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FAQ Multicians H-N

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601 names in H-N

$ Haas, R. M. =did Student (MIT).
$ Haber, Peter M. =did System (GE/CISL): GCOS, message segments.
$ Hacker, Thomas J. =did User (OU): system programmer.
$ Haddad, William =did Field Engineering (GE).
$ Haga, Bill =did User (OU): System programmer.
$ Haggett, Allan G. =did User (Calgary): GENIE; Site Analyst (Canada DND, CIRCE): Calgary, France, DND, CSORT, DAT-tape, Y2K conversions, & "Typed last 'shut' command on Multics."
$ Haider, Karen =did System (HIS): Documentation.
$ Haig, Henry C. =did System (Weather Bureau).
$ Halani, Mansur =did User (Bell Canada): SOFA II
$ Hale, Carol Moeller =did Marketing Ed (FSO): McLean VA.
$ Halladay, Wallace G. =did Marketing Ed (HISCAN): MCHQ.
$ Halter-Kertzner, Jana =did Support (CISL).
$ Hamill, Mark D. =did Site Analyst (AFDSC): Mostly PDS (Program Data System)
$ Hamilton, Patricia A. =did System: Command language.
$ Hamm, Kurt =did Student (USL): Programming and Gaming as a Computer Science student at USL
$ Hamming, Richard W. =did System (BTL): Numerical analysis.
$ Haney, Gordon =did Engineering (HIS).
$ Hangartner, Dave =did Site Analyst (UK).
$ Hanna, Mary E. =did User (AFDSC): MIDAS
$ Hanners, Wayne =did Marketing (HIS): AccuRay acct.
$ Hannigan, James =did System Admin: BCO; Flower program manager.
$ Hanouer, Bob =did Operations (RADC).
$ Hansen, Gwen =did System (BTL): GIM.
$ Hansen, S. M. =did Student (MIT).
$ Hanson, Larry =did Site Analyst (USGS-D)
$ Harari, Albert =did Marketing (CiiHB): System, Security, SysAdmin for first 645 in Gambetta, Paris for software factory of the 64, DPS/64, DPS/7.
$ Harding-Jones, Peter =did Marketing (HISLTD).
$ Hardy, Norm =did website contributor
$ Harike, Robert =did User(SCSI).
$ Harkins, James D. =did System (GE).
$ Harris, Bill =did User (Bell Canada).
$ Harris, G. =did Student (MIT).
$ Harris, Steve =did Site Analyst (UC)
$ Harris, Tom =did Field Engineering (HIS): Ford.
$ Harrison, Jim =did User (AFDSC)
$ Harrison, Marcia =did User (AFDSC)
$ Harrison, Ray W. =did User (HLR): MRDS
$ Hart, Robert G. =did Administration (MIT): User registration and billing
$ Hartogs, Michael D. =did System (PMDC): Hardcore.
$ Harvey, John =did Site Analyst (NSA): Site Support (Site-N), developed Virtual Forms (vform_), modified GCOS Simulator, various applications.
$ Harvey, Ronald B. =did System (PMDC): Data Base Access.
$ Haskell, J. Thomas =did HIS National Systems Mgr/Marketing/Benchmarks
$ Haskins, Diane London =did Documentation (CISL): production supervisor.
$ Hassan, Fouad =did User (Bell Canada): Bell-T operations.
$ Hastings, Thomas N. =did System (MIT): CTSS: scheduler.
$ Hattey, Steven F. =did User (GM): 1977-83; Operator, Student (OU); 1979-85: Application Development(GM) supporting SofTech package called ORAS
$ Hawkins, Douglas =did AEP (HIS): VMM.
$ Haworth, Robert =did AEP (HIS).
$ Hayes, J. =did System (HIS): COBOL.
$ Hayes, John =did Documentation (HIS): release bulletin.
$ Haynes, James H. =did Engineering (GE Schenectady): 645 hardware prototype.
$ Hazelton, Lyman R. =did System (MIT): qedx, email, security, courses (taught at MIT, AFDSC, Bell Canada, Canada DND, USGS)
$ Hebert, Harry J. =did System (Shell): Command language.
$ Heffner, William =did System (GE).
$ Heiby, Ronald W. =did User (CNO): Various tools for Honeywell Avionics and Honeywell CSFC.
$ Heiney, Bob =did User (Ford): Customer management.
$ Heinz, Ray =did User (NWGS): USN/CSC
$ Heitt, Don =did Marketing (FSO): USGS sale.
$ Hellwig, Jessica D. =did System (MIT): CTSS.
$ Helwig, Frank C., Jr. =did System (HIS): COBOL.
$ Hemes, Dick =did Support (Bull): Multics OS and MCS Software support
$ Henderson, H. =did Considered port of Multics to U. Texas SDS Sigma 7
$ Henderson, Russ =did Marketing (HIS): VP DPO eastern ops.
$ Henk, Brian =did Student (OU): 1979-81; User (Ford): 81-83; User (GM): 83-85; User (HIS): 85-86 DOCKMASTER; User (GM/EDS): 86-92, apps & 3270 screen connection
$ Hennette, Michel K. =did Marketing (CiiHB): France, Europe, 1979-1982.
$ Henningan, K. B. =did User (MIT): Guardian subverter
$ Henry, Craig =did User (AFDSC): Site Analyst.
$ Henry, J. J. =did Engineering (GE).
$ Hensley, Mary Lou =did Marketing (HIS): NSA acct.
$ Herbst, Steve =did System (CISL): command shell, exec_com, debug, RDBMS, commands
$ Hergert, John =did User (Ford): MRDS Compiled Selection Expression, SQL parser
$ Higgerty, Wayne =did User (Bell Canada): Bell-T provisioning mgr.
$ Hignett, Gary E. =did User (AFDSC): Chief, Multics SysOps
$ Hildebrand, Jim =did Marketing (HIS): Part of the sales and support team for USL.  Made original MULTICS presentations for the field and then supported Phoenix Technicians after the sale.
$ Hildebrand (Bender), Susan =did Marketing Education (CNO): Worked on Multics both at CNO in support & Mkt Ed in Phoenix
$ Hill, K. H. =did Student (MIT).
