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List compiled and maintained by Brian Edmonds. Please send all additions
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This is intended to be a list of all known groups in the hierarchy,
along with a short description of what the group is for. Anyone with
information to add to the descriptions should mail it to the list
maintainer. The list is posted on the ninth day of every month to the
following newsgroups:, rec.answers, news.answers. It is also
available from the following locations:
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Thanks to:
    o Alan Brown for making me think this might actually work.
    o Joshua Kreitzer for many suggestions he'll deny if asked. :)
    o Myra Wong for the LoMML and formatting ideas.

			     How To Use This List

Known groups are listed with their newsgroups description line and a few lines
describing the intended subject of the group. If there is a known mailing list
echo for the group, it is also included. At the end of the list, there are
suggestions on how to create a newsgroup for your favourite musical artist, a
pointer on how to create alt groups, and a pointer to how to find musical
mailing lists. Please consult the list of musical mailing lists and carefully
consider the suggestions for creating a musical newsgroup before coming to
alt.config to ask for a new group.

If you try to access one of the groups listed here, and find it does not exist
at your site, then you will need to contact your local news administrator to
get it added. Do not send me mail, or post to alt.config, as neither I nor the
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______________________________________________________________________________ (For home-recording enthusiasts)
      "A newsgroup dedicated to four-track recording enthusiasts: the
      low-budget art of home studio recording. Topics include 4-tracks to buy,
      4-tracks for sale, types of tape to use, mixing and noise reduction
      techniques, and other home recording-related tips and topics."
      Myke <> (Artists on the 4AD label, and their music)
      "The artists which have released on this label include: A. R. Kane;
      Bauhaus; Belly; Heidi Berry; The Birthday Party; Frank Black; The
      Breeders; Michael Brook; Budd, Fraser, Guthrie, Raymonde; Cocteau Twins;
      Colourbox; Dead Can Dance; Dif Juz; Frazier Chorus; His Name Is Alive;
      In Camera; Gilbert and Lewis; Lush; M|A|R|R|S; Modern English; Colin
      Newman; Pale Saints; Pixies; Red House Painters; Rema Rema; Richenel;
      Rowland S Howard and Lydia Lunch; Spirea X; Swallow; The The; The Happy
      Family; This Mortal Coil; Throwing Muses; The Wolfgang Press; Ultra
      Vivid Scene; Unrest; Voix Bulgares; v23; Xmal Deutschland; Xymox."
      Rui Pedro Mendes Salgueiro <> (Like, only different)
      A-cappella (human voice only) music. "It has been effectively superceded
      by which has 10 times the number of posts. alt
      groups can't be deleted, so it's still here. Some people don't have
      access to the r.m.a-cappella group and post here instead."
      Greg Weiss <> (ABBA, its music, memebers and fans)
      "This news group was set up to discuss the past and present careers of
      Agnetha, Benny, Bjorn and Anni-Frid, who formed the 70's pop group
      ABBA. In their 10 years of recording, they sold a quarter of a billion
      records, and were one of the truely world-wide bands, with some of their
      songs recorded in several languages. With recent 70's revivals this
      group welcomes discussion of other ABBA related items."
      James Porritt <> (The music of Alanis Morrissette)
      No information. (One of Seattle's Finest)
      "Discussion of Alice in Chains including Internet resources and the
      occassional update from the mailing list. Mostly discussion amongst fans
      of the band, including info., trading, questions, answers, etc."
      KhadejahJ <> (For groups having 2 or less Platinum-selling
      "Usually used to describe bands without charting potential, or whose
      music does not fall within the curriculum of current 'top 40' popular
      music groups. Mostly pop/rock in nature."
      Myke <> (Discussing alternative music by female
      "Artists of the above description who are female. Frequent topics (at
      the time of writing this) include: Ani DiFranco, Tsunami, Heidi Berry,
      Wanda Coleman, Exene Cervenka, etc."
      Myke <> (Discussion of the music and life of Amy Grant)
      "This group mostly focuses on discussion of Amy Grant, although
      occasionally it can swing to her husband, Gary Chapman (a fellow
      singer), or Michael W. Smith (her former keyboardist). Since landing her
      first record contract at age 15, Amy has received numerous awards; these
      include 5 Grammy Awards, 19 Dove Awards, and most recently, the
      prestigious Pax Christi Award. She was also featured in the 1992 'The 50
      Most Beautiful People in the World' People magazine issue. After having
      sold ~20 million albums so far, Amy still insists on doing her own
      shopping and chores; it's a way for her to maintain her grounding with
      friends and family. Amy's always been big on giving, and keeps
      humanitarian issues close to her heart."
      Pradeep Bhatia <u8807385@Muss.CIS.McMaster.Ca> (Discussion of crossover group, The)
      "This group has been used for discussion of the b-boyz and other Grand
      Royals and is now getting quite a bit of mail on a group called 311
      without much interference from subscribers. A Tribe Called Quest, a
      Grand Royal group called Luscious Jackson and just about any new phunk
      gets notice there."
