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Internet Filmmaker's FAQ Version 6.0 [3/5]

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Version 6.0 (Part 3 of 5)

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                           Compiled & Maintained By
                               Benjamin Craig


 Welcome to the Internet Filmmaker's FAQ, The definitive online resource 
 new and professional filmmakers covering a wide variety of frequently 
 questions and other film-related issues.

 The Internet Filmmaker's FAQ begun as the frequently asked questions 
 for the newsgroup rec.arts.movies.production. Over recent years it has 
 in scope to cover issues raised on other newsgroups and filmmaking 
 around the Internet. The Internet Filmmaker's FAQ now resides on the web 
 a dynamic, searchable filmmaking resource.

 In addition to over 130 (and growing) frequently asked filmmaking 
 the Internet Filmmaker's FAQ offers a huge range of discounted 
 books and The Toolshed - a forum for buying and selling second-hand
 filmmaking equipment. Visit the site now!

                           Internet Filmmaker's FAQ

 The Internet Filmmaker's FAQ is  1994-98 Cinemagine Ltd. All Rights


 Overview of the Questions...

 In the past, a plain text version of The Internet Filmmaker's FAQ was 
 to various film-related newsgroups. Due to the dynamic nature of the
 document, this is no longer possible, however you can get a quick 
 of the questions through this posting, and even take a direct link to 
 answer! Answers in The Internet Filmmaker's FAQ are grouped into many 


      Are those "2 day" film schools any good?

      Film Schools - Australia

      Film Schools - Canada

      Film Schools - UK

      Film Schools - USA

      I wanna work in FX. How?

      I wanna work in the film industry. How?

      I've heard something about Lucasfilm/ILM internships. What are
      they/how can I apply?

      Should I go to film school?

      What are the best film schools?

      What is a certain film school/course like?

      Where can I find a listing of internships offered by film


      A few potential financing partners.

      Do Studios finance their own films?

      How much did El Mariachi really cost to make?

      I've heard some people finance films with credit cards. How?

      What finance resources are around?


      What is a frame rate?

      What is crystal sync?

      What is reversal film?

      What's the difference between "Above" and "Below" the line costs?

      What's the difference between "online" and "offline" editing?

      What's the difference between a manager and an agent?

      What's the difference between a stand-in and a double?


      Bookstores - Australia

      Bookstores - UK

      Bookstores - USA

      Reading list for wanna-bes, trying-to-bes, and being filmmakers?

      What do the little letters mean after some people's names in the

      What good film bookstores are there?

      Where can I find info on Box Office grosses?

      Where can I find info on box-office grosses for indie films?

      Where can I get a list of film companies who have Net addresses?

      Which country has the largest film industry?

 More Questions are available in the other four parts of this document.

                 1994-98 Cinemagine Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Benjamin Craig
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