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FAQ Multicians O-Z

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647 names in O-Z

$ O'Connell, Jamie =did Consistent System (MIT): Janus, MJDT; Systems Programmer: Renaissance Computing, Inc.
$ O'Connor, David J. =did System.
$ O'Connor, Patrick M. =did User (Oakland): System Programmer; User (GM): App programmer (MRDS, PL/I)
$ Oda, Kazuhiro =did Student (MIT): Visited MAC spring 1973, studied with Saltzer.
$ O'Dell, Jim =did Student (MIT): MACSYMA.
$ Ohayon, Solomon =did System (MIT): Commands.
$ Ohlin, James R. =did Engineering (GE/HIS); System (HIS): SysTest.
$ Ohlin, Thomas R. =did Engineering (HIS): Gateway, SCU & Clock Hardware Design.
$ Okamoto, Makoto =did System (PMDC).
$ Oke, Tom =did System (UC, Bull, ACTC): disk DIM, PL/I, FORTRAN, C, Manager of Multics Software Maintenance.
$ Oliver, G. A. =did Engineering (GE): segmentation design.
$ Olmsted, Coert D. =did System (MIT): IOCT.
$ Olsson, Magnus =did started alt.os.multics.
$ O'Neil, J. =did System (HIS): COBOL.
$ O'Neill, Mary =did System (HIS): Documentation.
$ O'Neill, W. =did System (HIS): COBOL.
$ Oppert, Donald E. =did System (MIT).
$ Orcel, Pierre =did Operations (Systeme X): Bull Multics support team.
$ O'Reilly, Michele =did Support (CISL): human resources.
$ Orenstein, R. =did System (MIT): CTSS.
$ Organick, Elliott I. =did System (MIT): Documentation, wrote {@flass-organick.html The Multics System, an Examination of Its Structure@}.
$ Orgill, Dawn E. =did Support (HIS).
$ Orre, Roland =did Enthusiastic User at ASEA, Sweden
$ Osborn, Dale =did User(BCO): NPL sw factory ("HRS") development
$ Ossanna, Joseph F. =did Designer (BTL): I/O.
$ Ottavj, =did User (CERAM)
$ Otto, D. C. =did User (Ford).
$ Owen, E. W. =did Marketing (HIS): branch, mgr, sold DCC.
$ Owen, Robert =did Marketing (HIS): SCSI acct, branch mgr for USL.
$ Oyagi, Randy =did SysAdmin (Bell-T): You know, general SysAdmin-just-about-everything
$ Pacelli, Mauro =did Administration (HIS): mgr PMDC.
$ Padlipsky, Michael A. =did System (MIT): Documentation, {@mx-net.html ARPANet@}, Graphics.
$ Paillous, Francois =did User (CICRP): SysAdmin.
$ Pajunen, Jyki =did User (Bell Canada).
$ Palinkas, Les =did User (NWGS): CSC, SDF Delran, NJ
$ Palter, Gary M. =did System (MIT IPC, CISL): mail, comm, HASP, IMFT, B2, tasking, metering, subsystem utils.
$ Pandolfo, Michael A. =did Marketing Ed (HIS); Site Analyst (STC): MultiCalc, xforum; System (CISL): data mgt, hardcore, file system extension.
$ Pank, Raghbir =did User (Brunel).
$ Pape, William H. =did User (SJU): Mgr of Comp Ops, Administrative Duties
$ Papi, Tiziana =did User (Bell Canada).
$ Paradis, Amy =did User (Bell-M)
$ Paradise, A. James =did System (CISL): TP.
$ Paradiso, Joe =did User (SJU): SysAdmin (Dockmaster): Supported Dockmaster site and implementation of security devices in conjunction with Multics
$ Parfenuk,  Walter =did SysAdmin (Bull): System administration & communications
$ Paris, Jean-Pierre =did User (Renault)
$ Parisek, Doug =did System (PMDC): AZM, commands, active functions
$ Park, Alex =did User (STC): CFO, bought system.
$ Park, Lee S. =did User (MIT); MIT SIPB; Architecture Machine Group Magic6 OS; Amber team member
$ Parquier, Pierre =did User (Rennes, Sys-M, BCO): PhD on Natural Language Processing
$ Parsons, Roger =did User (Bell Canada): initial negotiations.
$ Parsons, Tom =did User (Bell Canada).
$ Pasquale, Serge =did Management of Support Group at CiiHB (Louveciennes).
$ Passage, Lillian =did Support (HIS): PMDC.
$ Pathak, =did Site Analyst.
$ Patterson, Dave =did Site Analyst (SCSI).
$ Patterson, Gregory J =did Marketing (Bull): Technical Sales Support, Benchmarks (CMU, Westinghouse)
$ Patterson, Timothy =did Operations (SJU): General Operations.
$ Pattin, Jay =did User (MIT): MIT SIPB; Amber team member; System (MIT): forum, extended objects, RDMS, olc.
$ Pease, Clem F. =did System (BTL): TMG.
$ Peck, Wayne =did Field Engineering (GE/HIS): RADC.
$ Pense, Joachim =did User (Mainz): CERNlib Implementation, Musical Score Analysis.
$ Pepin, Randy =did Site Analyst (Bell-T, Bell-M).
$ Perez, Manuela =did System (PMDC): System Integration.
$ Perks, Dave =did User (Bell Canada): Bell-M.
$ Perna, Don =did Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (RADC).
$ Perrin, L. S. =did Student (MIT).
$ Perrine, Tom =did AEP (HIS).
$ Perrot, J.-F. =did Author: wrote usage guide in French.
$ Perry, Dale =did User (Bell Canada): Bell-T operations.
$ Perry, Ed =did AEP (HIS).
$ Peskin, Gary L. =did Student (MIT): Student access.
$ Pestel, =did Site Analyst.
$ Peters, A. John =did Support (other): WELLMADE, engineering support, for Honeywell Corporate computer Science Center
$ Peticolas, Penny J. =did System (BTL): supervisor.
$ Petrowski, Bob =did AEP (Calgary): Sales, Compilers, Mathpac
$ Petts, James =did User (Avon): General usage, and system hacking.
$ Pfenning, Dwight =did System (BTL): {@pl1.html EPL I/O@}.
$ Phillipps, Janice O'Connor =did System (MIT IPC): Dartmouth, ANSI tapes, User control.
$ Phillips, Dick =did Marketing (HIS): Southern Region Marketing Support Director.
$ Phillips, Jorge V. =did Student (MIT): MAC CSG
$ Piacentini, Paul E. =did User (BCO): System Admin.
