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Billy Joel Frequently Asked Questions

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Last-modified: 8 Nov 1997

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I.   History of Billy Joel
	1. What's he up to lately?
	2. Fact Sheet
	3. History of Early Years
	4. Awards

II.  Discography (arranged by year)
	1. The Hassles
	2. Attila
	3. Billy Joel (solo career)
	4. Singles
	5. Videotapes
	6. Other Stuff

III. History of the Band
	1. Timeline of Band Members

IV.  Billy Joel Resources
	1. Books
	2. Magazine Articles
	3. Sheet Music
	4. Net Resources
		a. FTP Sites
		b. WWW Sites
		c. Mailing List --
	5. Fan Clubs

V.   Origins/Meanings of Songs, plus other Miscellaneous Questions
	1. Captain Jack
	2. Rosalinda's Eyes
	3. Downeaster Alexa
	4. The Bridge
	5. Vienna
	6. Big Shot
	7. Root Beer Rag (newsletter)
	8. Covers of Billy's Songs by Other Artists
	9. "Souvenir" Album
	10. Unreleased Songs
	12. "An Innocent Man" Track Listing Discrepancy
	13. Scandinavian Skies
	14. Only the Good Die Young
	15. Scenes From an Italian Restaurant
	16. This Night
	17. Lullabye
	18. Root Beer Rag (the song)
	19. Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)


1.  What's he up to lately?  
Billy's Greatest Hits Volume III was released in August.  The album
includes a newly recorded cover of Bob Dylan's "To Make You Feel My
Love", which was also the first single.  Billy is currently in the
middle of a solo tour, which will continue around the world until 
at least the end of June, 1998.  See for
up to date concert listings.

2.  Fact Sheet
[Info is from 1994 edition of Who's Who in America]
	Real Name:	William Martin Joel
	Birthday:	May 9, 1949 (in the Bronx, NY)
	Married To:	Elizabeth Small (m. 1973, divorced 1982)
			Christie Brinkley  (m. March 23, 1985, 
			divorced Aug 25, 1994)
	Children:	Alexa Ray Joel  (b. December 29, 1985)
	Address:	Maritime Music
			280 Elm Street
			Southampton, NY  11968

3.  A Biography of Billy Joel's Early Years
[editor's note:  Since I didn't write the following, I don't want
to change the body of the text.  To clear up a lot of confusion,
Billy Joel was born in The Bronx, NY.  He grew up in Levittown, NY,
and went to high school in the neighboring town of Hicksville, NY.]

	Billy Joel
	Before the Piano Man
	A look into Billy Joel's early recordings
	by Paul Maclauchlan (
	Copyright 1991 by Paul Maclauchlan 

	William Joseph Martin (Billy) Joel, born May 9, 1949, in Levittown
	Long Island, New York.  He began piano lessons at age 4.  As a young
	teenager, Joel discovered the joys of reading books and decided to
	become a history teacher.  Billy divided his time between music,
	street gangs and boxing.  After 22 bouts he gave up the ring for
	piano.  "...when I came to a difficult passage I'd start knuckling
	the keyboards."  "I idolized The Beatles, especially Paul - nobody
	could come up with the melodies he could".

	His first band was a four piece beat band called "The Echoes".  The
	Echoes played cover versions of popular hits, including songs by The
	Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Zombies and, of course, The Beatles.
	In late 1964, Billy was pressed into service by producer Shadow
	Morton, who was recording The Shangri-Las in a Levittown basement
	studio.  Billy played on "Leader Of The Pack", but was never paid,
	since he wasn't a union member.
	The Echoes became "The Lost Souls" in 1965 and "The Emerald Lords" in
	1966.  Billy and Emerald Lords bassist Howard Blauvelt left the 
	Emerald Lords to join "The Hassles" in 1967.  The Hassles were signed
	to United Artists (UA) Records in 1968.  The Hassles featured: John
	Dizek (vocals), Billy Joel (Keyboards), Jon Small (drums), Howie
	Blauvelt (bass) and Richard McKenner (guitar).  He occasionally billed
	himself as: Billy Joe Joel!

	The Hassles self-titled debut album contained original songs (by W.
	Joel) and covers.  Produced by Tony Michael and Vinnie Gorman. 
	United Artists 6631.  [see discography below for track listings]
	Two singles from the album flopped: Every Step I Take, Every Move I
	Make b/w I Hear Voices and You've Got Me Hummin' b/w I'm Thinking.

	Later the same year, 1968, The Hassles recorded and released their
	second, and final, album: Hour Of The Wolf.  Produced by Thomas Kay.
	United Artists 6699.  This album's songs were all originals by the
	band.  [see discography below for track listings]  Singles from the
	album were: 4 O'Clock In The Morning b/w Let Me Bring You To The
	Sunshine and Night After Day b/w Country Boy.

	The album was followed by a non-LP single, Great Balls Of Fire (Jack
	Hammer-Otis Blackwell) [the Jerry Lee Lewis song] b/w Travellin' Band
	(W.Joel) [not the CCR song].  Produced by The Hassles, that release
	sunk without a trace, and The Hassles were disbanded.

	Billy and Jon Small (The Hassles drummer) then formed Attila, and
	recorded an album Billy later described as "psychedelic bullshit". 
	The album was released on Epic (E 30030) and produced by Irwin Mazur,
	William Joel and Jonathan Small.  All music and lyrics by William
	Joel and Jonathan Small.  [see discography below for track listings]
	Billy eventually married Jon Small's wife, Elizabeth.

	Billy reportedly still loves Jimi Hendrix, but hates the album that
	was influenced by him.  After Attila, Billy worked as a rock
	journalist for Changes magazine and recorded a commercial for
	Bachmann's Pretzels with Chubby Checker.

	In 1971, he recorded his first "solo" album, "Cold Spring Harbor",
	for Family Records.  Billy was embarrassed by the record, which had
	been mastered at the wrong speed.  It was produced by Artie Ripp. 
	All songs were composed by Billy Joel.  [see discography below for
	track listings]  Singles: Everybody Loves You Now b/w She's Got A
	Way and Tomorrow Is Today b/w Everybody Loves You Now.

	Discouraged by touring for six months to support the album, opening
	for acts like J. Geils Band and Badfinger, Billy moved to California.
	There he performed as Bill Martin at Corky's on Van Nuys Blvd and at
	the Executive Lounge piano bar on Wilshire Blvd.  The experience is
	related in his first Columbia single: Piano Man.