$ Hill, Richard H. =did Administration (HIS): Multics Program Manager, 1974-76
$ Hill, S =did User (Avon): operations supervisor AUCC.
$ Hills, Gerry =did Marketing (HIS): MCOIN
$ Hillyer, Guy K =did User (DCC): Operations
$ Hinatsu, Carol =did System (ACTC).
$ Hine, Cmdr Ray =did User (NWGS-NWC)
$ Hines, Howard =did Operations (HIS): CRF 3d shift.
$ Hinrichs, Tom =did Marketing (HIS): OU acct.
$ Hirneisen, Joe =did System (PMDC): System Administration.
$ Hirsch, Tom =did System (CISL).
$ Hobbs, R. J. =did Engineering (GE): RAID.
$ Hodges, Marilyn S. =did Support (CISL).
$ Hodson, =did Engineering (HIS).
$ Hoffman, Carl W. =did Student (MIT): Emacs, MacLisp, Macsyma
$ Hoffman, Robert =did Marketing (HIS): MIT account manager.
$ Holden, Iain =did Marketing (HIS): RAE
$ Holmstedt, Richard A. =did System (PMDC): Software integration MR8-MR11
$ Hom, Wally =did Marketing (HIS): LSMS/Phoenix.
$ Homan, Jim =did System (MIT IPC): Accounting; PRHA conversion; Site Analyst (USGS, INSEE/Aix, CICB, CERT, CCVR, CNET, SEP); Multics education (Cii Paris, Mainz, EDS, Ford); System (MIT): HASP; CSORT; DND DAT tape.
$ Hoover, Harold =did System (UC, ACTC): FORTRAN, PL/I.
$ Hopkins, Ronald E. =did Operations (AFDSC): Operations (USGS-R)
$ Hopkins, Steve =did Site Analyst (CiiHB): French sites; System, PL/I, Lisp, Emacs, fancy drivers.
$ Hornig, Charles A. =did System (CISL): MCS, tasking, IOM management.
$ Horton, Ken =did Student (USL): USL user, {@khorton/multics77.htm Honeywell Intern Summer 77 -PRHA Conversion@}.
$ Hoss, Christopher =did Student (USL): 1972-76.
$ Houck, =did System (CISL).
$ Houery, Nicolas =did User (CNET)
$ Housley, Russ =did User (AFDSC).
$ Houston, Liz =did Support (CISL).
$ Houston, Melba L. =did Site Analyst (AFDSC).
$ Howe, Douglas G. =did System (ACTC): C Compiler, CURSES port.
$ Hrydziuszko, George R. =did Administration (GM): Systems software support manager 
$ Huber, Andrew =did Student (MIT).
$ Huen, Suzanna =did System (ACTC): forum, commands, compilers.
$ Huet, Gerard =did User (INRIA): adapted ML to Maclisp on Multics, added compiler, did Mergenthaler driver for compose.
$ Hughes, Barbara =did System (MIT IPC): olc.
$ Hughes, Glenda Schroeder =did System (MIT): CTSS, Command language.
$ Humbert, Don =did User (NWGS): CSC SysAdmin Delran, NJ
$ Hunt, Bob =did Planning (HIS): Multics Product Mgr.
$ Hunt, Douglas H. =did Student (MIT).
$ Hunter, John =did System (PMDC): TCP/IP implementation
$ Huntley, Daniel G. =did Engineering (HIS).
$ Hurst, =did Site Analyst.
$ Hussein, Alfred =did System (Bull); ACTC C Compiler.
$ Husson, Patrice A.C. =did User (CiiHB): Datanet DSA300
$ Huston, Gail =did AEP (HIS): VMM.
$ Hwang, Tony =did Field Engineering (Bull): UC, Bell-T, DND-H.
$ Hyde, John P. =did System (BTL): {@pl1.html EPL runtime@} library.
$ Hyde, Thomas G. =did User (USGS).
$ Hyland, Tim =did Student (MIT): SIPB.
$ Hylton, Gary =did Marketing (HIS): DPO branch mgr, Columbus, sold IN.
$ Ignagni, Rinaldo (Ron) =did System (CISL): xmail.
$ Ikeda, Katsuo =did Visiting Scientist (MIT); wrote book on Multics.
$ Ingram, Peter =did Site Analyst (Birmingham, LUT).
$ Inman, Jack =did AEP (HIS): VMM.
$ Irish, Geraldine =did Documentation (PMDC).
$ Itani, Mazen =did System (ACTC); vfile_.
$ Iuorno, Rocco F. =did User (RADC): RADC/Multics evaluation (1971).
$ Ives, Jeffrey D. =did Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (DCC); System (CISL): data management after journal.
$ Ivie, Evan L. =did System (BTL): IOS, code conversion.
$ Jackson, Isaiah =did Marketing (HIS).
$ Jackson (Sibert), Julie =did User (USL); Support, Training (HIS): PRHA conversion, Bell Canada installs, Multics TAC, Multics education.
$ Jackson, R. =did User (RADC): Remote Data Entry (Pattern Analysis and Recognition Corp., Rome, NY.)
$ Jackson, Rich =did System (RADC): ISFO Support Staff
$ Jackson, Steve =did User (AFDSC)
$ Jagernauth, Jagdish C. C. =did System (HIS): LINUS.
$ Jameson, Kevin =did SysAdmin (UC): Communications code, X.25
$ Janka, Bob =did User (AFDSC): 1ISG.
$ Janson, Phillipe A. =did Student (MIT).
$ Jardin, =did Site Analyst.
$ Jaroslav, Jay L. =did User (CIA): Project MAC/AI Group.
$ Jarreau, =did User (AFDSC): 1ISG.
$ Jarrell, Ron =did Marketing (HIS): System M user, Explorer.
$ Jarretts, Professor Peter =did User (UBCC)
$ Jarvis, Michael =did Marketing (HIS): Ford Sales Manager
$ Jarzombek, =did Field Engineering (GE).
$ Jastrebski, Linda =did User (SJU): SysAdmin.
