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Internet Filmmaker's FAQ Version 3.2 (HTML) [4/4]

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<P><H1>Version 3.2</H1>

<P>Compiled and Maintained<BR> by<BR><BR>
<FONT SIZE=+1>Benjamin Craig<BR>
<A HREF=""></A></FONT><BR> <BR><BR>

<P><H2>PART 4 OF 4</H2></CENTER>

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<p><b>&copy Copyright Benjamin Craig, 1994 - 96. All Rights Reserved.</b></center>

<p>Permission is granted for reproduction, distribution, transmission, or storage of this FAQ for non-commercial
purposes only and on the condition that the contents are not modified in any way. Commercial use and/or distribution 
of this document is strictly forbidden with prior written consent from the copyright holder.  Educational use of this 
document is allowed subject to the above mentioned conditions and the requirement to notify the copyright holder 
before any such use is undertaken.

<h3><p align=center>DISCLAIMER</h3>

<P>Whilst every effort has been made to maintain the accuracy of information provided in this FAQ, the
author cannot accept any moral or legal liability for inaccurate or outdated information contained within. 
Furthermore, certain information presented in this FAQ is based on the opinions and experiences of the author
only, and cannot be taken to be legally binding.  Trademarks referred to in this document are noted as such,
and are used without permission of the respective trademark owners. Use of such trademarks is for 
informational purposes only, and should in no way be considered a challenge to their ownership.

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<P>(%) denotes a new/updated topic; (+) indicates the question is presently unanswered.<BR><BR>

<P><DL><DT><FONT SIZE=+1>Part 4: Resources</FONT><BR><BR>
<DD><LI> <A HREF="#boxoff">Where can I find info on Box Office grosses?</a> %
<DD><LI> <A HREF="#books">Reading list for wanna-bes, trying-to-bes, and being filmmakers?</a> %
<DD><LI> <A HREF="#IMDB">Internet Movie Database?  What is it/How can I access it?</a>
<DD><LI> <b>What Internet Sites/Services Cater for Filmmakers?</b><ul>
<li><a href="#siteswww">World Wide Web?</a> %
<li><a href="#sitesnn">Network News (Usenet)?</a> %
<li><a href="#sitesbbs">BBS?</a>
<li><a href="#sitesml">Mailing Lists?</a>
<li><a href="#sitesez">Ezines?</a>                               
<li><a href="#sitesfaqs">FAQ Lists</a>
<li><a href="#sitesmisc">Miscellaneous?</a></UL>
<DD><LI> <A HREF="#bookshops">What good film bookstores are there?</a> %
<DD><LI> <A HREF="#netco">Where can I get a list of  film companies who have Net addresses?</a>
<DD><LI> <a href="#netscript">Where can I get film scripts on the Net?</a> %
<DD><LI> <B>What government film agencies are there in [insert place]?</b><ul>
<li><a href="#usgov">USA?</a>
<li><a href="#ozgov">Australia?</a> %
<li><a href="#cangov">Canada?</a>
<li><a href="#ukgov">UK?</a></ul>


<h3><a name="boxoff">Where Can I Find Info on Box Office Grosses?</a></h3>

<p>Box office grosses are published weekly in many magazines such as <i>Variety</i> 
(USA), <i>Hollywood Reporter</i> (USA), and <i>Encore</i> (Australia).  They are also 
presented on many entertainment report television programs across the world.

<p>The moderators of <a href="news:rec.arts.movies.announce">rec.arts.movies.announce</a> usually post weekly figures
for the US Boxoffice to that news-group, or you can have a look at the
<a href="">HollyWeb Online</a> Web site.  International Boxoffice
figures are often posted to rec.arts.movies.announce, however they tend to be spiratic at best.

<P>Check out <EM>Digital Matinee</EM> at <A HREF=""></A>. They post weekly Box Office numbers and has the top 100 grossing films of 1995.  An all time Box Office page is in the works.  Also have RealAudio interviews and reviews.

<P>There is also a Web site called <EM>Top Box Office Movies</EM> that contains the list of the all-time highest grossing movies and can be found at <A HREF=""></A>.


