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Rocky Horror Theater List

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Posting-frequency: Monthly
Faq-Maintainer: (George Burgyan)

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This is a monthly posting that is posted on or about the 15th of each

This list is from the Rocky Horror fan club and from people that
E-Mailed me.  Since I didn't go to all of these theaters, I cannot
guarantee their accuracy.  Entries marked with `*' have more information
about them at the end of the list.  Entries marked with `!' are
temporary.  Some of these entries have been slightly edited (mostly for
conciseness) from the original message sent to me, but the content is
the same.  Also note that this is the official list of the Rocky Horror Fan
Club.  (Thanks to all the people that helped make it that!)

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site ( in the directory pub/usenet/news.answers.
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This list is Copyright 1993, 1994, but you are free to distribute it.
But please leave my name on it, and tell me if you are going to publish
it. Thanks.

If you have any additions or changes to the list, E-Mail me at or snailmail me at:

  George Burgyan
  1380 Dill Road
  South Euclid, OH 44121-3969

	George Burgyan (

------BEGINING OF LIST------

  Metro Mall - Phoenix, AZ
* The Loft Cinema - Tucson, AZ
  Valley Art Theater - Tempe, AZ
  Arcata - Arcata, CA
* Art Theatre - Long Beach, CA
* Belmont Cinema - Belmont, CA
  Birdcage - Citrus Heights, CA
* Cal Poly Theater - ????, CA
* Camera One - San Jose, CA
  Central Park Fox - San Antonio, CA
* Guild Theater - San Diego, CA
  Kings Drive Inn - Hanford, CA
* Montclair GCC - Montclair, CA
  Noyo - Willits, CA
* Nuart - Los Angeles, CA
* Rialto - So. Pasadena, CA
* UC Berkeley - Berkeley, CA
* Bloor Cinema - Toronto, CAN
* CineBistro - Quebec City, CAN
  Cinema de Paris - Montreal, CAN
  Lux - Vancouver, CAN
  Marks - Osgawa, CAN
* Mayfair Theatre - Ottawa, CAN
* Plaza Theatre - Vancouver, BC, CAN
  Roxy Cine-Gog - Victoria, CAN
  Starlight - Vancouver, CAN
* Uptown - Toronto, CAN
  Westminster - New Westminster, CAN
* Esquire - Denver, CO
* York Square - New Haven, CT
* Chestnut Hill Cinema Cafe - Newark, DE
  Carefree - West Palm Beach, FL
  Countryside - Clearwater, FL
  Park Cinema - Pinellas Park, FL
  Regency Mall - Jacksonville, FL
  Volusia - Daytona Beach, FL
  Galleria - Atlanta, GA
* Hilltop Family Cinemas - Mableton, GA
* Northlake 8 - Atlanta, GA
* The Georgia Theater - Athens, GA
* Henenway Theater - University of Hawaii Manoa campus, HI
* Billy Joe's Pitcher Show - Des Moines, IA
* Varsity Theatre - Ames, IA
  Cineplex Odeon - Nampa, ID
  Lakehurst - Waukegan, IL
  Mundelein Cinema - Mundelein, IL
  New Art - Champaign, IL
  CrossRoads Theatre - Merrillville, IN
* Hollywood Bar & Filmworks - Indianapolis, IN
* Muncie Creative Opportunites Center - Muncie, IN
  Boulevard 3 - Topeka, KS
  Vogue - Louisville, KY
  Lakeside - Metairie, LA
  General Cinema - Shoppers' World - Framingham, MA
* Harvard Square - Cambridge, MA
* Laurel Lakes Center - Laurel, MD
* Towson Commons General Cinema - Towson, MD
* University of Southern Maine - Portland, ME
* AMC Sterling Center 10 - Detroit, MI
* Capitol - Flint, MI
* Uptown - Minneapolis, MN
* Avalon Cinema - St. Louis, MO
* Deville Cinema - Jackson, MS
* Silver Screen - Biloxi, MS
* Rialto - Raleigh, NC
  The Silver Screen Cafe - Charlotte, NC
* ? - Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
  Blaker Twin - Wildwood, NJ
* Brook Theatre - Bound Brook, NJ
* Cinema 35 - Paramus, NJ
* Cinema Classics - Redbank, NJ
* Friendly's Cinema - Bayville, NJ
* Harwan - Mt. Ephraim, NJ
  Movie City 6 - Edison, NJ
* Torrey Pines Cinema - Las Vegas, NV
  ?????? - Staten Island, NY
* Amherst - Buffalo, NY
  Arts - Binghamton, NY
* Cinema East - Nyack, NY
* Jo-Mor's Stoneridge Theater - Rochester, NY
* Lockport Mall - Buffalo, NY
  Marboro - Brooklyn, NY
* Movieland 8th Street - New York, NY
  Strand - Plattsburgh, NY
* Westcott Cinema - Syracuse, NY
* Cedar Lee - Cleveland Heights, OH
  Cinema Circle - Circleville, OH
  Cinema West - Hamilton, OH
* Cla-Zel - Bowling Green, OH
* Graceland - Columbus, OH
  Highland Theater - Akron, OH
  Loews Theater - Glendale, OH
* Maumee Theater - Maumee, OH
  Neon Movies - Dayton, OH
* Real Movies - Cincinnati, OH
* Clinton Street - Portland, OR
  Third Wave Cinema - LaGrande, OR
  Holly Theater - Mt. Holly Springs, PA
* Lehigh Valley Mall - Allentown, PA
* Roxy - Philadelphia, PA
* State Theater - State College, PA
* The Hollywood Theatre - Pittsburgh, PA
  Wyoming Valley - Wilkes Barre, PA
* Meadowbrook - Warwick, RI
  Franklin - Franklin, TN
* Powell Cinemas - Knoxville, TN
  Bell-Air - Euless, TX
* Casa Linda - Dallas, TX
* Central Park Fox - San Antonio, TX
  Forum - Arlington, TX
  Jolly's View & Brew - Amarillo, TX
* Northcross 6 - Austin, TX
* River Oaks Theatre - Houston, TX
  Town Crossing - Mesquite, TX
  Windchimes - Houston, TX
* Prince Charles Cinema - London, UK
* Tower Theatre - Salt Lake City, UT
  Camelot - Staunton, VA
  Naro - Norfolk, VA
  UA Lynnhavan - Virginia Beach, VA
  Lido - Mt. Vernon, WA
  Lincoln Plaza - Tacoma, WA
  Magic Lantern - Spokane, WA
  Pasco Theater - Pasco, WA
  VA Kitsap - Silverdale, WA
* Varsity - Seattle, WA
  City Centre - Green Bay, WI
  Majestic - Madison, WI
* Oriental - Milwaukee, WI

* Hoyts Centre - Sydney, Australia
* Cinema Mondo - Helsinki, Finland
* Studio Galande - Paris, France
* Museums Lichtspiele - Munich, Germany
* Rocky Horror Shows (Actual plays) - Germany
* The Classic - Harold's Cross, Dublin, Ireland
* X-Ta - Tel-Aviv, Israel
* Cinema Mexico - Milan, Italy
* Paramount Theatre - Wellington, New Zealand
* Hagabion - Gothenburg, Sweden

---------END OF LIST---------

These comments are not mine (mostly) but of some of the readers of

---------BEGINNING OF COMMENTS---------

The Loft Cinema - Tucson, AZ
 Sat, Midnight, $4.50
 Comments: Huge theater, big screen, new film. Audience mostly high
  school and college students. Some cast members have an awful sense of
  timing. Virgins are married before sacrificed. (We have morals... NOT
 Comments: RHPS has reopened and will play only the 1st and 3rd week
  every month, until further notice.  Price remained at $4.50 rather
  than the $5 we were expecting.  They still didn't solve any of the
  shit that went on, but it's gone away for now (teenage drinking,
  grumpy management, lack of publicity)

Art Theatre - Long Beach, CA
 2025 E. 4th Street at Cherry Ave.
 (310) 438-5435
 Sat. show $6.00
 Comments: The cast here is VERY good.	Their props & costumes are some
  of the best anywere.	A custon-built stage, trannies and a full prop,
  technical, lighting and security crews. The show is very fun but if
  you get sick of it their are always cool people in the forier to hang
  out with.  This is a very modifyed version of the old "Sat. Balboa"
  cast. (only a handful of the Balboa people are still left...)   You
  can throw almost everything.	Thay even let you use lighters! A word
  of advice if you go... Don't join cast if you like your sanity... Good
  show but... Thay also have a very nice "uncut", Super Heros print! All
  in all this is truly a cast worth seeing...