      Tim Peter Nicholls <> (Beck Hanson, his music and other projects)
      "This group is used to discuss the music of Beck, its influences and its
      characteristics. He writes a brand of music that refers (both overtly
      and stylistically) to many older artists and styles that can be
      discussed and argued about here. Since his music is often hard to find,
      and his side-projects are often quiet, this group should be a convenient
      way for fans to keep in touch with upcoming releases as well as rare
      recordings and othe relevant people/musicians."
      Vijay Ramanujan <> (Discussion of the pop-rock group America)
      The classic rock supergroup, America, is well known for it's enduring
      quality. With soft acoustic sounds blended with rich harmonies. America,
      led by the multi-talented Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell, has produced
      over twenty albums, and is frequently on tour throughout the world.
      Rick Wahlgren <> (Bela and the Flecktones)
      "This group is intended for discussions of Bela Fleck's music, including
      bluegrass, new acoustic and jazz. Discussions on new acoustic music in
      general have taken place here, as have discussions of music by related
      artists like Jerry Douglas, Sam Bush, Mark O'Connor, Tony Rice and Edgar
      Nathan Torkington <> (Sounds from the Big Band era)
      No information available. (Discussion of Billy Brinkley, err Joel)
      "Billy Joel has been a mainstay of Rock music for over 20 years. This
      newsgroup includes discussions on Billy's pre-solo career with 60's
      bands Atilla and The Hassles, his long solo career (20 years worth of
      music to compare, contrast, praise, and critique), and his current
      concert tours."
      Mike Steele <> (Discussion of Icelandic singer Bjork)
      Bjork is an Icelandic singer, formerly of the Sugarcubes. Her hits
      include "Big Time Sensuality". (Black Sabbath and things related to them)
      "This Black Sabbath newsgroup was created in late summer 1995, after a
      great debate whether it was needed or not. The group is meant to be a
      place for Black Sabbath related discussions. As there have been a huge
      number of different Black Sabbath line-ups, and the members (for example
      Ronnie James Dio and Ozzy Osbourne) have participated in lots of other
      projects, discussion about all the band members' lives outside of Black
      Sabbath is also appreciated here. However, there are separate newsgroups
      for some artists and bands, for example, and, and the discussion about those
      artists should mainly take place there."
      Tapio Keihanen <> (For "All fellow travelers")
      This group is gatewayed from the blues-traveler mailing list,, which is run by Dabe Murphy
      <dabe@cs.UMD.EDU>. HORDE (non-BT) related topics are intended to be kept
      to a minimum, and there is a separate mailing list for HORDE discussion, Tim Peter Nicholls
      <> was the first to fill me in that "HORDE
      stands for Horizons Of Rock Developing Everywhere," and is a tour
      featuring a number of bands which seem to be gaining in
      popularity. According to Dabe, they have been going on for three or four
      years, and were orginally headlined by Phish, the Spin Doctors, BT and
      Widespread Panic. (Discussion of unofficial recordings)
      Recordings released without the authorization of the artist's record
      company (typically these are live recordings). In much of the world it
      is at least a copyright violation to produce and sell such recordings. (The harmonizations of Boyz II Men)
      "Boyz II Men came out first with their album Cooleyhighharmony. The
      whole world was amazed by the beautiful melodious songs with a hip hop
      beat. After they realeased another multi-winning album II, Boyz II Men
      proved to the world that they weren't another one hit wonder. In
      response to their popular demand, this newsgroup was created to discuss,
      songs, concerts, and the personalities of Boyz II Men. If it has to do
      with Boyz II Men, post it here!!"
      Paul Vranas <> (Apparently too popular to warrant further
      "Projects by and relating to the British 'ambient' and space music
      pioneer. Includes discussion of Eno's former band, Roxy Music, as well
      as discussions of current releases and upcoming Eno-related events, such
      as U2's recent recordings."
      Myke <> (The psychadelic hard-core group Butthole
      No information available. (The music and fans of The Byrds)
      " is a newsgroup for discussion of the folk-rock group,
      'The Byrds'. The Byrds were the first and the best of the folk-rock
      groups of the 60's, formed in Los Angeles in 1964. The group consisted
      of James "Roger" McGuinn (12-string guitar), David Crosby (guitar), Gene
      Clark (tambourine), Chris Hillman (bass), and Michael Clarke (drums)."
      Joel Furr <> (Oh, Canada, eh?)
      Canadian bands, artists, and music in general. (Soca, Calypso and Steel Pan)
      "Anyone who has ever been musically exposed to the sweet Carnival
      rhythms from the Caribbean knows what this group is all about - We're
      talking hot beats, pulsating riddim and sweet melodies. We're also
      talking about traditions of making songs with witty and sometimes
      suggestive lyrics. Include in this the mastery of arranging & playing
      the world's perhaps most innovative instrument, the Steelpan, and you've
      captured the essence of this group. is an open forum
      to all interested in discussing these musical artforms, their past,
      present and future; as well as all other 'carnival' musics from around
      the Caribbean."