<h3><a name="books">Reading list for wanna-bes, trying-to-bes, and being filmmakers?</a></h3>

<p>There are a multitude of books available about film production, and most 
are probably not much better than the others.  An important point to remember 
is that film production techniques change all of the time, so if you're going 
to read a book, make sure it's a recent one.

<p>Some suggested reading is as follows.  All of these books should be available 
through your local retailer or try <a href="if-faq3.htm#000">The Writer's Computer Store</a> or
an online store called <a href="">Bookstacks Unlimited</a>. If you know of any other good books, let me know.

<dd><i>The Independent Film & Videomakers Guide</i> - <a href="">Michael Wiese</a>
<dd><i>The Complete Film Production Handbook</i> - Eve Light Honthaner
<dd><i>Getting Into Film</i> - Mel London
<dd><i>Secrets of Hollywood Special Effects</i> - Robert McCarthy<br>
<DD><i>Producer's Master Guide</I> - <a href=""></a><BR>
<dd><i>Cinematograhy</i> - Kris Malkiewicz
<dd><i>Film Lighting</i> - Kris Malkiewicz
<dd><i>American Cinematographer Manual</i> (aka <i>The Bible</i>) - AC Magazine<br>
<dd><i>How to Read a Film</i> - James Monaco<br>
<dd><i>The Beginning Filmmaker's Guide to Directing</i> - Renee Harmon
<dd><i>Film Directing Shot By Shot</i> - Steven Katz
<dd><i>Film Directing Cinematic Motion</i> - Steven Katz
<dd><i>Producer to Producer</i> - Michael Wiese
<dd><i>Dealmaking in the Film & Television Industry</i> - Mark Litwak<br>
<dd><i>Screenplay</i> - Syd Field
<dd><i>Making a Good Script Great</i> - Linda Seger<br>
<dd><i>American Cinematographer</i> - Cinematography/Production
<dd><i>Computer Graphics World</i> - Computer Graphics
<dd><i>Variety</i> - <strong>Reliable</strong> Entertainment News
<dd><i>Hollywood Reporter</i> - As above
<dd><i>Cinefex</i> - Film Production
<dd><i>Encore</i> - Film Production (Australia)
<dd><i>Moving Pictures</i> - Film Production (UK)
<dd><i>Schmalfilm</i> - Indie/Amateur 8mm - 16mm Production (Germany)
<dd><i>Filmmaker</i> - Published by the Independent Feature Project
<dd><i>Boxoffice</i> - Industry news and stats.
<DD><I>Screen International</I> - News and critical issues.<br>
<p>There are a couple of film magazines that maintain online sites which let you check out
the contents and features of current issues, or read past issues.

<LI><A HREF="">American Cinematographer</A> (<I></i>)
<li><a href="">Filmmaker</a>
<li><a href="">Boxoffice</a>
<LI><A HREF="">Fade In: ONLINE</A> <EM>(</EM>


<h3><a name="IMDB">Internet Movie Database?  What is it/How Can I Access It?</h3></a>

<p>The Internet Movie Database is a collection of information about films from the last umpteen years.  It contains 
cast, crew, titles, etc information about a huge number of movies and is being updated all the time.  The project
was started and is coordinated by <A HREF="">Col Needham /</A> and the beauty of the database is that it is user-updatable, and is thus maintained by literally thousands of users.  All updates are of course moderated to prevent inaccurate information being included.  

<p>There are currently four sites containing the IMDB, and users are requested to <b>access the database
nearest their location.</b>  IMDB mirrors are currently located at Cardiff (UK), Mississippi State University (USA), LEO (Germany), and Griffith University (Australia).  You can access the IMDB via:<ul>
<li><b>World Wide Web</b> at:<ul>
<li><a href="">Cardiff (UK)</a> <EM>(</EM>
<li><a href="">Mississippi State (USA)</a> <EM>(</EM>
<li><a href="">Griffith (Australia)</a> <EM>(</EM>
<li><A HREF="">LEO (Germany)</A> <EM>(</EM>)</UL>
<li><b>Email Interface</b><br>
For details send a message with the subject <b>HELP</b> to 
<a href=""></a><br><br>
<li><b>Local Installation</b><ul>
<li>UNIX - <a href=""></a> or 
<a href=""></a>
<li>Amiga - <a href=""></a>
<li>MS-DOS - <a href=""></a> or
<a href=""></a></ul><br>


<h3><a name="siteswww">What Internet Sites/Services Cater for Filmmakers? - WWW</H3></A>

<p>When I wrote the version 1.0 of this FAQ, the number of film related Web sites probably numbered less than 100
world wide.  Now, six months later the number of these sites increases daily, and who knows how many there are
out there now.