Belmont Cinema - Belmont, CA
 Admission: $6.00

Cal Poly Theater - ????, CA
 Finger "" for more information
 Comments: Big Purple Onion Productions is the name of a club on the
  campus of the California Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo,
  Ca. Our cast name is "Zen Room," and we perform once, sometimes
  twice per quarter, and ALWAYS on haloween, or the closest Saturday
    We perform in the Cal Poly Theatre, with a real stage-play format,
  professional lighting and crew, and the movie playing behind us. We
  do try to be more than just a "typical" movie theatre cast. Our
  theatre seats 500.
    Beginning with our next performance, we now have sponsorship by the
  local modern-rock show on the #1 radio station in our market, as
  well as numerous area businesses including "Fanny Wrappers," the
  local intimate apparel shop.

Camera One - San Jose, CA
 Sat, Midnight
 Phone: 408-294-3800
 Comments: Camera One's cast is Velvet Darkness, and no matter what the
  Berkeley cast says, Sal Piro designated VD the "best cast in the
  country" for 1993.  VD started playing at Fremont's UA which is now a
  foreign language theatre (no, they don't show a subtitled version of
  RHPS :-) many years ago and switched to the Camera One in early 1993.
  They recently celebrated their first anniversary at Camera One.  There
  is a weekly virgin sacrifice in which one virgin is forced to strip
  and don a wedding dress and then is placed in the opening wedding
  photograph scene with the cast.  Excellent cast, costumes and props
  (full lighting equipment, a castle, a casket, red and blue sheets, a
  candelabra, etc., etc.)  Audience props are only minimally supervised.
  Best line heard first at Camera One: "..called the human race (that's
  why your phone bill is so high!)"

Guild Theater - San Diego, CA
 Location: 3827 Fifth Avenue
           San Diego (in the Hillcrest area), CA
 Cost: $6.50
 Comments: The cast is Crazed Imaginations. The theater is small (as
  is the stage) but the cast and audience have lots of fun. No props
  allowed except Bic lighters (they go out when you pass out) New cast
  members are always welcome, just talk to anyone in cast after the
  show if you're interested.

Montclair GCC - Montclair, CA
 Monta Vista exit off the 10 fwy.
 Turn north, 1 blk, turn right in to the mall.
   - Their are 2 theatres in the mall...
     you want the one next to 31 flavors.
 Fri./Sat. Show  $5.00 or $3.50 if you have a "Fan Club" card!
 Cast: The Rebel Cast Alliance
 Comments: Friday night: This is a fun theatre! The cast is Ok.  But the
  aud. is great. (VERY friendly :) It's the way Rocky used to be...:)
  Just a bunch of friends, having a good time.	...I like it. -Zenin
  (aka Byron)
 Comments: Although the movie is shown here on both Friday and Saturday
  night, the Friday night casts have always done inexplicably better
  than the Saturday night casts along the lines of performance, props,
  costumes and audience patronage.  The RCA currently has a complete --
  yet small -- cast, with several of it's members pulling multiple
  duties:  1. Performing (average); 2. Lighting (minimal, but adequate);
  3. Props (few, but effective where used); 4. Phantom gags (several
  that receive good audience responce).  Some cast members have
  experience; most were just pulled out of the audience at one time or
  another and eventually joined the cast.  No throwing in AP props/items
  or using squir guns and lighters.  Clean, uncut print that includes
  "Superheroes."  Crowds here rank among the best for audience
  participation.  A fun place to visit.

Nuart - Los Angeles, CA
 Comments: Took over about 8 years ago when the Tiffany closed its
  long-time Los Angeles run.  Cast of Sins of the Flesh has gone through
  many changes over the years, but the big fixture is Dennis Miller (not
  the TV Dennis, the Rocky Dennis) who stands out front of the theatre
  and collects fan club memberships every weekend.  Dennis is an
  original, who used to (and occasionally still does) play Riff.  (He is
  noted in Creatures of the Night, Sal's book).  The BEST virgin
  sacrifices on the West Coast (sorry Berkeley :-)  The ultimate virgin
  sacrifice: two rows of virgins, guys in one aisle and girls in the
  other, with their legs spread while a selected guy and girl virgin had
  to crawl on their backs all the way up the aisle and then come back to
  the front of the theatre on their stomachs, between the legs of the
  other virgins (opposite sexes, of course :-)	Nuart played
  Rock-bye-Bear (by Fred Quimby) for a long long time until it broke.
  Several other cartoons have been aired over the years, plus the
  ultimate rock-video, The Wall, as trailers (why do they call them
  trailers when they come at the BEGINNING of the show? :-)

Rialto - So. Pasadena, CA
 Sat, Midnight, runs about 8 months per year
 Comments: Rocky has played at the Rialto Theater for over 17 years
  and VOYEURISTIC INTENTION was established in 1980 making V.I. the
  longest running show in Southern California.
    V.I. performs 50 shows a year at the Rialto, occasionally taking time
  off to visit our sister cast Berkeley's INDECENT EXPOSURE.
  Combined V.I.'s Frank n Furter, Riff Raff and Magenta have been
  performing at the Rialto for over 38 years.
    We offer a profession looking show with a different twist. Because of
  the time invested in performing at the Rialto, the cast has chosen not
  to copy the movie exactly, although great attention is paid to
  recreating the RHPS costumes. V.I.'s show is very different then what
  you see on the screen. The show constantly changes as new "gags" or
  "bits" are written into the show. The show is changed often to avoid
  becoming stale to the cast and audience.
    V.I. strives to make the show more "personal". We attempt to create an
  atmosphere more like the original stage play. Our original Holiday
  pre-shows feature decidedly non-typical "RHPS" Costumes and
    Because of the way we present our show we were invited to perform at
  the 15th Anniversary Celebration at 20th Century Fox Studios by
  Berkeley's INDECENT EXPOSURE. At that show V.I.'s Magenta, Shelley
  Foss, was selected best Magenta by the original Rocky Horror Picture
  Show cast and our Frank n Furter, Ray Thompson was on M-TV.
    Come and find out why we are called "The Worlds Most Deranged Cast!"
 Comments: This place is in the National Registry of Historical
  Landmarks.  It is one of the few remaining original vaudville
  theatres, complete with orchestra pit, bizarre pseudo-Egyptian decore,
  and gaudy paint.  The balcony is usually closed.  You might recognize
  it, because it has been used in _many_ motion pictures.  I recall at
  least Kentucky Fried Movie being filmed there.  It has been several
  years since I saw Rocky Horror there, but they still line up every
 Comments: "The Player" is the best known most recent film which takes
  place at the Rialto.