      Ross MacGill <> (Discussion of the music and the art of)
      No information available. (You might think hymnals and chants, but you'd be
      I'm told that this group is for discussion of artists from the college
      town Chapel Hill, North Carolina. (Discussion of the pop-rock band Cheap Trick)
      "Cheap Trick (known individually as Rick Nielsen, Robin Zander, Bun
      E. Carlos and Tom Petersson) have been making great music for over
      twenty years and, in the words of founder Nielsen, enjoy 'a very large
      cult status' into the 90s. Applauded by fans, critics and fellow
      musicians alike, Cheap Trick were recently described by Flea (Red Hot
      Chili Peppers) as 'weird before it was cool to be weird.' Whether it's a
      romantic ballad like 'The Flame' or a hard-rockin' number like 'Gonna
      Raise Hell', Cheap Trick have proved themselves to be one of the most
      enduring original bands since rock met roll."
      Dana C. James <> ()
      "Irish folk and pop band, members from the Brennan family. Lead singer
      Maire Brennan has more recently released albums of her own. See also (Enya has been a part-time member of Clannad)."
      Kevin F. Quinn <> (To complex for _your_ simple mind)
      No information available. ()
      An American rock band which recently became successful with such songs
      as "Mr. Jones." (Discussion of the rock group, the Cranberries)
      "The Cranberries are a relatively young but extremely popular
      group. Their first two LPs, ('Everybody Else Is Doing It So Why Can't
      We' and 'No Need To Argue') both did very well, with the second album
      staying on the Billboard charts for years. Dolores O'Riordan heads up
      the group as the lead vocalist, Feargal Lawlor on drums, and the
      brothers Noel and Mike Hogan on guitar and bass respectively. The group
      has become very popular in a short time and is yet another great band to
      come out of Ireland."
      Jason Jarvis <> (Discussion of the dance music.)
      No information. (Discussion of the works of Glenn Danzig. MOTHER!)
      No information available. (The Dave Matthews Band)
      No information available. (Discussions about Deep Purple and related artists)
      "Related artists include solo projects of anyone who's ever been in Deep
      Purple, and bands consisting of people who have been in DP. This
      includes Gillan, Rainbow, Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, Glenn Hughes, Roger
      Glover, Captain Beyond, Fandango, Warhorse and a host of
      others. Spinoffs of those are also allowed, and if Ritchie Blackmore's
      hairpiece does session work with the dead weasel on Ian Paice's head,
      a.m.deep-purple is where you'll hear it first. Oh, and the career of
      Ritchie Blackmore's son (truly a related artist) has been mentioned a
      couple of times as well."
      R. Dijkhuis <> (Talk about the rock group Def Leppard)
        * (Rock artist Ronnie James Dio and his music)
      "This group, created in November, 1994, is meant for discussions about
      vocalist Ronnie James Dio, about the musicians who've worked with him
      and about other things related to him. Ronnie James Dio was one of the
      heavy metal originators, as well as making music from traditional '50s
      rock 'n' roll to heavy metal, including blues, jazz, rock and even
      gospel. He has fronted several famous heavy metal bands: Elf, Rainbow,
      Black Sabbath and Dio as well as taken part in several other
      projects. Most of the today's heavy metal bands mention him or his bands
      as their major influences."
      Tapio Keihanen <> (Is "progressive metal" an accepted label?)
      No information available. (Discussion of the band, its members and their music)
      "The Eagles' music has spanned generations (nearly 25 years) and their
      popularity has flourished. They created a style all their own - a
      heavenly mixture of Country and Rock - that defined a new genre of
      music; a style many have tried to copy without success. The true measure
      of their endurance lies in their mind-blowing reunion after 14 years
      apart that brought old fans out in droves and created a new legion of
      young followers. It's almost as if they never stopped. I invite people
      to discuss in this group the band and its members but also solo work as
      well. In addition, concert info/stories are always welcome as would be
      challenging trivia. Further, I hope to be able to shed light on the
      whole Eagles phenomenon, how Hell froze over and whether it's cold
      enough to stay that way! Let's not forget, however, the most important
      thing: the music!!! Remember your many hours spent in
      will certainly not be 'Wasted Time.' See you there!"
      Bryan W. Ingram <> (Electronic (or not?) Body Music)
      No information available. (Happy Rhodes and other music by plasms) was formed to discuss the music of Happy Rhodes, a
      near-famous singer and composer from Woodstock, NY. Happy records for
      the independent label Aural Gratification, and boasts an incredibly
      powerful voice ranging four and a half octaves. Based on the ecto
      mailinglist, encourages posts dealing with similar
      artists, loosely defined as "ethereal female singer-songwriters". The
      name "ecto" comes from the title of Happy Rhodes' fourth album.
