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Hellraiser movie FAQ

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		     New World Pictures in association with
		      Cinemarque Entertainment BV presents
			    A Film Futures production
			     A film by Clive Barker

		 HELLRAISER : Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

		    compiled by Mario Moeller,  1993 - 1995
			   and Kalle Paulsson, 1995

				   Release 17

	     01  Introduction                   08  Video Releases
	     02  Movie summaries                09  Soundtracks
	     03  Characters                     10  Books
	     04  The box                        11  Comics
	     05  FAQ                            12  Merchandise
	     06  Missing scenes                 13  Fanclubs
	     07  Goofs                          14  FAQ release

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>>01 INTRODUCTION  :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    This FAQ is intended to provide information for anyone interested in
the Hellraiser series, whether it's some unanswered question you may have,
or perhaps even details of the music from the films.  Whatever your flavour,
I'm sure you'll find the FAQ enjoyable reading.

    After two years of maintaining this FAQ, I unfortunately no longer have
time to keep updating it, so I'll be handing the FAQ over to Kalle Paulsson,
another long time Hellraiser fanatic.

				      Mario Moeller

    I first came across the Hellraiser series when a friend of mine rented
Hellbound a couple of years ago. I immediately fell for the atmosphere and
Pinhead's sinister appearance. The problem was that the Swedish video
version was heavily cut, so I had to look in the classifieds for a more
uncut version. I stumbled across a smudgy x'th-generation copy of the
totally uncut version, which was later (damn my soul eternally) erased
when I got the UK original. Now, 5 years later, I still haven't found that
uncut version, though I'm sitting here with my three laserdiscs, all of
Clive's books and waiting for the fourth installment in one of the greatest
horror series ever conjured on the big screen. I probably won't see it
there, though. Tough luck.

				      Kalle Paulsson


>>02 MOVIE SUMMARIES  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

::  Hellraiser  ::::

    "It will tear your soul apart."




       Producer  CHRISTOPHER FIGG   Written and Directed by  CLIVE BARKER


    When Larry Cotton and his wife Julia move into an old family home, little
do they realize the terrors that await them.  The odd atmosphere of the attic
does not go unnoticed by Julia, and when Larry injures himself, the blood
spilled on the bare boards brings back the horrific shadow of Frank, her
ex-lover and Larry's brother.
    He explains to her how, by solving a French puzzle box called the Lament
Configuration, he summoned spirits from the Outer Darkness.  His motive was
the promise of untold physical sensuality, but when the Cenobites came they
brought pain as well as pleasure.  Now Frank needs more blood to make him
whole again.  Julia begins seducing men and taking them back to the house,
where she kills them with a hammer.  As Frank grows stronger, Larry becomes
concerned with his wife's odd behaviour and confides in his daughter, Kirsty
    Discovering her stepmother's secret, Kirsty escapes with the puzzle box
and raises the Cenobites.  Once summoned, they are not prepared to leave
empty handed.  They want her body and soul.  But Kirsty bargains with them.
If she leads them to Frank she can go free.
    Returning to the house, Kirsty is shown Frank's skinned corpse by Julia
and Larry.  Her bargain with the Cenobites now apparently rendered useless,
her soul will be forfeit.
    However, all is not quite as it appears to be.  As the Cenobites return
to claim their prize, one final surprise has yet to be revealed before
events reach a spectacular and horrifying conclusion. . .

::  Hellbound  ::::

    "They will tear your soul apart.  Again."



	   Written by  PETER ATKINS  from a story by CLIVE BARKER
	       Director of Photography  ROBIN VIDGEON B.S.C.  
	  Produced by  CHRISTOPHER FIGG   Directed by  TONY RANDEL


    For Kirsty Cotton, the nightmares never end.  Awakening as a patient at
the Channard Institute - a psychiatric hospital for the mentally disabled -
she recalls discovering the skinned corpse of her father, watching the
lifeforce sucked from the body of her murderous stepmother and eluding the
perverse pleasures of the demonic Cenobites.
    Behind his veneer of cool proficiency, Doctor Channard conceals deep
and dark secrets.  With the information he learns from Kirsty, Channard has
the blood-stained mattress upon which Julia died delivered to his home.
He has spent a lifetime collecting the secrets of the Lament Configuration
puzzle box, and now he is prepared to go to any lengths to unlock the
portals that lead into the Outer Darkness.
    Using the blood of one of his more deeply disturbed patients, Channard
succeeds in releasing Julia's flayed spirit from the mattress.  In return
for supplying innocent victims on which to feed and restore her flesh, Julia
will reveal to him the awesome powers which exist beyond time and space.
    Meanwhile, a vision of her skinned father manifests itself in Kirsty's
hospital room, entreating her to help him.
    Along with another patient, the enigmatic Tiffany, who never speaks but
is adept at solving puzzles, Kirsty ventures beyond the limits into Stygian
corridors in an attempt to rescue her father from his eternal torment.  Her
quest will once again set her against the dark desires of Pinhead and the
other Cenobites, and force her to confront the awesome powers of their
omnipotent master: Leviathan - the Lord of Hell's Labyrinth . . .

::  Hellraiser III  ::::

    "Pinhead's back and this time he's brought some friends for the final




    The marbled features of Pinhead are amongst the writhing figures and 
distorted faces etched into the surface of an intricately carved pillar
bought by rich and spoiled nightclub owned JP Monroe.
    When Joey Summerskill, a young and ambitious television reporter,
witnesses the bizarre death of a teenage boy torn apart by chains in a
hospital emergency room, she discovers from the boy's trendy girlfriend,
Terri, that the chains emerged from a small puzzle box which the boy stole
from the pillar displayed in JP's club.
    While Joey and Terri investigate the origins of the puzzle box, JP
accidentally spills a few drops of blood on the pillar, releasing the
imprisoned soul of Pinhead.  Finally freed from the pillar by JP's
hedonistic greed, Pinhead walks the earth again in an orgy of blood and
desire, creating an army of new Cenobites from the transmutated flesh of
his victims to reclaim the box and set him free from the powers of Hell
    Through video tape interviews with Kirsty Cotton recovered from the
Channard Institute, Joey and Terri learn about the demonic Cenobites and
the power of the Lament Configuration box, the only means of sending Pinhead
back into the Outer Darkness.
    Joey, whose dreams are tortured by recurring visions of her dead father,
and Terri, who would give anything to dream at all, are all that stand in
Pinhead's way; and before the battle between good and evil reaches a final,
incredible confrontation, dreams become reality as they receive help from
a very unexpected source. . .