$ Jeffords, Judy =did Support (HIS).
$ Jenkins, David =did System (Avon): Algol 68.
$ Jennings, P. =did Engineering (GE).
$ Jensen, Craig L. =did System (CISL).
$ Jerritts, Steve =did Administration (HIS): VP HIS
$ Joel, David E. =did System (GE): 6.36.
$ Johnson, Bruce =did Marketing (HIS): CNO acct.
$ Johnson, Dan =did Student (VPI): System M user: EP692 (w/ gratitude to EHR, RAV et al at FSO); VPI/Va. Tech: EP777, undergrad classwork
$ Johnson, Donald H. =did System (NSA): 6.36.
$ Johnson, Gary E. =did Documentation (CISL); SysAdmin(PMDC): System Integration, System Test, System Release
$ Johnson, Lacy E. =did System Admin (PMDC): MCC.
$ Johnson, Larry E. =did System (CISL): MCS.
$ Johnson, Maceo =did System (PMDC).
$ Johnson, Paul =did Administration (HIS): Marketing.
$ Johnson, Stan =did Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (Avon, RAE).
$ Johnson, Steve =did System (PMDC): Finance.
$ Johnson, Susan Grayson =did Support: FSO.
$ Johnson, Warren P. =did Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (USL, Avon, IRIA); Cray station.
$ Johnston, Bob =did Engineering (HIS).
$ Jolley, Cynthia L. =did Documentation (CISL).
$ , Bill Jones =did User (RADC).
$ Jones, Chester =did System (BTL): Fault handling, Drum DIM.
$ Jones, Christopher L. =did System (CISL) video, I/O, tapes, reconfiguration, message facility.
$ Jones, Dorothy L. =did Documentation (MIT).
$ Jones, Doug =did User (Brunel): Deputy Head of the Computing Service.
$ Jones, Keith =did User (Brunel).
$ Jones, Malcolm M. =did Administration (MIT): Asst. Director, Project MAC.
$ Jones, S. W. =did System (BTL): Device Utility Package.
$ Jordan, Bob =did System (PMDC).
$ Jordan, David M. =did System (MIT, HIS): Library tools; Site Analyst (USGS).
$ Jordan, Mike =did System (CISL): GCOS environment, I/O
$ Jouett, Randall G. =did Student (USL): "Wizards" MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) ; TVI 912 Emulaltor for C64 to run TVI TED from home @ 300 BAUD :^); PL/1, COBOL & FORTRAN homework :^)
$ Jouyaux, M. =did Marketing (HIS): CCVR
$ Jurgenowski, Klaus  =did Marketing (Bull): BULL Germany International Training, Network Support and Services, supported Mainz networking.
$ Juul, Martin C. =did System (AFDSC): Air Staff Applications
$ Kaczor, Gene =did Site Analyst (DDDS/ORAE); software ports, user support.
$ Kaiman, Arthur =did System (BTL): {@pl1.html EPL I/O@}, edit.
$ Kaiser, Grace =did User (SJU): SysOps.
$ Kaiser, Kay =did Operations (HIS): System-M; Marketing (HIS): LSMS.
$ Kaiser, W. Garry =did System (PMDC): Data Base Manager; Marketing Ed (HIS); Marketing (HIS): Multics Marketing Manager.
$ Kallman, D. K. =did Guardian: MITRE security kernel validation.
$ Kallstrom, Kristen =did System (ACTC): compilers.
$ , John Kalyncz =did User (RADC).
$ Kamat, Prakash =did User (Bell Canada): Bell-T SysAdmin.
$ Kamerman, Bernard H. =did Field Engineering (HIS): Multics Central System Hardware Support 1972 - 76, Phoenix.
$ Kane, Norm =did Marketing (HISCAN): Bell Canada sale.
$ Kanodia, Rajendra K. =did System (MIT): Network.
$ Kaplow, Roy =did User (MIT): metallurgy prof, wrote TICS subsystem
$ Karagianis, Paul =did User (SJU): SysAdmin.
$ Karger, Paul A. =did Student (MIT): XPL, DTSS, BASIC, commands; USAF: Project ZARF, AIM, Project Guardian.
$ Kase, Mike =did Field Engineering (HIS); Site Analyst (EDS).
$ Kasiowniak, Dolores (Dee) =did Operations (GM).
$ Kayden, David A. =did Site Analyst (MIT): Gcos Simulator
$ Keeton-Williams, J. G. =did Guardian: MITRE Security kernel paper.
$ Keller, Jayne A. =did System (MIT): BASIC, FORTRAN.
$ Kelley, Anne =did Support (CISL).
$ Kelley, Brenton C. =did User (SJU): Academic Computer Lab Assistant, PL/I Programmer
$ Kelley, Peter B. =did Library (MIT IPC).
$ Kelley, Verna M. =did AEP (HIS): MDBM.
$ Kelly, Criss =did Field Engineering (HIS): ASU initial install.
$ Kelly, Capt E. J. =did User (DND-MCOIN)
$ Kelly, Jerry J. =did Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (UC) 79-80; site support (Bell-T, Bell-M) 81-84.
$ Kelly, John =did User (Cardiff): User Support and System Work.
$ Kemp, Malcom =did Marketing (HIS).
$ Kenan, Larry =did Engineering (GE): Test & Diagnostics
$ Kendall, Gary F. =did Student (VPI): "Push/Pop working directory" utility
$ Kennerly, David =did Documentation (CISL).
$ Kenny, Kevin B. =did User (HIS); Student (ASU): Motorola 68000 assembler, GCOS 8 architecture
$ Kent, Stephen T. =did Student (MIT): encryption, security analysis and dial system re-write
$ Kepner, Allen N. =did System (HIS): GTSS.
$ Kerber, David A. =did System (GE).
$ Kernighan, Brian W. =did System (BTL): 6.36.
$ Kerr, Betsy L. =did Support (CISL); Documentation (CISL).
$ Kertzner, Peter =did System (CISL).
$ Khan, Kamil =did User (Bell Canada).
$ Khan, Umar =did User (AFDSC): Master Multician in the Pentagon, 1982-1990.