UC Berkeley - Berkeley, CA
 Sat, Midnight, $6.00
 Cast Name: Indecent Exposure
 Comments: It's about 5 blocks below UCB.  The cast is excellent and it
  is considered the best cast in the country (so say the fan club in
  NY).	We have official virgin hunters outside the theater before the
  show.  The virgins are marked with "V" or "Fuck Me" in lipstick on
  their faces so that they can be easily identified by those with rice
  and other projectiles.  We also have Super Heroes in the uncut version
  of the film. We also show shorts or music videos before the main
  feature.  Sometimes the cast isn't there, but we have a good time
  anyway.  About four times a year we have lengerie night complete with
  a competition for the best outfit.  Other goofy things are known to
  happen, like last night when the entire cast was dressed as Star Trek
  characters who had been forced to play out the roles of RH. Our next
  lengerie night is tentatively scheduled for early July.
 Comments: Berkeley has been running the longest of them all..
 Comments: Call Becky Milanio at (510) 236-5491 for more info.
  (The Indecent Exposure Entertainment line)

Bloor Cinema - Toronto, CAN
 Comments: Admission is $7 (slightly lower for members), and they
  apparently show RHPS every 2 weeks.  The cast seemed to know each
  other well (and got even more familiar with each other on stage during
  the show).  Projectiles and water are very much allowed.  The cast was
  fun to watch since they did fun stuff on stage (like dressing up Brad
  as Elvis when I was there).  Rocky was very scrawny.

CineBistro - Quebec City, CAN
 Saturday, Midnight
 Location: 291 St-Vallier East
Mayfair Theatre - Ottawa, CAN
 Location: 1074 Bank St.
           Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 3XS Canada
 Shows RHPS 1 or 2 times a month
 Cost; $7 non-members, $5 members
 Comments: The cast is called Orgasmic Rush, and they run a pretty fun
  show.  Not big on props and stuff, but they do lines and the Time Warp
  really well. Columbia and Frank are excellent.  They also really harp
  on the Criminologist's neck.  Show costs $5 bucks for theatre membres,
  and slightly higher for everyone else, but the theatre lets you see
  two movies for one admission.  No virgin sacrifices, though.
 Comments: Even though we inhabit a beautiful 62 year old relic (built
  in 1932), the manager, Tom Bergin, is very cool about eirborne
  objects and lighters as long as you don't trash the place.
    The Rocky Horror Picture Show has been showing at the Mayfair
  Theatre for 3 years now, but our cast recently came together in
  January, 1994.
    "Orgasmic Rush" consists of a rowdy bunch who take good
  suggestions into consideration and are open-minded about
  constructive feedback and who perform numerous scenes from the movie
  with precision and enthusiasm.
    On average showings (usually Friday nights) our 492 seat theatre
  contains approximately 300 people insanely filled with
  antici... pation! Although we would be excited to see more of them in
    Rockies here are fun even in repressed Ottawa but to ensure that
  Ottawa virgins do come back a second time, we do tame virgin
  sacrifices such as mark V's on their faces because we have angry
  virgins who threatend to harm those who initiated the sacrifice.
    Our film does have its skips and scratches, but he overall quality
  is pretty good.  And YES it includes Super Heroes along with Science
  Fiction Souble Feature Reprise!
    So give yourselves over to absolute pleasure and come(!) join in
  the Rocky Horror fun with us at the Mayfair!
Plaza Theatre - Vancouver, BC, CAN
 Cost: $7.50 cdn
 Location: 881 Granville Street (at Smithe)
           Vancouver, BC
           Phone: 685-7050  (I have no idea what area code)
 Cast: Sweet anticipation
 Comments: They've got some nice t-shirts for sale, too
 Comments: Rocky plays EVERY last saturday of the month at 10:00pm,
  with an additional show (if necessary) at 12am. The show includes
  door prizes, virgin sacrifices, special lighting and effects.

Uptown - Toronto, CAN
 Price: $7-8 (Canadian)
 Comments: I think the cast was just starting out, the props and
  performances were both rather limited. Shows seem to be every other
  saturday night, price I racall as being about 7-8$, audience seemed to
  be mostly high school & university students.Nearly everyonr went as
  conventionists. Rocky looked a bit ?very waifish & wore a cassock
  instead if bandages, later a gold speedo. Narrator was rather
  annoying, led the audience in monty python singalongs instead of doing
  lines. No virgin sacrifice but their names were entered in a book.
  Audience was requested to throw props onto stage rather than at screen
  or cast, lighters and water were allowed (but my squirtgun
  leaked).Superheroes was included. They showed a Woody Woodpecker
  cartoon (R.I.P. Walter Lance) beforehand where at one point he dresses
  up as a mermaid , and someone yelled "Do't fuck ck with the Hair".
  2Policemen were in attendance but quite friendly & posed with us for
  photos. It's a couple of blocks from the Victoria College campus you
  can look it up if you're in T.O.  P.S. I'm not sure if the Bloor is
  still showing RHPS.

Esquire - Denver, CO
 6th and Downing street.
 addmission : $6.00
 time	 : 11:45 theatre lets in
	  12:00 virgin stuff and rules
	  12:15 Show starts
 Every saterday night
 Comments: Not the best show in the world, but has been improving
  steadily Only cast and crew is allowed on stage. Our theatre is dry
  and no open flames (flamming ok) allowed. all other props OK. we
  distribute "Official Certificates of Non-Virginity" to those recently
  popped. Audience participation scripts with OUR lines also available
  for the cost of copies. We have also been running a small spotlight
  for 6 months with limited success. Our film has superheros intact,
  high quality print (no glitches). try outs are held regulary for new
  players, If coming into town with some notice, drop me a line, we may
  be able to arrange something. our theatre seats 200, we have 25-75 on
  average. Contact: Leo Lionetti

York Square - New Haven, CT
 Fri & Sat, 11:30, $5.50
 Comments: Brand new print with Super Heroes.

Chestnut Hill Cinema Cafe - Newark, DE
 Saturday night, 11:30pm, Admission $3.50
 Comments: Under 21 is not permitted into the theater (while this does
  kinda bite for those younger who wish to attend in this area, but for
  those of us "of age", it is REALLY cool... because the Theater is also
  a BAR!  The owner had purchased this theater, ripped out every other
  row of seats, and replaced them with tables... mixed drinks are not
  served, but beer is readily available... $5 domestic pitchers & $6
  imported. Cast Comments :  The cast is pretty good (at least I think
  so, since I play Brad Majors).  We do a lot of our own personal joking
  around, but if you can't have fun with it, then why are you doing it?!
  We are still working on getting a "second cast" together, because
  sometimes our entire cast does not show, just so we can be sure that
  someone will be there every week for each role.  However, the audience
  seems to have a lot of fun each week.

Hilltop Family Cinemas - Mableton, GA
 Comments: cost is $3 we are located on Bankhead Hwy 6 Miles outside the
  Atlanta perimeter on the west side of town (exit 8) the cast
  "nonoxinal-9" has been performing together for one year but we have
  people in attendance that have been doing this for as long as rocky
  has been around!!!!!!! we are also the cast that did the performance
  at the georgia theatre in athens last winter quarter and will be the
  recurring cast at that location next time that we hear about it.... we
  also help out at the bijou in knoxville tenn. we are a multi-state
  cast that get together about 6 times a year and halloween is the big
  get-together of the year...