::  Hellraiser IV : Bloodline ::::

    "Pinhead stalks a family's bloodline through four centuries of terror."

    Fangoria #133, June 1994 had the following to say:

    Scripted by Pete Atkins from a Barker outline and set to be directed by
FX whiz Kevin Yagher.  The story is a three-parter, with the opening set in
18th-century France, the second segment in modern America and the finale in
a space station.  Barker stresses it is not an anthology, however.  "It's a
single narrative; it's not 'Tales From The Darkside'", he affirms.  "It is
the pursuit of a bloodline through three ages, and is going to take Pinhead
places he's never been before."

    The Feb 1995 issue of Sci Fi Entertainment has the following update:

    In this installment in the Hellraiser saga, Pinhead is unleashed by the
man who originally created the Lemarchand Configuration box and challenged
by a beautiful demon who predates him by two hundred years. 
Bradley explains Pinhead's role in the fourth installment : "At the end of
Hellraiser III, Pinhead was back in the box and once again bound by the
rules of the box. When he is released, he comes face to face with a fellow
demon who predates him and is responsible for commissioning the creation
of the Lament Configuration in the first place. To that extent, she is at
least his equal.  So, it's a little sparky between the two of them"
    The article mentions that Valentina Vargas and Bruce Ramsay star in
the movie.

    The April 1995 issue of Cinefantastique has a special feature 
"Clive Barker - Horror Visionary", with big articles on Hellraiser IV
as well as Candyman 2 and Lord Of Illusions. There's pictures of both
Angelique and the Siamese twin Cenobite (Name unknown, so far).

    Hellraiser IV was scheduled for US theatrical release on March 24th,
from Miramax Dimension. It has now been pushed forward to August 25th at
the earliest or Halloween at the latest. This is due to extensive 
postproduction and recutting to get it into shape. This involves amongst 
other things, getting Pinhead into the movie in the first segment, instead
of in the second, as planned from the beginning.

The latest release date seems to be November 6:th, from what I've heard.
If anybody has any info on this, please mail me.

>>03 CHARACTERS  :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    "No, no, this one didn't escape.  You told me you'd always been in Hell.
     You were wrong.  Look at it.  Look.  It's you.  It's you!  You haven't
     always been as you are.  You were human.  Remember.  Remember all
     your confusions.  Think!  You were all human!"

::  Hellraiser / Hellbound  ::::

    Larry Cotton (Andrew Robinson) :  Kirsty's father, married to Julia
    Julia Cotton (Clare Higgins)   :  Larry's wife
   Kirsty Cotton (Ashley Laurence) :  Larry's daughter
    Frank Cotton (Sean Chapman)    :  Larry's brother, and Julia's lover
	   Steve (Robert Hines)    :  Kirsty's boyfriend (Hellraiser)
    Dr. Channard (Kenneth Cranham) :  Head of Channard Institute (Hellbound)
	 Tiffany (Imogen Boorman)  :  Patient at Channard Institute (Hellbound)
	    Kyle (William Hope)    :  Doctor at Channard Institute (Hellbound)
	Browning (Oliver Smith)    :  Patient with razor/maggots (Hellbound)
	  Ronson (Angus McInnes)   :  Homicide officer (Hellbound)

	 Pinhead (Doug Bradley)    :  Lead Cenobite
       Chatterer (Nicholas Vince)  :  Chattering Cenobite
      Butterball (Simon Bamford)   :  Cenobite with dark glasses
 Female Cenobite (Grave Kirby)     :  Female Cenobite (Hellraiser)
 Female Cenobite (Barbie Wilde)    :  Female Cenobite (Hellbound)

::  Hellraiser III  ::::

Joey Summerskill (Terry Farrell)   :  The lead girl
  Pinhead/Elliot (Doug Bradley)    :  Lead Cenobite
	   Terri (Paula Marshall)  :  JP's girlfriend
       JP Monroe (Kevin Bernhardt) :  Nightclub owner
  Doc/Camerahead (Ken Carpenter)   :  TV Cameraman
   Joey's Father (Peter Boynton)   :  Soldier in Vietnam
       CD the DJ (Brent Bolthouse) :  CD Cenobite
   Rick / Barbie (Peter Atkins)    :  The barman

::  Hellraiser IV ::::

	 Pinhead (Doug Bradley)    :  Lead Cenobite
       Angelique (Valentina Vargas):  Female lead Cenobite
       The twins (Mark and
		  Michael Polish)  :  Siamese twin Cenobites
    Chatterbeast (Jody St. Michael):  Dog cenobite
   Phillip Lemarchand,
   John Merchant and
   Paul Merchant (Bruce Ramsay)    :  The Creator

::  Trivia  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    * Skinless Julia and Frank were actually both played by different
      actors than their human twin.

    * The female Cenobite was played by different actors in Hellraiser and

    * Dr. Channard's original script name was Dr. Malahide.

    * Butterball's glasses hide eyes which are sewed shut.

    * Peter Atkins (writer) stars a cameo in Hellraiser III as the barman,
      while Anthony Hickox stars a cameo in the same film as a soldier
      in Vietnam, as well as brief segment on a TV chat show (when
      Doc's switching through channels while talking to Joey on the

    * Nicholas Vince (The Chatterer cenobite) writes fiction, and has
      written a short (Hellraiser) story in English Horror Magazine 
      "Fear", issue 7.