$ Kidd, Steven =did System (MIT): 6.36, GEBUG, {@pl1.html EPL runtime@}.
$ Killian, Earl A. =did User (MIT); MIT SIPB; Amber team member
$ Kindel, William (Bill) =did Marketing (HIS): Denver.
$ King, Steven E. =did System (HIS): GTSS.
$ Kinhan, Thomas A. =did System (GE): FL.
$ Kinnaman, C. J. =did System (GE): Simulator.
$ Kisling, Allen =did AEP (HIS): MATPAC, VMM.
$ Kissel, Katie =did Documentation (CISL).
$ Kissel, Richard J. C. =did System (CISL): RCP, tapes, DSA.
$ Kitching, Stanley C. =did System (PRHA): Multics Conversion 1978, Junte de Plannes InfoSystem 1979-1981
$ Kitson, Dave =did Site Analyst (UK).
$ Kittlitz, Edward N. =did System (CISL).
$ Kleinow, Eugene =did Field Engineering (GE/HIS).
$ Klensin, John C. =did Cambridge Project (MIT): commands, Consistent System dir, KERMIT.
$ Kliman, Edith =did System (MIT): CTSS: Documentation.
$ Klimann, Carlos =did Support (INRIA): Support, Courses and Programming
$ Klinger, Ross E. =did System (MIT IPC): tapes.
$ Knappen, Jorg =did User (Mainz).
$ Knobbe, Bob =did User (NWGS): CSC, Delran, NJ
$ Knol, Tjibbe L. =did Support (SOZAWE): Education Multics users. 
$ Ko, Alec =did User (Bell Canada): Bell-T customer service.
$ Kobos, Mitzi =did User (RADC): Consistent System.
$ Kobziar, Andrew M. =did System (GE/CISL): File system, {@nss.html NSS@} salvager.
$ Korn, Lyndalee K. =did System (MIT): CTSS
$ Koscheleff, Catherine =did Marketing (CiiHB): MRDS, Lisp, AI Tools.
$ Kovalcik, Rick =did System (HIS): UDP/TCP/IP.
$ Kramek, Robert =did User (Ford): Various application development projects at Ford.
$ Kraning, A. L. =did User (MIT): early relational database
$ Krause, Raymond =did User (AFDSC): Project Admin, Generalized Software, support for Milton Bryce&Assoc Data Dict.
$ Krause, Robert L. =did User (GM); System Admin for OU, VW, Ford, Cable and Wireless
$ Krekeler, George B. =did System (GE): File system.
$ Krenn, H. =did MDN.
$ Kress, Robert W. =did Documentation (PMDC).
$ Krummeck, Gerald =did Student (Mainz): Port of EGS (Erlanger Grafik System), benchmarks
$ Krupp, Peter C. =did System (CISL): {@pl1.html PL/I@}.
$ Krusemark, Keith A. =did System (HIS).
$ Kruzona, CDR =did User (NWGS): USN TTGP
$ Kubicar, Michael S. =did System (PMDC): Data Base Access.
$ Kuo, S. =did Student (MIT).
$ Kuppersmith, Aron =did User (MIT): Performance metrics as part of the UROP program
$ Kurth, Dave =did Field Engineering (GE/HIS): RADC.
$ Kvilekval, Axel =did System (GE): {@pl1.html PL/I@}.
$ Kyle, Jim =did User (HIS): OKC peripherals manual publishing.
$ Kyzivat, Paul H. =did User (Ford); OA apps (Honeywell)
$ Labalme, Fen =did Student (MIT): Emacs
$ LaCasse, Chuck =did System (PMDC): software technologies.
$ Lackey, Chip =did System (PMDC); Marketing (HIS): GM as the customer
$ Lackey, Roger D. =did System (PMDC): database manager.
$ Lacy, Don =did Engineering (GE): I/O Hardware Design
$ Ladick, Bill =did Engineering (HIS).
$ Laforge, Francois =did User (CICRP): NetAdmin.
$ Lagrecca, Carl =did Marketing (HIS).
$ Lalot, Dominique =did SysAdmin (CICRP): system admininstrator / bug correction / porting C compiler from MR12 to Multics Release 11
$ Lamballais, Didier =did Site Analyst (CiiHB): SysMaint, CIRCE.
$ Lambert, Leo J. =did System (GE): Drum DIM.
$ Lambert, Yves =did User (CICT): i was a student
$ LaMonica, Frank S. =did User (RADC): RADC/Multics evaluation (1971).
$ Lampson, Butler W. =did Administration (ARPA): ARPA advisory panel.
$ Lamson, Richard =did Student (MIT): APL; System (MIT): RDMS, MacLisp, Emacs, network, system library.
$ Lance, Godfrey N =did User (Avon): director AUCC.
$ Lancendorfer, Bob =did Engineering (HIS).
$ Landry, Steve =did Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (USL).
$ Landweber, L. H. =did System (GE): PL/I I/O.
$ Lane, John R. =did Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (GM, Ford).
$ Lange, Caroline =did Cambridge Project (MIT): documentation.
$ Lange, Ron =did System (PMDC): Hardware Development, Flower.
$ Langenberg, Peter =did User (Bell Canada): Bell-T mgr, provisioning group.
$ LaPadula, Leonard J. =did Guardian: MITRE security study.
$ Lapalme, Guy =did User (INRIA): Enchere
$ LaPedes, Doug =did Marketing (HIS): Detroit regional mgr.
$ Larimore, =did FSD ISO.
$ Larmat, J. P. =did Site Analyst (CERAM, INSEE-Aix)
$ Larsen, Louise =did Support (CISL).
$ Larsson, A =did Site Analyst.
$ Lasalle, =did Site Analyst (CIRIL)
$ Lass, Tim =did Site Support (HISCAN): MCHQ and DDDS.
$ Laubscher, Karl F. =did Administration (HIS): Director, Multics Marketing, 1986.
$ Lavaud, =did Site Analyst (CCVR)
$ Lawrence, David =did User (AFDSC)
$ Lawson, Harold W. "Bud" =did Inventor of PL/I pointer variables
$ Layher, Tom =did User (Ford): Customer management.