$ Pickett, Dave =did Field Engineering (HIS): NWGS, Moorestown, NJ
$ Pickett, Mark =did User (Bell-T): SysAdmin.
$ Pickus, Michael A. =did Marketing (FSO): YARDS (Yet Another Relational Database System); Site Analyst (Grenoble, NSA).
$ Picone, John =did System (HIS): GCOS (co-op).
$ Pierce, Tom =did Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (VPI).
$ Pierret, Matthew Clement =did System (CISL): Data Management
$ Pietras, Lori =did User (Bell Canada).
$ Pillard, Bruno =did SysAdmin (INRIA): System Software maintenance and user support.
$ Pillsbury, George J. =did Documentation (CISL).
$ Pineda, J.A. =did Student (MIT).
$ Pinson, Elliott N. =did System (BTL): Scheduler.
$ Piper, Derrell D. =did User (Dockmaster): NCSC TCSEC evaluation for VMS (C2/B1)
$ Pitcher, Terry =did Field Engineering (GE/HIS): RADC.
$ Pitman, K. M. =did User (MIT): MACLISP manual
$ Pitts, Nancy =did Library (MIT IPC).
$ Pizzarello, Antonio =did User (System M): WELLMADE
$ Planalp, Roy P. =did System (HIS): GTSS; SiteSA: Attended Multics Metering & Tuning Seminar, June 78; benchmarks.
$ Planes, Martine =did User (INRIA)
$ Platon, Dominique =did Site Analyst (CICT, Elf).
$ Ployette, Florimond =did User (INRIA): Enchere
$ Plum, Jerry =did Operations (GM): operations mgr.
$ Poage, James F. =did System (BTL).
$ Podlaska-Lando, S. =did User (USGS).
$ Poduska, J. William =did System (MIT): EPLBSA.
$ Pogran, Kenneth T. =did System (MIT): Graphics, {@mx-net.html ARPANet@}, ARPANet email
$ Pollock, Phillip A. =did User (HIS): Inter-networking GRTS/NPS GCOS (HIS/ISOS)
$ Polonsky, Ivan P. =did System (BTL): SNOBOL.
$ Ponville, Paul R. =did System (HIS): COBOL.
$ Poole, Andy =did Marketing (HIS): branch mgr for STC
$ Pope, Ken =did User (USGS): SysMaint, Menlo Park.
$ Popek, Gerald J. =did USAF: Project ZARF; {@palyn-report.html Palyn Report@}.
$ Porter, William L =did Cambridge Project (MIT): PI, Overlap Project; Discourse.
$ Potts, John =did Field Engineering (HIS): Bell-T, 1979-82; Administration (Wang): DND-H support.
$ Pouzin, Louis =did System (MIT): CTSS; User (CNET).
$ Powell, Kit =did User (Avon): Bath; selection committee.
$ Powroz, Norman E. =did User (Canada DND): SysAdmin and site manager for DDDS (DND Ottawa); HLSUA Multics Technical Task Force; wrote Multics Agenda (personal calendar management system); planned and specified DNDH system (initially as GCOS [WWMCCS], then Multics) up until 1981; various other bits and pieces.
$ Pozzo, Maria =did System (CISL): hardcore, RCP, security, configuration management.
$ Prange, Pat =did System (HIS): LALR.
$ Prentice, F. A. =did System.
$ Presser, Marshall =did System (CISL): Fortran compiler, {@pl1.html PL/I@} macro processor
$ Price, Philip =did Student (VPI).
$ Price, W. R. =did Guardian: MITRE security study.
$ Prigent, =did Site Analyst.
$ Prior, John =did Field Engineering (GE/HIS).
$ Proctor, =did Site Analyst.
$ Pryor, Andy =did User (Avon): SWURCC Algol.
$ Pugh (Topham), Linda =did System (HIS): Customer Support. Multics TAC.
$ Puma, Carmen =did Marketing (HIS): SJU.
$ Putt, Stewart =did Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (Bell Canada).
$ Quackenboss, Harry V. =did Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (GM); Marketing (PMDC).
$ Quebbeman, Douglas =did website contributor
$ Quick, Don =did Marketing (HIS): sold IN.
$ Quinlan, Cian =did User (HIS): used System M for doc processing.
$ Quinones, E. Ricardo =did Cambridge Project (MIT): Utilities
$ Qureshi, Bilal =did User (Bell Canada).
$ Rabilloud, Guy =did Site Analyst (CiiHB)
$ Raffray-Favrot, Gerard =did Marketing (HIS): CERT, CNET, INRA, INRIA, ONERA; Site Analyst (INRIA).
$ Rairigh, Will =did System (PMDC).
$ Rakip, Ronald B. =did Library (MIT).
$ Ramirez, Carol Pam =did Marketing (HIS/FSO): Site Analyst (AFDSC).
$ Ramirez, Willard A. =did Marketing (HIS/FSO): AFDSC setup.
$ Rammi, P. J. =did System.
$ Rampy, Bob =did FSD (HIS): Honeywell Benchmarks and FSD guy...enjoyed those HLSUA Multics Happy Hours...
$ Randal, Ron =did User (NWGS): CSC, Delran, NJ; Moorestown, NJ
$ Randle, John =did User (AFDSC): System Operations Management Level 68 Pentagon 1987
$ Ranzan, Patti =did User (Bell Canada): Bell-T customer service.
$ Ranzenbach, Edward A. =did Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (RADC, NWGS, ABB); System (CISL): System Console Interface, B2 Testing.
$ Rapacchi, Bernard =did User (CICG): EDA.
$ Rappaport, Robert L. =did System (MIT): Scheduler.
$ Ratazzi, Paul =did User (RADC): Circuit Simulations & Data Analysis (PL/1, SPICE)
$ Ratcliff, L. Braxton =did System (BTL): BSA, 6.36, Commands.
$ Rathbun, Robert K. =did System (BTL): Drum DIM.
$ Ratliff, Tommy J. =did AEP (HIS): MDBM.
$ Raunikar, F. =did MDN.
$ Rauschelbach, Paul =did System (HIS): Hardcore, bug fixes, resource tools
$ Rawson, Mark L. =did Support (SCSI): Nuclear Records Management
$ Reardon, Edward T. =did Operations (MIT).
$ Reed, David P. =did Student, Research Staff (MIT): MACLISP, Macsyma, security hole analysis, threads package
$ Reed, Harry =did User (SDC): 1985-87
$ Rees, Jeff =did System (Avon): Algol 68.
$ Reeves, =did MDN.