>>04 THE BOX  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    "The box.  I don't know where it came from.  I don't know who made it
     or why.  I only know what it does.  It hurts.  It hurts.  I don't
     know.  It kind of opens itself.  Your fingers move.  You learn.  It
     wants to open, that's the thing.  And it know when you want to open it.
     And it helps.  And it opens.  And then they come.  The Cenobites.
     The demons.  You might think it's delusion, but it's not.  I saw them.
     I looked into their eyes and they looked back at me.  Creatures
     from Hell."

The puzzle box featured in the Hellraiser films is called Lemarchand's box,
constructed by a master craftsman.  The movies refer to it as the Lament
Configuration, which is a way to raise hell.  Literally.  The riddle 
associated with the box is that if you solve the seemingly impossible
puzzle, your any whim and pleasure will be met.  You will be taken to the
boundaries of your pleasure, and beyond.

But if subjected to too much of a certain pleasure, it isn't a pleasure
anymore.  In the original novella, Frank, upon solving the box, is given
his every sexual pleasure except that every bodily sense of his becomes
affected - and it doesn't stop there.  His sensations became higher still,
until it became painful, and he begged to stop.  Hell is what he wanted,
and hell is what he got.

(from the novella):

"As it was, they had brought incalculable suffering.  They had overdosed
him on sensuality, until his mind teetred on madness, then they'd
initiated him into experiences that his nerves still convulsed to recall.
They called it pleasure; and perhaps they'd meant it.  Perhaps not.
It was impossible to know with these minds; they were so hopelessly,
flawlessly ambiguous.  They recognised no principles of reward and
punishment by which he could hope to win some respite from their tortures,
nor were they touched by any appeal for mercy.  He'd tried that, over the
weeks and months that separated the solving of the box from today."

>>05 FAQ  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    "Didn't open the box.  And what was it last time?  Didn't know what
     the box was.  And yet we do keep finding each other, don't we?
     Perhaps you're teasing us.  Are you teasing us?  No more delays,
     Kirsty.  No more teasing.  Time to play."

::  Hellraiser  ::::

Q: What is the address of the house?

    55 Lodovico Street.

Q: Who is the Engineer?

    The Engineer is the creature that chases Julia down the corridor in
    Hell just before she meets the cenobites in her hospital room.  We see
    the Engineer later in the movie at the very end, when it tries to grab
    the box from Kirsty.

Q: If Julia dies in Frank's arms, how does her body end up on the mattress?

    As Tony Randel wanted to make a second film, a way to bring Julia
    back was needed, and the mattress scene was created.  In Hellbound,
    Kirsty says, "Frank left her for the Cenobites -- she died on that
    mattress."  As Julia aided Frank's 'escape', one can assume the
    Cenobites would therefore want to kill her too.

    The original script does not include the scene of Julia lying on the
    mattress; instead a trail of blood leads from the hallway into the
    dining room, where there stands a bride, her white dress soaked in
    blood, her veil covering her face.  Kirsty says "Julia?", and takes a
    step towards her, but as she does so the veil rises of its own accord,
    and Chatterer is beneath.  Kirsty slams the box closed and Chatterer

::  Hellbound  ::::

Q: What is Leviathan?

    Leviathan is the ruler of Hell's labyrinth, and takes the symbolic
    form of the lament configuration.  Solving this puzzle box opens
    the gates to Leviathan's domain.  The labyrinth represents the
    maze of the mind, as we hear in Dr. Channard's opening monologue.

Q: What's all this about Hellbound being incomplete?  Half re-filmed?

    In the original script Larry is actually in Hell, and Kirsty
    ends up rescuing him.

    Hellbound sees only Frank in Hell, and not both Larry and Frank.
    Basically, Hellbound doesn't make much sense, if you analyse the
    movie closely.  The scripted version sees Kirsty rescue Larry from
    Hell, who, once back at the Channard Institute, falls deadly ill and
    needs to be operated on (surgeons scene).  Meantime Kirsty kills the
    Cenobites (this bit is the same), but instead of her and Tiffany
    walking into the sunset, Kirsty stays behind at the Institute with
    Larry, who is making a rapid recovery.

Q: What does the hall of mirrors which Tiffany sees strange visions in

    An unfilmed, but scripted scene towards the start of the film, shows
    Tiffany escaping the institute, closely chased by staff.  A carnival
    is near the institute where Tiffany sneaks herself into the Hall of
    Mirrors.  It is night, and the place is deserted.  Tiffany likes
    to escape here because of her liking of patterns and puzzles.  She's
    always caught though, and returned to the institute.  Later, in Hell,
    Tiffany once again encounters the same Hall of Mirrors, where she sees
    visions of her mother being abducted by Dr. Channard.

Q: Is the person who writes "I am in me" Larry or Frank?

    The person was originally intended to be Larry, whom Kirsty was going
    to find, and rescue from Hell.  As this bit was unfilmed, the viewer
    is led to believe that the person was actually Frank, impersonating
    Larry, and tricking Kirsty into go to Hell.

Q: Do Kirsty and Kyle hit it off?

    Yes, in the original script they do.  But this was never filmed.
    Kirsty was to actually spends the night at Kyle's place, and
    kiss him in a certain scene.

Q: Chatterer and Chatterer II - what's the difference?

    An unfilmed part in the corridors of Hell, shows Chatterer in Hell's
    equivalent of a beauty salon, being re-made.  This involves the scar
    tissue being manually peeled from the upper part of his face to reveal
    small, vicious, human eyes.  The differences are noticeable though:

      Chatterer (Hellraiser) : no ears, hooks around cheeks.
    Chatterer II (Hellbound) : ears, no hooks around cheeks.

::  Hellraiser IV  ::::

Q: When the hell is it coming out?


::  Trivia  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    * As Dr. Channard walks to the institute the wheelchair patient
      continually exclaims, "105 years! 105 years!".  In the next shot
      he mutters, "105 years and he still doesn't know my name!".

    * The statue/sculpture that is featured at the end of Hellraiser III
      is sitting in Charlotte, NC (US) in the middle of downtown, in front
      of Nations Bank Plaza, at the corner of Tryon and Trade Streets.
      It is the sculpture focussed on in the very last scene; the medallion
      with the cubist themes breaking out of it.