	Information from this article is from liner notes by Glenn A. Baker
	and articles and books by Jeff Tamarkin and Peter Gabaccini.  Also
	from the records themselves.

4.  Awards
	[Info is from 1994 edition of Who's Who in America]
	1978 Grammy Award for Record of the Year:  The Stranger
	1978 Grammy Award for Song of the Year:  Just the Way You Are
	1979 Grammy Nomination for Song of the Year:  Honesty
	1979 Grammy Award for Best Album:  52nd Street
	1979 Grammy Award for Best Rock Male Vocal Performance
	1980 Grammy Award for Best Rock Male Vocal Performance
	1980 American Music Award for Album of the Year:  Glass Houses
	1982 Grammy Nomination for Album of the Year:  The Nylon Curtain
	1984 Grammy Nomination for Album of the Year:  An Innocent Man
	1989 Grammy Nomination for Record of the Year:  Storm Front
	1989 Grammy Nomination for Song of the Year:  We Didn't Start the Fire
	1989 Grammy Nomination for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance
	1990 Grammy Nomination for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance 
	1990 Grammy Nomination for Producer of the Year
	1990 Grammy Legend Award
	1992 Inducted into Songwriters' Hall of Fame
	1992 Country Music Association Awards Nomination for Songwriter of
		the Year:  Shameless
	1994 Grammy Nomination for Album of the Year: River of Dreams
	1994 Grammy Nomination for Record of the Year: River of Dreams
	1994 Grammy Nomination for Song of the Year: River of Dreams
	1994 Grammy Nomination for Best Male Pop Vocalist
	1994 Billboard Century Music Award


1. The Hassles
[Thanks to Phil Hetherington ( and Paul Maclauchlan
( for this info]

The Hassles (1967, re-release '81)	Hour of the Wolf (1968, re-release '81)
-----------				----------------
Warming Up				Country Boy
Just Holding On				Night After Day
A Taste Of Honey			Hour of the Wolf
Every Step I Take (Every Move		4 O'Clock in the Morning
     I Make)				Cat
Coloured Rain				Hotel St. George
I Hear Voices				Land of Despair
I Can Tell				Further Than Heaven
Giving Up (Version #2)
Fever					(_Hour of the Wolf_ was released in
You've Got Me Hummin'			Austria under the title _Night After
					Day_ in 1992)

The Hassles (re-release '92)
[All of the above tracks plus:]
I'm Thinkin'
I'll Be Around
When I Get Home
It's Not Enough
Love Luck
Look And You Will Find
Blow My Mind
Giving Up (Version #1)

2. Attila
[Thanks to Paul Maclauchlan ( for this info]

Attila (1970)				Rollin' Home (BJ w/Attila/Hassles)
------					------------
(This album was released in		California Flash
 Italy as a Billy Joel album		Wonder Woman
 entitled "California Flash" on		Revenge is Sweet
 Lotus Records.)			Amplifier Fire:
Wonder Woman					Part I-Godzilla
California Flash				Part II-March of the Huns
Revenge is Sweet			Rollin' Home
Amplifier Fire				Tear This Castle Down
     Part I-Godzilla			Holy Moses
     Part II-March of the Huns		Brain Invasion
Rollin' Home				E.A.R.
Tear This Castle Down			Rabbitt
Holy Moses *				The Tough Boy
Brain Invasion				Enough is Enough
					Extra Extra
* (Holy Moses did not appear on		Crossing the Door
the "California Flash" Release)

3. Billy's Solo Career
[Thanks to Kevin Harter ( for this info]

Cold Spring Harbor (1971)		Piano Man (1973)
------------------			---------
She's Got a Way				Travelin' Prayer
You can Make me Free			Piano Man
Everybody Loves You Now			Ain't No Crime
Why Judy Why				You're My Home
Falling of the Rain			The Ballad of Billy the Kid
Turn Around				Worse Comes to Worst
You Look so Good to Me			Stop In Nevada
Tomorrow is Today			If I Only Had the Words (To Tell You)
Nocturne				Somewhere Along the Line
Got to Begin Again			Captain Jack

Streetlife Serenade (1974)		Turnstiles (1976)
-------------------			----------
Streetlife Serenade			Say Goodbye to Hollywood
Los Angelenos				Summer, Highland Falls
The Great Suburban Showdown		All You Wanna Do is Dance
Root Beer Rag				New York State of Mind
Roberta					James
The Entertainer				Prelude/Angry Young Man
Last of the Big Time Spenders		I've Loved These Days
Weekend Song				Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights
Souvenir					go out on Broadway)
The Mexican Connection

The Stranger (1977)			52nd Street (1978)
------------				-----------
Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)		Big Shot
The Stranger				Honesty
Just the Way You Are			My Life
Scenes from an Italian Restaurant	Zanzibar
Vienna					Stiletto
Only the Good Die Young			Rosalinda's Eyes
She's Always A Woman			Half a Mile Away
Get it Right the First Time		Until the Night
Everybody Has a Dream			52nd Street

Glass Houses (1980)			Songs In The Attic (1981)
------------				------------------
You May be Right			Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights
Sometimes A Fantasy				go out on Broadway)
Don't Ask Me Why			Summer, Highland Falls
It's Still Rock and Roll to Me		Streetlife Serenader
All for Leyna				Los Angelenos
I Don't Want to be Alone		She's Got A Way
Sleeping with the Television On		Everybody Loves You Now
C'Etait Toi (You Were the One)		Say Goodbye to Hollywood
Close to the Borderline			Captain Jack
Through the Long Night			You're my Home
					The Ballad of Billy the Kid
					I've Loved These Days

The Nylon Curtain (1982)		An Innocent Man (1983)
-----------------			---------------
Allentown				Easy Money
Laura					An Innocent Man
Pressure				Uptown Girl
Goodnight Siagon			This Night
She's Right on Time			Tell Her About It
A Room of Our Own			The Longest Time
Surprises				Careless Talk
Scandinavian Skies			Christie Lee
Where's the Orchestra?			Leave a Tender Moment Alone
					Keeping the Faith