      Robert Lovejoy <> (The Electric Light Orchestra)
      No information available. (Groups blending ambient and cultural influences)
      "This group exists for the discussion of both Enigma and Dead Can Dance,
      as well as any other musical group that falls into genre (eg. Delerium,
      Deep Forest, Enya, Loreena McKennitt, and even Pink Floyd). All these
      groups blend ambient and cultural elements, producing a new type of
      music that does not fit into any standard classification. Whereas before
      information on the aforementioned groups were scattered throughout the
      various other newsgroups in the heirarchy, now gives this information a home. Since both
      Enigma and Dead Can Dance have a large following but no specific
      newsgroups, provides a convienent place to
      distribute information and promote awareness of these and other groups."
      Alex Pomeranz <> (Gaelic set to spacey music)
      "Enya is an Irish musician, from the same family as Clannad (see Her unique music is atmospheric and evocative."
      Kevin F. Quinn <> (Fates Warning)
      No information available. (SF/fantasy related folk music)
      No information available. (Rock group Fleetwood Mac and its members)
      "This group was created in early June of 1994 for the discussion of all
      topics relevant to Fleetwood Mac and its members, including their solo
      projects. Stevie Nicks is the most popular subject of threads in the
      group, but posts having to do with all present and former band members
      are welcomed and encouraged. Traffic is steady, if low-volume and the
      group becomes more active whenever the group or one of its members has
      an album, tour or other project going."
      Joseph A. Admire <> (The rock group Genesis)
      No information available. (The rock group Green Day)
      An alt.config flamefest receiving occasional traffic. (Discussion of folksingers Arlo & Woody Guthrie)
      " is a Usenet group for the discussion of the highly
      acclaimed folksingers Arlo & Woody Guthrie. Each has carved their own
      place in the history of American music. Woody can be remembered for his
      song 'This Land Is Your Land' and Arlo for his 'Alice's Restaurant' and
      the most widely known version of 'City of New Orleans'. This group
      discusses the signifcance of these two songwriters. It will also cover
      discussions about Arlo's new releases, concert performances, and his
      charity organizations."
      Dave Downin <> (Could be porno set to music)
      I'm told it's kind of like punk. (Discussion about the music and life of Harry
      "Harry Chapin was a famous singer-songwriter best known for his `story
      songs'. His most well known pieces include `Taxi', `W-O-L-D', and `Cat's
      in the Cradle'. In addition to his music, he was also known for being
      one of the most politically active musicians of his generation,
      responsible for creating the World Hunger Year organization, and the
      President's Commission on World Hunger. He was killed in a 1981 car
      accident on the Long Island Expressway. Recently, he posthumously
      received a congressional gold medal of honor for his efforts towards
      ending world hunger."
      Brian <> (Discussion on Hawaiian music and artists)
      No information available. (Bands without contracts with the major labels)
      " features discussions on independent and
      underground bands who choose to remain apart from major labels for
      various reasons."
      cholera <> (The musical duo Indigo Girls)
      "Indigo Girls are an Atlanta, GA based acoustic rock duo. The duo of Amy
      Ray and Emily Saliers began their partnership while attending H.S. in
      Decatur, GA. Their first national release was 'Indigo Girls' in 1989
      which produced the hit single 'Closer To Fine'. This release won the
      1989 Grammy for Best Contemporary Folk Recording, but they lost the Best
      New Artist to Milli Vanilli. Since 'Indigo Girls', they have released:
      'Strange Fire' (an Epic Records re-release of their indepentedly
      released 1987 recording of the same name), 'Nomads*Indians*Saints'
      (1990),'Back On Th Bus Y'All" (1991 EP), 'Rites of Passage' (1992) and
      'Swamp Ophelia' (1994)."
      the searcher <> (The band InSoc, AKA Information Society)
      "Best known for their 1988 hit 'What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)', the
      synth band Information Society has earned a large following of devoted
      fans. With a new album and tour coming up in 1996, InSoc's consistent
      innovation has spurred a wide variety of discussion topics among fans
      who have outgrown their mailing list. This news group covers all things
      InSoc, from their music to the interests of the group members and fans."
      BJ Hiorns, c/o <> (JT!)
      "With a career than spans more than twenty-five years, it's no great
      surprise that James Taylor's musical influence has reached just about
      every corner of the globe. Since leading the singer-songwriter movement
      in the early 70s, JT has gone on to refine his style, changing over the
      years while still maintaining the musical craftsmanship that garnered so
      much attention early in his career."
      From the FAQ (The music of Jane's Addiction and its members)
      "This group should serve as a forum for any and all discussions relating
      to the musicians in Jane's Addiction, Perry Farrell's random concepts,
      and the music that has moved so many people. Jane's Addiction may have
      broken up in 1991, but their fans remain faithful to the music; Perry,
      Dave Navarro, Eric Avery and Steven Perkins will always be together on 3
      timeless albums."
      Rhiney <> (Ironman sitting on a park bench)
      No information available. (Music from the Jewish heritage)
      No information available. ('Scuse me, while I kiss the sky)
      No information available. (Adulation of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion)
      "The newsgroup will be open to any and all
      discussion of the music of and information about The Jon Spencer Blues
      Explosion. Discussion will include (but not be limited to):
        * Albums - People's thoughts on the various records
        * Related - Related bands (i.e. The Jesus Lizard, et al)
        * General - Sightings, tour info, release dates, etc.