$ Reeves, Ray =did System (HIS): SysMaint: snobblocks.
$ Regan, Bob =did User (SJU): PL/I systems programming.
$ Reimer, Ernie =did Field Engineering (HISCAN): Bell Canada.
$ Reinis, George =did User (NWGS): CSC, SDF Delran, NJ
$ Renier, Jim =did Administration (HIS): VP HIS; Administration (Honeywell): CEO.
$ Reynolds, G. E. =did User (Mitre): Guardian security evaluation.
$ Rhoads, Kevin G. =did Student (MIT): Framework of IBM 360 simulator in PL/I.
$ Rhodes, John K. =did System (HIS): online T&D.
$ Rice, Edward Hart =did Marketing (HIS/FSO): Site Analyst (AFDSC); USGS Benchmark and Proposal Coord., FSO MPO.
$ Rice, T. =did System (HIS): COBOL.
$ Richards, Martin =did Visiting professor (MIT): BCPL.
$ Richardson, Jim =did User (CNO).
$ Richardson, Robert R. =did User (GM): IRIS (Industrial Relations Interactive System), ERIS (Employment Relations Interactive System)
$ Richmond, Golden =did Marketing (HIS)
$ Ricks, Jeffrey, Lt. USAF =did User (AFDSC): PDS Software.
$ Ridgeway, John A. =did System.
$ Ridgeway, William C., III =did System.
$ Riedesel, Ronald R. =did Marketing (HIS): Multics Flying Squad.
$ Riesenberg, D. J. =did System (GE): FL assembler.
$ Riley, Rick =did AEP (HIS): TR.
$ Ring, Jack =did other (HIS): Planning (HIS): Multics Product Director.
$ Rios, Efrain =did Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (PRHA).
$ Rioux, =did Site Analyst.
$ Ritchie, Dennis M. =did System (BTL): BCPL.
$ Ritzert, Beate =did User (Mainz): F77 numerical modelling and data visualisation
$ Roach, Roger A. =did Administration (MIT IPC): IPC.
$ Robb, Howard =did User (Bell Canada).
$ Robert, Lane A. =did User (USL).
$ Roberts, Dick =did Marketing (PMDC): marketing support.
$ Robertson, Dave =did User (NWGS): CSC maybe at Delran, certainly at Moorestown SDF
$ Robertson, J. =did Engineering (GE).
$ Robinson, Doug =did System (ACTC): C Compiler.
$ Robinson, Jim =did User (Avon): selection committee.
$ Rochlis, Jon =did System (HIS): Video System.
$ Rodriguez, H., Jr. =did Student (MIT): measurement.
$ Roe, Cameron =did System (ACTC): PC Support.
$ Roeber, Frederick G. M. =did User.
$ Rogers, Mike =did User (Avon): University of Bristol, selection committee.
$ Rogers, Paul L. =did Student (USL): runoff enhancements, Pascal-S maintenance
$ Rohmer, Jean =did Applications (Bull): manager of CEDIAG, Bull AI tools group.
$ Rohs, Charles =did System (ACTC): MOWSE.
$ Rolla, Bob =did User (MIT): SIPB subsystem.
$ Rollow, David =did Documentation (CISL): Commands, Subroutines, Fortan UG/TR, MulticsMan T-shirts
$ Ronayne, Michael =did Administration (HLR): Applications
$ Rose, Ed =did User (NWGS): CSC took over from George Reinis
$ Rosenbaum, Susan L. =did System (MIT): SMM; Marketing (HIS): NCB.
$ Rosenberg, David M. =did Advocate (HIS): Billerica.
$ Rosin, Ward =did User (UC, ACTC): operations, SysAdmin.
$ Rossman, George =did {@palyn-report.html Palyn Report@}.
$ Rotenberg, Leo J. =did Student (MIT): MAC-TR-123.
$ Rothel, Richard =did User (SJU).
$ Roulin, Annick =did Marketing (CiiHB): System, Office Automation, PR.
$ Roulin, Noel =did User (USGS).
$ Rouse, Paul =did System (Avon): Algol 68.
$ Rousseau, Real =did User (Bell-M): SysAdmin.
$ Rubin, Don =did Cambridge Project (Harvard): statistics.
$ Rubin, Paul =did User (NWGS): CSC, Delran, NJ
$ Ruiz, Abelardo "Pin Pin" =did Marketing (HIS): sold PRHA system.
$ Russ, Doris =did Support (PMDC).
$ Russell, Les =did User (STC).
$ Rustum, Ed =did Marketing (HIS): HLR acct.
$ Rutemiller, John O. =did Site Analyst (Dockmaster).
$ Ruth, Richard =did Engineering (GE): 6180 IOM design.
$ Rutkin, =did Documentation.
$ Ryan, Leo J. =did Operations (MIT).
$ Rybicki, Frank =did User (NWGS): CSC, Delran, NJ; Moorestown, NJ
$ Rykken, Thomas R. =did Administration (HIS): Technical project manager, Flower
$ Rzepka, Bill =did User (RADC): RADC/Multics evaluation (1971).
$ Sabonnadiere, J. =did User (Grenoble).
$ Sacco, Tony =did User (NWGS): CSC, SDF Delran, NJ; SDF Moorestown, NJ
$ Sadowski, Ken =did Operations (AFDSC): Multics system operations
$ Saidzadeh, Iraj =did User (Brunel).
$ Saltzer, Jerome H. =did Designer (MIT): CTSS, RUNOFF, {@mult-sched.html Scheduler@}, security, {@jhs-clock.html clock@}.
$ Salzedo, =did User (CIRCE)
$ Sanders, Rex =did User (USGS): USGS-Menlo Park, PL/1 and FORTRAN programmer, computer mapping (pre-GIS)
$ Sanderson, Bruce =did User (Ford): Systems Support.
$ Sanderson, Ed =did Marketing (HIS): GM
$ Santiago-Chinea, Hector =did User (PRHA)
$ Sarokin, Jerry =did Marketing (HIS): OU acct.
$ Sasaki, Akio =did Visiting Scientist (MIT).
$ Sassenfeld, Helmut M. =did Administration (GE).
$ Saunders, Randy =did User (CNO): Software CM in Ring-5
$ Sauvagnat, Gilles =did Support (CiiHB): Site Analyst (Systeme X): Bull Multics support team.
$ Sauvanet, =did System (HIS).
$ Sawada, Jim =did User (Bell Canada).
$ Sawatzky, Don L. =did User (USGS).
$ Sawyer, Alan B. =did User (Bell-T): SOFA II development.