Greatest Hits Volume I & Volume II (Double CD Set - 1985)
Greatest Hits Volume I 1973-1977	Greatest Hits Volume II 1978-1985
--------------------------------	---------------------------------
Piano Man				My Life
Captain Jack *				Big Shot
The Entertainer	*			You May be Right
Say Goodbye to Hollywood		It's Still Rock and Roll to Me
New York State of Mind			Don't Ask Me Why +
The Stranger				She's Got A Way *
Scenes from an Italian Restaurant *	Pressure
Just the Way You Are			Allentown
Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)		Goodnight Saigon
Only the Good Die Young			Tell Her About It
She's Always a Woman			Uptown Girl
					The Longest Time
(* Songs which only appear on CD	You're Only Human (Second Wind)
version, not LP or Cassette)		The Night is Still Young
(+ Song which did not appear on
the Australian release)			Honesty appeared on the Australian
                                        release of Gr. Hits Vol. II

The Bridge (1986)			KOHUEPT (1987)
----------				-------
Running On Ice				Odoya
This is the Time			Angry Young Man
A Matter of Trust			Honesty
Modern Woman				Goodnight Saigon
Baby Grand				Stiletto
Big Man on Mulberry Street		Big Man on Mulberry Street
Temptation				Baby Grand
Code of Silence				An Innocent Man
Getting Closer				Allentown
					A Matter of Trust
					Only the Good Die Young
					Sometimes a Fantasy
					Uptown Girl
					Big Shot
					Back in the U.S.S.R.
					The Times They Are a Changin'

Storm Front (1989)			River of Dreams (1993)
-----------				---------------
That's Not Her Style			No Man's Land
We Didn't Start the Fire		The Great Wall of China
The Downeaster "Alexa"			Blonde Over Blue
I Go to Extremes			A Minor Variation
Shameless				Shades of Grey
Storm Front				All About Soul
Leningrad				Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)
State of Grace				The River of Dreams
When in Rome				Two Thousand Years
And So it Goes				Famous Last Words

Greatest Hits Vol. III (1997)
Keeping the Faith
An Innocent Man
A Matter of Trust
Baby Grand
This is the Time
We Didn't Start the Fire
I Go To Extremes
And So It Goes
The Downeaster Alexa
All About Soul
River of Dreams
To Make You Feel My Love
Hey Girl
Light As The Breeze

4. Singles
Everybody Loves You Now / She's Got A Way (1973)
Tomorrow is Today / Everybody Loves You Now (1973)
Piano Man / You're My Home (1973)
Worse Comes to Worst / Somewhere Along the Line (1974)
Travelin' Prayer / Worse Comes to Worst (1974)
The Entertainer / The Mexican Connection (1974)
James / Summer, Highland Falls (1976)
I've Loved These Days / Say Goodbye to Hollywood (1976)
Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) / She's Always a Woman (1977) 
Just the Way You Are / Get It Right the First Time (1977)
Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) / Everybody Has a Dream (1978)
Only the Good Die Young / Get It Right the First Time (1978)
She's Always a Woman / Vienna (1978)
My Life / 52nd Street (1978)
Big Shot / Root Beer Rag (1979)
Honesty / The Mexican Connection (1979)
Souvenir / All For Leyna (1980)
You May Be Right / Close To the Borderline (1980)
It's Still Rock and Roll to Me / Through the Long Night (1980)
Don't Ask Me Why / C'etait toi (record, 1980)
Sometimes a Fantasy / All For Leyna (1980)
Say Goodbye to Hollywood / Summer Highland Falls (1981)
She's Got A Way / Ballad of Billy the Kid (1981)
Pressure / Laura (1982)
Allentown (one sided budget release, 1982)
Allentown / Elvis Presley Blvd. (record, 1982)
An Innocent Man / I'll Cry Instead (live; cover of the Beatles) (record, 1983)
Goodnight Saigon / A Room of Our Own (1983)
Tell Her About It / Easy Money (1983)
Tell Her About It / Easy Money / You Got Me Hummin' (live; The Hassles) 
	(12-inch record, 1983)
Uptown Girl / Careless Talk (1983)
Leave a Tender Moment Alone / This Night (1984)
The Longest Time / Christy Lee (1984)
Keeping The Faith / She's Right On Time (1985)
Suprises / You're Only Human (second wind) (1985)
A Matter of Trust / Getting Closer (1986)
Modern Woman / Sleeping With the Television On (1986)
This is the Time / Code of Silence (1986)
Baby Grand / Big Man on Mulberry St. (1987)
Back in the USSR / Big Shot (1987)
The Times They Are A Changin' / Back in the USSR (1987)
We Didn't Start the Fire / House of Blue Light (cassette, 1989)
I Go to Extremes / When In Rome (1989)
The Downeaster Alexa / And So It Goes (1989)
That's Not Her Style / And So It Goes (1989)
And So It Goes / ???? (1989)
Shameless / Storm Front (live) (1991)
All Shook Up / Wear My Ring Around Your Neck (by Ricky Van Shelton)
        (cassette, 1992)
River of Dreams / No Man's Land (CD, 1993)
No Man's Land / No Man's Land, Shades of Grey (live--London, May, 1993)
	(CD, import from England)
No Man's Land / We Didn't Start the Fire, Allentown, Matter of Trust (CD,
	import from England)
All About Soul / You Picked A Real Bad Time (1993)
Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel) / Two Thousand Years (1994)
A Hard Day's Night / Piano Man (live--import from Australia)
To Make You Feel My Love / To Make You Feel My Love (Barebones version) 
	/ Goodbye Yellow Brick Road / Hard Day's Night (CD, 1997)

5. Videotapes
A Matter of Trust (1991)
Billy Joel From the River of Dreams (Frankfurt, Germany, 6/18/94)
Billy Joel Tonight (Univ. of Connecticut, 12/5/76)
Eye of the Storm
Live at London (6/8/94)
Live from Long Island (Nassau Coliseum, 12/29/82)
Live from Lenningrad, USSR
Live from Tokyo, Japan (1/3/91)
Live from Yankee Stadium (6/20-21/90)
The Russia Collection
Shades of Grey (1993)
The Video Album (two volumes, 1986)

6. Other Stuff & Rare Stuff
Boxed sets available in other contries, special editions, and albums by
other artists that Billy has appeared on.