>>06 MISSING SCENES  :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    "Sad, huh?  She's been here six months.  A complete mystery.  No family.
     No visitors.  She's completely alone.  A nurse named her Tiffany.
     She never speaks.  All she does is solve puzzles.  All the time.
     Dr. Channard feels it may be a good thing.  Maybe, beneath her
     withdrawal, she's putting something in order."

    The original scripts for both Hellraiser and Hellbound feature scenes
that are different, or missing from the films.  This will give you an
insight into how the films were originally intended to be.

::  Hellraiser  ::::

::  [Kirsty works at a pizza shop instead of a pet shop.  This is a scene
     where she meets Steve at the pizza shop.]

    CUSTOMER 1: Excuse me, Miss --
    CUSTOMER 2: I'd like some more lager.
    CUSTOMER 1: Miss!
    KIRSTY    : In a moment!
    CUSTOMER 2: Did you hear me?

    <Kirsty starts back to the counter.  As she does so somebody else's voice
    cuts through the din.>

    STEVE     : Hey, sex-bomb --

    <She wheels round>

    KIRSTY    : You keep your -- <sees Steve>
	      : Oh <smiles>  Hi.
    STEVE     : I just called in.  How about tonight?
    KIRSTY    : I don't finish till twelve.
    STEVE     : I'm a late riser.

    <He grins.  She grins.>

    CUSTOMER 2: What do you have to do to get some service around here?
    STEVE     : Catch you later

::  [when Kirsty meets the Cenobites in the hospital, she is alone.  In the
     original script, Steve is there too.]

    CENOBITE  : You solved the box.  We came.  Now you must come with us.
		Taste our pleasures.
    KIRSTY    : Don't touch me!

    <The door opens.  It's Steve.  Kirsty's face floods with relief.  Steve
    does not register the Cenobites' presence however>

    KIRSTY    : Steve.  Thank God you came.
    STEVE     : What happened to you?

    <He steps between the Cenobites>

    KIRSTY    : These things . . . they want to take me.
    STEVE     : What things?
    CENOBITE  : He doesn't see us, or hear us.  We belong to you Kirsty. 
		And you to us.
    KIRSTY    : No!
    STEVE     : What's wrong?
    KIRSTY    : Don't let them take me, Steve --
    STEVE     : I won't let anybody take you.

    He starts to walk towards her, but the creature in the dark glasses
    takes a hooked rod from its back and puts the hook to Steve's neck.
    Steve's hand moves to the place; he makes a small sound of pain.
    The Cenobite takes off its glasses, to see its trick better.  The eyes
    beneath are sewn shut.  It pulls a little more on the hook.  Steve winces.

    F.CENOBITE: If he takes another step, we open his throat.
    KIRSTY    : <to Steve> Please go, Steve.
    STEVE     : What?
    KIRSTY    : Just go.  Please.  I'll be OK.  I'm going to go see Dad.
		He'll look after me --  <Steve leaves>
    CENOBITE  : It's time we were away.
    KIRSTY    : Let me alone, will you?
    CENOBITE  : No tears please.  It's a waste of good suffering.

::  [different ending]

    <House door slams shut behind Steve and Kirsty, Kirsty turns the
    sealed box over in her hand.  There is a slit in it which has not quite
    closed.  Light suddenly pours from it, up into Kirsty's face.  Her
    features are momentarily distorted, as if sucked towards the box.  From
    within: shrieks, bells, music.  Between the screams, Frank's voice.>

    FRANK  : Come to Daddy!

    <She slams the panel shut.  The distortions cease.  So does the din.>

    KIRSTY : Not tonight.

    <A smile crosses her face, and she leaves the doorstep, making her way
    towards the street.  Steve gazes at her, then follows.  Their figures
    are erased by the darkness.  Somewhere, a bell rings as . . CREDITS ROLL>

::  Hellbound  ::::

::  [Different wording when Dr Channard is talking about the mind being
     a labyrinth, it's paths plainly visible ... etc]

   CHANNARD: We can bring them back properly more often than scientific
	     orthodoxy dictates, ladies and gentlemen.  And the knife, far
	     from the enemy of analysis, is often its greatest ally in solving
	     the puzzles of psychosis.  Analysis isolates and massages.
	     Surgery pinpoints and corrects . . . though you've got to know
	     what you're doing, of course . . . some things are obvious. Here,
	     for example . . . are the optical motor nerve control centres.
	     Now.  This case.  A deeply-buried psychosis severe enough to
	     produce frighteningly frequent hysteria and aggression. Incurable.
	     Say others.  Not so.  Analysis isolates.  The knife exposes.
	     Medication controls.  And then, ladies and gentlemen, we REBUILD.
	     With all the care and knowledge that our years of training
	     have given us . . . WE BRING THEM BACK.

::  [When Kyle gives Kirsty the pills ("they're only to help you ... sleep!")
     the dialogue is different]

    KYLE    : Anyway, let's concentrate on you for a moment.  Wanna suck on
	      this for me?

    Kirsty looks up at him sharply.  He is proffering a pill and grinning

    KIRSTY  : Hey, good joke, Kyle.  Do you always come on to the mentally

    Kyle's face falls.   He blushes.  Pressing the pills into Kirsty's hand,
    he backs off to the door, apologising.

    KYLE    : Shit.  Sorry.  Here's the pills.  Red face.  Door.  Bye.

    Kyle exists hurriedly, closing the door behind him.  Kirsty grins.
    She looks at the pill for a second or two and then puts it firmly back
    in the box.  Realising there is no bedside table, she puts the box on the
    wooden chair.

    KIRSTY  : Jesus, I'm glad I'm not paying for this place.

    <goes to bed - meets Larry>

::  [when Dr. Channard is bandaging Julia, we see her in a following shot
     wearing a gown . . where does this come from?]

    A scene missing is the shopping mall scene, where we see Dr. Channard
    buy the gown, and return it to Julia, who looks in the mirror, trying
    it on.