      This group is not affiliated with The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion or
      Matador Records, though input from either of those would be most
      Pujeeb Rastanfani <> (Talk about talking about music)
      No information available. (Please make it stop!)
      No information available. (Music of Kylie Minogue)
      No information available. (Discussion about Led Zeppelin and their music)
      No information available. ()
      Canadian poet, singer and songwriter. (The music of Gordon Lightfoot)
      "This newsgroup was created in December 1994 to discuss the music of
      Gordon Lightfoot. Lightfoot helped define the singer-songwriter movement
      of the 60's and 70's and remains an active player in the music scene
      today, performing 40-50 concerts each year throughout the U.S. and
      Canada, with occasional tours to Europe and Australia. His most recent
      album was 1993's Waiting For You and plans are to release a new album in
      1996. With each successive album, he adds to the tens of millions he has
      already sold over the years and to his reputation as the consummate
      songwriter and troubadour of our time."
      Wayne Francis <> (For discussion of the band +Live+)
      "This newsgroup is for discussion of the band +Live+, including their
      music, members, fans, concerts, and anything else related to +Live+. The
      members of +Live+ are: Ed Kowalczyk (lead vocals, lyrics, guitar), Chad
      Taylor (background vocals), Patrick Dahlheimer (bass guitar), and Chad
      Gracey (drums and background vocals). Their first album was 'Mental
      Jewelry' (1991) and their second album was 'Throwing Copper' (1994),
      best known for the songs 'I Alone' and 'Lightning Crashes'. They also
      released a maxi-single in 1991 called 'Four Songs'."
      Dave Grossman <> (Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber)
      "Andrew Lloyd Webber is probably the most popular composer of musical
      theatre in our time, the author of the music in such hit shows as
      Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Sunset
      Boulevard. While not an artistic purist, his melodies are very catchy
      and he has a good backer in Cameron Mackintosh."
      Andrew S. Damick <> ()
      Canadian singer and songwriter. (The art, the music and the life of Luis Miguel)
      "Already an international superstar at age 25, Luis Miguel, his
      recordings, videos, concerts and future plans are the topics of
      discussion for this newsgroup. Having sold over 18 million albums
      worldwide, won three Grammys, and with years of sold out concerts to his
      credit, this electrifying singer and performer is destined to become a
      household name in the U.S.A. in the very near future. His appeal
      transcends age. With his 1993 ROMANCE album he popularized the bolero to
      an entire new generation."
      Bobbie Leslie <> (Discussion of song lyrics)
      " is a forum for the discussion of all song lyrics. The
      traffic predominantly consists of requests for lyrics and answers to
      those requests, denoted by 'REQ' and 'LYR' respectively in the Subject:
      lines of posts. Other appropriate traffic includes any sort of
      discussion of song lyrics, including misheard lyrics, requests for
      translations, lyric-related humor, philosophical underpinnings of
      vocals, etc."
      Dave Filippi <> ()
      No information available. (The art of creating techno, ambient, etc)
      No information available. (Making and playing this bizarre instrument)
      "This newsgroup is for the electronic music instrument called the
      theremin. The theremin was invented in 1918 by Lev Termen and is
      credited as the first synthesizer. A documentary film, 'Theremin: An
      Electric Odyssey' is currently showing around the country and has
      generated considerable interest for building custom theremins."
      Ray Iaea <> ()
      No information available. (A progressive band; the Silmarillion is a book)
      No information available. (You've been a good little boy!)
      No information available. (Mexican influenced music)
      "This newsgroup is intended to cover the wide panorama of Mexican
      musical styles, and naturally, those artists who make such music. Some
      of the major movements in this universe are Tejano, Ranchero, Banda,
      Norten~o and Mariachi, to mention a few. Also of interest are singers
      and musicians from the Mexican balada, pop, rock and hip hop
      categories. Beyond this primary focus, other kinds of Latin American
      music may get attention here, although for Tropical/ Caribbean styles
      the newsgroup would be more appropriate. Commonly,
      posts will be in Spanish, English, or a combination of both."
      Roy Sette <> ()
      "Discussion of electronic music creating using the electronic linking
      system Musical Instrument Digital Interface, which allows the
      properly-equipped user to link two or more such instruments together for
      simultaneous or synchronous use."
      Myke <> (Like, only different)
      No information available. (Hey, hey, they were the Monkees)
      "The Friendliest Place in Cyberspace![tm], this group has been
      officially declared a "flame-free zone". It is dedicated to the
      discussion of The Monkees (Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz, and
      Davy Jones) and their fans. Discussion encompasses the past (TV, albums,
      concert performances, movie), the present (solo projects, personal
      appearances, reissues), and the future (???) of The Monkees, as well as
      fan experiences, debates over lyrics, the meaning of "Head", and other
      related topics."
