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FAQ Multicians A-G

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699 names in A-G

$ Abbott, Bill =did Field Engineering (HIS): Bell Canada Hardware Technician
$ Abdellatif, Abdelaziz =did User (INRIA): MRDS Multidatabase.
$ Abel, Rea =did Marketing Ed (HIS)
$ Ackerman-Lewis, Grace =did Library (MIT IPC).
$ Adams, Dennis C. =did Site Analyst (Ford).
$ Adams, Gary T. =did Operations (AFDSC): Operations 1975 -1979
$ Adams, Lynda J. =did System (PMDC): system configuration management, xforum.
$ Adams, S. M. =did Student (MIT).
$ Adleman, Nathan A. =did System (GE, HIS): 6.36, EPLBSA, {@pl1.html EPL@}, AIM; Site Analyst (BCO); Marketing (HIS): EOPS; Marketing (HIS/FSO): Security kernel report.
$ Adsit, Robert J. =did System (PMDC): TTY DIM.
$ Agarwal, S. K. =did User (USL): MADAM
$ Agattas, Jerry =did Student (Oakland): &#39;81-&#39;83; User (GM): Application Developer
$ Aitkenhead, Paul C. =did Consistent System (RCI).
$ Akers, Mary =did User (AFDSC).
$ Akers, Scott =did System (HIS): GCOS simulator.
$ Alderman, Miles =did Marketing Ed (HIS).
$ Aldred, Neil =did Marketing (HISUK): Avon, Brunel, RAE, Cardiff.
$ Alfather (nee Ruhl), Melody =did User (Ford): PL/I Programmer/Systems Analyst for several FMC systems.
$ Allaire, Andre =did Education (HISCAN): DND Halifax, Bell Canada, DND Ottawa; Site Analyst (DND Ottawa).
$ Allen, Larry =did User (AFDSC)
$ Alpert, Elizabeth =did System (BTL): FSIM.
$ Alvarado, Robert J. =did System (HIS): SET.
$ Alvaro, Veronique =did User (CICRP): NetAdmin.
$ Amaranth, Pat =did User (GM): Created black armbands for HLSUA.
$ Amaranth, Paul =did User (OU): KERMIT, HLSUA Multics Task Force.
$ Ames, Peter =did Field Engineering (HIS): NWGS support (NWC).
$ Ames, Stanley R., Jr. =did Guardian: MITRE security study.
$ Amiet, Bernard =did User (SNEAP)
$ Ammons, John B. =did Engineering (GE/HIS): CPU.
$ Ancona, Enrico I. =did Student (MIT): Initialization, MAD.
$ Anderson, Cynthia =did Library (MIT IPC).
$ Anderson, Diane E. =did Documentation (HIS).
$ Anderson, James P. =did Guardian security evaluation.
$ Anderson, O. Ted =did User (MIT); MIT SIPB; Architecture Machine Group Magic6 OS; Amber team member
$ Anderson, Ward =did System (ACTC): Hardcore, Compilers, Commands, Comm, TCP/IP.
$ Andersson, Gunnar B M =did Marketing (Bull): Sales Scandinavia (sold ASEA/BBC Multics 1979-80)
$ Andre, Edouard =did System (CiiHB): UNCP/Multics.
$ Andrews, Jerry =did Operations (MIT): Computer Operations
$ Andrews, John =did Documentation (CISL).
$ Angotti, Nancy =did Documentation (BTL).
$ Anundi, Allan =did User (ASEA), Vasteras, Sweden
$ Aparicio, Luis =did User (PRHA): Director of EDP.
$ Armstrong, Michael B. =did Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (UC).
$ Arnwine, Michael P. =did Marketing (HIS/FSO): Site Analyst (AFDSC).
$ Aronson, Rob =did User (SJU)
$ Arthur, William =did System (GE): FORTRAN.
$ Asher, Graham =did User (STC).
$ Asher, Jerry =did User: Honeywell TC+SD software.
$ Asherman, Michael D. =did System (CISL): vfile_.
$ Asproth, Bob =did Site Analyst: Attended Multics Metering & Tuning Seminar, June 78.
$ Ata, John =did Marketing (HIS/FSO): Site Analyst (AFDSC, RADC); System (HIS): inner ring NCP-TCP/IP.
$ Athane, Jean Michel =did System (CISL): Pascal.
$ Auerbach, Michael L. =did Marketing (HIS/FSO): Site Analyst (AFDSC, USGS-M); continuum.
$ Aulas, J. P. =did User (CICRP)
$ Autier, Guy =did Marketing (CiiHB): CCVR Multics Cray Station.
$ Auyang, Y. S. =did Student (MIT).
$ Aziza, Georges =did User (INRIA)
$ Backs, Joanne =did System (PMDC): End User Services.
$ Baeten, Tim =did SysMaint (GM): System programming
$ Bahrs, D. =did Engineering (GE).
$ Bahrs, Peter C. =did Student (USL).
$ Bailey, M. J. =did System (MIT): CTSS dumper.
$ Bakal, Janice =did User (UC)
$ Baker, John =did System (Avon): Algol 68.
$ Balacco, Steve =did Marketing (HIS): USGS-R acct.
$ Balageas, Pascal =did Field Engineering (CiiHB): Installation, Maintenance of 68 & 8/70M (Renault, Insee, Cnet, etc)
$ Baldwin, Lee =did Documentation (CISL): data management docs.
$ Ball, Allen =did System (CISL): bootload debugger, B2 tests (as student)
$ Ball, T. =did Marketing (HIS).
$ Banatre, Jean-Pierre =did User (INRIA): Enchere
$ Banatre, Michel =did User (INRIA): Enchere
$ Banh, T. =did User (MDA-TA).
$ Baque, Philippe =did User (CICT): System admin. Wrote or adapted many soft in AI (alouette) graphics (GKS) languages (Pascal) and sure many extension on Emacs and many others.
$ Barankewicz, Mike =did Marketing (HIS): SJU acct.
$ Barkalow, Tom =did Student (MIT): PAL.
$ Barker, Deryk G. R. =did System (HISLTD): UK networking support; Site Analyst (STC); xforum.
$ Barnecut, Norm =did Site Analyst (UC): Chairman HLSUA Multics Task Force; Chairman HLSUA Multics Committee. Multiple Rate Structure Accounting. System Administraton.
$ Barnes (Hart), Jane =did Documentation (CISL): Everything from l967 to 1972
$ Barnes, Richard A. =did System (CISL): {@pl1.html PL/I@}, FORTRAN, language group mgr.
$ Barr, Susan =did System (CISL): FAST, debug, {@nss.html NSS@} salvager.
$ Barre, Jackie =did System (IRIA): UNCP/Multics, CCVR Multics Cray Station.
$ Barriga, Conrad =did Operations (HIS).
$ Barstad, Ronald A. =did System (PMDC): Commands, Subsystems, GCOS Simulator & GTSS, EMACS support, MOWSE, SQL.
$ Bartlett, Sandy =did User (Bell Canada).
$ Bartlett, W. S. =did System (GE): 6.36.
$ Baryza, Greg =did User (Ford); Marketing (HIS): site analyst (Ford); System (CISL): mgr database group, regular expressions, C, commands.