::  [just before Dr. Channard gets turned into a Cenobite, he tells Julia he
     wants to go back.]

    CHANNARD: Enough.  God, that's enough.  We HAVE to go back.
    JULIA   : Go back?  What on Earth makes you think we can go back?
    CHANNARD: I want to go back!
    JULIA   : Sorry, friend.  No day trips to Hell.  Here you are.  Here you
	      stay.  And forward the only way to go.

::  [Kirsty meets her father, Larry, in Hell]  (The 'surgeons scene')

    When Kirsty walks through the door of 55 Lodovico Street in Hell,
    instead of being in the 'burning room' where she meets Frank and Julia,
    she finds herself in 'The Brother's' room, which is a plain room
    with a small table on which lie a hand of cards and a soiled ashtray.
    Over the far wall is a mattress, and to the side of this is a latticed
    wooden screen, hiding Frank and Larry who are joined form the elbow
    down to the wrist like that of siamese twins.  When they see Kirsty,
    they begin to fight; at one stage their free hands each have hold of
    the other man by the throat and are rolling along one of the walls,
    each trying to establish some dominant grip.  They smash violently
    against one of the walls in the room, which gives and they fall
    through into the next room, which is the 'Knife Room'.

    The Knife Room is a small room, and, with the exception of
    the doorway to the 'Brother's room', every inch of the walls is covered
    with sharp and deadly-looking double-bladed knives (ie. one blade is
    buried in the wall up to a central hilt/handle and the other blade
    just out menacingly into the room)

    FRANK: How convenient.

    (Kirsty comes through and gasps as she sees the walls.)

    LARRY: Stay there baby.  Don't come in.
    FRANK: Yes.  Stay there.  I'll be with you in a minute.

    (Larry and Frank trade blows)

    Larry manages to impale Frank onto the knives, and then pulls a knife
    from the wall and with one vicious slice, separates himself from his
    brother. At this stage, Julia enters and says her bit about the family
    reunion.  Larry and Kirsty manage to leave, and Julia pulls Frank's heart
    out (this part is the same as in the movie).

    Larry, Kirsty, and Tiffany make their way back to the hospital (this
    all is exactly the same way as the movie, except with the addition of
    Larry).  They make it back into Tiffany's room at the hospital, where
    the flowers which seemed to be in full bloom before their trip to Hell
    now seem long dead (to appear that they have been in Hell for a VERY
    long time).  Larry then falls ill and collapses to the floor.  Tiffany
    rushes to the door and calls help, a minute later Larry is being wheeled
    out to the elevator, and back down to the Maintenance level.

    Larry is wheeled right down the corridor, through a set of double doors
    at the end, which leads into the pre-op room.  Another set of doors
    is in this room in which Larry is wheeled, but Kirsty and Tiffany are
    told to stay put.

    As the doors close, Kirsty turns to Tiffany, expecting a long wait before
    anyone comes to speak to them.  Surprisingly, though, the doors open
    again almost immediately and two figures step through.  They are masked
    and gowned in surgical green and very little of them is visible.

    KIRSTY  : Is he going to be all right?
    SURGEON : No.  He's not going to be all right.
    KIRSTY  : Wh..
    SURGEON : No.  He's going to die.  He's got a ruptured aorta.  He's going
	      to die in agony.

    As he makes this speech, the mask of his colleague stains rapidly with
    blood, as if it is literally pouring from its mouth.  Simultaneously,
    his own mask is slowly pierced by a score of nails bursting through from
    beneath.  The first surgeon pulls the mask and cap away from its face -
    it is Pinhead.  His colleague does the same.  It is the female cenobite.

    KIRSTY  : Oh, fuck.

    She's had too much experience with these two to hesitate.  She grabs
    Tiffany's arm and bursts through the double doors to the corridor.

    As Kirsty and Tiffany are being chased by the Cenobites back to the
    elevator, the overhead pipes begin to drip blood, instead of water.  They
    reach the elevator and tumble into it before the Cenobites manage
    to catch them.  They start going up in the elevator, and reach the 
    ground floor.  As the elevator door opens, Chatterer lunges at them from
    outside.  Kirsty screams, but because of the eagerness of his lunge they
    are able to get around him as his impetus carries him to the back of
    the elevator.  The doors begin to close, and Chatterer turns to come back
    out at them, putting his hand out.  The doors close on his fingers, and 
    slice them off.

    Kirsty and Tiffany run back and the movie now continues from the scene
    where the hospital ward is filled with patients trying to open the
    box (and where the evil Dr. Channard comes through the window and says
    "the Doctor is in").

::  [After Pinhead is killed and his throat sliced open, there is a small
     scene as Kirsty and Tiffany burst out into the corridor and almost
     fall over the patient in the wheelchair]

    PATIENT: So what, girly?  It's OK for an ego-trip but it just doesn't
	     get the job done.

    Shaking their heads at the insanity, they run up the corridor.

::  [At the end when we see Kirsty and Tiffany walk up the garden path
     out of the hospital, only Tiffany goes - Kirsty stays behind with
     her father who is making a rapid recovery]

    KIRSTY : So.  What're you going to do?  Open up a games-shop somewhere?
	     Sell jigsaw puzzles?
    TIFFANY: Oh, yeah.
    KIRSTY : Well . . . g'bye.
    TIFFANY: It's been Hell.

    Tiffany turns and walks down the long path to the hospital gates.  Kirsty
    turns and re-enters the institute.  The camera tracks back to the window
    of the recovery room and we watch through the window as Kirsty enters
    the room.  She bends to kiss her father's cheek.  Larry slips an arm
    around her shoulders and they embrace.  The camera moves away again.

::  [Different ending; instead of the pillar rising out of the mattress,
     Julia does!]

    Julia is fully fleshed, fully skinned, and fully dressed.  She is in
    a replica of the dress Channard bought for her, but this one is jet
    black.  She looks fabulous.  As the workman stands open-mouthed, her
    feet clear the mattress.  But they don't stop there.  She slows to a 
    graceful halt about six inches above the mattress.  She stretches and
    flexes her arms sensually.  Then her head swivels and her excited,
    aroused eyes meet those of the workman.