<p>Such is the increase in the number of these sites, that listing them has reached beyond the scope of this FAQ.
Entire sites are dedicated to this task now!  

<p>I have included in this resource list, the major film related sites that contain the majority of the links.  From these
places you will have a wealth of directions awaiting your choosing.  I have also included a few sites that I consider 
important enough to have an entry in this FAQ.  These are exceptional sites and/or sites that offer a specific service
to the Internet filmmaking community.

<p><b>Link Sites</b>
<dt><a href="">Omnibus Media Links</a><i> (
</i><dd>Mother of all film link sites.  Contains over 1000 international links. Searchable.<br><br>
<dt><a href="">CineMedia Australia</a> <i>(<BR>
</i><dd>Contains heaps international links to film-orientated resources. Soon to have a US Mirror.<br><br>
<dt><a href="http"//">Cinema Sites</a> <i>(http"//
</i><dd>Comprehensive list of film and television Web sites maintained by David Augsburger.<br><br>
<p><b>Cool & Useful Sites</b>                   
<dt><a href="">Ind. Filmmakers Resource Guide</a> <i>(<BR> 
</i><dd>Maintained by Mike Vidal.  Wealth of info for east coast USA independents.<br><br>  
<dt><a href="">HollyWeb Online</a> <i>(<br>
</i><dd>Contains daily studio briefing, hot weekly grosses, all-time top 50 grossing films, and heaps of other links
and info.<br><br>
<dt><a href="">HollyNet at USC</a><i> (<br>
</i><dd>Incorporates the Entertainment Technology Centre and many other interesting things.  Can be slow at times.<br><br>
<dt><a href="">Sundance Institute Online</a> <i>(<br>
</i><dd>Robert Redford's Sundance Institute has joined the Net.  Information for independent production (and on-line shopping 
from Cybermart :)<br><br>
<dt><a href="">Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences</a> <i>(
</i><dd>The Academy's official Web site.  Contains information about the Academy itself, the programs it offers, 
and current information about the up-coming Academy Awards.<br><br>
<dt><a href="">Eastman Kodak</a><i> (</i>
<dd>Kodak's WWW information server.  Contains info about Kodak products, releases, and policies.<br><br>
<dt><a href="">Silicon Studio</a> <i>(</i>
<dd>Silicon Graphics entertainment technology home page.<br><br>
<dt><a href="">Director's Guild of America</a> <i>(
</i><dd>The DGA's official Web site.  Contains information about DGA policy, membership,
Awards, and the Guild itself.<br><br>
<dt><a href="">Newspage Variety Magazine Pages</a> <i>(
</i><dd>Contains articles and reports from one of Hollywood's most respected trades.<br><br>
<dt><a href="">CinemaScape Australia</a> <i>(
</i><dd>Information on the Australian production industry.<br><br>
<dt><a href="">ShowData</a> <i>(</i>
<dd>A one stop information source on and for the South African film industry.<br><br>
<dt><a href="">Pacific Film and Television Commission</a> (Australia)<i> (</i>
<dd>Provides info in the Commission's guidelines and incentives for off-shore productions to shoot in Queensland,
<dt><a href="">Australian Media Facilities Directory</a><i> (</i>
<dd>A comprehensive list of film, TV, radio advertising and other media facilities in Australia.  Crew, organisations,
production facilities, rental companies etc.
<DT><a href="">Producer's Master Guide</a><i> (</i>
<DD>Producer's Masterguide is the exclusive international production manual for film, broadcast-television, commercials, videotape and 
cable industries for the past 16 years. Its an invaluable reference tool in all phases of production - consulted by top industry professionals.
<DT><A HREF="">EntertaiNet</A> <EM>(</EM>
<DD>A site that provides contact information for many individuals, companies and service providers for the entertainment industry.
<DT><A HREF="">Cineweb</A> <EM>(</EM>
<DD>A comprehensive production-orientated site. Crew lists, locations guides, production info and more.