$ Scarafino, Vince =did User (Ford): HLSUA Multics Task Force, systems analyst, application development.
$ Schabacker, Kathy =did User (USGS): SysMaint, Reston.
$ Schafer, Dave =did User (AFDSC): AFDSC setup.
$ Schauble, Paul L. =did System (HIS): Emacs Fortran mode.
$ Schecter, Joel =did Engineering (GE).
$ Scheffler, Lee J. =did System (MIT, CISL): disk and drum performance optimization, security auditing
$ Schelin, Don =did Marketing Ed (FSO).
$ Schell, Roger R. =did Student (MIT): Dynamic reconfiguration; USAF: Project ZARF.
$ Scherer, Arlene =did Library (MIT IPC).
$ Scheske, Vern =did Field Engineering (HIS): original GM installation.
$ Schiavon, Steve =did Marketing (HIS): HLR acct.
$ Schiber, Larry R. =did Benchmark Services (HIS) K82.
$ Schicker, Peter =did System (MIT): Scheduler, FIM.
$ Schiller, Jeff =did System (MIT): forum.
$ Schiller, W. Lee =did Guardian: MITRE security study.
$ Schimke, David J. =did System (PMDC): end user services, executive mail.
$ Schindler, Robert J. =did Operations (SJU):  
$ Schnakenberg, Richard L. =did Marketing (HIS): Trying to convince Marketing Management it would never work
$ Schneider, David =did User (MIT): metallurgy, TICS subsystem
$ Schoeman, Roy =did System (CISL): {@pl1.html PL/I I/O@}.
$ Scholtz, Jean =did System (BTL): {@pl1.html EPL runtime@}.
$ Schomburg, Wayne =did User (USGS): SysMaint, Denver.
$ Schopf, Rainer =did User (Mainz): REDUCE
$ Schramm, Paul L. =did Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (IN); Program Office; Site Analyst (Systeme X); Support (Bull): Multics Support Europe, closed door and shut out lights for last time in 1992
$ Schroeder, Michael D. =did Student (MIT): Designed processor ring protection hardware
$ Schroth, Dave =did User (UC); Site Analyst (HISCAN): MCHQ; System (ACTC): hardcore, emacs 8bit charset, site support, MOWSE.
$ Schuller, =did Site Analyst.
$ Schulz, Bill =did Marketing (HIS): BCA Benchmark, Multics Sales campaigns
$ Schulz, Russell =did User (UC)
$ Schupp, Roderich =did Student (Mainz): Emacs, Pascal compiler, TeX
$ Schwartz, Ron =did Marketing (HIS): branch mgr for AccuRay
$ Schwenk, H =did Engineering (HIS).
$ Scott, G. =did -
$ Scott, Joan Archer =did Support (CISL).
$ Scott, John =did Marketing (HIS): branch mgr for LUT, UBCC
$ Scott, Richard K. =did Cambridge Project (MIT): utilities, LP, Janus; System (MIT): documentation.
$ Scott, Robert H. =did Administration (MIT IPC): Director, IPS.
$ Scriver, Bob =did Engineering (HIS).
$ Seaman, Janice P. =did Documentation (CISL).
$ Sebring, Michael M. =did User (AFDSC): MIDAS
$ Segar, Cliff =did Field Engineering (HIS): ASU.
$ Seidler, Monty =did User (AFDSC)
$ Seigneur, W. Fred =did User (RADC): Telecommunications Engineering
$ Seim, Emerson =did System.
$ Sekino, Akira =did Student (MIT).
$ Selfridge, Oliver =did Cambridge Project (MIT): Consistent System design, mgt.
$ Selwyn, Lee L. =did System (MIT): CTSS resource admin; Flexowriter procedures.
$ Sendelbach, Richard F. =did Site Analyst (SCSI).
$ Senelart, Michel =did Marketing (CiiHB): CCVR Multics Cray Station.
$ Senft, Craig  =did Engineering (PMDC): Benchmark manager, Manger End-User products, Emacs Device Drivers
$ Serafin, Delores =did Documentation (CISL).
$ Serido, Judy =did Documentation (BTL).
$ Sestak, R. J. =did Marketing (HIS/FSO): Security kernel report.
$ Seymour, Terone =did Support (MIT).
$ Shaffer, Jim =did Site Analyst (GM, AccuRay).
$ Shank, M. Paul =did User (Ford): Project returning Multics to Ford in 1978.
$ Shannon, Larry L. =did AEP (HIS): VMM.
$ Shao, T. S. =did System: Numerical analysis.
$ Sharp, David =did Field Engiineering (HIS): RADC.
$ Sharpe, Ed =did Site Analyst (CNO); System (CISL): hardcore, volume management, B2, Opus.
$ Sharpe, Maggie =did System (CISL): data management, message coordinator.
$ Shavatt, Art =did User (AFDSC)
$ Sheehan, Lee E. =did Administration (HIS).
$ Sheffield, Robert =did Marketing (HIS): AFDSC technical contact.
$ Shellhouse, Eric W. =did User (AFDSC): MIDAS
$ Shepherd, Richard =did Marketing (HIS): STC
$ Shepp, C. Andrew =did User (USGS): Contractor, USGS-D, Potomac Research, PL/I and APL, rock sample analysis.
$ Sheppard, Myra =did Support (GE).
$ Sheppard, Scott =did Student (USL): I was a student who wrote various pl1 programs for classes.
$ Shetron, Richard =did Site Analyst (RADC): National Software Works
$ Shields, Joan =did User (AFDSC): Head of System Support.
$ Shih, Ke =did System (GE): FORTRAN.
$ Shingles (Crotty), Carol =did Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (GM).
$ Shipley, Dale =did GCOS-4 developer. {@palyn-report.html Palyn committee@}.
$ Shirley, W. =did MDN.
$ Shoemaker, Bob =did Marketing (HIS): AFDSC sale.
$ Shoesmith, Nefeli =did Marketing (HIS): NWGS.
$ Shpiz, Leo =did System (GE).
$ Shriver, A. Richard =did GE
$ Shy, Izhar =did Administration (GE).
$ Sibert, W. Olin =did System (MIT IPC): SNOBOL; System (CISL): security, HASP, subsystem utils, DND DAT tape.
$ Sibson, Robin =did User (Avon): University of Bath.
$ Silver, Bill =did System (CISL): CPU Tests, BOSS, Operator Console, Tape Drivers, RCP, WORDPRO.
$ Silverman, Jim =did User (Ford): CTS; President, Inner Ring Software.