Northlake 8 - Atlanta, GA
 Comments: If you are looking for a really professional cast, might I
  suggest the Northlake 8 in Atlanta. The cast really does a good job
  (and, I played Brad/Riff/Magenta there for a year prior to moving to
  Gainesville).   The Northlake 8 is a great theater! For directions,
  just take I-75 to Northlake Drive and head east.   You cannot miss the
  Mall, it is on the right side of Northlake Drive, and the AMC is near
  Toys-R-Us.  Tell them Tom Servo sent ya!   Ask for Kim McFarland, she
  is the area Rep of the Nat'l Fan Club, as well as a teriffic Frank!
 Comments: I've been preforming at the Northlake AMC 8 theatre in
  Atlanta GA for the last 4 years  now, mostly as Brad Majors, but have
  played every part at least 2 times. We have a VERY good, and you could
  say a more 'professional' cast than most places (id assume). We
  preform every friday and Saturday night at approx 12:30 p.m. at the
  Northalke Festival AMC 8 theatre off of LaVista Rd near I-285 in
  Atlanta, GA. We welcome all types and persuasions, and are always
  looking for fresh flesh... erm.. new cast members. :>
 Comments: The cast at Northlake is cool.  However, I would reccomed
  that you live in the Atlanta area to join.  I live in Athens, and the
  commute got to me after a year.

The Georgia Theater - Athens, GA
 Comments: It used to be a regular movie house but now it is a
  bar...which still occasionally shows movies.	There is a big stage and
  the balcony is, so far as I've seen, always open.  They put on RHPS
  once per academic quarter and I believe the admission is $2.	A group
  of RHPS players just recently formed and performed for the first time
  at the winter quarter show. Because the theater is generally a club,
  there is a wet bar and smoking is allowed during the show.  If you
  don't want to sit in the regular (well worn) seats, there are tables
  and standing room in the back by the bar.  The management is very cool
  about all the stuff fans like to do and ask only that you do not touch
  the screen. The crowd tends to be almost exclusively college students,
  since Athens is a college town.  It's a great time for $2.

Henenway Theater - University of Hawaii Manoa campus, HI
 Saturday at midnight, $4.00

Billy Joe's Pitcher Show - Des Moines, IA
 Friday and Saturdays.
 Cost: $4.50
 Comments: Usually cast is not in costume.  As a matter of fact, if
  there is a cast, it is usually just people playing the scenes they
  like and then goin back to their drinks.  No lighting.  Drinks and
  food are served during the show, contributing to sort of a cabaret
  atmosphere; lighters and just about anything else are permitted.
  Audience response somewhat dead. People know the movie; they just
  don't seem to care.
    Runs a good Halloween and New Year's Eve show, when there is a
  costume contest, almost always most of a cast, and some good RHPS
  door prizes on occasion.  Admission for special shows is $7 (advance
  tickets available); regular, $4.50.  Shows Friday and Saturday; call
  ahead, sometimes they show The Crow or some other midnight movie
    Sorry if the above seems somewhat negative, but Billy Joe's just
  depresses me (I am one of three people who show up in costume

Varsity Theatre - Ames, IA
 Shown Halloween, the day before Halloween, and during our Spring
 Celebration, called Veishea. That usually the third week in April.

Hollywood Bar & Filmworks - Indianapolis, IN
 Midnight every Saturday, 237 South Meridian, 3rd Floor
 Infoline: 321-9255
 Comments: Indianapolis's Satanic Mechanix, quickly becoming one of the
  biggest and best casts in the midwest, have moved along with Fox's
  relocation of the movie from the Greenbriar Twin Cinema to this great
  theater. Hollywood is one of the best theaters in the entire country:
  state of the art sound, a custom made screen, and a trendy bar
  atmosphere (it IS 21 and over only unfortunately). If that wasn't
  enough: here's the big news folks: the print is fresh from the Delux
  labs and it is the only one of its kind in the country. Furthermore,
  the entire atmostphere is completed with orginal 50s trailers of
  "Forbidden Planet" and one of the Triffid movies. Place this alongside
  the kick ass show of the Satanic Mechanix, and you have Rocky Horror
  history. Come and see it!

Muncie Creative Opportunites Center - Muncie, IN
 Approximately every other Friday, bands at 7:30, show at Midnight
 215 South Walnut Street.  For info call 287-0946
 Comments: This is a _very_ cast oriented show that is put on by
  Indianapolis's Satanic Mechanix. The print of the movie is
  non-theatrical (16mm) and it plays on a rather small screen in the
  back as a very theatrical cast with full props plays on a full stage
  made especially for and taking advantage of the shape of the venue.
  The Muncie COC is a club and a artist co-op, and it has a very
  destinct and fun club atmosphere. If you want to see a RHPS show where
  the cast is _the_ show, check it out. The show is approximately
  bi-weekly, call the COC or keep an eye out on the Ball State campus
  for the next date.

Harvard Square - Cambridge, MA
 Midnight on Fri and Sat, $6.75
 Comments: Across the street from Harvard.
 Comments: Cambridge,Mass' "Full Body Cast" puts on the RHPS with a real
  flair for perfection and, er, eagerness to please. With two full
  multi- talented companies, plus understudies, many of whom can play
  more than one role, and whose onstage appearances, costumes, and
  personas greatly resemble those of their characters, as well as full
  costumes, lights, props, and security tech crews, this exciting bunch
  has won popularity among Boston area audiences, and has earned many
  awards and much acclaim nationwide at RHPS conventions/competitions.
  The film itself is the original version (with "Super Heroes", and
  "Science Fiction - Reprise"), and has no breaks or skips. Viewers can
  exoect a great-looking performance and show, and maybe a few
  surprises, such as a special visit from "Animal", or "Barney", from
  Alex/655321, from a member of "the Clown family, or from Ed Norton or
  Phyllis Diller, or, if they're lucky, a gender-switched role or two,
  such as a male Columbia, a female Scotty, a male Trixie, or a
  Criminologist in drag!
  Show rituals include:
  1.) Full musical pre-show, with one or two pre-rehearsed numbers,
  (e.g. "Y.M.C.A.", "Dude (Looks Like A Lady)", "Hot For Teacher") along
  with one or two RH faves (stage versions), usually "Time Warp", and
  either "Sweet T", "Dammit Janet", or "Hot Patootie", also
  pre-rehearsed. Numbers change monthly.
  2.) Warm-up audience welcome/greeting speech; during which the whole
  house gets to warm up its wit and wisecracks, due to the "pun-tiful"
  words of either the (very!) Good Doctor or Commander Riff-Raff. Rules
  are laid out (LAID??) herein, that is: Rule #1 - "NO PUFTAS" (python),
  Rule #2 - No burning lighters, matches, flammable hairdos, etc (no
  "open flames") during "Frankenstein Place", and Rule #3 - No props! No
  tossing any rice, toast, etc, or using squirt guns (except tossing
  "off"/ using your "Love Gun" in the bathroom).
  3.) One or two virgins get their symoblic "cherries" popped (by way of
  a nice big shiny red balloon between the legs), and as an extra treat,
  get to play Betty Hapschatt in the wedding scene. If two picked,
  either the "lame-ometer" is used to judge who needs it more, or if
  they're both dead fucks, one pops the other!