      Torkaholic <> (Still In Search of the Lost Chord)
      "The Moody Blues are usually considered a 'classic rock' group, although
      their music is so diverse that it cannot really be placed into one
      category. The Moodies have been highly successful in producing R&B,
      classical/progressive rock, and '80s' pop music. The Moodies have sold
      over 55 million albums worldwide and are one of a small handful of
      groups to have a top-ten hit in each of three consecutive decades."
      Michael Holl <> (The music of New Order and its memebers)
      "New Order were formed from the ashes of Joy Division, after Ian Curtis
      commited suicide. Recently the band has not been very active, although I
      think it has not been dissolved, and there are/have been 3 new bands:
        * Electronic (Bernard Summer, New Order singer and ... + John Marr,
          Smiths guitar)
        * Revenge (Peter Hook, New Order bass)
        * The other two (the other 2 members of New Order whose names I can't
          remember at this time)"
      Rui Pedro Mendes Salgueiro <> (Nine Inch Nails, aka Trent Reznor)
      And other appearances by the nightmare that is Trent. (Generation X's Seattle leaders, leaderless)
      No information available. (The music and members of Oasis.)
      No information. ()
      "The band Offspring is basically the same punk-style as Green Day, but a
      bit more chaotic.... oh, they've sold about as many records."
      Christopher Bird <> (Little fluffy clouds...)
      "Discussion of the Orb, one of the best known ambient techno/dub groups,
      and their numerous spinoff projects (including System 7 and Fortran
      5). The group is very poorly propagated and the Cumulonimbus list
      (, I think) is a much better place for
      Gnosis <> ()
      No information available. (I'm broken)
      No information available. (Milwaukee's finest export)
      "Discussion, praise, worship and griping about Milwaukee's finest export
      (beer included). Pat plays regularly in Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison,
      Green Bay, Minneapolis, and does the occasional college tour to parts
      beyond. Four CDs out. Wacky stuff. Come find out about it."
      Colette D. Marine <> (The music of Pat Metheny and Group)
      No information available. (Discussion of Paul Simon's music)
      No information available. (The music of the alternative rock band Pearl Jam)
      "This newsgroup was formed in late 1993 for discussion of all topics
      concerning the Seattle group, Pearl Jam. Pearl Jam was formed in late
      1990 and includes band members Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard, Mike
      McCready, Jeff Ament, and Jack Irons. Topics of discussion have included
      lyrical interpretations, postings of newspaper and magazine articles,
      concert reviews, tour information, bootleg information tape trading, and
      just general information/comments about the band. In addition, the
      newsgroup also has a Pearl Jam FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions),
      Discography, Songbook, and Tourbook files that are posted regularly on
      Grace Mendoza <> (So, it's the music of Peter Gabriel, sans
      No information available. (Sold out shows everywhere)
      No information available. (Poster Children)
      "This newsgroup is for discussion between fans of the band 'Poster
      Children.' Talking about the band is definitely on topic, and so is
      anything else that's of interest to at least one PC fan -- although
      stuff that's interesting to *two* of us might lead to better
      conversation. Obviously, a high signal/noise ratio is expected, and junk
      mail, spam, and commercial posts are not welcome."
      Matthew Miller <> (Primus sucks)
      "The description line is a reference to one CD where the lead singer
      shouts 'We're Primus, we suck!' which has become an inside joke of sorts
      for Primus fans."
      Gnosis <> (also applies to that Symbol Guy)
      "Prince Rogers Nelson in both his 'Prince' and 'O(+>' incarnations does
      more to generate controversy before breakfast than most artists do all
      day. An excellent WWW resource is the New Power Network:"
      Bret Gorsline <> (Discussion about record production and A&R)
      No information available. (Progressive/Symphonic/Art Rock)
      "This newsgroup is for discussion of Progressive/Symphonic/Art rock
      groups like King Crimson, Yes, Genesis and other bands that stress
      complex/intricate music with "classical" influences. It is not for
      Alternative/Progressive band discussions nor is it for Progressive Metal
      discussions (there are other newsgroups for those topics)."
      Ken Bibb <> (Music appropriate to the psychedelic state)
      "Includes discussions of 'classic' psychedelia (early Floyd, 13th Floor
      Elevators, Velvet Underground, the Dead, etc.) as well as more modern
      music (Butthole Surfers, Legendary Pink Dots, Ozrics, etc.) Hopefully
      not too much Floyd/Dead chat as they have their own groups!"
      Tom Ritchford <> (The music of Queen and its members)
      "This group is for discussion of the band Queen and the related solo
      projects by members Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John
      Sheri <> ()
      An American punk group, founded in the 1970s, yet still active
      today. They were featured in the movie "Rock 'n' Roll High School" and
      their best known songs include "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker," "Blitzkrieg
      Bop," and "Pet Sematary." (I'm in love - what's that song?)
      "The Replacements created some of the rawest and most uncompromising
      rock music of the 1980s. The 'mats earned a reputation for being one of
      the finest and most unpredictable live acts of 1980s indie scene by
      juxtaposing cathartic, punk-influenced shows with drunken
      tomfoolery. Their ace in the hole was frontman Paul Westerberg, who
      perfectly articulated the ambivalence and alienation of growing up in
      the 1980s."