$ Bash, Jacquelin L. =did Documentation (CISL).
$ Baskett, Forest W. =did {@palyn-report.html Palyn Report@}.
$ Basnett, Dewayne =did Marketing (HIS): MPO McLean VA, PRHA
$ Batlle, Salvador E. =did Administration (AFDSC): Converting ALL GCOS Systems to Multics.
$ Batten, Ian G =did User (Birmingham): Prolog interpreter in PL/I.
$ Batts, Jim =did Documentation (CISL): documentation manager.
$ Bauer, Fred =did Field Engineering (HIS): SJU.
$ Bawden, Alan =did Staff (MIT AI): MacLisp, Macsyma.
$ Bayles, R. U. =did System (MIT): CTSS.
$ Beatson, T. J. =did Engineering (GE).
$ Beattie, Arthur E. =did System (PMDC): SET, extended memory for 18x style FNPs, IMFT enhancements.
$ Beatty, Ron =did Documentation (MIT): security docs.
$ Beaume, Bernard =did User (INSEE-P)
$ Beazant, Norman =did Marketing (HISLTD): RAE Cray interface.
$ Becker, H. =did Engineering (GE).
$ Beckles, Deryck =did User (Bell Canada): Bell-M.
$ Beecher, Tom =did User (AFDSC): Applications development; Engineering (CISL): Multics maintenance.
$ Beeghly, Daniel I. =did Support (Ford): Help Desk, Training.
$ Behymer, Jim =did System (CISL).
$ Bell, Alan =did Marketing (HIS): branch mgr for Brunel
$ Bell, D. E. =did Guardian: MITRE security study.
$ Bell, Jan =did CiiHB
$ Bellec, Jean =did User (Paris): L64 architect.
$ Bellusci, Mike =did Documentation (CISL): Multics documentation 
$ Belmont, Peter A. =did System (GE/CISL): User control, {@pl1.html PL/I I/O@}.
$ Benedict, G. Gordon (Llewellyn, David J. R.) =did Student (MIT): APL, some misc utilities
$ Benjafield, Gail =did Library (GE): Documentation (GE/CISL). Still alive and well and living back in Canada.
$ Benjamin, Arthur =did Student (MIT).
$ Benjamin, Barbara =did Cambridge Project (Harvard): statistics.
$ Benjamin, Paul W. =did System (PMDC): GTSS, WORDPRO, compose graphics, format_document_, MRDS, DMS; editor, The User Ring.
$ Bennett, Bonnie Holte =did User (CNO): Honeywell Systems and Research Center
$ Bennett, Bruce =did Marketing (HIS): branch mgr for NSA
$ Bennett, George D. =did Administration (GE).
$ Bensoussan, Andre =did Designer (GE/CISL): File manager, Initialization, AIM, {@nss.html NSS@}.
$ Berglund, Allen A. =did System (BCO, PMDC): Installed Billerica and Paris, Mgr MSS Phx.
$ Bergum, David I. =did Site Analyst (CNO)
$ Berlent, Lewis =did System (BTL): Disk.
$ Berman, Harris A. =did System (MIT IPC): tape.
$ Berno, =did System (HIS).
$ Berrezouga, Skander =did Marketing (CiiHB): Pre-sales & CRAY-Multics project
$ Berry, Michael A. =did Marketing (HIS).
$ Berson, Joel =did System (HIS): sort/merge.
$ Berstel, J. =did Author: wrote usage guide in French.
$ Bertonis, Peter =did Field Engineering (RADC).
$ Bessodes, Michel =did User (CERT/ONERA)
$ Bhushan, Abhay K. =did System (MIT): Network, GIMPSPIF, Graphics.
$ Bianchi, Maurice =did System (GE): 6.36.
$ Biba, K. J. =did Guardian: MITRE security study.
$ Bibby, Al =did Marketing (HIS): DPO Southern Region marketing director.
$ Bier, Alan =did AEP (HIS): PMDC.
$ Binder, Fred =did System (PMDC).
$ Birnbaum, D. =did User (RADC): Remote Data Entry (Pattern Analysis and Recognition Corp., Rome, NY.)
$ Birns, Len =did User (NWGS): CSC Day Zero
$ Biron, Gaetan =did User (Bell Canada).
$ Bisaga, Gary J. =did User (HIS): hacked on APL at Explorer Post at HIS in Tysons Corner, VA
$ Bishop, Matt =did User (Dockmaster): General user
$ Bishop, Peter B. =did Student (MIT): LISP.
$ Bivens, Charlsie A. =did Support (HIS): System M, Lead Operator..., Camelback Rd Facility, HIS
$ Bjorkman, Elizabeth Quisenberry =did System (MIT): Command language.
$ Blaber, Gina =did Documentation (CISL).
$ Blackburn, Mark =did Site Analyst (RADC).
$ Blacker, Bob =did User (NWGS): CSC, TTGP.
$ Blackmore, Henry =did System (ACTC): compilers, commands, active functions.
$ Blair, Jean K. =did System (PMDC): mrds_call, executive mail.
$ Blais, John =did Marketing (HIS): Sales - Detroit Ford
$ Blaizot, F. =did User (INRIA): DELTA
$ Blake, Ronald "Dutch" =did User (AFDSC): SysAdmin.
$ Bleser, Thomas =did User (Mainz): F77 scientific programming and data visualization, Wordpro typesetting.
$ Blessin, Ron =did Engineering (HIS).
$ Blight, Larry =did Marketing (HIS): UC acct.
$ Bockhausen, Arthur =did Support (HIS): First Ford Install + All Detroit Area Accounts
$ Boebert, William Earl =did Administration (GE/HIS): Multics Project Office, DSO: politics, contracts, university & govt relations.
$ Boehm, Susan Stafford =did User (Paris): P6 dev; Marketing (HIS/FSO): Site Analyst (AFDSC).
$ Boenighausen, =did MDN.
$ Bois, Daniel =did Marketing (Bull GE): Marketing for Bull MarketPlace from 1976 to 1986, in Paris.
$ Boissonnet, Valerie =did Marketing (CiiHB): MRDS, Lisp, Kool, AI Tools.
$ Bon, Frederic =did User (CICG): EDA.
$ Bongiovanni, John J. =did System (CISL): hardcore, {@mult-sched.html scheduler@}, performance, scavenger, tools.
$ Bonnette, Della =did Administration (USL): Head of CS Dept.
$ Bonney, Jean =did Administration (MIT IPC): Dir ARCS.
$ Bonney, Norman =did User (Brunel): System administrator.
$ Boone, Ray =did Field Engineering (HIS): GM, Ford.
$ Boris, Irwin I. =did Administration (HIS).
$ Bos, Peter R. =did System (MIT IPC): Library tools.
$ Bouchenez, P. =did User (INRIA): DELTA
$ Bouchier, Charles =did Marketing (HIS): Was tasked to implement Cobol, Spearheaded talks with NEC to add Multics to 9000 line
$ Boudry, =did Site Analyst (CITI)
$ Bouhet, Bernard =did User (CICG): EDA.
$ Boullier, Pierre =did User (INRIA): DELTA
$ Bourderon, Jean-Pierre =did website contributor.
$ Bourquin, Frank R. =did Field Engineering (HIS).