$ Simmons, L V =did Site Analyst.
$ Simpson, Iain =did Site Analyst (STC, Birmingham); Multics Algol 68.
$ Sinz, Patrick =did User(INRIA): Project SOL (Unix Clone in (Eeark :( ) Pascal.
$ Siret, Yves =did User (CICG)
$ Sitko, Christine =did User (GM): HLSUA Languages committee.
$ Siwila, James E. =did Documentation (CISL): online documentation.
$ Skinner, Thomas P. =did System (MIT): 6.36, Tapes, Initialization.
$ Slatin, Paul W. =did User (Ford): Engineering Applications; HLSUA Multics Group Manager
$ Slosberg, David H. =did System (GE): 6.36.
$ Smee, Paul E. =did System (CISL): search, FORTRAN; Support (HISLTD): UK file transfer and RJE.
$ Smeeman, Bert =did Site Analyst (SOZAWE): System administrator
$ Smith, Arthur A. =did Student (MIT): I/O design.
$ Smith, Don =did Field Engineering (GE): GE 645 lead hardware engineer RADC, 1969-1974.
$ Smith, Frank C. =did System (MIT IPC): Accounting, network mail.
$ Smith, Kevin =did Site Analyst (RADC).
$ Smith, Maxim G. =did System (GE/CISL): APL
$ Smith, Patricia E. =did System (MIT): Commands.
$ Smith, Rick =did User (CNO): Corporate Computer Science Center.
$ Smith, Robert (Bob) =did Site Analyst (RAE): Cray Station
$ Smith, William =did Documentation (CISL).
$ Smitley, Bob =did Operations (AFDSC) 18-85; User (GM) 85-87: MRDS applications; SysMaint (GM) 87-90: system migration, Bisync 3270.
$ Snyder, Richard B. =did System (CISL): TTY DIM, Bulk Store DIM, GCOS.
$ Sobeck, Lenora =did Field Engineering (HIS): Ford.
$ Sobecki, Robert J. =did System (BTL): Command language, IOS.
$ Soley, Richard =did System (MIT, CISL): Emacs.
$ Solomita, Michael V. =did Operations (MIT).
$ Somani, Sultan =did User (Bell Canada): ZBSA
$ Somyak, Michael A. =did Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (OU).
$ Sonnier, Robert J. =did Support (USL): Graphics, Data Base, Backup software, etc.
$ Sorel, Toni =did Marketing (PMDC): marketing support.
$ Sorensen, Lars G. =did Administration (SJU): Sys op from 87 to 90. Don't forget the ESD and so forth...
$ Sorenson, Gene =did Documentation (HIS): WORDPRO User Guide.
$ Sorrell, Debbie =did Marketing (HIS): SCSI acct.
$ Sorrentino, Robert =did Cambridge Project (MIT): utilities, commands.
$ Southworth, William H. =did System (MIT): backup, initialization, command language.
$ Sowers, Joe =did User (NWGS): CSC applications developer.
$ Spacholtz, Dick =did Marketing (HIS): USGS acct.
$ Spall, Judith W. =did Library (MIT IPC).
$ Spangle, Clarence W. "Clancy" =did Administration (GE, HIS): head of GE Computer Division.
$ Specht, Yves =did User (INSEE): System Programmer and Fanatic User
$ Speck, Deborah C. =did Marketing (HIS): Detroit.
$ Spector, David =did System (CISL): Commands, {@pl1.html PL/I@}.
$ Spencer, David =did User support (Cardiff): languages, graphics
$ Spencer, Doug =did User (Bell Canada).
$ Spencer, Edson =did Administration (Honeywell): CEO.
$ Spencer, Joel R =did User (Bull): used Multics "forum" to coordinate the Telecom EFTPOS project in 1985-1991.  It also provided us with email and consistent comms between Melbourne, Sydney, Phoenix, Toronto and Boston.
$ Spicer, Robert A. =did User (USGS).
$ Spier, Michael J. =did System (MIT): Scheduler, binder, User control.
$ Spitzer, Charles M. =did Marketing (HIS): EOP benchmark; System (PMDC): commands, MRDS model manager.
$ Spitzer, Randolph =did Marketing (HIS): AFDSC sale.
$ Sprague, Sherman D. =did Field Engineering (HIS): operator console support.
$ Spratt, Lindsey Leroy =did System (CISL): Data Management, Commands.
$ Spulick, Ron =did SysAdmin (AFDSC): Operations and SysMaint
$ Srodawa, Ronald J. =did User (Oakland): Taught courses to students who used Multics for their problem assignments. I used Multics personally for all my writings and research.
$ Stachour, Paul =did User.
$ Stackhouse, Roger =did Field Engineering (HIS): GM.
$ Stafford, Johnie =did User (USL).
$ Staggs, James O. =did System (HIS): EP414 Documentation; Data Base; User
$ Stallings, M. A. =did Student (MIT).
$ Stambler, Henry =did System (MIT): I/O, on loan from US Weather Bureau.
$ Stamen, Jeff =did Cambridge Project (MIT): Janus designer.
$ Stanek, Carl =did Marketing (HIS): USGS Benchmark.
$ Stanke, Edward C., II =did User (RADC): Staran.
$ Stansbury, Joseph M. =did System Admin: Sys-M; System (PMDC): software program mgr, MOWSE.
$ Steckler, Darrell L. =did SysAdmin (AFDSC): Worked at Honeywell Federal Systems, Inc, HFSI, supporting Pentagon
$ Stein, Howard =did User (SJU): SysOps.
$ Steinberg, Joseph R. =did Administration (MIT IPC).
$ Steiner, William L. =did System (GE): BSA.
$ Stensrud, William R. =did User (MIT): metallurgy, TICS subsystem
$ Stephens, Jim =did User (USL): Support of site as University Employee, wrote early Star Trek
$ Stephenson, Dave =did User (NWGS): CSC from Day 1 but office always in Moorestown
$ Stern, Jerry A. =did System (CISL): AIM, I/O Daemon.
$ Stevens, =did Engineering (HIS).
$ Stibbards, James W. =did Site Analyst (HIS): Virginia Tech, Naval War Gaming System, USGS.
$ StJohns, Michael C. =did System (AFDSC): Multi-level Security
$ Stokes, Carl =did User (NWGS): contractor TTGP
$ Stoller, Gerald S. =did System (GE): 6.36.
$ Stone, Dave (or David) =did Site Analyst (MCHQ): Supporting the MCOIN system in Halifax, Nova Scotia on behalf of HISCAN; Support (HISUK).