<h3><a name="sitesnn">Network News-Groups</a></h3>
<p>Usenet contains some valuable discussion groups for filmmakers.  Some news groups where you will find people
with similar interests are:
<dt><a href="news:rec.arts.movies.production">rec.arts.movies.production</a>
<dd>For filmmakers and students to discuss the various aspects of filmmaking and share information.<br>
<dt><a href=""></a>
<dd>For video/TV makers and students to discuss the various aspects of video production and share information.<br>
<dt><a href=news:rec.arts.movies.announce">rec.arts.movies.announce</a>
<dd>Movie announcements, celebrity news, award & festival news, official box-office charts, and other news-worthy info.<br>
<dt><a href=""></a>
<dd>For those interested in the technical aspects of movies but are not actually production personnel themselves.  Kind of cross-over with RAMP.<br>
<dt><a href="news:rec.arts.movies.people">rec.arts.movies.people</a>
<dd>Discussions and gossip about people who are in the movie business. Actors, Directors, writers, composers, etc.<br>
<dt><a href="news:rec.arts.movies.current-films">rec.arts.movies.current-films</a>
<dd>For discussion of current and soon-to-be released films.<br>
<dt><a href="news:rec.arts.movies.past-films">rec.arts.movies.past-films</a>
<dd>For discussion of films more that are not currently or soon-to-be in release.<br>
<dt><a href="news:rec.arts.movies.lists+surveys">rec.arts.movies.list+surveys</a>
<dd>For presentation and discussion of "Top-N" lists over various movie subjects.<br>
<dt><a href=""></a>
<dd>For discussion of movie-going culture, and movie-going in general.<br>
<dt><a href="news:rec.arts.movies.misc">rec.arts.movies.misc</a>
<dd>For discussion of any miscellaneous movie topics which do not fit into any of the other rec.arts.movies.* news groups.<br>
<dt><a href=""></a>
<dd>For discussion of films in Australia.<br>
<dt><a href=""></a>
<dd>Film list server.<br>
<dt><a href="news:bit.listserv.cinema">bit.listserv.cinema</a>
<dd>Cinema List server.<br>
<dt><a href="news:misc.writing.screen">misc.writing.screenplays</a>
<dd>For screenwriters and other interested people to discuss all aspects of writing for the screen.<br>
<dt><a href="news:alt.movies.independent">alt.movies.independent</a>
<dd>A group for independent filmmakers and the discussion of independent films and filmmaking.<br>
<dt><a href="news:alt.movies.visual-effects">alt.movies.visual-effects</a>
<dd>For the discussion of the process, creation, execution and results of visual effects in movies of all
<DT><A HREF="news:alt.movies.cinematography">alt.movies.cinematography</A>
<DD>A forum for professional cinematographers and other interested parties to dicuss their art.

<h3><a name="sitesbbs">17.3 BBS</a></h3>
<b>The Vine - The Entertainment Industry Online</b>
<p><i>The Vine</i> is the fully featured online service for professionals in film, television, music and multimedia. 
Services include public and private conferences and chat areas for all types of discussions, a searchable jobs 
and resume databank, directories of addresses and phone numbers of thousands of industry businesses, industry
news feeds, file libraries containing shareware and reference materials relevant to the industry, 200+ USENET
news-groups, SMTP Internet email service, electronic "Office Suites" for companies and organisations (including
<i>The American Film Institute, Independent Feature Project, AVID</i> and <i>The American Cinema Editors</i>),
and more.

<p><i>The Vine</i> is accessible by direct dial up in Los Angeles, and via TCP/IP from any SLIP or PPP account
around the world.  For free 30 day trial software call (213) 957-1990 or send email to<a href=""></a> specifying name, address, phone, Mac or Windows, colour or monochrome.  You can also 
download the software directly by using any communications package to dial (213) 957-1100 and logging on user 
User ID of <tt>Public</tt> and leaving the password blank.  For more information send email to
<a href=""></a>.