$ Lea, Paul =did Field Engineering (GE).
$ Leagus, Dolores C. =did System (BTL): {@pl1.html EPL@}.
$ Leatherman, Paul =did System (PMDC): hardcore.
$ Leban, Roy =did Site Analyst (Ford): fx, emacs, etc.
$ Lebarbier, Dominique =did Site Analyst (CICT, SNEAP)
$ LeBourhis, Gy =did System (CISL).
$ Le Chenadec, Philippe =did User (INRIA): video interfaces to ML.
$ Lee, H. P. =did Engineering (GE).
$ Lee, Ivy =did User (Bell Canada)
$ Lee, John =did User (NWGS): Sims Hall Database Division
$ Lee, Randy =did Site Analyst (CNO, SOZAWE).
$ Lefebvre, Robert =did Site Analyst (Bell Canada).
$ Legg, Helen =did Marketing (HIS): AccuRay acct.
$ Le Guigner, Jean-Paul =did User (CICB): TCP/IP port; System (CISL): DSA.
$ Lehman, Richard A. =did System (HIS): Multics COBOL Compiler
$ Lehotsky, Alan P. =did other (MIT): MIT EE Relational DataBase
$ Leonard, Earl =did User (AccuRay)
$ Leong, F. Wah =did User (AFDSC): AFDSC setup and security.
$ Leong, P. =did User (RADC).
$ Leroux, Marcel =did User (INRA)
$ Leskiw, Dave =did System (ACTC): MOWSE.
$ Lettvin, Jonathan D. =did User (MIT):"PROBOSCIS" Emacs probe interface; "FORSE" Emacs FORTRAN/TEX parser/generator; Tokomak design in FORTRAN.
$ Leuchte, Paul =did System (CISL): program manager.
$ Levette, Neil =did User (DDDS): SysMaint.
$ Levin, David S. =did System (CISL): FORTRAN.
$ Levinson, David A. =did System (BTL): 6.36, IOS.
$ Levites, David M. =did Site Analyst (GM): GMISCA
$ Lewis, Odel =did User (Bell Canada)
$ Lewitt, Miles =did User (System M)
$ Licata, Bernard M. =did Marketing (HIS): Sales to Ford Motor Co, GM, and others
$ Licklider, Joseph C. R. =did Administration (MIT): Director, Project MAC.
$ Liebling, Norman H. =did System (GE): FIM.
$ Ligeret, Marie-France =did Operations (CiiHB): Pre and Post Sales Support, Client training
$ Liggett, Chuck =did User (NWGS): CSC SysAdmin Delran, NJ
$ Lima, Jerry =did User (NWGS): USN NWC
$ Lipner, Steven B. =did User (MITRE): AFDSC security design and testing; Project Guardian.
$ Lippard, Jim =did System (PMDC): commands, B2, hardcore, MRDS.
$ Litwin, Wittold =did User (INRIA): MRDS Multidatabase.
$ Lloyd, E. L. =did Student (MIT)
$ Loeffler, David D. =did User (CNO): VLSI Design software.
$ Loepere, Keith P. =did Site Analyst (RADC); System (CISL): BCE, B2, file system; Opus architect
$ Longanecker, Al =did {@palyn-report.html Palyn committee@}.
$ Longmore, Conrad =did User (Birmingham): Studenty hacking stuff!
$ Lorho, Bernard =did User (INRIA): DELTA
$ Loux, Marc =did Marketing (Bull): Paris 645.
$ Love, J. Spencer =did System (MIT): TCP/IP, RDMS, x9700, emacs, olc, forum, exec_com, etc.
$ Loveday, Stuart =did Marketing (HIS): branch mgr for AUCC, Cardiff
$ Low, David N =did User (sys-M): Explorer Post 414.
$ Luderer, Gottfried =did System (BTL).
$ Luebke, Richard G. =did System (HIS): System, MRDS
$ Lugo, Marcus =did Marketing (HIS): PRHA acct.
$ Lumsden, Elmer =did User (AFDSC)
$ Lundgren, Robert E. =did Site Analyst (AccuRay)
$ Luniewski, Allen W. =did Student (MIT): Multics security kernel project, system initialization
$ Lupo, Joe =did User (SJU): SysAdmin.
$ Luse, Alan J. =did User (MIT): vclock fix, commercial applications
$ Lyle, Jim =did User (Bell Canada); site support (Bell-T).
$ Lynott, Thomas =did User (SJU): SysOps.
$ Lyon, Jennifer =did Site Analyst (AFDSC).
$ Lyon (Hymel), Patricia L. =did Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (AFDSC, GM); Marketing (HIS): USL acct.
$ Mabee, Robert F. =did System (MIT): ALM, BCPL, PAL, runoff, ARDS.
$ Mabey, Michael =did System (ACTC): FORTRAN.
$ MacDougall, Glenn =did Site Analyst (MCOIN)
$ MacIsaac, Gary =did Support (UC): Systems,MRDS
$ MacKenzie, Jim =did Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (ASEA, CCVR, CICRP, IRT).
$ Mackenzie (Margulies), Karen =did Documentation (CISL).
$ MacLaren, M. Donald =did System (CISL): {@pl1.html PL/I I/O@}.
$ Maddox, Alice M. =did User (AFDSC): DoD Budget programs (the FYDP). 1ISG.
$ Madigan, Jim =did Operations (GM).
$ Maeda, Ken-ichi =did SysAdmin (Toshiba): pattern recognition and tools development, Toshiba R&D, Kawasaki.
$ Maggio, Albert B. =did Marketing (HIS): SJU.
$ Maglione, Tom =did Site Analyst (HIS): SJU
$ Magnuski, Henry S. =did System (BTL).
$ Mahon, Jim =did Site Analyst (AFDSC): Systems D, H, M, Z, T, U
$ Maillot, Bernard =did User (CICG): EDA.
$ Main, Inge =did User (Bell Canada): Bell-T operations.
$ Maisonneuve, Julien =did User (INRIA).
$ Mallmes, Maureen =did System (ACTC): KERMIT, XMODEM.