$ Stone, David L. =did System (BTL, GE): 6.36, GIM, {@printer.html printer@} DIM.
$ Stone, Rick =did Marketing (HIS): CNO acct.
$ Stonebraker, Mike =did {@palyn-report.html Palyn Report@}.
$ Stotz, Robert H. =did ESL (MIT): graphics.
$ Strachey, Christopher =did System (MIT): CTSS GPM; Canonical form.
$ Strayhorn, John M. =did Student (MIT): copy, BASIC, GCOS; System (HIS): PRHA; Cambridge Project (MIT): utilities, commands, graphics, Janus; Renaissance Computing: Consistent System.
$ Strickler, Walter R. =did System (MIT): IO.
$ Strnad, A. L. =did User (MIT): early relational database
$ Stromberg, Ian =did User (Bell Canada).
$ Strome, Rick =did Field Engineering (HIS): Ford.
$ Stuebinger, Alex =did Student (Mainz): tutored Multics and Cobol course
$ Stutler, Joe =did User (RADC): hacked on various things with Explorer Post 500 at RADC in Rome, NY (Griffiss AFB)
$ Sullivan, Drew =did User (CNO): SDE for DPS-6.
$ Sullivan, Gene =did Marketing (HIS): SJU acct.
$ Suman, Mike =did User (NWGS): CSC Site Manager.
$ Sunguroff, Alexander =did Staff (MIT LCS): MacLisp I/O system.
$ Swenson, Eric J. =did System (CISL): Hardcore, Answering Service, B2 Security; SysMaint (AFDSC, Security).
$ Tada, Akio =did System (PMDC).
$ Tague, Berkeley A. =did System (BTL).
$ Tague, R. Michael =did System (CISL): Devlopment mgr, Opus mgr, answering service, data management.
$ Tague, Steven =did User (BCO): Hardware Design Level 6, used Multics as development tool for firmware; wrote "The Multics TED Programmers' Reference Manual"
$ Tan, Swan =did Marketing (HISCAN): GTSS.
$ Tanner, Bob =did System (PMDC): Multics Operations Director.
$ Tatum, Ron =did website contributor
$ Tavares, Christopher D. =did System (MIT, HIS): Network, Graphics; Site Analyst (AFDSC).
$ Tawse, Bill =did User (Bell Canada): mgr.
$ Taylor, Glenn =did User (Site N): User consulting, MRDS and applications programming.
$ Taylor, Tony =did Field Engineering (HISCAN): MCHQ.
$ Tepper, A S =did System (MIT): miscellaneous utilities in the period 1970-1972
$ Terrazas, Bob =did User (USGS): SysMaint, Denver. Attended Multics Metering & Tuning Seminar, June 78.
$ Terrebonne, Ed =did System (AFDSC): Consulting, Site_Status
$ Terry, James =did System (Bull): SysAdmin for System M.
$ Tessmer, Jim =did Field Engineering (HIS): Ford.
$ Testa, Antonetta G. =did Support (MIT): MAC.
$ Texada, Gregory A. =did Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (OU); System (PMDC): commands, performance.
$ Thayer, Susan E. =did User (USL): Student.
$ Thelen, Edward S. =did Engineering (GE): 645 General I/O Controller - diagnostics
$ Theophilis, Mark =did Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (RADC).
$ Thibodeaux, Tony =did Marketing (HIS, HFSI): Site Analyst (DOCKMASTER).
$ Thirlby, Ron =did User (LUT): Computer Centre, Loughborough University of Technology.
$ Thomas, Elaine =did Student (MIT).
$ Thomas, Martyn =did System (Avon): Algol 68
$ Thomas, Robert H. =did System (MIT): binder, {@mx-net.html ARPANet@}.
$ Thomas, Roger =did User (GM): Industrial Relations Interactive System (IRIS), Affirmative Action Monitoring (AAPMon) - both MRDS
$ Thompson, Charlie =did Marketing (PMDC): marketing support.
$ Thompson, Colin T =did Marketing (HIS): Sales Mgr, HIS, Baton Rouge, LA. Sold Multics to Univ SW LA, 1974.
$ Thompson, David M =did User (AFDSC)
$ Thompson, J. David =did Marketing (HIS Pittsburgh): Technical Sales Support; CMU, benchmarks
$ Thompson, Kenneth L. =did System (BTL): QED, IOS.
$ Thompson, Mary R. =did System (MIT): File system, Initialization.
$ Thornton, Mike =did System (MIT).
$ Tierney, Don =did Marketing (HIS): NSA.
$ Tilden, Richard A. =did System (MIT IPC): olc.
$ Tilton, Kathleen A. =did Support (PMDC).
$ Timmer, Case =did User (Bell Canada): Manager at Bell-M.
$ Tims, Bill =did User (USL): student; Marketing (HIS): PRHA conversion.
$ Tims, Mary =did User (USL): student.
$ Tofil, Frank =did Site Analyst (GM, Ford, Site N).
$ Tomasch, Ed =did Marketing (HIS/FSO): Site Analyst (DOCKMASTER, NWGS); User (NWGS): CSC applications (NWC).
$ Toussaint, Mike =did System (HIS): Customer Support, Multics TAC.
$ Trader, W. Craig =did SysAdmin (AFDSC): Systems Operator/Programmer (USAF)
$ Tran, =did Site Analyst.
$ Tran, H. =did User (MDA-TA).
$ Travers, Jacquie =did Site Analyst (AFDSC).
$ Travnicek, Mil =did Marketing (HISCAN).
$ Triantafyllopoulos, Spiros =did Student (USL); User (GM).
$ Troupe, Calvin B. =did Marketing (PMDC).
$ Troupe, Ed =did Multics Education at CiiHB.
$ Trowbridge, B. G. =did System.
$ Tsoucalas, Greg =did User (AFDSC): AFDSC systems group.
$ Tucker, Brian =did Marketing (HIS): AUCC, Cardiff
$ Tung, Sing =did User (Bell Canada): Bell-T FNP expert.
$ Turbiner, Sheila =did System (GE): 6.36.
$ Turckes, Joseph =did User (Ford): Application Development, Application Tools Development, System Device Drivers (TTY & Graphic)
$ Turner, J L =did Site Analyst.
$ Turner, R. =did MDN.
$ Turner, Richard =did Student (USL).
$ Turnquist, Mary C. =did System (MIT): File system.
$ Ulmann, Bernd =did User (Mainz).