Laurel Lakes Center - Laurel, MD
 Sat, Midnight,  $6.75
 Comments: While the show is new, the cast is experienced (many from the
  now-closed Marley Station Mall cast), and very good.	Management has
  agreed to keep it around as long as an it pulls a decent audience.  If
  audience grows sufficiently, management will consider a lower price.
  Water and TP are not permitted, but the rest is cool.

Towson Commons General Cinema - Towson, MD
 Address: 435 York Road
	  Towson Maryland, 21204
 Phone: (410) 825-5233
 Directions: I95 to 695 towards Towson (not Essex) to Dulaney Valley Rd
  exit south. Stay on Dulaney Valley Rd as it changes names to York Rd
  (at Joppa)  Theater is on the left at the corner of York Rd and
  Pennsylvania Ave.
 Comments: Our first night was April 8th.  There were over 100 people
  that night.  On our second night we had over 200 people!  The theater
  manager is completly behind the cast.  He let's the cast in for free,
  even though the ticket price is $1 for students and $2.50 for all
  others.  He gives us time to do introductions, virgin hunts, and
  general info before the show.  The theater holds about 300 people and
  has a changing area behind the screen.  Our cast "Castle
  Transylvanians" performs Friday and Saturday.  Our official opening
  show will be May 6.  We are on a probationary period.  That means that
  after the four weeks, the theater has a right to close.We don't think
  that will happen!  The audiences are very enthused about Rocky comming
  back to Maryland!

University of Southern Maine - Portland, ME
 [ed: shows moved to unspecified date]
 Contact Pete <PARAS@MAINE.MAINE.EDU> for more info.

AMC Sterling Center 10 - Detroit, MI
 44625 Schoenherr Rd.
 Sterling Heights
 Friday and Saturday, Midnight.

Capitol - Flint, MI
 Comments: Does it once a year

Uptown - Minneapolis, MN
 Sat, Midnight
 Contact: Bunnie Arrigoni
          (612) 648-5262

 Cast: Midnite Hour Cast
 Comments: I saw the RHPS there many times growing up: The Uptown is a
  relatively small theatre with great atmo.  Don't try to sneak in
  alcohol or too much rice, they frisk you at the door. Their motto:
  "Drink it before you get here."  The cast is good, the crowd is odd,
  as usual, and the people are relatively friendly, if messed up.
 Comments: They have a fairly new print with "Superheroes" & "SFDF -
  reprise" at the end.
 Comments: We have the a really wacky cast, but they're pretty serious
  about doing the show.  Also, we sell props at the door and we love
  our regulars!  Playing for over 17 Years.  We used to have a large
  drinking problem (audience AND cast) but that has been more or less
  cleared out, we hire out for 2 security guys.  They just make sure
  you don't have bottles or weapons, they let you have props
  (everything except for squirtguns, which we're trying to change).

Avalon Cinema - St. Louis, MO
 Every other Saturday at midnight
 Cost: $5.00
  The Avalon is a 500 + seat theater located on the corner of Kingshighway and
  Chippewa in south St. Louis.
 Comments: The RHPS performing cast is called "My Mother's Glub Glub."
  Not bad performance.  Excellent Magenta and Columbia.  The print has
  "Superheroes," but there are several skips throughout the movie.
  Virgins are initiated through auction and underwear run.  Cranky
  management - discourages Super Soakers and rice and limits toilet
  paper, but the audience uses them anyway.  Flames OK.  Monthly
  newsletter called "Domestic Affairs." All censors stay horne!!  We
  refuse to succumb to Christian sensibilities!!!  And to the obese guy
  with the speech impediment whose best friend is his right hand - Brad
  is called "Asshole," not "meatball"!!!!  Get it right!!!!!!

Deville Cinema - Jackson, MS
 Comments: I was told that they haven't shown the movie regularly since
  the 15th anniversary. They only show it *very* occasionally, on
  "special occasions" (whatever THAT means), so anyone wanting to see
  the show there would be wise to call first and see if it's a "special

Silver Screen - Biloxi, MS
 Fri & Sat, Midnight, $4.50
 Comments: As I said, they show it every Fri. and Sat. at 12:00.  Entry
  is $4.50, but that includes pizza and beer (if you're of age.)  Great
  theater, primo sound system, HUGE screen...all in all, a great place
  to see RHPS.

Rialto - Raleigh, NC
 Friday, 11:30 pm
 The Wild and Untamed Players
 Comments: Rialto theatre is located at Five points on glenwood Ave in
  downtown Raleigh.  This is one of the best Rocky shows around.  I've
  been to shows in Pittsburgh-Dormont theatre, other NC shows, and even
  at Prince Charles theatre in London.	This show is awesome because of
  its dynamic nature and its liberal management.  All Rocky props are
  allowed including lighters and water throwing devices.  Want to stand
  up and move around wherever you want, no problem, anything goes!  This
  Rocky features an underwear run, wherin the audience strips and runs
  around after guess who Rocky!  Cool Virgin ritual!  Original lines!
  If you are a visitor from far away, ask someone for a place to stay
  for the night and go to the party after each show!

? - Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
 Comments: My name is Jeff Mach and I'm the director of the cast
  commonly known as Midnight Decadence, the Decadent Midnights, or The
  Decadent MidKnights In Their Scarlet Tights (a play on our school's
  colors and sports teams).  We run the show at Rutgers University.
  We're fighting the administration, but we've managed to have some
  regular shows..Friday nights, so far, although we'll be doing some
  Saturdays to let Orthodox Jewish people come (no, really!  Honest!  My
  Janet here (her name's Nancy Martin, just thought I'd mention it
  because I'm babbling anyway) thinks the Orthodox Jewish thing is a
  joke, but it's not...[end digression]  Anyway, we have a perfect 16mm
  film with Superheroes and a show, even
  by Rocky standards..(we'll probably be posting soon on the net about
  our proposed de-virginization game, Full-Body Twister)...not that
  that's necessarily a good thing ;), if you have any
  questions, or even if you don't, just e-mail me... Jeff Mach

Brook Theatre - Bound Brook, NJ
 Comments: The Brook Theatre on Hamiltong Street in Bound Brook, NJ
  shows Rocky Horror on Friday and Saturday nights.  [ed: They have a
  cast, I met some of them at Age of Consent :) ]

Cinema 35 - Paramus, NJ
 Fri & Sat, Midnight, $5.00
 Comments: I used to be part of the Cinema 35 cast in Paramus NJ and I
  must say that they are by far one of the most professional casts I've
  ever seen.  On occasion they don't put on a great performance but that
  is only because they are trying too hard and are forgetting the fun
  and spontinaety Rocky is supposed to bring.  Many of their cast
  members have won prizes at conventions and a few even stared in
  conventions.  The lines are always up to date and the film is perfect
  (no Super Heroes but that will change soon).  The only rules that the
  theatre has is that you basically don't go over the edge and break
  laws in the theatre.  There are no lighters allowed and no super
  soakers allowed either. An d the first five rows or so are for cast
  only.  Except on Halloween when it is packed.  Average crowds range
  from 100-200. $5.00 a ticket, Fridays and Saturdays.

