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FAQ: Where to post in REC.ARTS.MOVIES.*
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rec.arts.movies.announce [moderated]

  This moderated newsgroup contains information on up-to-date events in 
  the world of movies. For example: new movie announcements, 
  celebrity news, award ceremony news, award ceremony results, film 
  festival news, film festival reports, official blockbuster charts 
  and anything that is newsworthy.  What is newsworthy will be up to 
  the moderator's judgment.

  Moderators:  This newsgroup is being moderated by a team of moderators,
                with Colin Needham <> as the coordinator.

  For article submission, send email to <>.
  For questions about articles submitted, clarification of the 
  guidelines and other group related messages, send email to 

  This newsgroup is for discussing the contents (plots, quality, 
  meanings, goofs etc.) of movies that have been released recently 
  and also for discussing upcoming movies (movies in production or 
  not released yet for other reasons). Any films that are currently
  showing at a first-run theater somewhere in the world should be 
  considered to be current films. 

  This would mean that Americans who have just rented a US film from 
  the "New Releases" section in a video store should post their comments 
  to rec.arts.movies.current-films because the film may still be 
  in-release in Europe and Asia.

  The rule of thumb to use is : "A film is still current if it is within 
  1.5 to 2 years after its world premiere." 


  This newsgroup is for discussing the contents (plots, quality, 
  meanings, goofs etc.) of movies that are more than a couple of
  years old.  This means all the old classics, all the old non-classics,
  from Casablanca to Blade Runner, from His Girl Friday to Die Hard,
  from Back to the Future :), from Psycho to The Godfather.  In
  other words any movie that hasn't been released in the last couple
  of years. [moderated]  
  This is a low volume newsgroup where formal reviews of movies are 
  regularly posted. Submission of reviews of both current films and 
  older films are welcome.
  Moderator: Evelyn Leeper <>

  This newsgroup contains discussions of actors, actresses, directors, 
  writers, composers, film critics etc. with focus on their skills, styles 
  and other characteristics of the person(s) discussed. It also contains 
  celebrity gossip.


  Lots of us love to try to name and discuss films with various specific
  qualities: movies with toilet scenes, movies featuring 30's big band
  music, movies with funky opening credits, actors/actresses with the 
  best/worst quality. This newsgroup encompasses all of these discussions, 
  as well as top ten, top twenty, & top (pick a number) lists; surveys 
  asking readers about their favorite comedy/horror/mystery/science 
  fiction film ever or actors/actresses; and other threads in which 
  the intent is to get a lot of people to name a lot of movies or 

  This newsgroup is about the movie-going culture and theater experiences, 
  and is the place for questions like : "Where do you sit in the theatres?", 
  "Why do you watch the credits?", "The cinematic experience has died", 
  "How come men are afraid to cry when they watch movies?"
  This newsgroup is for movie fans interested in the technical aspects of 
  movies and movie-making but are not actually interested in producing 
  movies themselves. Topics in this group includes all technical issues 
  which are approached from the point of view of the film-goer (aspect 
  ratios, sound systems, etc.) and also some topics on how movies 
  (special effects) are made. 

  This is a special newsgroup for people who are interested in 
  making films. Topics that are discussed here include finding 
  proper site locations, filming contracts and budgets, where 
  to get film equipments, what consititute a good film school, etc.
  This newsgroup is primarily oriented towards people actually producing 
  films themselves.


  This is a moderated USENET newsgroup dedicated to the intelligent 
  and mature discussion of erotic films and videos -- hardcore, 
  softcore or mainstream, gay or heterosexual. Discussion should be 
  limited to reviews of current and not-so-current releases, gossip, 
  behind the scenes stories, social, economic and legal issues 
  surrounding erotic films, and discussion of actors and actresses 
  (and directors and producers and...). Unacceptable submissions 
  include spams, commercials and binaries.
    Moderators: Jeff Knapp <>
                Imperator <>
                Brad Williams <>
                Peter Van Aarle <>
                Tim Evanson <>
    Article submission address:
    Administrative contact address:


   This newsgroup serves as a catch-all group in the rec.arts.movies.* 
   hierarchy. Any topics that do not fit well into any other rec.arts.movies.* 
   groups should be posted here.

  The rec.arts.movies.local.indian newsgroup is open to discussion of
  all subjects related to Indian movies and the Indian film industry. The
  newsgroup is restricted to any specific language or region. This
  newsgroup has been created exclusively for fans of Indian movies. 
  Readers who wish to discuss internationally distributed Indian 
  films may wish to use rec.arts.movies.current-flilms or 
  rec.arts.movies.past-films instead.

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