$ Bower, Michael F. =did Marketing Education (HIS): Training Programs with Education Phoenix
$ Bowers, Graham =did Field Engineering (HIS): Field Service Manager, RADC.
$ Bowling, Mike =did Operations (CISL): Operations for the Kendall Square office.
$ Boyd, Diana L. =did System (BTL): {@pl1.html EPL@}, 6.36, linker.
$ Boyd, Donald L. =did User (System M): WELLMADE.
$ Boyd, Toby =did Documentation (CISL).
$ Boyle, Helen =did Site Analyst (SCSI).
$ Bozich, Terry M. =did Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (Ford); Marketing (HIS).
$ Brady, Diana =did User (GM).
$ Brady, Jane =did Marketing (HIS): AFDSC acct.
$ Braida, Mary K. (Massey) =did System (CISL): AIM.
$ Brandes, John B. =did User (SJU): Educational Applications Support; User (Dockmaster)
$ Braquet, Craig J. =did Student (USL): learned PL/1 and Pascal on Multics, and worked in Multics I/O room; User (AFDSC): Classified projects while working for CSC.
$ Bratt, Richard G. =did System (MIT, CISL): TTY DIM, file system, prelinker.
$ Braun, Bonnie =did System (PMDC): commands/tools, analyze_multics, TR management tools, B2 testing.
$ Braun, Ronald L. =did System (BTL): printer.
$ Braveman, Judy =did Support (CISL): Labor Voucher cartoons.
$ Breen, Bill =did AEP (HIS): Kay Carlyle and I had an AEP assignment to write automated test scripts for the ec comands. I also had an assignment on VMM
$ Brennand, Paul =did Marketing (HIS): branch mgr for RAE
$ Bretagnolle, Bernard =did User (CICG): ported EDA to Multics.
$ Bricklin, Daniel =did Student (MIT): LSS, APL.
$ Bridges, Bill =did Site Analyst (SCSI).
$ Brinegar, Libbie =did Support (HIS).
$ Brinegar, Rickie E. =did System (PMDC): LINUS & MRDS
$ Broadbent, Alan =did User (Brunel): System administrator.
$ Brock, Bill =did Field Engineering (HIS): 645/6180 Waltham, Billerica MA (1973-1982)
$ Brode, John =did Cambridge Project (MIT): designer, TSP, Datatran.
$ Brodell, Mark =did Operations (SJU); Site Analyst (Site N).
$ Bromberg, M. A. =did Student (MIT): Graphics, PDP8.
$ Broughton, Jeffrey M. =did User (MIT); MIT SIPB; Student (HIS): probe; Amber team member.
$ Broussard, Michael J. =did Marketing (HIS): EOP benchmark; Site Analyst (AFDSC).
$ Brown, James P. =did Engineering (HIS): online T&D, SysTest.
$ Brown, JD =did User (AFDSC)
$ Brown, Leroy =did AEP (HIS): MDBM Data Dictionary.
$ Brown, Les =did Marketing (Bull): promotion in Europe
$ Brown, Patricia =did Operations (AFDSC): The classified and unclassified MULTICS systems.
$ Brown, Ron =did Marketing (HISCAN): Bell Canada.
$ Brown, S. =did website contributor
$ Brown, S. S. =did Student (MIT).
$ Brown, W. Stanley =did System (BTL): debugging.
$ Browning, Jim W. =did Administration (USGS): Menlo Park, Denver. SysAdmin, continuum; Site Analyst (Elf Aquitaine).
$ Brunelle, Edward C. =did User (AFDSC): SysAdmin; Marketing (HIS/FSO): Site Analyst (AFDSC); Benchmark Support; System (PMDC): answering service, accounting, MOWSE, DSA.
$ Bruton, N =did User (Avon): technical administrator AUCC.
$ Bubric, Richard =did System (ACTC): mail.
$ Buczynski, Bob =did Marketing (HIS): SCSI acct.
$ Budhani, Farhad =did User (Bell Canada): SOFA II
$ Bufton, Alan =did Marketing (HIS): LUT, UBCC
$ Bugely, Faith =did System (BTL): IO UIM.
$ Bui, Hien =did Support (PMDC).
$ Buis, Alain =did User (CULTURE)
$ Bunza, Geoffrey =did User (MIT): SIPB (MIT), TICS Project
$ Burbeck, D. W. =did Engineering (GE).
$ Burch, Jim =did Marketing (HIS): sold DCC.
$ Bureau, Jean-Claude =did Site Analyst (INSEE-P)
$ Burford, Frederick W. =did Site Analyst (HIS): Ford and GM Multics Systems
$ Burke, Edmund L. =did Contractor (MITRE): AFDSC sale.
$ Burke, Glenn S. =did Staff (MIT LCS): MacLisp, Macsyma.
$ Burkhardt, David =did Marketing (HIS): PRHA Conversion project
$ Burner, Weston J. =did Marketing (GE); Administration (MIT IPC): Director, IPC.
$ Burnham, Alf G. =did Support (HIS): Site Analyst (UC), Cust Support: Bell Canada, MCOIN, DDDS
$ Burrus, Phillip F. =did Site Analyst (MDA-TA): SEDACS
$ Burt, Eric =did User (Ford): Systems Support
$ Burton, Al =did Operations (RADC).
$ Busch, M. D. =did Engineering (GE): 645 online programming system.
$ Buser, Jon =did User (NWGS): CSC applications developer (SDF, NWC).
$ Bush, Eric =did System (CISL) {@pl1.html PL/I@}.
$ Bush, James A. =did System (CISL): DPS 8/70M kernel drivers, read_tape_and_query, ISOLTS T&D subsystem
$ Bush, Karen Elizabeth =did Marketing (HIS): Ford and GM. fought to teach Honeywell (and Honeywell Bull) what it was that they were destroying. Primarily
$ Bushkin, Arthur A. =did Student (MIT): Used as teaching and research platform
$ Buzen, Jeffrey P. =did Engineering (HIS): VMM.
$ Byrd, Ken =did User (OU): System programmer.
$ Cadenas, Pedro =did User (USGS)
$ Cadenas Jr., Pedro =did Operations (USGS): MULTICS Main Frame
$ Cadiou, =did User (INSEE-Aix)
$ Cahoon, Gerald L. =did Operations (HIS).
$ Cain, Joseph F. =did User (USGS-R)
$ Calavas, Antoinette =did Documentation (MIT IPC).
$ Callegher, J. Claude =did Site Analyst (CICG, SUNIST/DBMIST)
$ Callen, Joseph J. =did SysAdmin (AFDSC): Operations and SysMaint
$ Camara, Tom =did Site Analyst: Attended Multics Metering & Tuning Seminar, June 78.
$ Cameron, John =did User (Ford): System administrator.
$ Campbell, Dave =did User (NWGS): CSC, SDF Delran, NJ; SDF Moorestown, NJ
$ Campbell, Donald =did System.
$ Campbell, Robert H. =did System (MIT): Backup.
$ Campbell-Grant, Ian R. =did Student (MIT).
$ Campo, Charlene =did Marketing (PMDC).
$ Canaday, Rudd =did System (BTL): BCPL.
$ Canali, Francis A. =did System (MIT IPC): TTY dim.
$ Cann, Bruce =did Field Engineering (HIS): Ford.
