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Winona Ryder FAQ [1/4 - 6/21/96]

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Archive-name: movies/winona-ryder-faq/part1

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                     Frequently Asked Question List
                              June 21, 1996
This document is produced for free redistribution for non-commercial =
only.  Permission is granted for it to reproduced electronically on any =
connected to the networks which compose the Internet, Usenet, and =
FidoNet, and
copies can also be printed.  This document may not be altered in any way,=
printed and electronically distributed copies must contain the copyright
notice and disclaimer intact.

DISCLAIMER: While every effort is made to maintain the accuracy of this
document, the author cannot accept liability for any outdated or =
information contained herein.

Copyright 1995, 1996 C. Scott Duprey, all rights reserved.
This FAQ is broken up into *four* parts as follows:

1/4-> Introduction [*THIS FILE*]
      1.1-> Formatting
      1.2-> Basic Netiquette
      1.3-> About the FAQ and Its Sources of Info
      1.4-> Where can I get a copy of the FAQ?
      1.5-> Feedback

2/4-> Frequently Asked Questions
      2.1-> Biographical Information
      2.2-> Where can I write to Winona Ryder?
      2.3-> What are some of her favorite films?
      2.4-> Where can I get pictures of Winona on the Internet?
      2.5-> How do I uudecode pictures posted to Usenet groups?
      2.6-> Has Winona ever done nudity?  Where can I get nude photos of =
            Will she appear nude soon?
      2.7-> Does Winona have an Internet e-mail address?
      2.8-> Who is Polly Klaas?  Why is the film "Little Women" dedicated=

3/4-> Winona Related Internet Sites
      3.1-> Photo Archives
      3.2-> Mailing List
      3.3-> World Wide Web Sites

4/4-> Filmography and Other Credits
      4.1-> Current Projects
      4.2-> Upcoming Projects
      4.3-> Filmography
            Lucas (1986)
            Square Dance (1987)
            Beetlejuice (1988)
            1969 (1988)
            Heathers (1989)
            Great Balls of Fire! (1989)
            Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael (1990)
            Edward Scissorhands (1990)
            Mermaids (1990)
            Night on Earth (1991)
            Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)
            The Age of Innocence (1993)
            The House of the Spirits (1993)
            Reality Bites (1994)
            Little Women (1994)
            How to Make an American Quilt (1995)
            Boys (1996)
      4.4-> Other Credits
      4.5-> Rumors & Other Stuff


This FAQ is posted in four parts for the following reasons:

      1.    It's easier to follow.
      2.    It's easier for me to edit several small files than one large=
      3.    It will be easier for you to download updates.  If I make one
            change in one section, you can download the appropriate =
            rather than one large file.
      4.    It seems more "official".

I have set up a web site so that this FAQ can be accessed whenever =
The address is as follows:

Right now, the latest version of the FAQ is available there in ASCII text
form, with an HTML version forthcoming.  It is also posted to =
news.answers and
alt.answers and is archived and accessible through FTP (see below).

1.1-> Formatting
This document is laid out a certain way.  It might look funny on your =
If you are looking at it using a text editor that uses a fixed system =
font and
has an 80 column display, it should look fine.  Otherwise, lines and such=
not appear properly.  If you're using a word processor such as =
WordPerfect or
Microsoft Word, you can get the document layout right by setting your =
left and
right page margins to 1 inch, and using the Courier New font, at a 10 =
size.  This will also allow you to print the FAQ with proper formatting.

1.2-> Basic Netiquette
Here are some good guidelines to follow when reading not only this =
but any Usenet group.

Read the newsgroup for at least a month before posting.
Reading what other people post for a while gives you a basic idea of what
regular readers of the group are interested in discussing.  An example is=
recent Winona vs. Pam Anderson thread.  The general consensus has been to=
the thread die, but it hasn't because a newbie will come along, see the
thread, and innocently post his/her two cents.  Reading for a month =
posting can help avoid this.

Reading for a while before posting also can let you know which topics =
been discussed to death.  Posting a message asking for any and all nudes =
Winona, for example, is a great way to announce your newbie status.

The one month time frame is used because FAQs are often posted on a =
basis, so you should wait and see if the newsgroup has a FAQ before =
posting a
question that has most likely already been answered.  A list of Winona's =
credits is a popular request that has already been covered (in another =
of this FAQ).

Avoid excessive cross-posting.
Cross-posting is when an identical message is posted to two or more
newsgroups.  Sometimes a cross-post is appropriate and can create =
discussion between readers of several newsgroups.  An appropriate =
is the aforementioned Winona vs. Pam Anderson thread which was =
cross-posted to and  Excessive and irrelevant
cross-posts include the recent Nazi Alert! and Are you Christian? =

Also be aware of the message headings, which include information about =
groups the message is being posted to.  If you reply to a message that =
been cross-posted, your reply is automatically cross-posted to the same =
as the original post, unless you edit the message header.

Don't spam.
Spamming is different from cross-posting in that spamming involves =
posting the
same message to a zillion newsgroups for the purposes of advertising.  =
Ask a
'net-savvy friend to tell you the story of The Green Card Lawyers.  =
is kind of like junk mail.  It's intrusive and you generally don't want =
read it.  Anyone who's spamming is most likely not reading this anyway, =
hey, you can't say I didn't try.

Respect others as you'd like to be respected.
The Internet is the ultimate forum for free speech: you can say what you =
to a potential audience of millions all over the world.  Just be aware =
not everyone wants to hear what you have to say.  And for those of you =
want to tell everyone what's acceptable speech and what's not, don't.  =
all adults, and if we're not, we should be supervised.  If you feel the =
to insult someone for something they posted (I recommend you don't), =
always e-mail.

1.3-> About the FAQ and Its Sources of Info
A lot of the same questions get posted to this newsgroup from time to =
Thus, they are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).  The aim of this FAQ =
list is
to answer some of those questions on a regular basis.

The information in this FAQ comes from various sources: my own knowledge,
magazine articles, sites such as the Internet Movie Database, and posts =
to  I don't really quote any specific sources, since I
cannot remember where I got all of the specific information.  I don't =
credit because I'd rather not credit anyone if I can't credit everyone.  =
you contributed something to this FAQ, you know who you are and I thank =

This FAQ is not meant to be the definitive Winona Ryder bible.  I've =
some cursory biographical info, some answers to Frequently Asked =
and a filmography.  This FAQ doesn't go into microscopic detail because =
also listed some Winona related Internet sites, and what's fun in =
them out if you don't discover some new information there?

1.4-> Where can I get a copy of the FAQ?
The various sections of the FAQ are posted to on the
first and third Friday of each month.  That averages out to about =
or fortnightly, or whatever you call two weeks in your corner of the =
The FAQ will be posted to news.answers and alt.answers on the first =
Friday of
the month.  The subject line will appear as follows:

      Winona Ryder FAQ [*/4 - month/day/year]

The most recent update of the FAQ is available in ASCII text form (with =
to follow) on the World Wide Web at:

The FAQ is also available via FTP from in the following


The FAQ is also posted at various Winona-related Web sites, some of which=
listed in Section 3 of the FAQ.

1.5-> Feedback
I hope you find this FAQ useful.  If you have any questions, corrections,=
just general comments, feel free to e-mail me at:



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