    JULIA: I'm Julia.  Love me.

    Suddenly, her head tips back and, accompanied by Julia's delighted
    laughter, a wide beam of Hell's black light flies at the ceiling from her
    open mouth.  Instantaneously, it spills across the ceiling and falls,
    like a fountain of blood, across the screen.  Complete blackness, THE

>>07 GOOFS  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    "Trick us again, child, and your suffering will be legendary even in Hell."

::  Hellraiser  ::::

 1  The two delivery men have had their voices dubbed with American accents.

 2  Scene where the Engineer chases Kirsty down the corridor in Hell.
    Watch for the point when you see a long shot of the corridor, and the
    Engineer in the distance, coming towards you.  You can see the trolley
    the creature is being pushed on, right down to the wheels on each side.

::  Hellbound  ::::

 1  The two policemen wandering around the Cotton house have American
    accents, and are wielding handguns, not something seen around London.
    They also make mention "Downtown", which is Americanised.

 2  Scene where Dr. Channard is being turned into a Cenobite.  He is
    wearing a tie.  On some frames when he is being injected with blue/red
    fluid you see his buttons only, and he is not wearing a tie.

 3  Scene in Hell where Kirsty slams herself against a corridor wall as
    she nearly gives up in desperation; Tiffany is with her.  When Kirsty
    hits the wall (twice), one can see the fake wall wobble.

::  Hellraiser III  ::::

    When the patient explodes on the hospital bed at the start of the
    movie, the sequence of shots is: exploded -> still alive -> exploded.

>>08 VIDEO RELEASES  :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    "The Doctor is in!  Ah, girls.  And how are we feeling today?  You have
     your whole lives behind you now.  Surgery is open, Tiffany.  What was
     today's agenda?  Ah, yes.  Evisceration."

    This is a guide as to what different versions are available on video,
    or laserdisc.  Some versions may feature extra scenes others don't.
    If you have a copy that is not listed in this section, please send in
    the details!


    The special editions (LTBX, Extras) have been delayed to late january
    and late april.
    More info (company, contents) welcome.

::  Hellraiser  ::::

    uncut - Extended gore scene when Julia kills one of her men, who pleads
	    for his life as she is about to hit him with the hammer.
	    (Only about two seconds extra footage - hardly noticeable)

Country     | Rating   | Distributor           | Catalogue           | Release
US          |  R       | R&G / Starmaker       | 80254               | cut
US    LD    |  R       | Image Entertainment   | ID5186NW            | cut
UK          | 18 (18+) | New World Video       | SNW 1038            | cut
US          |  R       | R&G / Starmaker       | 99102               | uncut
UK          | 18 (18+) | Cinema Club           | CC 1164             | uncut
UK          | 18 (18+) | The Video Collection  | VC 3401             | uncut
Australia   |  R (18+) | Roadshow Home Video   | 2319 RHV            | uncut

The UK (The Video Collection VC 3401) version contains a 30 minute interview
with Clive Barker called "The Art of Horror".  In this he reveals the
inspiration and influences behind his unique approach to the Art of Horror.
It was published by Zig Zag Films/Hollywood Canada Productions in 1992,
(ISBN 0 7921 2791 9).  There is no catalogue number.

The US (Starmaker 99102) version is a collector's edition, which features
interviews with Clive Barker, and the people that played Larry, Julia and
Kirsty.  It also contains the original TV commercial.

The US (Starmaker 80254) version of Hellraiser is available together with
the US (Starmaker 80255) version of Hellbound in a double pack called
"The Clive Barker Collection" (Starmaker 29001).

::  Hellbound  ::::

    Three releases exist; the first two do not feature the extra scene.

   cut(1) - This version is heavily cut, and does not feature the following
	    gore scenes:

		* Hammer nailing in Pinhead's nails.
		* Dr. Channard Cenobite slicing patient's hand off.

	    The following scenes are still present, but with most gore cut:

		* Browning slashing himself with the razor.
		* Tiffany experiencing her flashbacks.
		* Dr. Channard becoming a Cenobite.
		* Blood draining when Pinhead's throat is slashed.

   cut(2) - Normal gore.  This is what most "uncut" versions of Hellbound
	    claim to be.

    uncut - This version is extremely rare, and mainly bootlegged.
	    Features an extra scene in Hell where Kirsty finds herself
	    in a normal-looking room she associates with her childhood;
	    a framed photograph of her parents is displayed on a bureau.
	    She admires the photo and looks yearningly at her mother.
	    After taking a short look around the room, she finds that
	    Julia has replaced her mother in the photo.  Suddenly, it
	    begins to ripple and a bevy of cockroaches burst forth from
	    the frame.  Roaches crawl forth from behind the bureau,
	    toppling it, and she screams.  This scene is inserted
	    during the spinning shot of Kirsty screaming, but before
	    the Cenobites appear.  A subsequent shot of Kirsty running
	    along a hellish path with Tiffany is also slightly extended.

    NO version contains the 'surgeons scene'. The filming was never finished.

Country     | Rating   | Distributor           | Catalogue           | Release
US          |  R       | R&G / Starmaker       | 80255               | cut (1)
UK          | 18 (18+) | RCA Columbia          | CVR 21972           | cut (1)
Australia   |  R (18+) | Roadshow Home Video   | 9388 RHV            | cut (1)
Netherlands | 16 (16+) | Cosmos Home Ent'ment  | uncatalogued        | cut (2)
Greece      |          |                       |                     | cut (2)
US    LD    | unrated  | Image Entertainment   | ID6291NW            | cut (2)
US          | unrated  | New World Video       | A88040              | cut (2)
US          | unrated  | R&G / Starmaker       | 99103               | cut (2)
Japan LD    | unrated  |                       | G78F5070            | uncut

The US (Starmaker 99103) version is a collector's edition, which features
interviews with Clive Barker, Tony Randel, and the people that played
Julia, Kirsty, and Dr. Channard.  It also contains a short extra
special effects/musical montage.