<blockquote><b>The VINE</b><br>
The Entertainment Industry Online<br>
6381 Hollywood Boulevard<br>
Suite 648<br>
Los Angeles, California  90028<br><br>
Tel. (213) 957-1990<br>
Modem. (213) 957-1100<br>
Email. <a href=""></a>.
<b><a name="indiefilm">Independent Filmmaker's Forum On-line</a></b><blockquote>
An online computer  service dedicated to independent filmmakers working in all formats (including 
Super8mm), students of film, and film journalists.  The IFF provides a way for 
filmmakers to network with other filmmakers to exchange experiences, advice, 
equipment, and services.  
<p>Online you will find message conferences, Internet newsgroups, private 
email, Internet email, Internet mail lists, online chat, online resumes and a 
wealth of filmmaking information; including <i>INDIE: The Electronic Newsletter 
for Independent Filmmakers</i>, and daily Studio Briefings. There is an extensive 
library of download files including screenwriting and utility programs, 
interviews, games, graphics programs and files, movie reviews, and even 
electronic magazines, entire books, and novels.<br><br>
<p>The service is not just for Producers, either.  It's a great place for
Directors, Cinematographers, Writers, Musicians, Actors, and Technicians to 
find projects which need their talent.  It's a service for anyone interested 
in independent media in any format, Pixelvision to 35mm.<br><br>
<p>The IFF can be accessed by modem at present on (310) 425-0012.  For voice
information requests and FAX call (310) 425-5331.  For more detailed info 
send mail to <a href=""></a> and you will receive an auto-
response.  To converse with a less mechanical associate of the IFF, send mail 
to <a href=""></a>.</blockquote>

<h3><a name="sitesml">17.4 MAILING LISTS</a></h3>
<b><i>Filmmakers</b></i> - Send email to <a href=""></a> with the words 
<b>SUBSCRIBE FILMMAKERS</b> in the body of the text.  For help send a message to the same address with the word <b>HELP</b> in the body of the text.<br>
<b><i>Screenwriters</b></i> - Send email to <a href=""></a> with the words
<b>SUBSCRIBE SCRNWRIT [first name], [last name]</b> in the body of the text.

<h3><a name="sitesez">17.5 EZINES (ELECTRONIC MAGAZINES)</a></h3>
<i><b>Electronic Hollywood</i></b> 

<blockquote>A weekly ezine focusing on the motion picture industry - 
the films in production, pre-production and development.  Currently each issue is 
about 180K in size so make sure your main system doesn't mind receiving large 
files.  To subscribe, send e-mail to <a href=""></a> with the following information 
in the body of the message:<br>
<p align=centre><b>SUBSCRIBE E-HOLLYWOOD [Proper E-Mail Address] [Full Name]</b>

<p>You will be given a temporary subscription and begin to receive weekly issues in 
your e-mail account.  As soon as your payment arrives (no later than two weeks), 
your subscription will be upgraded to full standing.  Subscription rates are as 
<li>6 months (26 issues)      US$ 52.00.  
<li>1 year (52 issues)        US$ 90.00.<br>
To subscribe, send a check or money order in US funds to: <i>Johnnie J. Young, 
P.O. Box 1534, Studio City, CA  91604.</i> <b>Always include a full name and proper email address with any orders or correspondence.</b>.
<b><i>INDIE:  The Electronic Newsletter for Independent Filmmakers</b></i>
<blockquote>This is what INDIE the Newsletter has to offer (for $US 20.00 a Year)

<P>Box Office Reports of Independent Films that are distributed by non-studios and initially released on fewer than 500 screens (usually the bottom half of the top 60 hardly anyone lists). How To articles, useful lists (Independent Distributors, Finance
Institutions, Screenwriting Software comparisons, etc.); and the very popular ABSTRACTS:  These are 10 sentence summaries of articles that appear in all the leading English language film magazines as well as phone numbers to contact them for back issues or subscriptions. <EM>INDIE</EM> is emailed to its subscribers once a month.