$ Caplin, Anne =did Documentation (CISL).
$ Capps, Dennis =did System (MIT IPC): Tape, absentee, Operator communication, runoff.
$ Card, Clyde =did Marketing (HIS): AccuRay acct.
$ Carey, O. D. =did Support (MIT): MAC.
$ Cargo, David S =did User (CNO): Project managment, using e-mail, {@noah.html forum@}, and compose
$ Carinhas (Jones), Rose A. =did User (USL): student; Marketing (HIS): LSMS/Phoenix.
$ Carlock, J. Stephen =did Site Analyst (SJU, MDA-TA); Marketing (HIS): EOP, Monsanto, NWGS.
$ Carlyle, E. Kay =did AEP (HIS); System (HIS): SysTest; Marketing.
$ Carre, Claude F. =did System (CISL): File system, interprocess communication. (1968)
$ Carter, Don =did Marketing (HISCAN): Proposals (Unfortunately)
$ Cartney, Mike =did System (AFDSC): Applications for the Secretary of Defense, Program, Anaylses, and Evaluation
$ Caruso, Joe =did User (Bell Canada): Site support (Bell-T).
$ Casaccia, A. J. =did User (Ford).
$ Cascini, Vinnie =did Marketing (HIS): SJU conversion.
$ Casey, Thomas A., Jr =did System (CISL): GCOS, Accounting, answering service, absentee, process preservation, BCE, hardcore mgr.
$ Caslake, Joe =did Engineering (HIS).
$ Cassell, Robert W. =did Engineering (HIS): Assisted in the Development of the Multics solution for Naval War Gaming.
$ Castor, Web =did Marketing (HIS).
$ Catherino, John A. =did User (Oakland): Ancient Computer Science Student
$ Cavallero, Tony =did User (NWGS): CSC Moorestown, NJ
$ Cavender, Debbie =did Marketing (HIS): OU acct.
$ Cayrol, Patrice =did Marketing (CiiHB): MGS, PR.
$ Cecil, Janice H. =did System (MIT): Command language.
$ Cerrato, Richard =did Operations (MIT).
$ Chakraborty, Meena =did SysAdmin (GM): Site Support for GM Corporate Planning System.
$ Challeil, Gilbert =did System (CISL).
$ Chambers, Alan =did System (HISLTD): Bristol net, X25, UK Transport Service.
$ Chambon, =did Site Analyst.
$ Champel, =did User (SNECMA)
$ Chance, J. A. =did GE
$ Chandler, Don =did System (Bull).
$ Chang, C. =did System (HIS): COBOL.
$ Chang, Gabriel D. Y. =did System (GE/CISL): {@pl1.html PL/I@}, FORTRAN.
$ Chapin, Daniel H. =did Marketing (HIS): Multics Education
$ Charbonneau, Pierre =did Site Analyst (Bell Canada): Bell-M GTSS : GCOS Time Sharing Simulator / GCOS FNPs
$ Charton, Yves =did User (Paris VI): 1985-88
$ Chase (Cerami) (Magee), Roberta =did Support (PMDC).
$ Chate, Dave =did User (Brunel): System Admin.
$ Chavez, V =did SysMaint.
$ Chazel, Andre =did User (SUNIST/DBMIST)
$ Cheek, Deja =did User (AFDSC): OSD Financial and Budgeting Systems
$ Cheek, Thomas B. =did ESL (MIT): graphics.
$ Chen, Henry =did Engineering (GE): 645 processor design.
$ Chesnutt, Stan =did Student (USL): various student projects and hacks
$ Chessor, Don =did Field Engineering (HIS): Ford.
$ Chevalier, Bob =did Marketing (HIS): MIT.
$ Chevassus, Madeleine =did System (CISL): Multics DSA project 1984-1985.
$ Chicoine, Jacques =did User (Bell Canada).
$ Child, Margaret E. =did System (MIT): CTSS.
$ Chin, Hon Wah =did User (MIT); MIT SIPB Amber project leader
$ Chmura, L. J. =did User (Mitre): Multics security tests
$ Chorley, Will =did System (HISLTD): Bristol net.
$ Chouinard, Richard A. =did Benchmark Services (HIS).
$ Christenson, Larry =did User (CNO).
$ Chrzanowski, John =did Marketing (HIS): SJU.
$ Chubb, James =did Site support (Bell-T).
$ Church, Alan =did User (Ford, 1974-1994): System Support, FNP.
$ Churchhouse, John =did Site Analyst (RAE): Multics Cray Station.
$ Circello, Joe =did Engineering (HIS): ADP-Multics.
$ Clancy, Gerald F. =did System (MIT): CTSS, File system, Initialization, Scheduler.
$ Clancy, Gerald J. =did User (BCO): A software design and evaluation system.
$ Clark, David D. =did System (MIT): Access control.
$ Clark, Douglas G. D. =did User (Avon): user support, documentation, Minitab, Genstat, Glim.
$ Clark, F =did Site Analyst.
$ Clark, Greg =did User (Ford): Systems Support.
$ Clark, Pat =did -
$ Clark, Wayne =did System Admin (AccuRay Corp).
$ Clarke, Dorothea S. =did System: FORTRAN.
$ Claussen, Bob =did Engineering (GE): 600 series; Marketing (GE/HIS): Detroit, Ford sale.
$ Clavel, =did User (CICB)
$ Claveleira, Christian =did User (CICB): TCP/IP port.
$ Clegg, Elmer I. =did Administration (HIS): DSO, FSO sales mgr for USGS sale.
$ Clement, =did User (CICT)
$ Clement, Ken =did Student (USL): Operator and Assorted System Programming including an enhanced "check_em"
$ Clingen, Charles T. =did Administration (GE/CISL): Manager, CISL; Manager, Multics.
$ Cloutier, Rich =did Engineering (HIS): Flower, HIS CCSC Minneapolis.
$ Cockburn, Bill =did User (Bell Canada): Bell-T operations.
$ Cockrum, Cathy =did -
$ Coffin, David R. =did AEP (HIS).
$ Cohen, D. E. =did Student (MIT).
$ Colborne, Graham F. =did User (Brunel): "Converse" discussion software and online diary system
$ Cole, Walt =did Field Engineering (HIS): Ford.
$ Coleman, Ted =did Operations (BCO): System Support
$ Coley, Roger =did Site Analyst (AUCC, Brunel, Cardiff)
$ Colijn, A. W. =did Author: wrote note on Multics command language
$ Collier-Brown, David =did User (CNO): SDE for DPS-6, using (among others) the ADAsil cross-compiler.
$ Collum, Gene =did Engineering (HIS): Librafile.
$ Combs, Jim =did Field Engineering (HIS): System M Phoenix, USGS Denver.
$ Conover, Al =did Administration (HIS): PMO VP Systems.
$ Conti, Glenn T. =did System (AFDSC): Also worked at VPI and the Planning Board for Puerto Rico Govt
$ Conwell, Candy LCDR =did User (NWGS): USN TTGP dept head (SPAWAR Point Loma, San Diego)
$ Cook, Jim =did User (DCC).
$ Cooke, Doug =did Marketing (HISCAN): Bell Canada.
$ Cooper, Bill =did Marketing (HIS): USGS Denver.