The US (Starmaker 80255) version of Hellbound is available together with
the US (Starmaker 80254) version of Hellraiser in a double pack called
"The Clive Barker Collection" (Starmaker 29001).

::  Hellraiser III  ::::

    uncut - Features brief extra footage of a topless girl dancing in
	    The Boiler Room, as well as two new scenes:

	    * Immediately after Terri moves out from Joey, there is a scene
	      inside the Boiler Room nightclub where a couple are seen buying
	      some drugs from a drug dealer.  Terri is in the Boiler Room,
	      where she witnesses a couple in love, which makes her even more
	      lonely.  Next, she purchases some coffee, and looks up to
	      see JP who says "Hey baby, glad you could make it."  This
	      new scene ends here; next JP is seen telling Terri to "come
	      on in" to his room.  (length of scene: 1:07).

	    * When Elliot tells Joey about his past, they are standing around
	      a campfire.  There is a new scene immediately before the
	      footage from Hellraiser II (Elliot playing with box at start),
	      in which Elliot is seen buying the box in an Indian bazaar
	      (this is new footage, and has not been reused).
Country     | Rating   | Distributor           | Catalogue           | Release
UK          |          |                       |                     | cut
Australia   |  R (18+) | Triumph Releasing     | TRV 21453           | cut
Japan LD    | unrated  |                       |                     | cut
US    LD    | unrated  | Paramount Home Video  | LV 15162            | uncut

>>09 SOUNDTRACKS  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    "How can it send us back, child?  We're already here.  And so are you.
     Oh, Kirsty; so eager to play, so reluctant to admit it.  But, please;
     feel free.  Explore.  We'll always be here . . we have eternity to
     know your flesh."


    Contains 6 ambient tracks composed by Coil.  Produced for the
    movie, but never included.

HELLRAISER (US / Cinedisc / CDC1001) 43:08

    Contains 14 classical tracks composed by Christopher Young.

HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II (US / GNP Crescendo / GNPD 8015) 73:59

    Contains 13 classical tracks composed by Christopher Young,
    performed by the Graunke Symphony Orchestra.

HELLRAISER III: HELL ON EARTH (US / GNP Crescendo / GNPD 8033) 46:51

    Contains 11 classical tracks composed by Randy Miller,
    performed by the Mosfilm State Orchestra and Choir.


    Contains 11 rock tracks.

>>10 BOOKS  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    "It's what I've always wanted.  You were almost enough, Julia, but . .
     I have to see.  I have to know.  I planned for this moment for years
     but I never knew . . I never guessed.  It's enchanting.  I never
     thought I would feel such feelings."

Books written by Clive Barker:

    Books Of Blood 1-3           1984    The Damnation Game           1990
    Books Of Blood 4-6           1985    The Hellbound Heart          1991
    Weaveworld                   1988    Imajica                      1991
    Cabal                        1989    The Thief of Always          1993
    The Great And Secret Show    1989    Everville                    1994

THE HELLBOUND HEART (Clive Barker /  Harper / ISBN 0 06 100282 8) US
		    (Clive Barker / Fontana / ISBN 0 00 647065 3) Australia

    The original Hellraiser novel.

CLIVE BARKER, ILLUSTRATOR (Eclipse Books / ISBN 1 56060 028 4) US

    The first complete book compiling the art work of Clive Barker.


PANDEMONIUM (Eclipse Books)

    A picturesque book revealing much about Clive Barker's past
    work which contains the first printing of "History of the Devil".

SHADOWS IN EDEN (Stephen Jones / Underwood Miller / ISBN 0 88733 073 8)

THE HELLRAISER CHRONICLES (Clive Barker / Titan Books / ISBN 1 85286 423 0)

    A picturesque companion to all three Hellraiser films, which
    contains many colourful shots of the various actors and cenobites.

DREAD (The official Clive Barker fanclub magazine)

    Now deceased, this was a bi-monthly publication by Phantom Press.

>>11 COMICS  :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    "You're at the door of dreams.  There are two keys in the room.  One is
     in the pocket of this fool.  You could take it out without me reaching
     you.  Probably.  And let yourself back in to the world you've always
     known; banal, hopeless, dreamless.  The other is the key to dreams.
     To black miracles and dark wonder.  Another life of unknown pleasures.
     It's yours.  Complete the pattern.  Solve the puzzle.  Turn the key.
     I have such sights to show you."

::  ECLIPSE ENTERPRISES  :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    PO BOX 1099,  Forestville  CA 95436,  USA

    Credit card orders call USA: 1-800-468-6828


    1. "Human Remains"            art by P. Craig Russell
       "Pig Blood Blues"          art by Scott Hampton
    2. "In the Hills, the Cities" art by John Bolton
       "Skins of Our Fathers"     art by Klaus Janson
    3. "Midnight Meat Train"      art by Denys Cowan, Michael Davis
       "Scape-goats"              art by Bo Hampton
    4. "The Madonna"              art by Woch, von Tobel
       "Hell's Event"             art by Pearson, Okamoto, Johnson
    5. "How Spoilers Bleed"       art by Hector Gomez
       "Down, Satan"              art by Tim Conrad

    SON OF CELLULOID              art by Les Edwards
    THE YATTERING & JACK          art by John Bolton
      (Includes the story How Spoilers Bleed)
    REVELATIONS                   art by Lionel Talaro
    DREAD                         art by Dan Brereton
    THE LIFE OF DEATH             art by Steward Stanyard and Hector Gomez
       (Includes New Murders in the Rue Morgue.)
    RAWHEAD REX                   art by Les Edwards and Hector Gomez
       (Includes Twilight At the Towers.)
       (Included Down Satan.)

::  EPIC COMICS  :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    387 Park Avenue South, New York  NY 10016,  USA


	Hellraiser Summer Special
	Hellraiser Dark Holiday Special
	Jihad: Hellraiser vs Nightbreed



	Limited run of six comics of the adventures of Pinhead, with a
	time travel theme.