<P>Send mail to <a href=""></a> for more info.</blockquote>
<P><b><i>Production Weekly</i></b>

<BLOCKQUOTE><i>Production Weekly</i> is a weekly breakdown of projects in pre-production, preparation and development for film, television, music videos, commercials etc..  Every week PW is revised with all new listings that are receive on a daily basis. In order to keep you up to date, we try to collect as much information as possible for each project. In addition to our listings, we will provide other useful information on "the call sheet", which will be the last page of each issue. One of PW's objective
s is to get the most current information to you as soon as possible, at the most economical price. For this reason subscriptions are sent via fax and e-mail.

<p>You can review a complimentary copy of <i>Production Weekly</i> by sending a request to <a href=""></a>.

<p><i><b>PRODUCTION WEEKLY</b></i><BR>
PO Box 15052, Beverly Hills, CA 90209, USA<BR>
Tel. (213) 651-1916&nbsp;&nbsp;  Fax. (800) 217-7391&nbsp;&nbsp; e-mail- <BR>
Web. <a href=""></a></BLOCKQUOTE>
<h3><a name="sitesmisc">17.6 Miscellaneous</a></h3>

<p>There is a channel called #filmmakers on IRC that is for the discussion of film and video production related stuff, although it probably depends on which IRC server you connect to, as to whether or not you get this channel. 

<h3><a name="sitesfaqs">17.7 FAQ Lists</a></h3>

<p>Several Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) lists exist containing pertinent information regarding films and
filmmaking.  They are:<ul>
<li><b>SteadiCam&reg;</b> FAQ - maintained by <a href="">Eric Swanson /</a>
<li><b>Movie Database </b>FAQ - available via FTP from MIT's 
<a href="">USENET Archives</a>.
<li><b>Rec.arts.movies</b> FAQ - maintained by <a href="">Evelyn Leeper /</a>
<li><b>Screenwriter's</b> FAQ - At the <a href="">Screen Writer's Home
<li><b>Where to Post in rec.arts.movies.* newsgroups</b> FAQ - available via FTP from MIT's 
<a href=""> USENET Archives</a>.


<h3><a name="bookshops"> What good film bookstores are there?</a></h3>

<p>Good film bookstores are usually hidden somewhere in every large city.  A
quick flip through the local Yellow Pages or equivalent should locate your
nearest store.  

<p>One good place to start is by getting on contact with Faber and Faber who publish a large range 
of film-related books.  Send your name, address etc to:

<blockquote>Film Productions<br>
Faber and Faber Ltd<br>
3 Queen Square<br>
London WC1N 3BR<br>

Some other suggestions are:

<blockquote><b>Bookstacks Unlimited</b> (USA)<br>
Although this is not a purely film-orientated book store, it contains most popular titles if you know what you're looking for.
<i>Bookstacks</i> can be reached via TELNET at <a href="telnet://"></a> or with your   
Web browser <a href=""></a>.</blockquote>
<li><a href="if-faq3.htm#000">The Writer's Computer Store</a><br><br>
<li><a href="if-faq3.htm#000">New Media</a><br><br>
<li><b>Larry Edmunds Bookshop</b><br>
6644 Hollywood Boulevard<br>
Hollywood, CA 90028<br>
Tel. (213) 463-3273
<dd><LI> <b>The Cinestore</b>         
<dd>37 Liverpool St      
<dd>Sydney, NSW, 2000<br>
<dd>Fax. (02) 283-3055
<dd>Tel. (02) 283-3035<br>  
<DD><LI> <B>AFTRS Direct Sales</B>
<DD>PO Box 126
<DD>PH: (02) 805 6454<BR>
<DD><LI> <B>McGills</B>
<DD>201 Elizabeth Street
<DD>PH: (07) 3221 9939<BR>
<DD><LI> <B>Folio Books</B>
<DD>80 Albert Street
<DD>PH: (07) 3221 1368<BR>
<DD><LI> <B>Book Nook</B>
<DD>Level 1, 97 Albert Street
<DD>PH: (07) 3221 8537
<BR><BR>                       </UL>
<dt><b>UNITED KINGDOM:</b><br>
<dd><li><b>The Cinema Bookshop</b>
<dd>13 Great Russell Street
<dd>London, WC1B 3NH<br>
<dd>Tel. 0171-637-0206<br>
<dd><li><b>Offstage Theatre and Film Bookshop</b>
<dd>37 Chalk Farm Road
<dd>London, NW1 8AJ<br>
<dd>Tel. 0171-485-4996<br>
<dd><li><b>Museum of the Moving Image Bookshop</b>
<dd>South Bank
<dd>London SW1 8XT<br>
<dd>Tel. 0171-928-3535<br>
<dd><li><b>Wardour News</b>
<dd>118 Wardour Street
<dd>London W1V 3LA<br>
<dd>Tel. 0171-437-6131<br></ul>