"All Shook Up", "Heartbreak Hotel" -- Soundtrack from "Honeymoon in Vegas".
Australian Souvenir CD Set -- Includes Greatest Hits Vol 1 & 2, Storm
        Front, an Interview CD, and a live CD from a concert at Yankee
Bachman Pretzels Commercial -- Billy Joel plays the Hammond organ with
	Chubby Checker singing "The Twist" in this short TV advertisement
	(not seen, only heard)
"Be Crool To Your Scuel" -- Billy Joel played piano on this Twisted 
	Sister song from the album _Come Out And Play_.  Atlantic 
	Records (1985)
"Big Shot" -- Soundtrack from "Star 80" ("Stiletto" is also in the movie,
	but not listed in the credits)
"Billy Joel Interview Album" -- Interview with Billy Joel by Denis McNamara
	featuring 6 songs from _Songs in the Attic_.  CBS Records (1981)
"Deco Dance" -- Billy Joel plays piano on two songs on this Ellito Murphy album
"Down in the Bondocks" -- Billy Joel does some vocals on two songs on
	this very rare D.L. Byron album
"Earl Scruggs Anniversary Revue" -- Billy Joel plays piano on four songs
"Easy Money" -- Soundtrack from "Easy Money"
"I Get No Sleep" -- Billy Joel played piano on this Richard Marx song from
	the album _Rush Street_
"In a Sentimental Mood" -- Soundtrack from "A League of Their Own". (1992)
Journey to the River of Dreams -- 1995 Australian 2 CD set with one CD of
	live music and one interview CD (same as "River of Dreams" 3 CD set
	below, only without _River of Dreams_)
"Just The Way You Are" -- Soundtrack from "FM" (this is a different version
	from any other release of the song)
"Light as the Breeze" -- _Tower of Song_ (Leonard Cohen tribute album) (1995)
"Maybe He'll Know" -- Billy sang backup on this Cyndi Lauper song from the
	album "True Colors"
"Modern Woman" -- Soundtrack from "Ruthless People"
"My Life" -- Theme Song from _Bosom Buddies_, an early 80's American
	sitcom starring Tom Hanks (premiered in Fall 1979 on ABC)
"Nobody Knows But Me" -- Sesame Street's _In Harmony 2_ album (1981)
Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen & Friends Homeless Children's Medical
	Benefit Concert -- 2 CD set of benefit concert.  Includes 
	Billy Joel singing on several songs.
"River of Dreams" 3 CD set -- Triple CD set released in Germany including
	"River of Dreams", a CD with live recordings from the River of
	Dreams tour (6 songs, including "Hard Day's Night" and "Goodbye
	Yellow Brick Road"), and "An Evening of Questions and Answers
	With Billy Joel at Princeton in Spring Semester & Perhaps a Few Songs"
Souvenir -- Promotional album released by Columbia in 1977.  (see section
	5.10 for more info)
_Time Out of Mind_ -- Approximately 6 out of 10 songs on this Grover
	Washington Jr. album have "Arrangement and Accompaniment by
	Billy Joel" in the credits
"We Are the World" -- Billy sang one line for this song.
"We Didn't Start The Fire" -- _Grammy's Greatest Moments Volume II_ (1994)
	Live recording from the 1990 Grammy Awards show
"When You Wish Upon A Star" -- Disney's _Simply Mad About the Mouse... A
	Musical Celebration of Imagination_ (1991) (he also did a video 
	for this song)
"Why Should I Worry" -- Soundtrack from Disney's "Oliver & Company".  Billy
        also did the voice of the dog (Dodger) in the movie

Additionally, a digitally remastered version of "52nd Street" was released.

	[Thanks to Claire Caterer ( for this info]

	The Hassles:
	Billy Joel (vocals, Hammond organ)
	John Dizek (vocals, percussion)
	Howie Blauvelt (bass guitar)
	Richie McKenner (lead guitar)
	Jon Small (drums)

	Billy Joel (vocals, keyboards)
	Jon Small (drums)

	Billy Joel's Band Through His Solo Career:
	[Abbreviations: CSH = Cold Spring Harbor; PM = Piano Man; 
		SS = Streetlife Serenade; TS = Turnstiles; S = Stranger;
		52 = 52nd Street; GH = Glass Houses; SITA = Songs in the Attic;
		NC = Nylon Curtain; IM = Innocent Man; GHITS = Greatest
		Hits Vol. I & II (original songs); B = The Bridge;
		K = KOHUEPT; SF = Storm Front; RD = River of Dreams]
	The Mainstays:
	David Brown (guitar on GH, SITA, NC, IM, GHITS, B, S, SF)
	Richard Cannata (tenor and soprano saxophone, clarinet, flute, organ
		on TS, S, 52, GH, SITA, RD)
	Liberty DeVitto (drums on TS, S, 52, GH, SITA, IM, GHITS, B, K, SF, RD)
	Russell Javors (guitar, acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar on TS, GH, SITA,
		NC, IM, B, K)
	Billy Joel (vocals, keyboards, moogs, organ, piano, harmonica, 
		synthesizers, hammond organ, hammond B-3, melodica, 
		acoustic guitar, clavinet, harpsicord)
	Mark Rivera (alto sax, tenor sax, percussion, background vocals,
		syntharmonica on IM, GHITS, B, K)
	Doug Stegmeyer (bass, background vocals on TS, S, 52, GH, SITA, NC,
		IM, GHITS, B, K)

	The Famous Folks:
	Peter Cetera (background vocals on 52: "My Life")
	Ray Charles (piano, vocals on B: "Baby Grand")
	Color Me Badd (background vocals on RD: "All About Soul")
	Cyndi Lauper (background vocals on B: "Code of Silence")
	Richard Marx (background vocals on SF: "That's Not Her Style",
		"Storm Front")
	Itzhak Perlman (fiddle on SF: "Downeaster Alexa")
	David Sanborn (alto sax on IM)
	Steve Winwood (hammond B-3 on B: "Getting Closer")

	The Rest (by instrument):
	Jeff Bova (B), Al Campbell (CSH), L.D. Dixon (CSH), Jeff Jacobs
	(SF, RD), Dave Lebolt (GHITS, K), John Mahonet (SF), Rob Mounsey
	(B), Leon Pendarvis (NC), Richard Tee (S, IM)

	Zachary Alford (RD), Jimmy Bralower (GHITS, B), Vinnie Calaiuta (B),
	Rhys Clark (CSH, PM), David Friedman (52), Steve Jordan (RD), Andy
	"Funky Drummer" Kravitz (RD), Mingo Lewis (TS), Ralph MacDonald
	(S, 52, IM), Mike McGee (CSH), Sammy Merendino (SF), Jim Saporito
	(RD), Danny Siewell (CSH), Crystal Taliefero (SF), Ron Tutt (PM, SS)