$ Cooper, Robert W. =did User (NWGS): CSC SysAdmin (SDF, NWC, TTGL, TTGP).
$ Coppola, Richard L. =did Field Engineering (PMDC): SysMaint, 870-M, Flower.
$ Corbato, Fernando J. =did Administration (MIT); Designer. {Story: {@corby.html Corby@}.}
$ Coren, Robert S. =did System (CISL): IO daemon, TTY DIM.
$ Corney, David =did User (Avon): wrote enhanced FAST subsystem, 1979.
$ Cote, Gil =did System (NWGS): Applications (NWGS).
$ Couleur, John F. =did Designer (GE): 645 CPU architecture.
$ Cousins, David W. =did Site Analyst (AFDSC, NSA).
$ Cowin, G. =did MDN.
$ Cox, Stan =did Site Analyst (HISCAN): MCHQ; System (CISL): data management, tasking, {@message-coordinator.html Message Coordinator@}.
$ Craig, Raymond B. =did User (AFDSC): HQ USAF Manpower data systems: applications and database
$ Cramond, Susan =did Site Analyst (STC).
$ Cratty, Bill =did Marketing (HIS): AFDSC acct.
$ Crawford, Mary =did Documentation (PMDC): Multics DSA manuals.
$ Creasy, R. J. =did System (MIT): CTSS.
$ Cresson, Curtis J. =did Marketing (HIS/FSO): Site Analyst (AFDSC).
$ Creste, Jean-Paul =did Site Analyst (Elf Aquitaine, Credit Lyonnais, SNECMA).
$ Crisman, Patricia A. =did System (MIT): CTSS: manual; System (MIT): MSPM editor.
$ Cross, Gary =did -
$ Crowley, Thomas H. =did Administration (BTL).
$ Cummings, Ed =did Marketing (HIS): branch mgr for ASU
$ Cummins, Carol L. =did AEP (HIS): TR.
$ Cummins, Ron =did Engineering (HIS): Flower, HIS CPSC Minneapolis.
$ Cunningham, Maureen =did Support (CISL).
$ Cupak, J. J. =did User (RADC): Remote Data Entry (Pattern Analysis and Recognition Corp., Rome, NY.)
$ Cuppolero, Ernie =did Engineering (GE).
$ Curd, Dan =did Marketing (HIS): DPO branch mgr, Cincinatti, sold IN.
$ Curtis, Rusha =did Site Analyst (AFDSC).
$ Cushing, Carole A. =did System (MIT): CTSS, File system.
$ Daggett, Marjorie M. =did System (MIT): CTSS, 6.36.
$ Dahl, James =did Engineering (PMDC): 6180 CPU, Flower.
$ Dahm, Dave =did Engineering (GE).
$ Daley, Robert C. =did Designer (MIT): {@fjcc4.html File system@}, qedx.
$ Dalton, Chris =did System (PMDC).
$ Danial, R. G. =did Engineering (GE).
$ Dankwardt, Kevin =did Student (USL): student programming. hacking.  worked on screen oriented editor on top of &#39;ted&#39; used widely at USL.
$ Darras, =did Site Analyst (CULTURE).
$ Daurio, Stan =did User (Bell Canada).
$ Davenport, T. L. =did Student (MIT).
$ David, Edward E., Jr. =did Administration (BTL): Trinity.
$ Davidoff, Monte N. =did System (CISL): {@pl1.html PL/I@}, format_pl1, TP.
$ Davids, Noah S. =did System (PMDC): xforum, menu mgr, executive service, MRDS, DMS.
$ Davies, Neil J =did System (Avon): Networking software - ring 4 user terminal multiplexer and UK mail standards
$ Davis, Charles R. =did System (CISL): Compilers.
$ Davis, James R. =did System (CISL): probe, video support, menus.
$ Davis, Phil =did Marketing (HIS): Hardware updates to the MIT site
$ Davis, R. C. =did User (Mitre): AFDSC security study
$ Dawson, Ree =did Cambridge Project (MIT): statistics and numerics.
$ Day, Matthew H. =did System (HIS): COBOL.
$ Dayton, Cathy =did Support (PMDC).
$ Dean, Albert L. =did Administration (GE): mgr CISL.
$ Dean, Mike =did Marketing (HIS); User (Ford).
$ Dearing, Deanne =did User (UC): HLSUA presentation.
$ Decker, R. A. =did Engineering (GE).
$ DeDoes, Steve =did User (Ford): HLSUA presentation.
$ Degan, Robert A. =did Operations (MIT).
$ Dehn, Joe =did User (MIT).
$ Deitel, Harvey =did Student (MIT): User control.
$ De Jeu, Francois =did Administration (Honeywell Bull, Paris); manager, Paris 645.
$ de Jong, Kees =did Site Analyst (SOZAWE): PL/I course, site support.
$ deKersauson, Bertrand =did Site Analyst (CICB)
$ Delcambre, Matthew =did Student (USL).
$ Delgado, Jose =did Marketing (HIS): PRHA acct.
$ Demchock, T. M. =did Student (MIT).
$ Demers, Dick =did System (PMDC): Hardware Development, Flower.
$ Dempster, Arthur P. =did User (MIT): Consistent System
$ Denning, Peter J. =did Student (MIT): virtual memory, working set model, concept of thrashing.
$ Dennis, Jack B. =did Designer (MIT): parallel computation and architectures, segmentation.
$ Densmore, James E. =did User (AFDSC): AFSA TAC BRAWLER Tactical Air Combat Simulation.
$ Dent, Janet M. =did Marketing Education (HIS): Compose, LINUS, MRDS, OS, PL/I.
$ Depaix, =did User (CIRIL)
$ DeRoma, Leonard J. =did Student (MIT): UROP, worked for Dave Clark on security 72-74.
$ Derouen, Max =did Field Engineering (Bull): Installation, Maintenance of GE645 (Paris) and 8/70M (Renault, Paris and Insee, Aix-en-Provence)
$ DeRoven (Warren), Gail D. =did Marketing (HIS): Ford; Site Analyst (Ford, GMISCA)
$ Deutsch, L. Peter =did Student (Berkeley): design of qed.
$ DeVaney, David =did User (BCO): A software design and evaluation system.
$ Dewar, Al =did System (HIS).
$ Diamond, D. S. =did Student (MIT): pricing models.
$ Diaz, Pedro =did Marketing (HIS): PRHA support manager.
$ Dibble, Nancy =did Marketing Ed (HIS).
$ Dibble, William B. =did Marketing (HIS).
$ Dick, D. R. =did Student (MIT).
$ Dickson, Paul =did System (PMDC): Hardcore (B2 Functional Tests, TCP/IP)
$ Dildine, Harry =did Site Analyst: Attended Multics Metering & Tuning Seminar, June 78.
$ Dimercurio (Prasad), Mary =did HRM/JP (GM): PL/I,MRDS,Janus; User/student/consultant (OU); App Prog (Ford)
$ Dinolt, George W. =did User (Ford): Applications Development Tools (Ford Motor Co. 1978-1982)
$ d'Ippolito, Vincent =did Field Engineering(CiiHB): Multics based on a L66/DPS8 CIIHB mainframe 
$ Dix, C. Walker =did Administration (HIS): Multics program mgr.