Cinema Classics - Redbank, NJ

Friendly's Cinema - Bayville, NJ
 Starts at 11 PM
Harwan - Mt. Ephraim, NJ
 Saturday, midnight, $5.00
 Comments: One of the oldest casts in the country (15 years old), and
  the only cast in South Jersey and surrounding Philadelphia area. The
  Transducer Players are pictured on pages 120-121 of Sal's 15th
  anniversary book, as well as pictured on the back cover with the
  eastside cinema cast.  (That was just after they lost the 8th street
  playhouse in the village.)  Shows EVERY saturday night at midnight,
  admition is still only $5.00.  The theater itself is a single screen,
  600 seat vaudville theater complete with stage.  An average show is
  150-250 people.  Virgin of the week every week.  Theme nights and
  prizes all the time.	Origonal pre-shows.  Professional cast.  Highest
  recomendations. Phone:  609-931-8869
  For more info on the Transducer Players, or to subscribe to our weekly
  newsletter, (Non-profit.  Just pay the postage.  A stamp a week.) mail
  The Transducer Players
  110 Warren Avenue
  Voorhees, NJ	08043-1235
  Finger "" for directions.

Torrey Pines Cinema - Las Vegas, NV
 Fri-Sat, ca. Midnight, $5.00
 Comments: Cast, virgin ceremonies, the usual (?). No Super Heroes.
  Torrey Pines also runs Heavy Metal, Sid and Nancy, animation, anime,
  other midnight-type movies on the same schedule. (93 May 14)
 Comments The Torres Pines Cinema is located around 15 minutes
  (and one insane cab ride away) from the strip. It's your
  traditional strip-mall setup with a video arcade in the foyer.
  The theater itself is standard issue, complete with the smell
  of mildew and sticky floors. Ahhhh! The romance!
    After a short, traditional pre-show the movie began. For
  some reason the movies audio track was very quiet. The
  performance area is very small and this tends to create a
  lot of blocking troubles. 
    Original Sins is a very young cast and their audience is very
  loyal. This appears to be a fledgling group just starting to
  form a performance style.
    My advice to you is, if you brought your car to Las Vegas
  go and see the show just to see it. 
    But if you need to rely on cabs for transportation, (I spent
  thirty five dollars in cab fare to and from the theater and
  an additional five dollars each for admission for two for a
  grand total of forty five dollars) save your money and go
  see La Cage at the Riviera instead.

Amherst - Buffalo, NY
 $5.00 or $3.50 w/ID
 Comments: If you're in Buffalo, stop in and visit the cast of "Crazed
 Imagination" sometime....:)

Cinema East - Nyack, NY
 Comments: I enjoyed this theater.  went there twice.  they have a pink
  panther short at the beginning, and (when i was there) a good cast.
  mostly the same lines as 8th street playhouse.
 Comments: This theater has been playing the RHPS on & off since it it
  came out! Collectively about 15 yrs.	It's even in the RHPS Book!
    Cinema East had been a legend for a while, but now it is hopping once
  again! Early October '92, it had an audiance of 5 and no cast. On
  Halloween '92, there was a cast and an attendence of 316!! That cast
  (The "Inside Insanity" Cast) is still there over a year and a half
  later and is working like hell to regain Cinema East the rep. it once
  had! But it's hard, because people just don't seem as interested
    But if you are interested, It's a great place to see it!  The
  theater is a 750 seat auditorium with with a stage and a GREAT
  atmosphere!!	The cast is very friendly & enthusiastic and it's
  members are ages 14-25!  They have a pre-show crowd booster and
  'Virgin Sacrifices' before the show as well as a Pink Panther
  'Inspector' cartoon which is also acted out on stage!  Their costumes
  are great, including a Rocky costume that falls apart like the one in
  the movie! They also have a lot of props (i.e.-coffin, elevator, tank,
  juke box, weight set, etc.) and a whole Crim. set!!
    They encourage field trips, as for there have been a few to the
  theater already.  Once three bus loads of people showed up for a show.
    Admision is $6.50 and when the cast can afford it, they
  make up 'Virgin Kits' full of props & goodies! They have a
  weekly newsletter called "The Insanity Insider" and are
  working on putting out a Fanzine!
    They enjoy theme nights and special shows every once in a while to
  keep it fun and interesting for the audiance as well as themselves!
    Their achievments are an audiance of 406 on Halloween '93, & 350 on
  a 'normal' night once!  They have performed at Ramapo College (and
  look forward to performing there again) and also at Movie City in
  Edison, NJ.  They look forward to possible shows at Drew University,
  St. Thomas Aquintas, and a possible production of "The Rocky Horror
  Show!"  They can occasionally be found in local Nyack and Nanuet
  newspapers, and were once in "The Asbury Park Press!"
    If you want to see the show, the Theater's # is +1-914-358-
  6631 for rec. or +1-914-358-6632 for directions.
    Any donations to the cast are very much apprieciated. Even scrap
  matieral or ideas and comments/criticizims are welcome! They are used
  to keep up our costumes and props and do fun things for the audiance!!
  MIDNITE!!"Stay Sane 'INSIDE INSANITY'"!!!!!! :*

Jo-Mor's Stoneridge Theater - Rochester, NY
 Fri & Sat, midnight, $5.00
 Comments:  I am a former member of the cast that performs here, "Sweet
  Temptations".  When I left, the show had deteriorated to the point of
  being just not fun anymore--obnoxious management, random horsing
  around while in costume, etc.  However, the cast finally saw the low
  attendance which resulted from this, and is now trying to get serious
  and rebuild itself.  I'm always willing to give second chances when
  they're go check 'em out, and give them some well-needed
 Comments: I'm a current member of the cast.  It's fairly open, and
  we're always trying to recruit new cast members.  We enjoy good
  relations with management, the cast and regulars regularly hang out
  together (after the show, and otherwise), and we interact strongly
  with our audiences.

Lockport Mall - Buffalo, NY
 Price: $5.50
 Comments: The crowds are small and the cast is sporadic..but it's fun!!
  It is off of Transit Rd.,FYI

Movieland 8th Street - New York, NY
 Price - $7.50  (Just like most New York City movies...Yuck)
 Every Friday and Saturday night
 Comments: Rocky is still going in New York City at Movieland, on
  8th St. (Just 1 block from the, now closed, 8th St. Playhouse). While
  the cast is constantly changing, there are a few regulars, including
  several people who date back to the Playhouse, and even the Waverly,
  before that.  Rice isn't allowed, but lighters, and noisemakers are.
  In fact, they are sold by the cast for people who forgot to bring

Westcott Cinema - Syracuse, NY
 Comment: The show was good and bad. First, the good. There is a cast
  but there was not enough people. So the cast asked for volunteers from
  the audience to do the parts. I almost went up but I decided that I
  wanted to watch how good they would be. The cast was OK but they had
  no set lines between all of them. The theater allowed us to bring
  anything we wanted except flames and glass. Why someone would bring
  glass is beyond me. Now the bad. The movie was HEINOUSLY edited. They
  chopped off a good 20 minutes from the film. One minute we are
  watching Rift let Janet and Brad in and the next minute we are in the
  middle of the Time Warp. This happened about 5 times.
 Comment: The theater is in the "Wescott Nation"  on the East side of
  the city in close proximity to the SU campus.

Cedar Lee - Cleveland Heights, OH
 Sat, midnight, $6.50
 Address: 2163 Lee Road
          Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
 Phone:   +1-216-321-5411
          +1-216-321-8232 (Show information)
 Comments: There is a good show here. People that saw it in other
  theaters say that this is very good. There is a fine cast and good
  managment. This is where the editor of this list goes.

Cla-Zel - Bowling Green, OH
 Every now and then

Graceland - Columbus, OH
 Sat, Midnight, $4.00
 (614) 888-3523
 Comments: The Rocky Horror Picture Show is playing at the Graceland
  Twin Cinema in Columbus, Ohio at the Graceland shopping Center off
  of High Street. It plays both Friday and Saturday nights at midnight
  (of course) with a live cast both nights (two members of which are
  writing this message). Price of admission is $4.00, though the cast
  does get in for free. If you have any questions, call the theatre at
  (614) 888-3523 and ask for Brian.  If you have any virgins amongst
  you, ask for Brian, he'll take care of them. P.S. only rice is
  allowed for audience props! and no fucking rice at the cast!!!