$ Maloney, Dr. Mary =did User (SJU): VP of Computer Operations
$ Mammel, Wanda L. =did System (BTL): Numerical analysis.
$ Mandel, Wilf =did Administration (Bell Canada): MULTICS timesharing system at Bell in the Toronto Datacentre, replaceing GCOS timesharing system.
$ Mangino, John =did System (PMDC).
$ Manji, Alnoor =did User (Bell Canada): SOFA II
$ Manning, Eric G. =did System (MIT): Fault tolerance for GE 645 / Multics; User (BTL).
$ Manning, Lonnie =did SysAdmin (GM): sysadmin on multics-[abc]; 'gmnet'; scheduler; e-mail; etc. ('79-'83)
$ Manno, Eugene =did Administration (HIS): VP Office Systems Div, included Multics 1985.
$ Marceau, Carla M. =did System (MIT): Command language, User control.
$ Marcum, Alan M. =did User
$ Margolin, Barry =did Student (MIT): finger database; System (CISL): Emacs, echo negotiation, mail system, BCE, Inquire.
$ Margulies, Benson I. =did System (MIT); Marketing (CiiHB); System (CISL): PL/I compiler, Answering Service, B2 security
$ Marietta, Kala =did System (HIS): DSA.
$ Marker, Charley =did System (HIS): I/O Daemon.
$ Markowitz, Joe =did Cambridge Project (MIT): CS design, management.
$ Marks, =did Engineering (HIS).
$ Marney, Steven =did User (OU): Scientific Programmer: Pascal Compiler, PL/I xref utility, Multics Mail Autoreply; User (GM/EDS): Developed decision support systems.
$ Marraccini, Jeff =did User: (OU).
$ Marsack, Sherman =did Systems (GM): SysMaint, SysAdmin, SysProg, TelMi, TRIPS, misc other apps.
$ Marsh, =did Field Engineering (GE).
$ Marshall, Tony =did User (USGS): SysMaint, Menlo Park.
$ Marteau, Francois =did Support (CiiHB): French National Support Louveciennes, 1979-1981, 1983-1986
$ Marten, Jonathan =did User (AUCC)
$ Martin, Ava M. =did Operations (AFDSC): All of them.
$ Martin, Craig J. =did Student (USL): PL/I, MACSYMA, Multics Graphics System, and MRDS user.
$ Martin, David James =did Marketing (CiiHB): System, PL/I, Lisp, Benchmark; Site Analyst (Renault).
$ Martin, Gery L. =did Operations (AFDSC): All systems
$ Martin (Switzer), Karolyn J. =did System (MIT): Command language, Initialization.
$ Martin, Warren =did Marketing (HIS): manager of Multics marketing, Multics Flying Squad, ASU account.
$ Martine, Michele =did Marketing (CiiHB): Secretary.
$ Martinson, Frank W. =did System (PMDC): Site support, hardcore mgr.
$ Marton, Richard A. =did Field Engineering (HIS): SysMaint TCO, Billerica, FNP specialist.
$ Marx, Colin =did User (UC): Director of Computer Services.
$ Marx, Stephen B. =did Marketing (HIS): Denver.
$ Mason, Andrew H. (Drew) =did Student (MIT): virtual memory, kernel simplification, linker.
$ Massimini, Esther Marx =did User(AFDSC): software
$ Matern, Robert A. =did User (NWGS): CSC development.
$ Mathis, Roland =did User (Bell Canada): Bell-T customer service manager.
$ Matthews, Harley D. =did System (GE): Diagnostic Programs
$ Maurice, Lionel =did User (CCVR)
$ Mawhinney, Robert E. =did Marketing (HIS): EOP benchmark.
$ May, G William (Bill) =did System (PMDC): Field Support; pipes, command processor, applications environment, tape subsystems, B2 security team Multiple HLSUA presenter, OU student.
$ May, Robert M. (Bob) =did System (PMDC): GCOS TSS Simulator, COBOL Communications (TP) Runtime
$ Maynard, Dennis =did User (RADC): facility manager
$ Mazariegos, Erick =did User (SJU).
$ McBride, Louis =did User (AFDSC)
$ McCabe, Edward J. =did Cambridge Project (MIT): Project Diana, Janus
$ McCabe, H. Arthur =did Administration (HIS).
$ McCarthy, Cathy =did System (PMDC).
$ McCarthy, Kevin =did Consistent System (RCI).
$ McCarthy, Noreen =did User (Bell Canada): Bell-T/Bell-M provisioning group.
$ McCauley, Robert =did User (RADC): RADC/Multics evaluation (1971).
$ McClure, R. M. =did {@tmg.html TMG@} designer.
$ McConnell, Jim =did User (AFDSC)
$ McCord, Mike =did User (NWGS): System admin
$ McCue, Jim =did Marketing (HIS): systems mgr on PRHA sale
$ McDonald, Ricarda =did Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (UC).
$ McDuffy, Jesse =did Marketing (HIS/FSO): AFDSC sale.
$ McFadden, John =did User (Calgary): GENIE; Site Support (HISCAN) : MCHQ, DDDS : TeX.
$ McFadyen, Jay T. =did User (Ford): CAFE Database (MRDS), CLIC (Retargetable user interface)
$ McFall, Bill =did Field Engineering (HIS).
$ McGary, Txom =did System (MIT IPC): olc.
$ McGeachie, John S. =did Engineering (GE): 645 online programming system.
$ McGee, R. C. =did Engineering (GE/HIS); VMM.
$ McGillivray, Joseph =did Operations (MIT).
$ McGlothin, Dan =did User (USGS)
$ McGuire, Mary =did System (ACTC): compilers
$ McIlroy, M. Douglas =did System (BTL): {@pl1.html EPL@}.
$ McKenney, Roland F. =did System (HIS): Opus.
$ McLaughlin, John =did Operations (BCO): Systems support. Built a Min-Multics
$ McLeod, John W. =did Support (MCHQ): Application support, using MRPG
$ McMains, Wren =did Cambridge Project (MIT): Overlap Project, Discourse.