	Part 1: A Hellraiser Companion
	Part 2: A Hellraiser Companion
	Part 3: The Journals of Philip Lemarchand
	Part 4: The Story of Johnny John


        The first four issues adapted the movie. The series lasted
        for 25 issues.

::  DARK HORSE  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    PRIMAL 1-2

        Writers : Clive Barker, D.G. Chichester, Erik Saltzgaber
        Art     : Lionel Talaro

>>12 MERCHANDISE  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    "It's all right, sweetheart.  Julia's told me everything; and it's all
     right.  Whatever Frank did was his error.  And it's finished with now.
     He's gone.  He was insane, baby: a mad dog.  I put him out of his
     misery - I'll go to the police when I'm feeling stronger.  Try and
     find some way to make them understand, though God knows I don't
     really understand myself.  Did he hurt you?  Poor Frank.
     He's better off dead."

    Screamin' Products, Inc.
    P.O. Box 6577,  Albany,  New York 12206,  USA

HELLRAISER MYSTERY BOX (Screamin' Products / no. 9100)

    Lifesize replica of the Lament Configuration.  Looks stunning,
    although plastic and hollow.  Requires glue.

PINHEAD (Screamin' Products / no. 1200)

    Scale model of Pinhead, comes with pillar of souls and small Lament
    Configuration box.  Needs painting.


    Scale models of the Cenobites.  Need painting.


    A video giveaway attached to the US release of Hellraiser III
    entreated viewers to send in their video rental receipt in exchange
    for a free half hour video interview of Clive Barker.  The box art
    has a head shot of Pinhead transforming into Barker in a series of
    some twelve images.  Trailers to all three films are on this tape.


    Published by Paragan Film Productions
    115 Flood Street
    London  SW3
    Phone UK 01-352-4195

HELLBOUND ORIGINAL SCRIPT (2nd draft, November 1, 1987)

HELLRAISER TRADING CARDS (Eclipse, US$2.00 per pack / US$30.00 per box)

CLIVE BARKER'S BOX OF BLOOD (Eclipse, Cdn$32.95)

    Set of 32 artistic cards rendered by artist Tristan Schane.
    Only 1000 copies have been printed; each are signed and numbered.


    20th Century Fox Interactive and Magnet Interactive are releasing
    a CD-ROM, supposedly filled with lament puzzles, in the first
    quarter of 1996.

>>13 FANCLUBS  :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    "I was bored.  I'd done everything.  I'd gone to the limits.  There
     was nothing left to experience.  At least nothing I could buy on
     Earth.  They tortured me here.  In this room.  The Cenobites.  The
     creatures the box set free.  Sometimes I think they're still here.
     Just behind the walls.  Them and their hooks and their beasts.  Just
     waiting to break out again.  They tore me apart.  They gave me
     experiences beyond the limits.  Pain and pleasure, indivisible.
     They took my body, but my spirit . . they left that here.  In the
     boards, in the walls.  Watching the world, but not able to touch it."

BREED (The official Clive Barker fanclub)

    This fanclub is no longer operating.

DREAD-NET (The Clive Barker Mailing List on Internet)

    Dread-Net is an Internet-based mailing list dedicated to
    discussions of all things Barkerian.  It is an electronic forum
    for sharing information and ideas on Clive Barker's books, short
    stories, art, movies . . . and whatever else might come to mind.
    For more information, please contact Ed Packard, the list owner

>>14 FAQ RELEASE  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    "But you wanted this.  You wanted to see.  You wanted to know.
     And here it is.  The heart of Hell.  Leviathan.  Why do you think
     I was allowed to go back?  For you?  No, it wanted souls.  And I
     brought you.  And you wanted to know.  Now you know.  And I wanted
     everything.  Now everyone's happy."

  1  First printing.                                            05/01/93
  2  Videos, comics updated.            
  3  Movie posters text included.  FAQ added (Mattress).        05/19/93
  4  Videos, books updated (Shadows in Eden).
  5  Soundtracks updated.
  6  Videos, characters, goofs updated (Hellraiser III).        09/01/93
  7  Books updated (Breed).
  8  Videos, comics updated.  Hellraiser IV info.               10/13/93
  9  Videos, books, comics, models updated.                     10/14/93
 10  Videos updated.  Cosmetic changes.                         01/25/94
 11  Videos, soundtracks updated.  FAQ added.                   05/01/94
 12  Goofs, books, Hellraiser IV updated.  Cosmetic changes.    09/01/94
 13  Videos, goofs, books, comics updated.  FAQ added.          01/21/95
 14  Hellraiser IV updates.  Kyle's profession corrected.       02/14/95
 15  Videos, books updated.  FAQ owner changed.                 03/20/95
 16  Hellraiser IV details. First Release by Kalle Paulsson     06/16/95
 17  HRIV Release date. Comics. SE Laserdiscs                   09/05/95

 Published September 4th, 1995 


	  The latest version of the FAQ is always available from
	  news.answers, as well as the Horror Web page;


	  Mario Moeller
	      for the huge work done to start up and maintain the FAQ,  
	      for giving me a shot at it, for helping me with it and 
	      also for some other things I won't mention here. :-)
	  Kalle Paulsson (
	      for details of laserdiscs, soundtracks, books, Hellraiser IV
	      updates, and for his commitment to continuing the FAQ.

	  Erkka Varjo (
	      for many intricate release details.

	  Dave Zimmerman (
	      for supplying more comic and book details,
	      and details of the Pinhead scale model.

	  Nigel Bamford (
	      for supplying details of Hellraiser III versions.

	  Steven Feldman (
	      for supplying Epic and Eclipse comics details,
	      and several other great suggestions.

	  Steven Sy (
	      for supplying details of the Hellraiser III soundtrack,
	      and more video release details.

	  Casey Hopkins (
	      for placement onto the World Wide Web.

	  Pinhead the Cenobite (
	      for details of the Box of Blood cards.

	  James Robinson (
	      for the location of the Hellraiser III sculpture.

          Bryan Frankenseuss Theiss (
              for lots of comics details.


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