	Guitar/Acoustic Guitar:
	Richard Bennett (PM, SS), Hiram Bullock (S), Tommy Byrnes (RD),
	Larry Carlton (CSH), Gary Dalton (SS), Mike Deasy (SS), Kevin
	Dukes (K), Howie Emerson (TS), Don Evans (CSH, SS), Eric Gale
	(52, IM), Al Hertzberg (SS), Joey Hunting (SF), Mick Jones (SF),
	Steve Kahn (S, 52), "Sneaky" Pete Kleinow (CSH), Dan Kortchmar
	(RD), John McCurry (GHITS, B), Ary Munson (SS), Dean Parks (PM, B),
	Roj Rathor (SS), Michael Stewart (SS), Sal De Troia (CSH), Mike
	Tyler (RD), Leslie West (RD)

	Acoustic Guitar:
	Steve Burgh (S), Howie Emerson (TS), Steve Kahn (S, 52), Hugh
	McCracken (S, 52), James Smith (TS), David Spinozza (52)

	Ron Carter (B), Schuyler Deale (SF, RD), Wilton Felder (PM, SS),
	Emory Gordy (PM, SS), Lonnie Hillyer (RD), Jeff Lee Johnson (RD),
	Larry Knechtel (CSH, SS), Joe Osborn (CSH), T.M. Stevens (RD),
	Neil Stubenhaus (B), Chuck Treece (RD)

	Dominic Cortese (S, NC, SF), Michael Omartian (PM)

	Fred Heilbrun (PM), Eric Weissberg (PM), Tom Whitehorse (SS)

	Dave Bargeron (trombone on B), Michael Brecker (horns, tenor sax
	on 52, IM, B), Randy Brecker (horns on 52), Ronnie Cuber (baritone
	sax on IM, GHITS, B), Eddie Daniels (sax, clarinet on NC, B),
	Laurence Etkin (trumpet on RD), Jon Faddis (trumpet on IM, 52),
	John Gatchell (trumpet on IM), Arno Hecht (baritone saxophone on
	RD), Freddie Hubbard (trumpet on 52), Osvaldo Melindez (trombone on
	RD), "The Memphis Horns" (Andrew Love, Wayne Jackson) (horns on SF),
	Lenny Pickett (saxophone on SF), Alan Rubin (trumpet on B), Joe
	Shepley (trumpet on IM), Marvin Stamm (trumpet on B), Phil Woods
	(alto sax on S)

	Don Brooks (B, SF), Ronnie Cuber (IM, GHITS, B), Jon Faddis (GHITS),
	"Toots" Thielemans (IM)
	Billy Armstrong (fiddle on PM), Joe Clayton (conga on SS),
	David Friedman (orchestral chimes on 52), The Georgian Singers
	"Zhournalist" (vocals on K), George Marge (sopranino recorder on
	52), Mike Mainieri (vibes, marimba on 52), Charles McCraken
	(cello on NC), William Smith (organ on SS)

	Background Vocals: 
	Mike Alexander (IM), Chuck Arnold (SF), Pattie Austin (S), Tom
	Bahler (IM), Phillip Ballou (RD), Katreese Barnes (RD), Dennis
	Collins (RD), The Creamers/Susan Steward & Co. (PM), Donnie
	Dacus (52), Patti Darcy (SF), Rory Dodd (IM), Will Downing (RD),
	Frank Floyd (52, IM, SF, RD), Babi Floyd (52), Wrecia Ford (RD),
	Diane Garisto (RD), Milt Grayson (52), Lani Groves (S, IM),
	Gwen Guthrie (S), Peter Hewlett (GHITS, B, K), Hicksville High
	School Chorus (SF), Jeff Jacobs (SF, RD), Stephanie James (RD),
	Devora Johnson (RD), Mick Jones (SF), Curtis King (SF), Ian
	Lloyd (SF), Ullanda McCullough (IM), Brian Ruggles (SF), Zack
	Sanders (52), Marlon Saunders (RD), Frank Simms (GHITS, RD),
	George Simms (K, RD), Ray Simpson (52), Phoebe Snow (S),
	Corliss Stafford (RD), Crystal Taliefero (SF, RD), Ron Taylor (IM),
	Terry Textor (IM), Eric Troyer (IM), Joe Lynn Turner (SF), Brenda
	White-King (SF, RD), B. David Whitworth (RD)


1. Books
	[Thanks to Claire Caterer ( for this info]

	BILLY JOEL by Peter Gambaccini; Jove Publications: 1979
	BILLY JOEL by M. Howard Gelfand; Creative Education: 1983
	BILLY JOEL by Michael McKenzie; Ballantine: 1984
	BILLY JOEL by Debbie Geller & Tom Hibbert; McGraw-Hill: 1985
	HEADLINERS: BILLY JOEL by Donald Meyers; Ace Books: 1981
	BILLY JOEL by Jurgen Seibold; VIP Paul Zsolnay Verlag, Vienna: 1993
	BILLY JOEL by Jeff Tamarkin; Cherry Lane Books: 1984
	ROCK STARS by Timothy White; Stewart, Tabori, & Chiang: 1984