Maumee Theater - Maumee, OH
 Every now and then

Real Movies - Cincinnati, OH
 Every other weekend

Clinton Street - Portland, OR
 Sat, $4.00 with cast, $3.50 without
 Comments: Shows run every Saterday night with the Caberiet performing
  about every other weekend. It has been showing RHPS for almost 17
  years which I believe makes it the longest running show in the US.
  Audience varies, tends to be louder on cast nights, but good. There
  are often theme nights, last night, for example was "Fuck with your
  character night" The one con is that you are considered a virgin if
  you have never seen RHPS at Clinton Street. Overall it's lots of fun.

Lehigh Valley Mall - Allentown, PA
 Fri & Sat, Midnight, $5.50
 Comments: Name of the cast is "Sins of the Flesh" out of Bethlehem, PA.
  Excellent cast, all ages and skill levels.  Has been known to perform
  RHPS at more than one location at the same night.  (ie  enuff talented
  cast for two complete performances.)
 Comments: All props are allowed except open flames and water.	They
  have Superheroes.

Roxy - Philadelphia, PA
 Midnight, $5.50
 Comments: "The cast is compleatly crazy."  They're good, but sometimes
  get carried away.  The theater is small, but large enough to do a good
  show. You are not allowed to throw anything or have open flames

State Theater - State College, PA
 Comments: I just saw the May Rocky listings and thought you might want
  to know about Vanilla Challice.  We are State College's RHPS cast.
  The State theater (usually where we perform) currently doesn't have
  Rocky but if CinemaWorld (the owners of the State) believes in
  consistancy Rocky will be back to Central Pennsylvania in mid-October.
  The price of admission is roughly $6 and the theater is located on
  College Ave. (Rt. 26) in State College, PA.
    The cast is a motley crue of old actors and new virgins out for a
  good time.  Warn the prudes though.  One of our most popular Janets is
  male and we have two women who play Rocky him/her/itself.  New people
  are welcome and travelling members of other casts frequently guest
  star. The show is (as always) at midnight Fridays and Saturdays.  We
  expect it to start in mid-Octoberand last until (cross the fingers)
  late January.
    That's really it but in case you're wondering about our name.  A
  Vanilla Challice is two shots of Fruit Punch, Pink Lemonade, Pepsi,
  Diet Pepsi, Mugs rootbeer, and Mountain Dew.	Mix well.  The
  concoction tastes like vanilla and comes from the cast hanging out at
  Taco Ball after the show.  Guess which drinksthe place has.

The Hollywood Theatre - Pittsburgh, PA
 Sat, 10pm, $3.00
 Comments: They have a performance cast. They also show TWO Tim Curry
  Videos before Rocky starts, Paradice Garage and I do the Rock. They
  are the only place in the Pittsburgh area that has the current rights.
  You are allowed all standard props except WATER. we also have a brand
  new Print of it and it looks GREAT!
 Comments: Not only that, but it *does* contain the entire "Super
  Heroes"--only time in 10+ years of viewing in both SoCal and
  Pittsburgh I have ever seen that scene.

Meadowbrook - Warwick, RI
 Comments: (This show has suffered greatly due to a pissing contest
  between the former cast and the current cast, when it should have been
  between the former cast and the management. Since the last review was
  written by a disgruntled former cast member, I will give you a more
  fair picture.)
    The film is a mono print with Science Fiction reprise (no Superhero's)
  and has some skips (one of them cuts out most of 'I'm going home').
  The audience has to sign a waver to enter (it just releases the
  theater from people claiming whiplash when hit with rice or toilet
  paper) but you are free to throw props and dance in the isles.
  Although the cast suffers from what seems to be lackluster support
  from management, they perform with much enthusiasm, despite the fact
  that they are sometimes undermanned. And the ongoing cast war between
  them and the former cast, who feel any cast currently here should
  suffer due to their poor relationship with the theater management, has
  not detered them from putting on the best show they can.

Powell Cinemas - Knoxville, TN
 Friday, Midnight, $3.00
  Most of the cast members are really good, though sometimes one member
  wil not show up and hapless friends of the cast get pressed into
  service, sometimes with hilarious results.  Audience members can bring
  props with the only two rules being that you're not allowed to throw
  liquids, or those industrial-size rolls ot toilet paper.  This seemed
  to be a common sense thing, but some dolt brought them and someone got
  nailed, so it's now an "official" rule.
  Oh yeah, this cast will also be doing the show at the Bijou in
  Downtown Knox-Vegas the first two weekends in August, admission is
  still unknown at this time though last year it was a suggested
  donation of $3, but if you were broke, or just plain cheap, you could
  get in free. :)  From what I heard, the rules at the Bijou are a bit
  stricter, and you can only throw popcorn.  I'll update you on the
  admission and other things if you want me to.. David Gridley

Casa Linda - Dallas, TX
 Fridays and Saturdays at midnight.
 On Garland Road.

Central Park Fox - San Antonio, TX
 Fri & Sat, 10pm, $1.50
 Comments: Cast is on Friday only. (Cast does not get in free, tho)

Northcross 6 - Austin, TX
 Fri & Sat, midnight, $4.50
 Northcross Mall
 2525 West Anderson Lane
 (512) 454-1650
 Comments: It's a decent theatre in a north Austin shopping mall.  My
  teenaged daughters go regularly and have a great time!

River Oaks Theatre - Houston, TX
 Price: $6.00

Prince Charles Cinema - London, UK
 Comments: off Leicester Square, and they are still performing there,
  every Friday.  Their Space Riff & Magenta are a couple called
  Stephanie and David who run the British RHPS Fan Club. Their address
       Time Warp Fan Club
       1 Elm Grove
       Kent TN11 9HE, ENGLAND
  If you write to them and enclose an international reply coupon, they
  can send details of how to join, and they have loads of info on casts
  around the UK. (And there are some!)
 Comments: There seems to be some confusion about whether Rocky still
  plays at the Prince Charles cinema in London - well, it definately
  does. Every Friday at midnight, usually to a packed (but rather
  virginal) audience. Stephanie & David are still in charge, although
  many of the cast members have left over the last year - they were
  advertising for new members last time I heard from them.  I'm not
  involved personally, as I can't get there regularly, but quite a few
  of the cast are friends of mine. The virgin sacrifice is a bit tame,
  but it's funny, and they're fairly lenient about props - no naked
  flames, and no pissing off the balcony is all they ask.  They really
  are excellent - great costumes, good timing with the film etc, and if
  there were a few more regulars, (preferably in costume) it would be
  near-perfect. Most of the fans are more involved in going to see the
  stage show version at the moment though - it's been VERY sucessful,
  and will be in the West End over summer.  Jonathon Morris was born to
  play Frank, and seeing Patricia back on stage as Magenta is amazing.

Tower Theatre - Salt Lake City, UT
 Irregular, usually at least once a month, always at a midnight show.

