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FAQ: Where to post in REC.ARTS.MOVIES.*
Section - (2.10) What are some of the topics being discussed in .misc ?

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Top Document: FAQ: Where to post in REC.ARTS.MOVIES.*
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Newsgroup rec.arts.movies.misc is the catch-all group of the hierarchy. 
This doesn't mean that things there are unimportant, they just cannot 
be classified to any specific subjects at this time. You may want to 
subscribe to it in case something of your interest is posted there. 
Possible topics include :

        "Movie posters for sale"
        "Who's in the new Columbia logo?"
        "Where can I ftp scripts from?"
        "RFD: rec.arts.movies.people split"
        "Best WWW site for movies?"
        "CD-ROM Movie Database 'Cinemania' - any good?"
        "What is a 'Cult-movie' anyway?"
        "Starting an Arts Film Series"
        "Movie Database Programs for MS-DOS/Windows"
        "Latin coversation in Tombstone"
        "Rare & Cult Videos *Updated*"
        "Cinema Indonesia in Chicago"
        "Where can I find the script for Blade Runner ?"
        "E-mail zines list update"
        "Info on US film distribution needed"
        "What do you know about 70's Culture???"
        "Movie Posters FS"
        "FS:Laser Discs for Sale "Updated"10-11-95"

If you think your thread belongs in .misc, then it automatically 
means that it doesn't belong in anywhere else. So, there is no need 
to crosspost a misc-post to someother groups. 

Similarly, threads that belong to elsewhere need not be crossposted
to .misc either.

Please remember to minimize bandwidth.

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