2. Magazine Articles
	[Thanks to Michael Kidd ( for the
	majority of this info]

	"Billy Joel Tricks the Phillies."  Rolling Stone.  Jun. 20, 1974
	"Billy Joel:  The Miracle of 52nd Street."  Rolling Stone.  
		Dec. 14, 1978, pp. 70ff.
	"Rock Punk."  Penthouse.  May 1979
	"Hailed in Hicksville - How Billy Joel Became a Rock Troubador."
		Hit Parader.  May 1979, pp. 29.
	"Billy Joel is Angry."  Rolling Stone.  Sep. 4, 1980, pp. 37ff.
	"Billy Joel."  Playboy.  May, 1982
	"Billy Joel:  Not as Bad as You Think."  Rolling Stone.  Oct. 28, 1982
	"He Sang of Their Troubles, but Grateful Citizens Say Thank You
		Anyway To Billy Joel."  People.  Jan. 10, 1983
	"Former Boxer who has now achieved..."  Record Collector.  June 1985,
		pp. 13-16.
	"Billy Joel."  Penthouse.  Dec. 1985
	"New Billy Joel LP A Star-Studded Affair."  Rolling Stone. 
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	"Billy Joel:  Doing the Kremlin Rag."  Life.  Oct. 1987
	"A Matter of Trust:  Billy Joel in the USSR."  Variety.  Jun. 29, 1988
	"Billy Joel Rides the Tide of Success into his 40's."  Billboard.  
		Nov. 4, 1989
	"Billy Joel Starts a Fire..."  Rolling Stone.  Nov. 16, 1989
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	"The Lessons of Rock and Roll:  Billy Joel Presents History, the
		Album (We Didn't Start the Fire)."  Newsweek.  Jan. 29, 1990
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	"Classic Songs:  Billy Joel's Top Ten Beatles Songs."  Rolling Stone.
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	"Keeping the Faith."  Goldmine.  Jan. 7, 1994
	"Split Decisions."  People.  Apr. 25, 1994, pp. 53.

3. Sheet Music
	Sheet music for all of Billy Joel's songs is available.  You
	should be able to find it at your favorite local music store.

	Billy Joel Complete Volume 1  (ISBN:0-7935-2070-3)  [contains
		first 6 albums:  Cold Spring Harbor, Piano Man,
		Streetlife Serenade, Turnstiles, The Stranger, and
		52nd Street]  304 pages.  US$27.95
		Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
		7777 West Bluemound Road
		PO Box 13819
		Milwaukee, WI  53213

	Billy Joel Complete Volume 1 (ISBN:0-88188-775-7) [same as
		above, but does not include Cold Spring Harbor] 256 pages.  
		Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
		960 East Mark Street
		Winona, MN  55987
	Billy Joel Complete Volume 2  (ISBN:0-88188-776-5) [contains
		Glass Houses, Songs in the Attic, The Nylon Curtain,
		An Innocent Man, and The Bridge]  
		Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
		960 East Mark Street
		Winona, MN  55987

	Billy Joel Complete Volume 2 (ISBN:0-79351-524-6) [same as the
		book above, but also contains Storm Front]

	The Billy Joel Keyboard Book (ISBN:0-7935-1442-8)  
	        [ Contains: Allentown, And So It Goes, Captain Jack, Honesty,
	        Just The Way You Are, Movin' Out, My Life, New York State
		Of Mind, Piano Man, Pressure, Scenes From An Italian
		Restaurant, She's Always A Woman, She's Got A Way, The
		Stranger, Streetlife Serenade.] 150 pages. US$17.95
		Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
		7777 West Bluemound Road
		PO Box 13819 Milwaukee, WI  53213

	Glass Houses (ISBN: ????)
		April-Blackwood Publications
		Distributed by Bradley Publications
		43 West 61st Street
		New York, NY  10023

	Greatest Hits (ISBN: ????)
		SBK Entertainment World
		Distributed by Hal Leonard Publishing Company (see above
		for address)

	The Bridge (ISBN: 0-89898-485-8)
		Columbia Pictures Publications
		15800 N.W. 48th Avenue
		Miami, FL  33014

	River of Dreams (ISBN: 0-7935-2733-3)
		Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation (see above for address)

4. Streetlife Serenade Newsletter
	Streetlife Serenade is a new newsletter put out independently
	from Billy's record company.  To obtain a free sample issue 
	(this is subject to change) and specifics on subscribing
	(including current subscription cost), write to:

		Suzan Wells
		c/o Wells Ink
		P.O. Box 2075
		Garden City, NY  11531

5. Net Resources
       There are hundreds of fan created web sites... just do a web 
       search on "Billy Joel".  Here's a few good starting points.
	    Official Sites
			(has MOV, MPEG, and AVI format animations)
            Fan Created Sites  (one of the most complete fan
			sites around)
			(an index of links to other Billy Joel pages)
			(Lyrics to "We Didn't Start the Fire")
			(a site on the Billy Joel/Elton John tour)


	The Billy Joel Mailing List
   	[Thanks to Chael Hall for this info]

	This mailing list is for fans of Billy Joel and his music.  Its
	intention is to provide a forum for intelligent discussion of Billy
	Joel, his music, concert dates, tour information, trivia, and other
	related topics.

	To subscribe, send mail to  In the
	body of the message, include one of the following commands
	(in the left column):

	    SUB JOEL             -- Subscribe to mailing list
	    SUB JOEL-DIGEST      -- Subscribe to digest version
	    INFO JOEL            -- Receive complete info on list

        For more complete information about the mailing list, go to and select "Links", then select 
	"Billy Joel Mailing List"

	Prodigy Billy Joel Fan Club:  For users of the Prodigy On-Line
	----------------------------  service.  How to get there:
	"Jump" "Music BB".  Select "Music 1 BB" from the menu.  Select
	"Rock Music A-K" from the next menu.  Type "Billy" in the 
	"to go to" space and press return.  In order to join the fan
	club, send inquiries to Beverly Baridon (
	You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire.  The club's
	newsletter, "All About Joel", is published bi-monthly.

V. Origins/Meanings of Songs, plus Other Misc. Questions
Bear in mind that many of these songs can have other meanings.  These
are just Billy's intended meanings.  Feel free to interpret any of these
songs any way you like.

1.  Who/What is Captain Jack?
	According to Billy Joel, Captain Jack was the neighborhood 
	drug dealer in his neighborhood when he was growing up.

2.  Who is Rosalinda in "Rosalinda's Eyes"?
	Billy's Mom.

3.  Who is the "Famous Violinist Incognito" who plays on "Downeaster Alexa"?
	Itzhak Perlman.  They couldn't use his real name due to legal 
	complications about Perlman appearing on a different record label.

4.  What is the significance of the record title "The Bridge"?
	[From an interview in the back of the piano sheet music book for
	The Bridge]

	"I came up with the title THE BRIDGE about two-thirds of the way
	through the album ... I I didn't really know why when I first said
	it. Then when I thought about it, I realized there's been a lot of
	connections made on this record. There's a duet with Ray Charles,
	and Ray Charles is somebody I admired for years and years. That was
	a connection made, so there's a bridge. There's a song that was done
	with Steve Winwood playing the Hammond organ, and I've always
	admired Steve--for years and years. So there's another bridge. The
	album is probably more like an older Billy Joel album, harkening
	back to 52ND STREET and THE STRANGER, in that it's not a concept
	album. The songs are not necessarily related to one another, but
	they were written in the same [time] period. And for that reason,
	because there's a connection to the older stuff, there's another
	bridge. I also see it as a direction into a future type of writing."