$ McMullan, Jay =did User (NWGS): Sims Hall
$ McNair, Michael =did Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (USGS-R, AFDSC, SCSI).
$ McNamara, Richard =did Operations (MIT).
$ Meade, Stephen A. =did User (AFDSC): Project Administration, Generalized Software, Configuration Management, Database Administration
$ Meer, Moseley A. =did System (GE/CISL): FL, File system, Backup.
$ Mekota, John =did System (HIS): Guardian.
$ Mellinger, Bill =did Operations (GM).
$ Mellon, Larry =did User (Calgary): Applications for University researchers, benchmarks
$ Mengel, Donald R. =did System (HIS); Site Analyst (CNO), Site Analyst (SOZAWE), Site Analyst (Brunel, Cardiff, Birmingham).
$ Mercer, Christopher R. =did System (NSA): IO.
$ Mercuri, George =did System (HIS): COBOL.
$ Merner, J. =did MDN.
$ Meron, Michel =did Multics Education at CiiHB.
$ Merritt, Larry =did Marketing (HIS): USL acct.
$ Mery, David =did Student (CICRP):  
$ Metcalfe, Bob =did User (MIT)
$ Metcalfe, I J =did User (Avon): systems programmer AUCC.
$ Mettewie, Tony =did Site Analyst: Attended Multics Metering & Tuning Seminar, June 78.
$ Meunier, G. =did User (Grenoble).
$ Meyazaki, M. =did Student (MIT).
$ Meyer, Edwin W. =did System (MIT): Network, Graphics, 6.36.
$ Meyer, Isabel =did Marketing Ed (FSO): McLean VA.
$ Meyer, Jerry =did Administration (HIS): HIS Systems Executive VP, owned Multics group 1984.
$ Meyer, Mike =did Administration (HIS): User (HIS/FSO): data dictionary prototype.
$ Meyers, J. =did System (GE/HIS): 6.36.
$ Meyers, Jerry =did Administration (HIS): VP HIS
$ Meyerson, James L. =did AEP (HIS).
$ Michelman, Eric =did Student (MIT): UROP developer at CISL on AWARE
$ Michelsen, Christie D. =did User (USL): MADAM
$ Michon, Benoit =did Marketing Education (CiiHB): customer training
$ Migues, Samuel =did Student/Consultant (USL): System (AFDSC): User (Dockmaster).
$ Mikosinski, Casey =did User (AFDSC)
$ Mikus, Kathy L. =did Engineering (GE).
$ Mikus, Leonard E. =did Designer (GE): I/O.
$ Millen, Jon =did User (MITRE): Guardian: MITRE security kernel paper.
$ Miller, Dan'l =did {@flass-organick.html website contributor@}.
$ Miller, Gary =did Engineering (GE).
$ Miller, John =did AEP (HIS): MATPAC, VMM.
$ Miller, John (#2) =did User (STC): graphical tool to allow analysts to create and amend SSADM drawings on line.
$ Miller, Steven J. =did Operations (GM).
$ Miller, Tom =did Field Engineering (GE).
$ Mills, Bob =did Marketing (HISUK): DSA, TCP/IP IETF, ITAEGS, secure systems, X/Open, Open Group
$ Mills, James D. =did System (MIT): EPLBSA; System (GE/CISL): {@pl1.html PL/I@}, Fortran, v1 APL.
$ Mills, John =did System (CISL): comm & networking group.
$ Mills, Richard G. =did Administration (MIT): Asst Director Project MAC, Director IPS.
$ Minafri, Ron =did User (HLR).
$ Minniti, John C. =did Documentation (CISL): Documentation Manager
$ Mitchell, Danny P. =did Operations (GM).
$ Mitchell, Pamela =did System (HIS): AFDSC support; also USAF contract for PRC.
$ Mitchell, Ralph =did SysAdmin (Brunel): Multics support
$ Miyazaki, M. =did Student (MIT).
$ Moberg, Bert =did User (Ford): System Support, Many MRDS changes and bug fixes, Linus, O/S
$ Mobley, Jess =did Marketing (HIS): Memphis branch mktg mgr, sold DCC.
$ Mockapetris, Paul =did User (MIT).
$ Moffitt, Robert =did Site Analyst (Cardiff); Site Analyst (Avon).
$ Moles, David =did -
$ Monaco, Peter =did Operations (MIT).
$ Mondy, Michael =did User (USL): Classwork.  Writing games and toys.
$ Mone, Hans =did Marketing (HIS): SOZAWE
$ Montagnon, Jean-Antoine =did Site Analyst: Attended Multics Metering & Tuning Seminar, June 78.
$ Montalbano, Nick =did Operations (RADC).
$ Montee, Robert F. =did Administration (HIS): North American Operations director of Multics.
$ Montgomery, Michael =did Site Analyst: Attended Multics Metering & Tuning Seminar, June 78.
$ Montgomery, S. =did Student (MIT).
$ Montgomery, Warren A. =did Student (MIT).
$ Moon, David A. =did Student (MIT): APL, MACLISP.
$ Moore, G L =did User (Avon): systems administrator AUCC.
$ Moore, Richard =did Operations (MIT).
$ Moreau, Dennis =did User (USL): Multics Graphics System,  Applications (PL/1), ALM tinkering
$ Morel, B. =did User (Grenoble).
$ Morell, Brian =did User (MCHQ): SysAdmin.
$ Morelli, Mary =did Documentation (PMDC).
$ Morgan, Bob =did User (NWGS): CSC, Delran, NJ; Moorestown, NJ
$ Morgan, D. =did User.
$ Morgan, Dave =did Engineering (HIS): online T&D.
$ Morgan, Sam =did Administration.
$ Morice, Michel =did Marketing (CiiHB).
$ Morlock, Blair =did User (Bell Canada).
$ Morr, S. C. =did Student (MIT).
$ Morris, Noel I. =did System (MIT, CISL): 6.36, {@pl1.html EPL runtime@}, File system, FIM, Initialization, {@phase-one.html Phase One@}, Backup, Disk DIM, {@nss.html NSS@}.
$ Morris, Robert =did System (BTL): {@pl1.html EPL@}.