$ Dixon, Gary C. =did System (HIS): Library tools; Marketing Ed (HIS); System (PMDC): TRCoord, video system, date/time, admin, dump analysis, software design & coding, auditing, security audits of kernel.
$ Doane, Bob =did User (RADC): facility manager
$ Dobberstein, Riley =did Engineering (HIS): CPU.
$ Dobbie, J. =did Engineering (HIS).
$ Doenlen , Charlie =did Marketing (HIS): NWGS Sites, CSC Moorestown NJ
$ Doherty, Mike =did Marketing Ed (HIS): Marketing Education Manager for Multics (and CP6) in Phoenix.
$ Doherty, Pat =did User (USGS): author of continuum.
$ Dominick, Wayne D. =did User (USL): MADAM
$ Donlevy, Peter =did User (Bell Canada): Bell-T SysAdmin.
$ Donner, Eleanor (Stone) =did System (GE/CISL): File system, absentee, commands.
$ Donofrio, Jerry =did System (GE): System Development Tech GE645 GOIC & teletype adapter cabinet
$ Donovan, John J. =did System (MIT): Scheduler.
$ Donovan, Marc =did Support (Calgary): basic user support
$ Dore, Brian K. =did User (USL).
$ Dosani, Firoz =did Site support (Bell-T).
$ Douglas, Richard R. =did Administration (HIS): VP & GM LISD.
$ Dowgiallo, Edward A. =did User (NWGS): User language and warfare model maintenance.
$ Downer, John =did User (SCSI)
$ Downey, P. J. =did Guardian: MITRE Guardian security paper.
$ Downie, Robert. =did USAF: Project ZARF.
$ Downing, Alan R. =did System (CISL): {@pl1.html PL/I runtime@}, System (PMDC): HEALS.
$ Doyle, Cathy =did Support (MIT): MAC.
$ Drake, Stan =did User (Bell Canada).
$ Dratel, Pattie =did Support (MIT IPC).
$ Dreyer, Phil =did Site Analyst (CNO): I was an applications developer and one of the Multics SysAdmins for Corporate Honeywell from 1983 until its end.
$ Drown, Paul =did System (HIS): T&D.
$ Drumm, William =did Operations (HIS).
$ Drummond, Ronald F. =did Administration (BTL).
$ Druon, Francois =did Marketing (CiiHB): Telecomunication, FNP, DSA.
$ Dugal, James =did Site Analyst (USL).
$ Dugast, Gerard =did Operations (INRIA).
$ Dumar, Richard =did Field Engineering (HIS): RADC.
$ Dumouchel, Guy =did Site Analyst (Bell-M).
$ Dunn, Carol (Meade) =did Support (HIS): admin, support
$ Dunten, Stanley D. =did Designer (MIT): CTSS, {@mx-net.html TTY DIM@}, File system, Initialization, BOS.
$ Dupuis, Al =did System (HISCAN): GTSS; Marketing (HIS); System (PMDC): database, report writer, MOWSE.
$ Durand, Nazrat =did System (ACTC): vfile_.
$ Durio, Bryan =did Marketing Education (HIS): User (USL); Marketing (HIS/FTO): SCSI NRS; SCSI ARS; Marketing (HIS/FSD): education.
$ Dustin, M. =did -
$ Dyar, J. D. =did User (RADC): Remote Data Entry (Pattern Analysis and Recognition Corp., Rome, NY.)
$ Dyke, A E J =did User (Avon): computer manager AUCC.
$ Dylnicki, Stan P. =did Benchmarks (Bell Canada): Replacing GCOS TSS with Multics & Benchmarking Evaluations.
$ Eachus, Robert I. =did System (BCO): LALR.
$ Eastman, Dave =did Field Engineering (HIS): NWGS support (NWC).
$ Eastwood, Douglas E. =did System (BTL): Command language.
$ Eaton, Bill =did {@645-board.html website contributor@}.
$ Eaton, Larry =did Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (RADC); Marketing (HIS).
$ Eckert, Jerry =did User (VPI): System Programmer, SysAdmin
$ Edwards, Daniel J. =did System (MIT): CTSS, XRAY.
$ Edwards, Eugene =did Support (AFDSC): Systems Support; PRHA, Batch Conversion Manager (HIS)
$ Ehrler, Timothy J. =did User (ASEA): User (IN/ASEA), H/W Devel.; CAD (DLS/Sim) S/W Engr. (Honeywell, Bull)
$ Eichele, Derek =did System (PMDC): MOWSE.
$ Eicher, =did System (CISL).
$ Elefante, Don =did RADC.
$ Elhard, Dean =did System (ACTC): binder, dynamic linker, KERMIT, object MSFs.
$ Elliot, Bern =did Engineering (HIS): OPUS.
$ Ellis, Bill =did Marketing (HIS): Site Analyst (DCC).
$ Ellis, Calvin =did Marketing (HIS): EOP, Monsanto benchmarks.
$ Elson, J. D. =did Engineering (GE).
$ Elston, Gil =did User (NWGS): CSC, Delran, NJ; Moorestown, NJ 
$ Eng, Sylvia =did User (Bell Canada).
$ Engleman, Paul =did User (AFDSC): 1ISG.
$ Epperson, Dave =did User (USL): 1976-1979: Grad student, Operations/UserServices.
$ Epstein, I. =did Engineering (GE/HIS).
$ Erickson, Cecile D. =did Documentation (CISL).
$ Ernestus, Hans =did Marketing (Bull): Relational databases
$ Estfan, W. =did Engineering (GE).
$ Evans, Arthur, Jr. =did System (MIT): clock, {@pl1.html EPL@}, PAL. ("The Art of Computer Programming" -- Don Knuth)
$ Evans, Dave =did Administration (ARPA): ARPA advisory panel.
$ Ex, Barbara =did System (CISL).
$ Facetti, Mario =did System (GE).
$ Fahrlander, Frank =did Engineering (GE): System simulation of 645/GIOC, associative memory models.
$ Fakoury, Richard =did Field Engineering (HIS); T&D, COLTS, BCE.
$ Falksen, James A. =did System (PMDC): database manager, MRPG, photocomposition, date/time; User (NWGS): CSC SysAdmin (NWC).
$ Fano, Robert M. =did Administration (MIT): Director, Project MAC.
$ Faraci, Larry =did User (NWGS): Sims Hall
$ Faraday, Ron =did Site Analyst (Bell-T).
$ Farber, David J. =did System (BTL): {@pl1.html EPL@}, T&D.
$ Farley, Paul =did System (PMDC): hardcore, BCE save/restor, MCA support.
$ Farrell, Jim =did System (HISUK): X25 Connection Management
$ Fasbinder, Steve =did User (OU)
$ Fateman, Martha Nelson =did Documentation (MIT): MAC.
$ Fawcett, Rich =did Field Engineering (HIS); Benchmark Services (HIS); System (PMDC): disk ctl, IMU support.
$ Feiertag, Laurie Haron =did Documentation (MIT, CISL).
$ Feiertag, Richard J. =did System (MIT): Command language, IOS, Guardian.
$ Feldman, Norman N. =did Administration (HIS): VP LISD, VP PMO.
$ Feldman, Stuart I. =did System (BTL): IOS.