5.  What's the significance behind "Vienna"?
	Billy's Dad lives in Vienna.  He wrote the song after going there
	to visit him once.  At one of his campus lectures, Billy was 
	asked about the significance of Vienna, and replied (paraphrased
	by Ann M. Leonhardt (

	He told us that he was very impressed at the respect given to
	elders in Europe. One day he saw an old woman sweeping a public
	street with great pride, and it made an impression. He wanted
	people to realize that there is time in life to accomplish
	our goals and everything doesn't have to be at a break-neack
	speed. Instead of fearing old age as we do here, it should be
	anticipated and valued. So, insead of rushing to accomplish
	everything in youth you should remember, "Vienna waits for you."

	Another possible deeper meaning comes from M. Coulter

	Since the early Classical period, composers understood that
	Vienna was the place to be for links to orchestras, chamber
	groups, commissions, and the nobility to appreciate such
	things.  The young Mozart hated working for a single patron, so
	he headed for Vienna to try to make it on his own.  I think the
	reference here is to a place where a musician goes to be truly
	tested (as the song talks about the need to be patient with
	oneself) sort of like Tin Pan Alley to songwriters here in the
	20's, or Los Angeles or New York City these days.  I have no
	knowledge of whether Billy may have actually mentioned the
	Vienna reference or not.  But I suspect, in the absence of any
	other information, that telling someone that "Vienna waits for
	you" is telling then to be patient.

6.  What (or who) was the inspiration for "Big Shot"?
	A very bad date with Bianca Jagger.  Billy has also said that he
	wanted to write a hangover song to convey how it feels to look
	in the mirror the next day and mutter to yourself.

7.  What ever happened to the "Root Beer Rag" newsletter?
	This newsletter was produced by Billy's former management
	agency.  When Billy broke up with his former manager, Frank
	Weber, the newsletter ceased to be published.
8.  Which of Billy's songs have other artists covered?
	    -- Seekers (_This is the Seekers_)
        "Ballad of Billy The Kid"
	    -- Michael Martin Murphey (_Cowboy Songs III_)
	"Just the Way You Are" 
	    -- Acker Bilk (_In A Mellow Mood_)
	    -- Captain & Tennille (_20 Years of Romance_)
	    -- Caravan Cool Water (_HTD_)
	    -- Richard Clayderman (_16 Love Songs_)
	    -- Rosemary Clooney (_With Love_, 1980)
	    -- Francisco Garcia (_Romantic Guitar Hits_)
	    -- Hi-Los (_Two Originals_, 1979,81)
	    -- John Holt (_16 Songs for Soulful Lovers_)
	    -- Horst Jankowski (_Pop Goes Swing_)
	    -- Jose Jose (in Spanish)
	    -- Morgana King (_Everything Must Change_, 1978)
	    -- Mornington Lockett (_Late Night Sax_, 1996)
	    -- Johnny Mathis (_That's What Friends Are For_, 1978; 
	       _Greatist Hits_)
	    -- Paul Mauriat (_Gold Concert_, 1991)
	    -- Joe Pass (_Virtuoso Live!_, 1991)
	    -- Johnny Pearson (_Sleepy Shores_)
	    -- Plansee Big Band (_Simply in the Mood_, 1996)
	    -- David Qualey (_Handmade_, 1991)
	    -- Kenny Rogers with Dottie West (_Love Songs_, 1990)
	    -- Shadows (_Themes & Dreams_, 1991)
	    -- William Shakesspeare (_Can't Stop Myself From Loving You_, 1974)
	    -- Frank Sinatra (_Trilogy: Past, Present, and Future_)
	    -- Strangeloves (_I Want Candy--The Best of_)
	    -- Vogues (_Greatest Hits_) 
	    -- Sylvia Vrethammar (_Something My Heart Might Say_, 1995)
	    -- Barry White (_All Time Greatest Hits_)
	    -- Gheorge Zamfir (_Pan Romance_)
	"Miami 2017" 
	    -- Richard Marx (1993)
	"New York State of Mind" 
	    -- Oleta Adams (_Evolution_, 1993)
	    -- Shirley Bassey (_Superstar_; _All By Myself_)
	    -- Carol Kaye (_The First Lady on Bass_, 1994)
	    -- Kasia Kowalska (of Poland!)
	    -- Manhattan Jazz Quintet (_My Funny Valentine_, 1986)
	    -- Jon Mark (_The Last & Live Line_, 1981)
	    -- Susannah McCorkle
	    -- Carmen McRae (_I'm Coming Home Again_, 1978)
	    -- Rolf from the Muppets (_Old Brown Ears is Back_)
	    -- Diane Schuur (_Deedles_, 1984)
	    -- Barbra Streisand (_Streisand Superman_, 1977; _Love Songs_; 
	    -- Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem (_The Muppet Show_)
	    -- Mel Torme (_Mel Torme and Friends at Marty's_; _Live at the
	       Fujitsu-Concord Jazz Festival_, 1990)
	    -- Leslie West (_Dodgin' the Dirt_, 1993)
        "Piano Man"
	    -- Thelma Houston (_The Best Of_)
	"Say Goodbye to Hollywood" 
	    -- Peter Hoffman (_Rock Classics_, 1982)
	    -- Bette Midler (_Broken Blossom_, 1977)
	    -- Nigel Olsson (_Nigel_, 1979)
	    -- Saga (_Steel Umbrellas_, 1994)
	    -- Ronnie Spector (_Dangerous_)
	    -- Garth Brooks (_Ropin' the Wind_)
	"Summer, Highland Falls" 
	    -- Peter, Paul, and Mary (_Reunion_)
        "The Longest Time"
	    -- 6-Zylinder (_Vokal_, 1990)
	"Uptown Girl" 
	    -- Alvin & The Chipmunks (_Here's Looking at Me_, 1993)
	    -- Black Uhuru (_Brutal_, 1986)
	    -- Shadows (_Reflection_, 1989)
	    -- Soulsister (_Swinging Like Big Dogs_, 1994)
	"You May Be Right" 
	    -- Alvin & The Chipmunks (_Chipmunk Punk_)
	    -- Garth Brooks (_This is Garth Brooks--Live_)
	    -- Southside Johnny (Theme Music for CBS's "Dave's World")
	"You're My Home" 
	    -- Helen Reddy

9.  What was the "Souvenir" album?
	[Thanks to Carl Woodin ( for this info.]

	Souvenir was released by Columbia in 1977.  It was released as
	a half live, half greatest hits album.  It was distributed mainly
	to DJs, clubs, and fan clubs.  A VERY limited picture disc version
	was also released. 