      Lynne Barkett <> ()
      No information available. (To Pink or Not to Pink)
      No information available. (For Rushheads)
      No information available. (A Touch of Solace in Ecstasy)
      Canadian singer, songwriter, and general goddess Sarah McLachlan. Does
      this include much general Nettwerk (her label) discussion? (Making and enjoying sax music.)
      No information. (Discussions & news about the British
      musician/singer/songwriter, Seal)
      Gareth Edwards <>
      Eric Heintz <> (Discussions of ska (skank) music, bands, and suchlike)
      "Ska is dance music, first and foremost. Ska was a Jamaican dance music
      that swept out of Jamaica in the early 1960s to shake the butts of
      working- and middle-class Jamaicans before going on, via the West Indian
      immigrant connection, to the UK, and then on to the world. In the UK,
      ska was also known as `blue beat' music. Rocksteady, and later, reggae
      sprang from the loins of ska in the late 1960s. Mid-1970s and
      1980s/1990s revivals of this popular dance form have kept this music
      alive and fun through the present. The ska beat on drums and bass,
      rhythm guitar, lots of horns and maybe a Hammond organ --- that's the
      ska sound."
      Tomas Willis <> (The Smashing Pumpkins)
      "A newsgroup revolving around the Smashing Pumpkins. Members are Billy
      Corgan, James Iha, D'arcy, and Jimmy Chamberlin. Overplayed radio songs
      include Today, Disarm, Bullet with Butterfly Wings, and 1979."
        * FAQ (text):
        * Links (lots of them):
      Eric Charles Agnew <> ()
      Discussion of the now-defunct British band and the solo career of its
      singer Morrissey. (Life and music of Stephen Sondheim)
      "This group is for the discussion of the life and music of Stephen
      Sondheim, called by some 'the greatest composer in musical theatre.' He
      is known for his unorthodox use of both music and lyrics, and has had a
      prolific and active career."
      Andrew Stephen Damick <> (Loud enough to make you deaf)
      No information available. (News & Discussions on Sophie B. Hawkins)
      No information available. (Soul, rhythm, and blues)
      The discussion pertains to the genre of music equivalent to rhythm and
      blues. (The rock group Soundgarden)
      No information available. (Discussion of the Brit-pop combo Squeeze)
      " is a Usenet group for the discussion of the highly
      acclaimed Brit-pop combo Squeeze. Led by singer/songwriters Chris
      Difford and Glenn Tilbrook, the band has been productive for almost 20
      years now, emerging from the same pub-rock/new wave explosion that
      produced Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe, all forerunners of today's
      'alternative sound.' This group discusses new releases, their live shows
      and delves in the ever tricky universe of song interpretation."
      Daniel Rivkin <> (The Past Is Yours But the Future's Mine)
      "This group exists for the discussion of the music of and information
      about the Stone Roses. Discussion will include people's thoughts on
      their music releases and related music (i.e. other Manchester bands) and
      general information on the band such as sightings, band shakeups,
      interviews, release dates, and tour info."
      Jeannie Fromer <> (The group Stone Temple Pilots)
      No information available. (ABBA and beyond)
      No information available. (David Sylvian and other former Japan members)
      "Newsgroup for discussions etc about Japan, Rain Tree Crow, David
      Sylvian, Steve Jansen, Richard Barbieri and Mick Karn."
      Simon Rowe <> (Depeche Mode, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, and much more!)
      No information available. (Casette tape-oriented independent music scene)
      "There is a large following for the underground D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself)
      tape scene and this newsgroup is here to discuss the music, artists and
      tape labels of that scene."
      Allyson Goble <> (Bring on the bass!)
      No information available. (Discussion of music from Texas)
      "This group basically is for discussing the music and artists from
      Texas. Although any form of music is welcome, the group will mainly
      focus on the rock scene. This includes Tripping Daisy, The Toadies, MC
      900 ft. Jesus, Pantera, and anybody else from the area."
      Bill Baumbach <> (The music and fans of The Band)
      " is a newsgroup for discussion of the classic-rock
      group, 'The Band'. Members of the Band first gained notoriety backing
      Bob Dylan as he went electric. The group released critically acclaimed
      roots-rock albums in the late 1960s and 1970s, influencing some of the
      top musicians of the era, including Eric Clapton, who says The Band
      'changed [his] life.' The Band broke up in the late 1970s, but have
      re-formed and enjoyed renewed success with the release of a new boxed
      set. Charter members include Robbie Robertson (guitar), Levon Helm
      (drums, vocals), the late Richard Manuel (piano, vocals), Rick Danko
      (bass, vocals), and Garth Hudson (organ)."