$ Fellinger, Bill =did Engineering (HIS): security.
$ Felthouse, Gordon =did System Admin (HIS): Sys-M.
$ Fenichel, Robert R. =did System (MIT): 6.36, GEBUG, reserver design.
$ Fetter, Robert J. =did User (GM): timesharing support; User (HFSI): applications
$ Fidler, Ardis =did Support (HIS).
$ Fidler, Don =did Operations (CISL).
$ Filichia, Lilli =did Documentation (CISL).
$ Fillat, A. I. =did User (MIT): early relational database
$ Finn, Michael S. =did SysAdmin (GM): site support.
$ Fischer, Dieter =did Site Analyst: Attended Multics Metering & Tuning Seminar, June 78.
$ Fischer, Michael =did System.
$ Fishburn, George =did Marketing (HIS): GM acct.
$ Fisher, Dave M. =did User (Avon)
$ Fisher, Dick =did Engineering (GE/HIS): System Tech 645, 6080, 6100 designer cache, assoc. memories. 1971-1984
$ Fisher, Jim =did User (USGS): user assistance, Reston, Site Analyst (USGS-R).
$ Flach, Coen =did General (Bull NL): Education
$ Flanagan, Ann =did Site Analyst (NWGS-NWC)
$ Flass, Peter =did {@flass-organick.html website contributor@}.
$ Flegel, Mike =did System (ACTC): MOWSE, emacs.
$ Fleming, Kevin P. =did System (PMDC): Hardcore (functional tests), documentation.
$ Formoy, Mike =did User (Brunel).
$ Forsdick, Harry =did Student (MIT): User Control.
$ Forsyth, Jim =did User (MCHQ): SysMaint.
$ Forzani, Bob =did Administration (HIS): PMO Director of Strategic Planning.
$ Foss, Alan P =did Engineering (STC): The Level 68 and installed its repalcement the DPS8/70M
$ Foss, Charles H. =did User (AFDSC): office chief, AFDSC systems group.
$ Foster, R. M. =did Engineering (GE): RAID.
$ Fournier, Robert =did System (Grenoble): UNCP/Multics.
$ Fox, Julie =did Documentation (CISL).
$ Franklin, A. Craig =did System (MIT IPC): {@pl1.html PL/I@}.
$ Franklin, Elaine =did Cambridge Project (MIT): utilities, quality control.
$ Franklin, Robert W. =did System (HIS): Terminal Drivers
$ Frankston, Charles B. =did User (MIT); MIT SIPB; Amber team member
$ Frankston, Robert M. =did Student (MIT): LSS, Core metering.
$ Frazier, Bruce =did User (Bell Canada).
$ Frazier, Col. Herb =did User (AFDSC)
$ Fredenucci, Sigrun =did SysAdmin (CICG): Connection of an attached processor FPS-264 to the DPS8-70/Multics.
$ Fredkin, Ed =did Administration (ARPA): ARPA advisory panel; Administration (MAC): Director.
$ Freedman, Dan =did Support (UC): Applications programming, and command interpreter
$ Freiburghouse, Robert A. =did System (GE/CISL): {@pl1.html PL/I@}, languages mgr.
$ Freilich, Mona =did User (NWGS): Sims Hall
$ Frewin, Peter =did User (Brunel).
$ Frick, Harlow E. =did System (GE): T&D, Scheduler.
$ Friesen, Oris D. =did System (HIS): Database Manager
$ Frink, Bill =did Administration (HIS): {@palyn-report.html Palyn committee@}; Product management; System (PMDC): software technologies.
$ Frommer, Raphael =did System (HIS); Marketing Ed (HIS).
$ Frost, Victor S. =did User (RADC).
$ Frye, Steve =did System (PMDC).
$ Fudge, Dan =did Site Analyst (ACTC).
$ Funk, Emily =did Cambridge Project (MIT): utilities, commands, Janus.
$ Futas, George =did Engineering (GE): 645 System Design, Integration, Proj. Mgmt.
$ Gadde, Terrill =did Documentation (CISL).
$ Gagliardi, Ugo =did Administration (HIS): chose Multics for BCO NPL sw factory.
$ Gaines, R. Stockton =did {@palyn-report.html Palyn Report@}.
$ Gaines, Warren M. =did Administration (HIS).
$ Galcik, Tony =did Engineering (HIS).
$ Gall, Nicholas =did AEP (BCO): Prolog interpreter for Multics. Ada compiler testing.
$ Gallagher, Robert =did -
$ Galler, Bernard A. =did System (MIT): CTSS: MAD.
$ Gallizzi, Edmund L. =did User (USL): Graduate Student
$ Gandy, Haywood =did System (PMDC).
$ Gangwere, S. G. =did Engineering (GE).
$ Garboll, Barb =did User (Bell Canada).
$ Garcia, Jerry =did Documentation (CISL): terminal operator.
$ Gardner, Richard =did Documentation (MIT): MAC.
$ Garman, Charles C. =did System (MIT): 6.36, {@pl1.html EPL runtime@}, Commands.
$ Garner, Mike =did Site Analyst (RAE)
$ Garrison, Jim =did Documentation (CISL).
$ Garrison, Mike =did Student (USL): 1977-79 Various graduate student projects
$ Garthe, Larry L. =did System (GE): FL.
$ Gasser, Morrie =did Contractor (MITRE): Multics Security Enhancements, password generator
$ Gatha, Arun =did Administration (ACTC): director.
$ Gaumetou, Pierre =did System (CISL): Multics DSA project lead 1983-1985.
$ Geary, Mike =did User (AFDSC): SysAdmin, 1ISG.
$ Gee, Jim =did System (ACTC): MOWSE.
$ George, Bill =did System (PMDC).
$ George, Ron =did User (UC): director.
$ Giani, Aleardo =did User (HIS): Distributed System Architecture - HIS (Pregnana Milanese, Italy)
$ Gibson, Tammy =did User (NWGS): SDF applications programming.
$ Gifford, David K. =did Student (MIT): hardware monitor.
$ Gilbert, John P. =did User (MIT): Consistent System
$ Gilbert, Peter N. =did Student (OU); User (GM): Application Programmer on CPS; User(Ford): Application Programmer on MATS.
$ Gilcrease, George =did Marketing (HIS); Site Analyst (VPI); System (PMDC): commands, Multics TAC.
$ Gildersleeve, James L. =did System (HIS): System Engineering.
$ Gillard, Pete =did User (STC): database design group, ported Logica's Rapport RDBMS; Logica: Rapport Multics installations at French Ministry of Agriculture, Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs, and the Pentagon.
$ Giller, Sue =did Consistent System (RCI).
$ Gilliand, Jerry =did System (PMDC).
$ Gillmore, Fred =did Marketing (HIS): San Juan PR branch marketing manager.
$ Gilson, John =did Marketing (HIS) documentation, administration; Marketing (HIS/FSO): security documentation.
$ Gimbel, Bill =did System (CISL): hardcore group.
$ Gimpel, James F. =did System (BTL): {@pl1.html EPL@}.
$ Gintell, John W. =did Administration (CISL): Manager, Multics System Development.
$ Glaser, Edward L. =did Designer (MIT): 645 CPU architecture, GIOC.