	Side 1 (live) - Ballad of Billy the Kid
			Summer, Highland Falls
			New York State of Mind
	(This live side was recorded on 12/5-6/1976 at the Palmer
	Auditorium, Connecticut College, New London.  It was recorded
	during the taping of the Billy Joel tonight video.)

	Side 2 - 	Entertainer
			I've Loved these Days
			Captain Jack
			Los Angelenos
			Say Goodbye to Hollywood

10.  What songs has Billy written that were never released?
	[Songs with years in parentheses are listed in the Library of
	 Congress's List of Copyrights under Billy Joel's Name.  Thanks
	 to Knut Meyer ( for this info.]

	These are songs which were either performed by Billy early in his
	career or songs that he copyrighted but never used on an album.
	No, they're not available anywhere (if they were, they wouldn't
	be "unreleased", now would they?).

	"Alexa's Theme" (1988)
	"Attitude Road" (1992)
	"Bye Bye" (Cold Spring Harbor/Piano Man days)
	"December Song" (Cold Spring Harbor/Piano Man days)
	"Every Time (Falling In Love)" (1982)
	"Great Ships, Great Oceans" (Cold Spring Harbor/Piano Man days)
	"Handball" (1979) (though he performed it in concert as early as 1977)
	"Indian Love Ball" (1981)
	"It's All Right" (1982)
	"It's Not Easy" (written for Cold Spring Harbor)
	"Josephine" (written between Cold Spring Harbor and Piano Man)
	"Long, Long Time" (written between Cold Spring Harbor and Piano Man)
	"Money or Love" (1989)
	"My Journey's End" (1964)
	"New Thing in C" (1989)
	"Numbers" (1982)
	"Only a Man" (Cold Spring Harbor/Piano Man days)
	"Oyster Bay" (Cold Spring Harbor/Piano Man days)
	"Prime of Your Life" (1981)
	"Rosalinda" (written between Cold Spring Harbor and Piano Man)
	"Song for Alexa" (1989 -- possibly became "Lullabye"?)
	"Tell Them You're In Love" (1985)
	"The Moment at Hand" (1988)
	"The Purple Heart" (1982 -- possibly became "Goodnight Saigon"?)
	"Until You Come to Me" (written for Cold Spring Harbor)
	"We All Have Our Cross to Bear" (written for Piano Man)
	"Wide Awake" (1982)
	"Where is My Lady" (written for Cold Spring Harbor)
	"Where's the Revolution" (written for Piano Man)
	"You Got Your Reasons" (1989)

11.  How do you pronounce "KOHUEPT"?
	"KOHUEPT" is the Russian word for "Concert," and it is
	pronounced roughly like the English version of the word
	(approximately "cone-tsyert").  "KOHUEPT" is about the best
	approximation of the cryllic letters that I can do.

12.  Do I have a rare, misprinted "An Innocent Man" CD cover?
	When they printed the CD version of the "An Innocent Man" album,
	they switched the order of those two tracks from their original
	order on the LP release.  However, they merely copied the 
	old album cover over without correcting the swapped tracks.
	The listing on the disc itself and the order of the lyrics
	in the liner notes should be correct.  In short, no, you don't
	have a rare misprinted item.

	People have also reported seeing copies of the Streetlife 
	Serenade cassette and Turnstiles CD with incorrect listings
	on the CD cover.

13.  What is being said at the beginning of "Scandinavian Skies"?
	[Thanks to for this info.]

	It is an announcement in Dutch at Schiphol (Amsterdam) Airport:

	Attentie, Attentie, Passagiers voor vlucht 33 met bestemming Oslo, 
	Stockholm en Kopenhagen kunnen zich naar Gate A12 begeven.


	Attention, Attention, Passengers for flight 33 with destinations
	Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen can go to Gate A12

14.  Who was "Virginia" in "Only the Good Die Young"?
	According to a TV interview with Billy, Virginia was a girl
	he knew in school when he was 12.  He showed her yearbook 
	photo on TV.

15.  What's the significance of "Scenes From an Italian Restaurant"?
	Back in his younger days, Billy used to do a lot of gigs in
	restaurants.  One of his popular songs among the dining crowds,
	especially at Italian restaurants, was a song called "The
	Ballad of Brenda & Eddie," which we all know as the middle
	section to "Scenes...."  The song was so well-liked that Billy
	decided to record it.  He added on the beginning & end as sort
	of an ode to the restaurants that made the song popular.

16.  Isn't that Beethoven music in "This Night"?
	[Thanks to numerous people for this info, including Grant
	Anderson ( and Bradley Kelly 

	Yes, the chorus to "This Night" (on the album _An Innocent
	Man_) is essentially the same music as composed by Beethoven in
	the "Adagio cantabile" (second movement) of his "Sonata No. 8 in
	C Minor, Op. 13" AKA the sonata "Pathetique."  Beethoven is 
	listed in the credits at the end of the album notes as "L. V.

17.  What's the story behind Lullabye?
	According to a TV interview, Billy wrote this song for his
	daughter Alexa as an answer to her questions about dying.

18.  How did a song like Root Beer Rag come to be?
	[Thanks to Zach Pendleton ( for 
	this info.]

	Billy had recently purchased a new keyboard, and was indulging
	himself by seeing what it could do when he wrote Root Beer Rag.

19.  Who is the "Anthony" in Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)?
	[Thanks to Zach Pendleton ( for 
	this info.]

	Anthony isn't a person from real life.  According to Billy, 
	Anthony is every Irish, Polish, and Mexican kid trying to make
	a living in the U.S.

20.  What about... ?
	If you know of something else that should be included here, let me

A big Thank You to all the contributors to this Frequently Asked Questions
List!  God knows I wouldn't have wanted to write all this myself...

Feel free to quote from this document as long as proper credit is given
to the editor and (if specified) the contributor of the information.
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