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Archive-name: movies/blues-bros-faq/part1
Posting-Frequency: Monthly
Last-modified: 28 February 2000
Version: 2.22

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=========================== General Information ===========================

 1. Introduction to the FAQ for

    The newsgroup (AFBB) is for discussion about
    The Blues Brothers - the plot, the actors, the music, the band, and
    anything else remotely related to the movie and the Blues Brothers.
    It is NOT for simply reciting quotes to each other.

    This FAQ is maintained by GLen Pringle (
    and is posted to, alt.answers and
    news.answers once every month. It is also available at the
    following locations.

    Anonymous FTP

    World Wide Web

 2. What WWW/ftp sites are there?

    There are numerous sites constantly being created. This list is
    by no means comprehensive, however most of the main sites are
    here, and these have links to many other sites.

         GLen Pringle's Blues Brothers site with FAQ, script, sounds,
         pictures, lyrics, album info, trivia, links...
         The Official Blues Brothers 2000 Web site
         Ewen's Blues Brothers site with movie script, sounds, pictures,
         trivia and more
         The Melbourne Blues Brothers site, featuring the longest running
         cinema lateshow in the Southern Hemisphere
         Lucy Duffy's Tribute to The Blues Brothers
         The Blues Brothers audiovisual page
         The Blues Brothers multi-media site with sounds, pictures and
         movie clips.
         Blues Brothers movie sounds.
         Ben's Blues Brothers sound clips.
         Another Blues Brothers site with lyrics and script
         The Blues Brothers Links Archive
         Brian's Blues Brothers site
         smcguire's Blues Brothers Page
         The World of the Blues Brothers
         The Saxonian Blues Brothers Page
         Lucy's Tribute to The Blues Brothers
         Finbar's Blues Brothers Homage
         Chris's Blues Brothers Page
         Blues Brothers Midi files
         T_M's Blues Brothers page, including mp3s
         Jeff's Blues Brothers Page
         Dannyland's Blues Brothers Audio Archive
         Yet another Blues Brothers Page
         Duke Blues Page
         SNL and Blues Brothers Wavs
         Ron's Blues Brothers Page
         The Internet Movie Database entry for The Blues Brothers (USA)
         The Internet Movie Database entry for Blues Brothers 2000 (USA)
         The House of Blues
         The best of Saturday Night Live (SNL)
         The Blues Brothers on SNL
         Dan Aykroyd on SNL
         John Belushi on SNL
         The Ultimate John Belushi Page
         The Ultimate Dan Aykroyd Site
         First Church of Dan Aykroyd
         The Blues Brothers Revival Band
         Ftp site for the FAQ, plus a small number of images and sound
         Ftp site with lyrics to songs performed by The Blues Brothers

 3. Where can I get pictures, sound files, lyrics?

    See the WWW sites in Question 2.

	The International Lyrics server at
	has lyrics to many of the songs.

 4. Where can I get the script for the movie?

    The script for the original Blues Brothers movie can be ordered
	from Script City in Hollywood.  It includes scenes which never
	made it into the final cut and only costs about $20.  They can
	be contacted at:

         Script City
         8033 West Sunset Boulevard # 1500,
         Los Angeles, CA 90046
         (213) 871-0707

    If you know where the script for Blues Brothers 2000 can be found,
	please contact the FAQ maintainer.

 5. Isn't it online?

    There are several www sites which have transcripts. See Question 2.

 6. Where happened to the old version of this FAQ which had lots of other
    information in it?

    The previous version of the FAQ (which is still available - see GLen
    Pringle's Blues Brothers site in Question 2) had many errors in it and
    needed an update. Much of it is still being verified. This new FAQ
    contains pointers to where you can find the extra information which was
    in the old FAQ (such as the quote list, song lyrics etc).

=========================== Saturday Night Live ===========================

 7. Weren't The Blues Brothers on Saturday Night Live (SNL)?

    Yes, the act originated on SNL. Take a look at the SNL WWW site in
    Question 2 for more information.