$ Gleason, Bob =did User (Bell Canada): district mgr.
$ Godefroy, A. F. =did Engineering (GE).
$ Godfroid, Michel =did -
$ Godsell (Baust), Susan =did Cambridge Project (MIT): utilities, commands, Consistent System, ANSI tape labelling software.
$ Goel, Manju =did User (AFDSC)
$ Goff, Jim =did Field Engineering (GE): MIT and BTL 645 Green Beret.
$ Goldberg, Barbara P. =did System (BTL): {@pl1.html EPL@}.
$ Goldberg, I. Bennett =did System (BTL): {@pl1.html EPL@} math library.
$ Goldberg, Jeffrey =did Student (MIT)
$ Goldberg, Robert P. =did Engineering (HIS): VMM.
$ Goldman, Jay =did User (MIT): MIT EE dept relational data management, command line processor, auto dial.
$ Goldstein, A. Jay =did System (BTL): Page scheduler.
$ Goldstein, Robert C. =did User (MAC): MacAIMS relational data management.
$ Goltz, Gary =did Marketing (HIS): RADC, MIT, ACD accts.
$ Gonzalez, Hipolito (Polo) =did System Admin (PRHA) 1980-84; HIS (Marketing) 86-93
$ Gonzalez W. Lastarria, Raul F. =did User (EPSHOM)
$ Good, Andrew (then known as Barry) =did SysAdmin (Brunel): Third Party Software Installation and Support
$ Goodwin, Jerry =did User (VA Tech): System programmer, multilevel daemon.
$ Gordon, Dave =did User (Avon): Student hacker, University of Bath
$ Gordon, John C. =did User (AFDSC): Developer - HQ Air Force Budget - ABIDES / F&FP
$ Gosling, James =did System (UC): Pascal compiler.
$ Gotch, Leslie =did SysAdmin (NSA): Marketing (HIS, HFSI): Site Analyst (NSA): Dockmaster
$ Goudy, Maxon L. =did Documentation (CISL): many documents
$ Gowans, Bill =did Site Analyst: Attended Multics Metering & Tuning Seminar, June 78.
$ Grado, Sandy =did User (USGS): user assistance, Menlo Park.
$ Grady, Michael J =did System (CISL): Tapes, TTY DIM, MCS, Hardcore
$ Graham, Harry =did AEP (HIS).
$ Graham, Nancy L. =did System (BTL): {@pl1.html EPL runtime@}.
$ Graham, Patrick =did Marketing (HIS, HFSI): System Operator: USGS; Site Analyst (Site N, DOCKMASTER).
$ Graham, Robert M. =did Designer (MIT): {@exec-env.html call/save/return@}, languages.
$ Gram, G. J. =did Engineering (GE).
$ Granata, Joseph A. =did Site Analyst (AFDSC): Systems Analysis and maintenance at (SJU, AFDSC, NSA)
$ Grant, Prof. A. R. =did User (AUCC)
$ Gray, James E. =did System (HIS): MDBM.
$ Gray, James N. =did System (BTL): I/O driver.
$ Gray, John Richard (Rick) =did System (ACTC): TR admin, compilers, ALM, commands.
$ Gray, Marion C. =did System (BTL): Numerical analysis.
$ Grayce, Christopher J. =did Student (MIT) documentation; student consultant
$ Graziano, Sarah E. =did Documentation (CISL).
$ Grebert, Alain P. =did System (GE).
$ Green, David M. =did SysAdmin (MCHQ): MCOIN - SysAdmin and SysMaint, Multics DAT Backup System
$ Green, Paul A. =did System (MIT, CISL): {@pl1.html PL/I@}, APL, AIM, User control.
$ Greenbaum, Howard =did Student (MIT).
$ Greenberg, Bernard S. =did System (CISL): Page control, {@nss.html NSS@}, LISP, I/O, Emacs, AN61, {@printer.html interpret_fdump@}.
$ Greenberg, Howard =did Student (MIT).
$ Greenberg, Joseph H. =did System (HIS): AEP
$ Greene, Bob =did Marketing (HIS): Florida Large Scale marketing mgr, PRHA sale.
$ Greening, Pamela =did User (Ford).
$ Greenwald, Irwin =did {@palyn-report.html Palyn committee@}.
$ Greenwald, Michael =did System (MIT, CISL): Internet protocols, Dover printer support.
$ Greenway, R. D. =did Engineering (GE).
$ Grems, Mandalay =did MAC
$ Grenda, Emil =did Field Engineering (GE): GECOS Support at CISL.
$ Grider, T. Allen =did Marketing (HIS/FSO): EOP benchmark; Site Analyst (Site-N, NCSC, 1ISG, SEDACS, DOCKMASTER).
$ Grieco, Angelo =did Operations (CISL).
$ Grimes, Nick =did User (NWGS): CSC applications developer (NWC).
$ Grimes, Robert J. =did System (HIS): GTSS, Multics Proj Mgr.
$ Griswold, Ralph E. =did System (BTL): SNOBOL.
$ Grochow, Jerrold M. =did System (MIT): User control, binder.
$ Gross, J. =did -
$ Gross, M. =did Student (MIT).
$ Grout, =did Site Analyst.
$ Gueniot, Yves =did User (IRT)
$ Guerstein, =did User (Dir.Prevision)
$ Guilford, Jim =did Engineering (HIS).
$ Guinaudeau, Louis =did Support (CiiHB): support of Bull French customers.
$ Gumpertz, Richard H. =did Student (MIT): {@mx-net.html ARPANet@}, ALM, TECO, page multilevel, ABSI; Engineer (Honeywell Bull, Paris).
$ Gunderson, Patrice =did User (USGS): Contractor, USGS-D, Potomac Research, PL/I and APL, rock sample analysis.
$ Gusenius, Del =did System (PMDC): Primarily testing.
$ Gutman, W. =did MDN.
$ Guy, John T. =did Operations (MIT)
dministrator; User (USGS): Contractor, USGS-D, Potomac Research, PL/I and APL, rock sample analysis.
$ Gusenius, Del =did System (PMDC): Primarily testing.
$ Gutman, W. =did MDN.
$ Guy, John T. =did Operations (MIT)
atrice =did User (MIT): EECS database administrator; User (USGS): Contractor, USGS-D, Potomac Research, PL/I and APL, rock sample analysis.
$ Gusenius, Del =did System (PMDC): Primarily testing.
$ Gutman, W. =did MDN.
$ Guy, John T. =did Operations (MIT)
tz, Richard H. =did Student (MIT): {@mx-net.html ARPANet@}, ALM, TECO, page multilevel, ABSI; Engineer (Honeywell Bull, Paris).
$ Gunderson, Patrice =did User (MIT): EECS database administrator; User (USGS): Contractor, USGS-D, Potomac Research, PL/I and APL, rock sample analysis.
$ Gusenius, Del =did System (PMDC): Primarily testing.
$ Gutman, W. =did MDN.
$ Guy, John T. =did Operations (MIT)
strator; User (USGS): Contractor, USGS-D, Potomac Research, PL/I and APL, rock sample analysis.
$ Gusenius, Del =did System (PMDC): Primarily testing.
$ Gutman, W. =did MDN.
$ Guy, John T. =did Operations (MIT)

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