$ Underwood, Michael P. =did SysAdmin (AFDSC): All systems (M, D, H, Z, T)
$ Urban, Joseph E. =did User (USL): MADAM
$ Vance, E. R. =did Administration (GE, HIS).
$ Van der Lee, Ton =did SysAdmin (Bull): SoZaWe the Netherlands: system administrator
$ Vanderschooten, Gerard =did Field Engineering (CiiHB): Multics field support manager for Europe from 1980 to 1986
$ van der Veer, Henk Paul =did SysAdmin (SOZAWE): System Administrator
$ VanHausen, J. David =did System.
$ Van Horn, Earl C. =did Student (MIT): multiprogramming design.
$ Van Sant, Harold =did Operations (HIS).
$ Van Vleck, Thomas H. =did System (MIT, CISL): FIM, Initialization, {@phase-one.html Phase One@}, User control, Message Coordinator, Accounting, printer, {@nss.html NSS@}, data management; {@palyn-report.html Palyn committee@}.
$ Varian, Lee C. =did System (MIT): 6.36.
$ Vedder, Lynne =did User (NWGS): USN, Newport, RI; contractor TTGP
$ Vedder, Steve =did User (NWGS): USN Newport RI, CSC TTGP
$ Vestal, Stan =did Site Analyst (RADC); Marketing (HIS); {@palyn-report.html Palyn evaluation@}.
$ Vigraham, Barry =did Marketing (HIS): Tech Advisor, New York region, late 60s to 80s; supported HLR.
$ Vinograd, David R. =did System (GE/CISL): salvager, RJE, backup, data comm mgr, {@nss.html NSS@} volume backup.
$ Vogt, Suzanne Krupp =did System (CISL): Documentation (CISL); System (CISL): mail, video, menu, tape, Opus, X25.
$ Von Seeburg, Roger =did Administration (HIS).
$ Voth, Tony =did System (PMDC): mgr.
$ Voydock, Victor L. =did System (MIT): Command language, IOS.
$ Vu, Phuong =did System (ACTC): PL/I, hardcore.
$ Vyssotsky, Victor A. =did System (BTL): I/O.
$ Waclawski, John W. =did Operations (MIT, GM).
$ Wada, Eiiti =did Visiting Scientist (MIT): Prof. of computer science, University of Tokyo. IPC.
$ Wade, W. =did User (RADC).
$ Wagner, Donald B. =did System (MIT): CTSS, GEBUG, {@pl1.html EPL@}, PL/I specifications, modifications of EPLBSA for multiple address counters, ghost writing, general fireman.
$ Wagner, Larry =did Marketing (HIS): SJU.
$ Wagner, Mary R. =did System (BTL): File system, Tape, IOS.
$ Wales, Leigh Howard (Quackenboss) =did Marketing (HIS): Detroit.
$ Walker, Bob =did User (RADC): Consistent System.
$ Walker, Bruce (Nemnich) =did System (MIT): TeX, emacs
$ Walker, Mel =did User (Bell Canada).
$ Walker, R. Barry =did SysAdmin (MCHQ): IOM reconfig, MRDS transaction logging, System Support.
$ Walker, Robert K. =did User (RADC)
$ Wallace, Bob =did User (MIT): Cambridge Project: commands, Janus, manager.
$ Wallace, David A. =did User (HIS): BCO; wrote "The Multics TED Programmers' Reference Manual"
$ Wallman, Edwin B. =did System (PMDC): compose, commands, MOWSE terminal emulator, search facility.
$ Wang, Clem =did User (MIT); User(BCO).
$ Wantman, Mayer E. =did System (MIT): probe.
$ Warburton, Dave =did User (NWGS): Sims Hall
$ Ward, David B. =did System (HIS): GTSS, PL/I macro proc, LRK, GCOS simulator.
$ Ward, John E. =did ESL (MIT): administration.
$ Ward, Mary E. =did User (USGS): SysMaint, Reston; Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (AFDSC).
$ Warley, David =did User (STC): SysAdmin, Graphic Tools development
$ Warme, Dave =did User (VPI).
$ Warren, John =did Marketing (GE).
$ Waters, Dick =did Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (IN).
$ Waters, Rob =did System (ACTC): FORTRAN, PL/I
$ Watkins, Onita =did AEP (HIS).
$ , Watson, Russ =did Field Engineering (RADC).
$ Watson, Vern =did Marketing (HIS): ASU acct.
$ Watt, William S. =did User (OU): System programmer.
$ Watts, Millie H. =did Documentation (HIS).
$ Wawers, Theo =did User (Mainz): F77 Programming, Scientific modeling, Tutor
$ Weaver, Melanie B. =did System (CISL): linker, binder, error signalling/handling, Basic, transaction processing, other language runtime support
$ Webber, Muriel F. =did Support (MIT).
$ Webber, Nancy =did Support (HIS).
$ Webber, Steven H. =did Designer (MIT, CISL): File system, {@nss.html NSS@}, edm, debug, cache, languages, {@picnics.html Picnics@}.
$ Weber, Dick =did Administration (HIS): VP PMO.
$ Weeldreyer, James A. =did System (HIS): Data Base Manager.
$ Wegener, Terry =did Site Analyst (AFDSC).
$ Weil, John =did Engineering (GE): initial Trinity member.
$ Weiner, Joe M. =did Site Analyst (RADC, HLR): System Administration, System Tools, User Environments
$ Weingartner, Kati L. =did SysAdmin (ASU): Level 6880, MR 9-11
$ Weinreb, Daniel L. =did User (MIT); MIT SIPB; Amber team member
$ Weiss, Howard J. =did System (GE): Disk.
$ Weiss, J =did Site Analyst.
$ Weiss, Ruth A. =did System (BTL): {@pl1.html EPL runtime@}.
$ Weizenbaum, Joe =did MAC.
$ Weizenbaum, Pm =did Documentation (CISL).
$ Wells, Douglas M. =did System (MIT): ARDS, {@mx-net.html ARPANet@}, DN355.
$ Wells, Jim "Don" =did Site Analyst (OU): In support of the Honeywell sales force I helped convinced OU to buy the system. Then I worked on system installation and conversion of existing applications.
$ Wendland, Richard =did System (Avon): Algol 68.
$ Werbos, Paul J. =did Cambridge Project (MIT): Consistent System, TSP, backprop
$ Wesley, Tony =did User (Ford): Ford prototype scheduling system, MATS, others.
$ Wessler, Barry D. =did System (MIT).
$ Westcott, Brian =did System (UC, Bull): ACTC FORTRAN, MOWSE.