 8. What performances were there on SNL?

    The following acts are those that I've been told about. If you know of
    any additional ones (or corrections to this list), please send email to

       o King Bee (this was performed in Bee costumes)
       o I Don't Know
       o Soul Man
       o (Everything I Need) Almost
       o "B" Movie Box Car Blues (also known as Get Back To You)
       o Hey Bartender
       o Rubber Biscuit
       o Flip, Flop and Fly (Aykroyd and Goodman, 1995)

================================== Music ==================================

 9. What albums have the Blues Brothers/Blues Brothers band released?

    The Blues Brothers: The Best of the Blues Brothers (1989)
    The Blues Brothers: A Briefcase Full of Blues
         (Atlantic #19217-2)
    The Blues Brothers: Made in America
         (Atlantic #16025-2)
    The Blues Brothers: The Original Soundtrack
    The Blues Brothers: The Definitive Collection (1989)
         (Atlantic #82428-2); double-length (20 songs, 67 minutes)
         Note: does not include "Rawhide!"
    The Blues Brothers: Everybody Needs the Blues Brothers
         Released through either an Italian company or a German one in
         Europe - a re-release of old stuff
    The Blues Brothers Band: Red, White, and Blues
         Post-Belushi, just the band with one appearance by Elwood
    Elwood Blues Revue: Land of a Thousand Dances
         1988 12"
    Elwood Blues Revue: Great Outdoors Soundtrack
    The Blues Brothers: Live In Montreux 1992
    Blues Brothers 2000 Original Soundtrack

10. What bootleg CDs are there?

    The Blues Brothers: Groove Me
         Import, live from their 12/31/79 show at Winterland in
         San Francisco.
    The Blues Brothers: Winterland
         Live in San Francisco 1992

11. What videos are available?

    The Blues Brothers
         The original movie
    The Return of the Blues Brothers
         Features music from Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd) with brothers Steve
         Blues (James Belushi) and Mighty Max Blues (John Goodman). More
         info is available at <URL:>
    Blues Brothers 2000

12. Are the lyrics/sheet music to the songs available?

    For sheet music/charts, find a local store which carries Blues music
    and they should be able to help you.

    The lyrics should also be available with the sheet music.

================================== Books ==================================

13. What books are there available on the Blues Brothers?

	These books are all out of print but if you're lucky you may be able
	to pick one of them up in a second-hand bookstore.

    "Rolling Stone Visits Saturday Night Live"
    New York : Rolling Stone Press, 1979. ISBN: 0-385-15674-x

         A compilation of Rolling Stone articles about SNL including the
         famous Blues Brothers piece by Timothy White. This is THE article
         for the very famous Annie Leibovitz RS cover photo of Jake and
         Elwood with blue faces (Annie Leibovitz did the nude, pregger,
         Demi Moore on Vanity Fair).

    Mitch, Miami. "The Blues Brothers"
    Jove, June 1980. ISBN: 0-515-05630-8

         A novel based on the screenplay by Dan Aykroyd and John Landis.
    Jacklin, Judith and Insana, Tino. "The Blues Brothers - Private"
    Perigee Books.

         Ad for this book: "Now, you can get the lowdown on The Blues
         Brothers. These are the records (report cards, loan applications,
         prison records, etc.) from the personnel file of dear Sister Mary
         Stigmata, the loving nun who raised them. These files (hidden from
         prying eyes in a cracker box and only recently unearthed by sweet
         Sister Mary) tell the whole story of the brothers' - and the
         band's - rise to notority. Get the inside 'dish' - in BLUES
         BROTHERS-PRIVATE." Included a poster.

================================== Movie ==================================

14. What famous people appeared in the movie?

    The Internet Movie Database entries for the Blues Brothers movies
	(see Question 2.) has the full movie credits which includes cameos
	by Frank Oz, James Brown, John Lee Hooker and Steven Spielberg.

15. Are the members of The Band real musicians?

    Yes, they are all respected musicians.


16. How many cars were destroyed in the movie?

    One person has suggested 13 bluesmobiles and around 30 police cars,
    which were rebuilt as they were crashed. Another person has said 13
    bluesmobiles and 60 "Chicago cars".  

17. What sort of car is the Bluesmobile?

    1974 Dodge Monaco sedan.

	From the photo in the Blues Brothers Private book, the original
	Bluesmobile (which was traded for a microphone) was a black,
	four door '68 Cadillac Fleetwood.  The right front fender was
	damaged and held on with tape.  However, in the novel of the
	movie, it's a "battered blue '58 Cadillac with mantra-ray fins".

