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FAQ: Where to post in REC.ARTS.MOVIES.*
Section - (2.14) Where does discussion of the rec.arts.movies.* heirarchy itself belong, such as comments/debate on any of the topics

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Top Document: FAQ: Where to post in REC.ARTS.MOVIES.*
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          in this FAQ, or discussion of splits or new newsgroups within 
          the hierarchy ?

Issues related to the organization of the rec.arts.movies.* hierarchy,
or questions/comments of this FAQ (e.g. posting frequency, contents, 
definitions of charters, etc. ) should be discussed in 
rec.arts.movies.misc. The follow-up of this FAQ has been set to 

Initiation of further organization in the rec.arts.movies.* hierarhcy
(splitting of a rec.arts.movies.* groups or creation of new subgroups) 
should be discussed in the affect newsgroup(s) and in 
rec.arts.movies.misc as well. If you are interested
in such activity, please also refer to SECTION FIVE of this FAQ.

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