$ Wexelblat, Richard L. =did System (BTL): {@pl1.html PL/I@} compiler & test suite
$ Whatley, Adrian M. =did Student (Avon).
$ White, Bill =did User (AFDSC)
$ White, Bruce =did User (Bell Canada): Bell-T district mgr, provisioning group.
$ White, Douglas =did User (RADC): RADC/Multics evaluation (1971).
$ White, Eugene =did Engineering (GE): Trinity member.
$ White, James A. =did Engineering (HIS): Flower, HIS SSED.
$ Whitehead, Lonnie =did System (BTL): Drum DIM.
$ Whitehead, Ralph =did Marketing (HIS): Detroit, GM acct.
$ Whitehurst, R. Alan =did User (AFDSC): MIDAS
$ Whitford, Jackie =did Documentation (HIS).
$ Whitmore, Jerrold C. =did System (CISL): AIM; Marketing (HIS/FSO): security kernel report.
$ Wiatrowski, Eugene =did System (CISL): ALM
$ Widrig, Donald R. =did System (MIT): GIM, Initialization, 6.36.
$ Wiesen, Ray =did Cambridge Project (MIT): CS design, management.
$ Wiesner, Jerome B. =did Administration (MIT): President.
$ Wiessing, Chretienne =did User.
$ Wilkie, Bruce =did User (MCHQ).
$ Wilkinson, Lee =did Administration (HIS).
$ Wilkinson, Richard N. =did Marketing (HIS): Site Support
$ Williams, Alan H =did System (HISLTD): UK file transfer protocol.
$ Williams, Ben =did -
$ Williams, George T. =did Library (MIT IPC).
$ Williams, J. B. Jr. =did -
$ Williams, J. D. =did Student (MIT).
$ Williamson, Dave =did Benchmark Services (HIS) K82.
$ Willins, John =did User (Bell Canada).
$ Willis, Keith =did System (MIT IPC): User Control.
$ Wilson, Bev =did Marketing (HIS): Brunel
$ Wilson, John =did System (CISL): TeX.
$ Wilson, Mel P. =did System (HISCAN): GTSS.
$ Winett, Joel =did User (MIT): INFO - Documentation System
$ Winikoff, Arnold W. =did System (BTL): IOS.
$ Winkler, John =did Engineering (HIS): SSED: Flower.
$ Winslow, Ed =did Operations (CISL).
$ Winstead, Tony =did Marketing (HIS): USGS acct.
$ Withington, P. Tucker =did Guardian: MITRE Security Study
$ Wolf, Sandra =did System.
$ Wolman, Barry L. =did System (GE/CISL): {@pl1.html PL/I@}.
$ Wolman, Eric =did System (GE): Scheduler.
$ Wong, =did MTR.
$ Wong, Betty =did System (ACTC): compilers, LALR, math routines.
$ Wong, Wilson =did System (CISL).
$ Wood, Paula =did Marketing (PMDC); Planning (HIS).
$ Woodka, Donna =did AEP (HIS): MRDS development.
$ Woods, Greg A. =did User (UC): a great fan of Multics Emacs!
$ Woodward, J. P. L. =did Guardian: MITRE Security Study
$ Woolf, Ashby M. =did User (GM): Manager, GM Corporate site.
$ Wright, Helen =did User (GM): original GM installation.
$ Wright, Otis =did System (MIT): RTTS
$ Wright, Ron =did System (ACTC).
$ Wu, Fred =did User (Bell Canada).
$ Wulf, Jurgen =did User (Bell Canada).
$ Wyatt, R. =did System (BTL): {@pl1.html EPL@}.
$ Wyman, Irma =did Administration (HIS): {@palyn-report.html Palyn Report@} fallout.
$ Yates, Robert A. =did System (BTL): SNOBOL.
$ Yip, =did Site Analyst.
$ Yntema, Douwe B. =did Administration (MIT, Harvard): Director, Cambridge Project.
$ Yochelson, Jerome C. =did Student (MIT).
$ Yoeung, May =did -
$ York, William M. =did System (CISL): APL, Emacs, video system.
$ Yoshida, Nobuhiro =did Site Analyst (Toshiba).
$ Young, Bill =did Marketing (HIS): DCC sale.
$ Young, Elien =did User (HLR)
$ Young, Judith =did Marketing Ed (HIS).
$ Yuniskis, Don =did website contributor
$ Zaharov, Basil =did User (Avon): selection committee.
$ Zanarotti, Stan =did System (CISL): Opus.
$ Zbikowski, Mark =did User (Ford): 1974; User (GM): 1976-1978.
$ Zemmin, Frederick L. =did Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (GM).
$ Zender, Tom =did Marketing (HIS): Multics Marketing
$ Zethraeus, Cal =did System (PMDC).
$ Ziegler, Guy G. =did System (GE): IO, 6.36.
$ Ziegler, Jim =did User (DCC): Championed installation of system.
$ Ziller, R. J. =did Marketing (HIS/FSO): Security kernel report.
$ Zimmerman, Louis V. =did System (ACTC): commands/active functions, forum, Pascal, Xmail, etc... 
$ Zona, John P. =did Field Engineering (GE/HIS); Site Analyst (DCC).
$ Zornes, Frank =did Field Engineering (PMDC): LS TAC.
$ Zuerner, Eckhard =did Marketing (Bull, Germany): Bull project manager for University of Mainz; Site Analyst (Mainz).
$ Zwick, Doug =did System (ACTC, 1984-1990): Hardcore, Opus simulator, Unix migration I/O.
ting (Bull, Germany): Bull project manager for University of Mainz; Site Analyst (Mainz).
$ Zwick, Doug =did System (ACTC, 1984-1990): Hardcore, Opus simulator, Unix migration I/O.
khard =did Marketing (Bull, Germany): Bull project manager for University of Mainz; Site Analyst (Mainz).
$ Zwick, Doug =did System (ACTC, 1984-1990): Hardcore, Opus simulator, Unix migration I/O.
 Ziller, R. J. =did Marketing (HIS/FSO): Security kernel report.
$ Zimmerman, Louis V. =did System (ACTC): commands/active functions, forum, Pascal, Xmail, etc... 
$ Zona, John P. =did Field Engineering (GE/HIS); Site Analyst (DCC).
$ Zornes, Frank =did Field Engineering (PMDC): LS TAC.
$ Zuerner, Eckhard =did Marketing (Bull, Germany): Bull project manager for University of Mainz; Site Analyst (Mainz).
$ Zwick, Doug =did System (ACTC, 1984-1990): Hardcore, Opus simulator, Unix migration I/O.

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