMG blocks out the bar code on most every CD they sell and instead
prints the words "Manufactured for BMG Direct Marketing, Inc. under
license", and they print the CD's selection number on the back, the
booklet, and the CD itself. This is pretty conspicuous. I have found BMG
disks in the used bins at pawnshops and have known that I could order them
new from BMG at a lower price than they were asking. Some used-CD stores
refuse to accept BMG disks.

+    CH adds either the letters 'CRC' (Columbia Record Club) or the
statement 'Manufactured by Columbia House Under License'.

8. Ethical Issues

     Since I've received some criticism, I felt I should add this section.
Following the "standard" algorithm of becoming a preferred member of the
CD clubs, you will be buying CDs at an average price of $10-$17 with the
disadvantages of limited choices, long turnaround time, and their
occasional screwups. You would be better off ordering from a mail order
company such as Noteworthy Music which has 10x the inventory, prices in
the $9-$12 range, a complete catalog, and a delivery time of a few days.

     I believe that the cost of manufacturing a high-volume music CD is
about $2, *including* manufacturing and copyrights.  CD's are expensive
because people are willing to pay more money for the higher quality.  This
is the free market at work.  Simply supply and demand.

     The "super" deals are posted as a way to attract new customers.
Here's a quote from BMG's vice president, Oren Testa:

	"We make this offer simply because experience has shown that it
	is a sound, economical way to acquire new friends for the BMG
	Music Service.  Many of our members continue with us for three,
	five, even ten years.  We make a fair profit while you keep on
	saving." (Victor Ortega)

     I believe that the clubs still cover their costs under all these
deals, with the *possible* exception of BMG's 10-for-one-cent, where they
may *still* be making it all back with their inflated "shipping charges".
On the other hand, if the clubs all go out of business, I'll be back
buying my CD's for $10 from Noteworthy. In the meantime:

    [1] Pay your bills.

    [2] *Always* read the fine print before you join, while you're in,
         and as you quit.

    [3] Track your costs. You will be able to buy more efficiently as
         you understand where to put the money.

    [4] Always return the monthly card. If you don't want the monthly
         selection, check the box that says this.

     The clubs also seem to make money by selling addresses to various
junk mail lists. They call this a "benefit", giving you the opportunity to
order all sorts of neat stuff. If you send them a note (including your
membership number) asking to be taken off of the junkmail lists, they will
do so.

     Several readers of this FAQ have asked about the payment of royalties
to artists from club sales:

     A fairly standard provision in agreements with American artists
     is that they receive one-half their usual royalty rate on sales
     through clubs and that no royalties are payable on bonus or free
     records distributed by clubs.

          - Shemel, Syndey.  "This Business of Music". 1990. 61.

9. CD Clubs' Sales Tax

     Another question: why do BMG and Columbia House charge sales tax for
out-of-state orders, and do you have to pay it? Here's the answers so far:

   If a company has a business presence in a state then they have to
   collect that state's sales tax, even for purchases made from a unit
   located outside that state. (Jerry Dallal)

   When you buy something in a state that has a sales tax, you're
   supposed to pay the state...  no matter who or where you buy it from.
   In Michigan, there's a form in the annual Income Tax booklet that
   you're supposed to fill in, telling them all the stuff you bought from
   vendors in other states and enclosing the proper 4% tax on all of it...
   (yeah, right).  Big mail order places like BMG collect the sales tax at
   the rate for wherever you live and send it to the state treasury
   department to save you the trouble of having to send it in voluntarily.

   I did some checking a few years back about this-- it seem charging tax
   on GOODS received is a definite must, however, charging tax on
   SERVICES (i.e. shipping and handling) is a bit vague. I usually refuse
   to pay that portion of the sales tax (it's not that hard to figure
   out) and have never receive any grief from BMG or Columbia. It just
   seems like one more way these companies want to separate us from our
   money. (Benn Tannenbaum)

+  Some states do collect sales taxes on shipping and/or handling.  Check
your states sales tax laws to be sure.

10. The Monthly Selection

     You will generally *not* want the selection-of-the-month. Sometimes
it is offered at a slight discount, but make sure that it fills your
obligation. I just keep filling in "send nothing at this time" until I'm
ready to "cash in the cards", where I order everything I want all at once.
This reduces your shipping and handling fees with Columbia House.  I also
keep track of how many stamps I've used so I can account accurately.

     You may get a monthly selection that you didn't want -- you may have
been on vacation when the card was sent to you, or it got lost in the
mail. DO NOT OPEN IT. Mark it "return to sender" and send it back. If you
*have* opened it, contact the club and ask for a return shipping label.
(Do the same thing if you received a defective disc -- they *will* replace
it for you, at no charge). If you return too many discs, they will kick
you out of the club.

     If you *don't* want to worry about the monthly selection, tell them
that you want to change to a plan where they don't automatically assume
that you want it. I believe that this was called a "positive option" or
something like that.  Before granting this, the clubs usually required the
member to have already fulfilled his/her membership obligation.  If you
follow the "join-quit-repeat" algorithm, you will not be in the club long
enough to excercise this option. You will fulfill your membership
obligation, get your free CD's, and quit the club as you make your last
payment, so the "positive option" period will only last a couple months.

Appendix A. Canada

I.  Columbia House

+    A.  (Rob McIntrye   email:

5900 Finch Avenue East
Scarborough, Ontario
M1B 5X7

(416) 299-8181 <customer service>

Standard Deal

"10 CDs for a penny" : + $1.85 shipping/handling with optional first
purchases at 65% ($6.95) and 75% ($4.95) off regular club prices.  All
items are taxed, GST and where applicable, PST.