      Scott Tribble <> (Rock group The Doors and its members)
      "This group was created in early 1994 to provide a forum for the
      discussion and exchange of questions, ideas, views and information about
      anything to do with The Doors. Most threads are about the lead singer,
      Jim Morrison, but discussion of all members of the band are
      encouraged. The group was comprised of Jim Morrison (vocals), Ray
      Manzarek (keyboards), Robby Krieger (guitar) and John Densmore
      (drums). Traffic is steady but of low-volume. Most postings seem to be
      from a small but dedicated group of Doors fans."
      Dave Thompson <> (They Might Be Giants, but then again...)
      "This group is for the discussion of the music and recordings of They
      Might Be Giants. They Might Be Giants defy the standard genre
      pigeonholing, combining diverse influences including TV theme shows, The
      Jackson 5, The Edgar Winter Group, XTC, and many others into a cohesive,
      surreal, funny, and often insightful vision. John Flansburgh's Hello
      Recording Club and other side projects of the band have also been
      discussed. Expect non-sequiturs."
      John Relph <> (Todd Rundgren music fandom)
      No information available. (The rock group The Tragically Hip)
      Another Canadian band. (The rock group U2)
      No information available. (Utah Saints discussion)
      "Created in October 1995, this group is a collection of news, reviews
      and discussion related to the work of Jez Willis and DJ Tim
      Garbutt. Utah Saints are an indescribable mix of dance, synthpop and
      techno. They have appeared live with the likes of U2, The Shamen, and DJ
      Paul Oakenfold and have done remix work for a broad range of artists
      including Annie Lennox, The Human League and Blondie."
      Allan Langfield <> (For discussion of topics related to Van Halen)
      No information available. ()
      No information available. (Discussion of the 'Eclectic' group, Ween)
      "This group is for discussion of the New Hope, PA band Ween. The
      four-piece Ween is Gene and Dean Ween, bassist/producer Andrew Weiss,
      and drummer Claude Coleman. Discussion on the Ween Album Experience and
      very different Ween Concert Experience."
      Captain Sarcastic <> (The parodist Weird Al Yankovic)
      "Discussion about the comedy musician "Weird Al" Yankovic. Posted
      monthly is the Weird Al FAQ and the "27-List," bi-monthly the Dementia
      FAQ is posted. Bermuda Schwartz, Al's drummer, contributes to the group
      regularly, and several close friends of Al do also. URLs of Al's pages
      are exchanged, as well as questions, answers, concert reviews, etc."
      Lex Friedman <> (Rock group The Who and its members)
      No information available. (Folk/traditional music from around the world)
      "This group is for discussion of music not from the US and not
      pop/rock. We do not welcome discussion about rock music in this
      newsgroup and we discourage cross-posting from rock-related groups into"
      Mike Cohen <> (The progressive band Yes)
      No information available. (Talk about Yngwie J. Malmsteen)
      No information available.

		How To Create a Newsgroup For a Musical Artist

The purpose of this mini-faq is to help people who want to create newsgroups
for their favourite artists/bands avoid the flamefest of alt.config, and the
poor propagation of Taking this route will require an investment of
three months to a year before you have a newsgroup, but if the fandom really
exists, then it will be worth it.
     1. Create a mailing list. For a list of mailing list providers, see
     2. Advertise it every few weeks in the appropriate related and groups, and in An informative and well
        written advert of a paragraph or two (with clear subscription
        instructions) will be more likely to attract positive attention than a
        "Hey, join my k00l list" type posting.
     3. While it is growing, familiarize yourself with the Big-8 newsgroup
        creation guidelines, found in news.announce.newgroups. Reading
        news.groups for a month or two will also be helpful. Make sure that
        you stay active on the mailing list to maintain a steady traffic and
        keep people interested -- interesting lists grow fast.
     4. Wait until your mailing list has a few hundred members. I would
        suggest 200 as a minimum, and 500 being almost a sure thing.
     5. If the list never gets this many readers, then there probably aren't
        as many fans on the net as you thought. At this point, you can go
        propose an group, or (more sensibly, I think) stick with the
        mailing list.
     6. Submit an RFD for the group under[.artists]. Come up with a
        good name, and make sure the RFD/CFV are posted to your mailing list,
        and encourage members to vote. If you can get a few hundred yes votes
        from the list, then you're almost guaranteed to get a group with
        worldwide propagation.
     7. Suggestion: arranging to turn the mailing list into a gateway for
        newsgroup once created will help in avoiding negative votes from
        members of the list who cannot receive news directly.

If you're new to finding/creating musical resources on the net, check out the
following FAQ:
    o send email to with the following line
      in the body of the message: get faq musical-info.txt

			  How To Create an Alt Group

For complete information on creating alt groups, please refer to the alt group
creation guidelines, which are posted regularly to alt.config, and are also
available on the web at:

		       How To Find Music Mailing Lists

If you would like a copy of the latest version of Myra Wong's List of Music
Mailing Lists, send email to <> with the line
"get faq lomml.txt" in the body of the message. It is also available from:
    o finger

Thanks to Scott Southwick <> for pointing out that
Indiana University also maintains a searchable archive of over 9000 mailing
lists. It is accessible on the web at:

The Group List
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