Varsity - Seattle, WA
 Saturday, midnight, $6.50  ($4.50 w/Seven Gables discount pass)
  Varsity Theater
  4329 University Way NE  (Right across from the University Bookstore)
  Seattle, Washington
  (206) 632-3131
 Comments: Since November 26, 1993.  Moved around the corner from the
  Neptune where it ran for over 15 years. Virgin games before the show.
  Live cast.
 Comments: There are still virgin games before the show (although they
  open the doors at 11:45, leaving us precious little time to get
  anything done before the show).
  The theater is open on Christmas and New Year's, so if they fall on a
  Saturday (as they did this year), we'll be there.

Oriental - Milwaukee, WI
 Saturdays at Midnight, Admission $6
 Comments: Located on the corner of Farwell and North on the fashionable
  east side of Milwaukee.  A Landmark theatre which seats about 500,
  1000 with balcony (only open for huge crowds, such as Halloween [775
  people this year])--and and all important center isle to do the Time
  Warp in!  Performing cast is "Sensual Daydreams", which performs every
  Saturday except holidays and a limited schedule in the summer.  The
  cast is big on timing and performance. They also have some excellent
  large props (tank, control panel, weight set, etc).  Weekly virgin
  contest (randomly selected on the Virgin Wheel).  Props such and rice
  and toast are allowed.  Masterbation is allowed in the back row. [ed:!!]

Hoyts Centre - Sydney, Australia
 Fri, 11:30pm, AUS$11.50 Concession AUS$8
 Comments: Cast usually hang out in the bar at Hoyts, so come by and say
  hello! Hoyts is a 'family' cinema, so no fucking swearing, alright? We
  have been running in this incarnation for four years (Anniversary show
  is Fri May 28, 1993). The cinema is quite good, and we have a great
  print, *including* the SuperHeroes ending! Props are mostly cool, just
  no fried rice or anything squishy :( As always, we need fresh lines,
  so feel free to bring your along!
 Comments: Good cast, some innovative callbacks, and a good quality film
  (with Super Heroes at the end, incidently). Movie doesn't start until
  around 12:00, with the cast building the atmosphere with audience
  participation prior to the screening by sing-a-longs and virgin
  introductions etc. All props are permitted and encouraged (with the
  exception of naked flames). Sheets of newspaper handed out at the
  door, to bewilder the virgins who don't know what to expect.

Cinema Mondo - Helsinki, Finland
 Cost: 35 mk
 Comments: Shown a few times a year, last shows were Dec. 9-10
  1994. The theateris quite small and packed, reserve your tickets early
  if you want to get in. There's a cast, but there's no lighting and a
  'stage' (the space between the screen and the first row) that's about
  three feet wide, so for most part all they can do is yell extra lines.
  All props are allowed (within reason), with limits of 0.5 liters water
  and 1 kg rice.  Even lighter flames are evidently tolerated, just
  don't touch the screen.  No virgin sacrifices. The cost is "35 mk for
  the movie and 5 mk for the janitors".

Studio Galande - Paris, France
 42, rue Galande
 75005 PARIS
 Metro St Michel (Near Notre-Dame)
 42 Francs
 Friday 22H30 & 0H30
 Saturday 22H30 & 0H30
 Fan-Club: The Zen Room (Newsletter, Penpal list)
 Comments: 2 casts, The Absent Friends & The Zen Room.
  Both can be seen mostly on Friday night.
 Comments: I did perform with one of the Paris casts at the Studio
  Galande. They had a Frank in full costume, a Riff and Magenta in full
  costume (with space suits), and a Brad and a Janet who were more or
  less in costume.  Eddie just wore a leather jacket.  No one but Frank
  really acted out the Floor Show, and they didn't do the dinner scene
  or the rain scene.  There was very little space to move around, and
  people brought 1 liter bottles of water in for the rain scene, so
  trying to Time Warp was really dangerous--the floor was slick and
  covered with rice.  I had an eighth of an inch of rice on the soles of
  my boots one night...The cast got in free about once a month and did a
  big show.  I never did get to see the Saturday midnight cast; my dorm
  had a lock-out policy at 2 am.  One thing to note if you ever go to
  Paris: it's a lovely location, across the river from Notre Dame.  But
  women, *do not* wear your high heels out of the theater!  The
  cobblestones will kill your ankles, and the area is a very busy
  nightlife area.  French women do not wear very high heels unless they
  are prostitutes, so bring sneakers for after the show.

Museums Lichtspiele - Munich, Germany
 Every day, early evening, on weekends late night, ca. DM 10 
 Location: Near the ``Deutsches Museum'' in Munich, Germany
 Comments: This theatre is extra-ordinary one. They play every day the
  RHPS (since 15 or so years) and the ``Blues Brothers'' (since 8 years).
  ``The Big Blue'' is shown at least weekly in the long, english version
  (with french subtitles). Other cult movies are shown reguarly as well.
  There is a special RHPS packet available at the cash bar, containing 
  rice, a (loaded :-) water pistole and some other stuff you need 
  for *really* enjoying the show. 

Rocky Horror Shows (Actual plays) - Germany
 - Dresden, Staatsschauspiel, opens Oct 10 1993, directed by Klaus Dieter Kirst
 - Erfurt, Schauspielhaus, opens Sep 25 1993, dir. by ???
 - Gelsenkirchen, Musiktheater im Revier, opens Dec 12 1993, dir. by Dick Top
 - Saarbruecken, Staatstheater, opens Oct 5 1994, dir. by Matthias Davids
 - St. Gallen, Stadttheater, opens Sep 25 1993, dir. by Anna Vaughan
 - Vienna, Raimund-Theater, opens Sep 7 1993, dir. by Alexander Goebel

The Classic - Harold's Cross, Dublin, Ireland
 Fri & Sat 11:00 pm
 Comments: As far as I know, it's the longest running RHPS in the world
  at over 11 years... and it's still going strong. [ed: not the longest]
 Comments: I've just read the list, and I'd just like to give you some
  info on the Harolds X cinema. There are about 30 regulars who dress up
  for the show, some of whom have been attending for 11 years. The rest
  of the cinema is filled with virgins and occasional attenders. The
  cinema is quite large (in Irish Terms) and there has never been a case
  when the film hasn't gone out on the Saturday or Friday or both. The
  during film shouts and chants are totally different from those on the
  soundtrack, but this ain't a crime.

X-Ta - Tel-Aviv, Israel
 Comments: There's one theatre in the Tel-Aviv area that about once or
  twice a month screens RHPS, it is called X-Ta and is VERY small.. The
  next show there will be on the 26.2.94. From time to time there is at
  least a partial cast, depending on whoever arrives.

Cinema Mexico - Milan, Italy
 Fri 8:00pm & 10:00pm
 Comments: water is not allowed.

Paramount Theatre - Wellington, New Zealand
 Either Fri or Sat at 11:15pm, $8.00 or $6.50
 Comments: Either Friday or Saturday nite at 11:15pm.	Generally best
  to watch the papers to see if it's on.   Admission is $8, or $6.50 if
  you have a Radio Active Sub Card. The theatre is pretty small, but any
  props are allowed except water.   There's a fairly large hardcore
  cast, but the average age of them is pretty low (~17- 19).   We're
  loud, and we're rowdy, but it's good fun and we love to come up with
  new AP.   The film is somewhat cut, missing the entire reprise of 'I
  can Make you a Man' to halfway through the Narrator's speech, and it
  jumps in a few places.   We've moved from 3 other theatres; we're
  running out of options, but we stillknow how to party.

Hagabion - Gothenburg, Sweden
 Postal address:
  Folkets Bio
  Box 7176
  S-402 33  GOTHENBURG
  Visit: Linnegatan 21
  Phone +46 31 42 27 99
  Fax +46 31 42 87 15

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