18. What is the license plate for the Bluesmobile?

    BDR 529.

	The original Caddy bluesmobile had a license plate of SP2 153.

19. What sort of car was Carrie Fisher driving?

    70's Pontiac Grand Prix, no later than '77 (the design was changed
    after that).

20. In prison, inmates are identified by a number, what is Jake's?


21. What was the SCMODS (State, County, Municipal Offender Data System)
    report for Elwood?

            BLUES, ELWOOD
            ILLINOIS LICENSE : B263-1655-2187
            MOVING VIOLATIONS : 56

    In Illinois, the last five digits on your driver's license include your
    birthday (and gender) in an encoded format. According to Elwood Blues'
    driver's license number, he was born on July 1, 1952.

22. What was on Murph and the Magictones business card?

        |Disco                     Polka|
        |            MURPH              |
        |      and the Magictones       |
        |          Call Murph           |
        |       (312) KL5-7000          |
        |            Rm. 302            |
        |Parties                Weddings|

23. What is the name of Carrie Fisher's business?

    Curl Up and Dye Beauty Salon.

    It was based upon a real salon of that name, around 2830 North Clark in

24. What was Carrie Fisher reading when she was sitting inside her salon?

    A military weapons manual - FM-121 M-79 Flame Thrower.

25. What was the song playing in the elevator at the end of the movie?

    The Girl from Ipanema.

    This is an in joke which John Landis uses in many of his movies,
    such as in "Spies like Us" where it is made to look like a
    recruiters poster on a wall.

    The other in joke is the movie title "See You Next Wednesday" which
    is on the billboard that the cops are hiding behind and is used in
    other movies such as "An American Werewolf in London."

26. Where is Lake Wazzapumani/Wasapumani, on which the Palace Hotel
    Ballroom is located?

    This is a fictional name - there isn't such a lake.

27. Was there a director's cut?

    Apparently the original director's cut had 30 minutes extra
    footage in it, but it was scrapped for the released version.
    It has not been released as apparently all copies of it were

    However, a DVD edition was released in September 1998 which
	has 12 minutes of additional footage found in a preview copy
	of the movie.

    Blues Brothers References

28. What references are there in other movies?

    In the scene at the end of Sister Act when the sisters are performing
    for the pope, you can see the "Blues Brothers" standing at the rear of
    the church in the same pose they have in the Triple Rock Church in The
    Blues Brothers.

29. What Blues Brothers references are there in Terry Pratchett's books?

    There is a reference in "Moving Pictures" (ISBN 0-552-13463-5).
    On page 178:

            Azhural raised his staff.
            'It's fifteen hundred miles to Ankh-Morpork,' he said.
          'We've got three hundred and sixty-three elephants, fifty
          carts of forage, the monsoon's about to break and we're
          wearing ... we're wearing ... sort of things, like glass,
          only dark ... dark glass things on our eyes ...' His
          voice trailed off. His brow furrowed, as if he'd just
          been listening to his own voice and hadn't understood
            The air seemed to glitter.
            He saw M'Bu staring at him.
            He shrugged. 'Let's go,' he said.

    These quotes are Copyright (C) 1990 Terry and Lyn Pratchett.

    There are two references in "Soul Music" (ISBN 0-552-14029-5).
    On page 36:

            'You do fried rat?' said Glod.
            'Best damn fried rat in the city,' said Gimlet.
            'OK. Give me four fried rats.'
            'And some dwarf bread,' said Imp.
            'And some coke,' said Lias patiently.
            'You mean rat heads or rat legs?'
            'No. Four fried rats.'
            'And some coke.'
            'You want ketchup on those rats?'
            'You _sure_?'
            'No ketchup.'
            'And some coke.'
            'And two hard-boilled eggs,' he said.
            'And some coke.'
            'And two hard-boiled eggs.'
            'And some coke.'

    The above exchange is also taken from a slightly similar scene in The
    Marx Brothers' movie "A Night At the Opera".

    On page 127:

            'We might get caught.'
            'He can't stop us. We're on a mission from Glod.'

    These quotes are Copyright (C) 1994 Terry and Lyn Pratchett and are used
    with permission.

This is Copyright (C) 1996-2000 Glen Pringle (

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