Membership Agreement

Purchase seven CDs (or five if the optional first purchases at enrollment
were taken) at regular club prices within three years, regular club prices
ranging from $15.98 (older selections and eps) to $19.98 (newer
selections).  Most CDs are $18.98.

Addditional discounts

New members are immediately registered at "savings level 1".  At this
level, the member, with the purchase of a regular priced CD, may purchase
a single CD, of equal or lesser value, at half price.

Once the membership agreement has been fulfilled, the member is promoted
to "savings level 2", in which a member, with the purchase of a regular
priced CD, may purchase a single CD of equal or lesser value for $7.99.

After the second regular priced CD purchase at this level, the member is
promoted to "savings level 3".  At this level, the member, with the
purchase of a regular priced CD, may purchase a single CD, of equal or
lesser value, for $5.99.

Shipping and handling

(when placed in the same order)

1st selection - $1.99                  double cd sets- $2.89
2nd selection - $1.79                  boxed sets    - $2.89
3rd & others  - $1.19 per selection

1st video     - $3.29
add. videos   - $2.00 per video


CH accept returns only if a member had less than ten days to make their
decision about the Selection of the Month/Special Selection, or an error
was made in shipping, or the selection is faulty or was damaged in
shipping, or the member had sent the selection card on time but CH
received it too late to stop shipment or the member has completed his or
her agreement and has cancelled his or her membership too late for the
company to have stopped shipment.

Selections must be returned within 30 days with explaination.  CH reserves
the right to cancel anyone's membership if they decide the member has "an
excessive number of returns".

Cancelation of Membership and Positive Response

CH only accepts requests for these after a member has fulfilled the
membership agreement.  Written requests only.

     B.  (Bruno Fernandes)

     Columbia in the USA will not cater to Canadian residents.  Columbia
House operates at least in Ontario and Quebec with some small differences.
In Ontario it is illegal to give free discs to a sponsoring friend:
Section 37(2) of the Consumer Protection Act prohibits the giving of

     Very recently though Columbia has created a little work-around by
giving the joining member an extra free disc.  Now the deal for a person
joining under sponsorship is: 8 for 1 penny.  Then you can take another
two at a discount and they WILL count toward the agreement.  Then the
person need only buy 5 more at regular price - most CD's are $18.98
regular (range from 15.98).  So...

	8 for $ 0.01
	1 for $ 6.95
	1 for $ 4.96
              $11.92  CD-Total
              $ 1.85  Special Shipping & Handling
              $13.77  Sub-Total
              $ 0.95  8% Provincial Sales Tax (on CD-Total)
                            (% per province)
              $ 0.96  7% Goods & Services Tax (on Sub-Total) (same for all
              $15.68  Total

Now for the 5 regular...

              $94.90  5 Discs * 18.98 each (can buy some as low as $15.98)
              $ 1.99  Shipping for 1st Disc
              $ 1.79  Shipping for 2nd Disc
              $ 3.57  Shipping for next 3 (3 * 1.19)
             $102.25  Sub-Total
             $  7.59  8% PST (on 5 Disc price of $94.90)
             $  7.16  7% GST (on Sub-Total)
             $117.00  Total

Initial 10 = $ 15.68
Regular 5  = $117.00
    Total  = $132.68  / 15 Discs = $8.85 per Disc.

     Most MALL record stores in the Toronto area sell CD's for $17-$22. 
In Downtown Toronto, the BIG stores from the same chains will sell for
$13-$20 with an average of $15 or $16.  Used shops will sell for $7-$11
but most common is $9-$10.  This is all before TAX.  The buyer must add an
additional 15% to all this (PST+GST).  Note that there will sometimes be
clearance prices or a special deal.  HMV offers Buy Ten get one Free (the
ten must be at least $15.99 and the FREE one can be up to $25).

     The Columbia figure above is even better than buying used from the US
at $6 per disc USED.  The exchange today was scary - it cost $1.39 CDN to
buy $1 US.  I've bought some discs this week from someone in the US for
$4.50 each plus shipping.  All in all it came to $7 CDN per disc.

+II.  BMG (Rob McIntyre   email:

Box 6030
Mississauga, Ontario
L5A 4H9

(905) 568-1581 <customer service>

Credit card orders : 1-800-957-5700 / 1-800-413-7486 <fax>
                     Visa, Mastercard, American Express Only
                     (no membership applications)

Standard deal

"8 CDs for the price of 1" and on occassion "10 CDs for the price of 1"

Membership Agreement

Choose 4 (8cd) or 6 (10cd) at once, paying $1.79 shipping and handling per
selection + GST and where applicable PST.  Buy one selection at regular
club price within a year, regular club prices ranging from $15.98 to
$18.98.  After purchasing the regular club selection, BMG will send you a
coupon for three more FREE selections, except for shipping and handling.

Additional Discounts

Plenty of discounts, some of which don't require members to purchase a
regular priced selection before taking advantage of the discounts.

Shipping and handling

(when included in one order)

First and second selection : $1.99 per selection
Third and fourth           : $1.89 per selection
Fifth and sixth            : $1.79 per selection
seventh and others         : $1.39 per selection

Multisets and double CDs   : $2.69

"5 days of free" option (with credit card) charge $1.99 per order


Bmg Music Service
Box 6050
Mississauga, Ontario
L5A 4J1

Same as Columbia except that BMG prefers returns within 10 days.

Cancelation of Membership and Positive Response

BMG only accepts requests for these after the membership agreement has
been fulfilled.  Written requests only.

   *   *   *   *

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