<h3><a name="netco">Where can I get a list of film companies who have Net addresses?</a></h3>

<p>A list of film and related companies is maintained by Julian Hensey. For copy 
of the latest list send email requesting a copy to
<a href=""></a>.  Currently the list only supports the standard text format.


<h3><a name="netscript">Where can I get film scripts on the Net?</a></h3>
<p>There are very few scripts available on the Net at the current time, and many of 
those that are, do not exist in the correct script format.  Problems with copyright
and the fact that *someone* has to type them all out have added to this. 

<p>Try the following sites:
<li> <a href=""></a>(FTP) - <i>Star Wars</i> Scripts
<li> <a href=""></a> (FTP) - General Scripts
<li> <a href=""></a> (WWW) - Screenwriter's Home Page
<LI> <A HREF=""></A> (WWW) -BBB's Reading Room
<LI> <A HREF=""></A> (WWW) - MJ's Cyberport
<LI> <A HREF=""></A> (WWW) - Entertainment Media Archives

<P>An interesting site that has poped up is <A HREF="">Drew's Scripts-O-Rama</A> (<EM></EM>) which contains archives and pointers to many scripts on the Net. One thing I like about this site is the author has actually taken the time to classify which scripts are in the correct format and which are not.


<h3>What government film agencies are there in [insert place]?</h3>

<p>The governments of most countries have departments or offices that have been setup to help
filmmakers in their respective places.  You can usually find out what government services are available to
filmmakers in your country by talking to your local government representative.  Some of these government
agencies are listed below.

<p><h3><a name="usgov">USA?</a></h3>

<p><a href="">California Film Commission</a> <i>(</i>

<p><i>More agencies coming soon.  If you know of any, please email me.</i>


<a name="ozgov"><h3>Australia</h3></a>

<p>The Australian Government has one of the largest film industry support bases of any country in the world,
far too many agencies to list in this FAQ.  A few of the key agencies are:
<li><b>Australian Film Commission</b> (Head Office)<br>
Level 4, 150 William Street<br>
Woolloomooloo, NSW 2011<br>
GPO Box 3984<br>
Sydney, NSW 2001<br><br>
Tel. (02) 321 6444<br>
Fax. (02) 357 3737<br>
WWW. <A HREF=""></A><BR><br>

<li><b>Australian Film Finance Corporation</b> (Head Office)<br>
Level 12, 130 Elizabeth Street<br>
Sydney, NSW 2000<br>
GPO Box 3886<br>
Sydney, NSW 2001<br><br>
Ph. (02) 268 2555<br>
Fax. (02) 264 8551<br><br>

<li><b>Pacific Film and Television Commission</b><br>
GPO Box 1436<BR>
Brisbane, QLD 4000<BR><BR>
Tel. (7) 3224 4114<BR>
Fax. (7) 3224 6717<BR>
Email. <A HREF=""></A><BR>
WWW. <A HREF=""></A>
<li><b>Australian Film Institute</b><br>
49 Eastern Road<br>
South Melbourne, VIC 3205<br><br>
Ph. (03) 696 1844<br>
Fax. (03) 696 7972<br>
Web. <a href=""></a>

<p>A complete list of Australian government film agencies and contact information can be found
at <a href="">CinemaScape Australia</a> 


<h3><a name="cangov">Canada</a></h3>

<p><b>British Columbia Film Commission</b><br>
601 West Cordova St.,<br>
Vancouver, B.C., Canada<br>
V6B 1G1<br><br>
Tel.  (604) 660-2732

<p><i>If you know of other Canadian government film agencies, please email me.</i>


<h3><a name="ukgov">United Kingdom?</a></h3>

<i><p>If you know of any UK government film agencies, please email me.</i>


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