$ Morrison, John =did Marketing (HISCAN): Bell Canada acceptance.
$ Morrison, R. H. =did System (PMDC).
$ Morrogh, William =did User (HLR) and Site SA
$ Mortara, M. =did User (RADC).
$ Morton, Lewis =did User (MIT)
$ Moses, Timothy =did Site Analyst (AFDSC): patches, user registration, fault analysis, user tech support
$ Mottorn, Dave =did Engineering (HIS).
$ Mounier, =did Site Analyst (SHOM).
$ Mudd, Gregory L. =did User (CRF, MPLS): Honeywell TC&SD software, Green Language (ADA) evaluation, DPS-6 development
$ Mueller, Jim =did User (USGS): Menlo Park chief of computer center.
$ Muirhead, Hilary =did User (Avon): selection committee.
$ Mulheron, Dave =did User (NWGS): Sims Hall Database Division
$ Mullen, Liz H. =did Marketing Ed (HIS).
$ Mullen, Robert E. =did System (CISL): {@printer.html Core dump@}, {@mult-sched.html Scheduler@}, edm, I/O, FORTRAN 77, Transaction proc, performance, {@timing-chn.html covert channels@}.
$ Murphy, =did FSD ISO.
$ Murphy, Pat =did User (USGS): tools developer, Menlo Park.
$ Murray, George =did Administration (GE): at BTL.
$ Musto, Marion =did User (NWGS): CSC, Moorestown, NJ
$ Myers, Tim =did User (Dockmaster): Class C2 TCSEC & TNI Evaluations of Novell NetWare
$ Myers, Wade =did Engineering (HIS).
$ Myszka, T. S. =did System.
$ Nadolnly, Bill =did Field Engineering (GE).
$ Navarette, C =did Engineering (HIS).
$ Neale, Roy L. =did User (CNO): Site Administrator, Honeywell IAC, Ft. Washington, PA.
$ Negaret, Roger =did System (CISL): DSA.
$ Neilson, Hans =did Engineering (HIS).
$ Nelson, Bill =did Site Analyst (STC)
$ Nelson, Donn L. =did Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (NPT).
$ Nelson, Gary =did System (HIS).
$ Nemmer, Anthony =did User (AFDSC): created some cool fractals on a Tektronix 4014 terminal using recursive Multics pl/1 programs!
$ Nestor, Frank =did Field Engineering (HIS): original GM installation.
$ Neumann, Peter G. =did Designer (BTL): {@fjcc4.html File system@}.
$ Neuville, Paul =did System (Oakland): Support & Programming
$ Newcomb, Lee A. =did Marketing (HIS/FSO): Site Analyst (AFDSC); System (CISL): Data management, development tools.
$ Newman, Otto =did System (HIS): COBOL.
$ Newsted, Peter R. =did User (Calgary): GENIE
$ Newton, Dorothy =did Support (GE).
$ Nguyen, Tai =did System (PMDC): Commands.
$ Nguyen, Thanh =did System (HIS): benchmark services; System (PMDC): MRDS.
$ Nguyen, Van Binh =did System (GE): Initialization, 6.36.
$ Nichol, Alex =did User (Avon): Director of Computing, University of Bath, selection committee
$ Nicholls, Joe =did System (CISL): MCS.
$ Nickerson, Rosemary A. =did Student (OU): 1979-1986; Marketing (HIS): 1981; User (VW): 1982; User (GM): 1982-1984; User (GM/EDS): 1985-1992.
$ Nilsen, Hans =did System (PMDC).
$ Nissen, Walter =did User (MIT).
$ Nivelet, Bernard =did User (INRIA): Head of Computer Center
$ Nokes, Steve =did System (HISLTD): Bristol net.
$ Nolan, Andy =did User (GM): User Support
$ Nolan, Laurel =did User (Bell Canada).
$ Noll, J. Crawford =did System (BTL): Disk, Tape.
$ Norland, Kenneth E. =did Administration (HIS).
$ Normand, Frederick A. =did User (RADC): RADC/Multics evaluation (1971).
$ Norris, Herb =did -
$ Noseworthy, Gordon =did Operations (MIT).
$ Nourse, A. =did Student (MIT).
$ Novak, Gregory C. =did AEP (HIS).
$ Nowak, Paul A. =did Site Analyst (RADC): H6180 dual (ALM, FORTRAN, GES).
$ Nowicki, Mark =did Marketing (HIS, HFSI): Site Analyst (Site N).
$ Noxon, Chuck =did Site Analyst (RADC); Marketing (HIS).
$ Nye, Henry =did Marketing (GE).
Nourse, A. =did Student (MIT).
$ Novak, Gregory C. =did AEP (HIS).
$ Nowak, Paul A. =did Site Analyst (RADC): H6180 dual (ALM, FORTRAN, GES).
$ Nowicki, Mark =did Marketing (HIS, HFSI): Site Analyst (Site N).
$ Noxon, Chuck =did Site Analyst (RADC); Marketing (HIS).
$ Nye, Henry =did Marketing (GE).
id Site Analyst (RADC): H6180 dual (ALM, FORTRAN, GES).
$ Nowicki, Mark =did Marketing (HIS, HFSI): Site Analyst (Site N).
$ Noxon, Chuck =did Site Analyst (RADC); Marketing (HIS).
$ Nye, Henry =did Marketing (GE).
awford =did System (BTL): Disk, Tape.
$ Norland, Kenneth E. =did Administration (HIS).
$ Normand, Frederick A. =did User (RADC): RADC/Multics evaluation (1971).
$ Norris, Herb =did -
$ Noseworthy, Gordon =did Operations (MIT).
$ Nourse, A. =did Student (MIT).
$ Novak, Gregory C. =did AEP (HIS).
$ Nowak, Paul A. =did Site Analyst (RADC): H6180 dual (ALM, FORTRAN, GES).
$ Nowicki, Mark =did Marketing (HIS, HFSI): Site Analyst (Site N).
$ Noxon, Chuck =did Site Analyst (RADC); Marketing (HIS).
$ Nye, Henry =did Marketing (GE).

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