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  =/___    A word about the information provided in this FAQ (paraphrased
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The contents of this FAQ are not "carved in stone" so if you have ___\=
proof to support or deny anything that is stated, don't hesitate     /= 
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This FAQ is continually updated from the mail I get and the news I read in
the newsgroups listed below. This FAQ was founded about two years ago by
Daryll Hobson, who gave me the pleasure of taking care of it from now on.
If there are any lacks of information in this FAQ, please send your
contribution to me. Have a nice read... 
                                                -Eelko de Vos
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And now a small word from the originator of this FAQ...

With the exceptions of my own contributions, this FAQ has been assembled
by the material supplied to me through Email and public-access messages that
I've scavenged off the internet.  Information that is contributed is often 
paraphrased and combined with existing (other users') info.  Needless to say, 
it's impossible to give everybody their rightful line of credit, so a general
"Thank you" goes out to all who've contributed to this FAQ and made it what
it is.  (you know who you are)
                                               - Darryll Hobson

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WARNING:  This FAQ contains spoilers.

WARNING:  Anyone who complains about the posting of this LARGE document to
          the Internet or offers me bizzarre, strange, and complicated 
          alternatives to "posting" will be [cordially] ignored.


Part 1:
  HOW DO I CONTRIBUTE TO THIS FAQ?........................................0
  MOVIE SYNOPSIS..........................................................1
  WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT THE ALIEN SPECIES?................................2
  WHO IS [CHARACTER/DIRECTOR] ?...........................................3
  DIFFERENT MOVIE VERSIONS................................................5

Part 2:
  MEMORABLE QUOTES  ......................................................7
  TECHNICAL PROBLEMS......................................................8
  PLOT PROBLEMS AND LOOPHOLES............................................10
  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ............................................11

Part 3:
  FREQUENTLY DISCUSSED TOPICS............................................12
  GIBSON'S ALIEN^3 SCRIPT................................................13

Part 4:
  MOVIE WATCHING RITUALS.................................................14
  SPECULATIONS ABOUT THE ALIEN SPECIES...................................16
  REVISION HISTORY.......................................................17



To ensure accuracy, this FAQ has a few ground rules.  The only
canonical sources are interviews with the creators, the theatrical
version of _ALIEN_, the director's cut (or theatrical version) of
_ALIENS_ and the theatrical version of _ALIEN^3_.  All other sources
(ie: books, comics, toys, games, etc...) are generally considered

This does not mean that any information outside of the listed movies
is not welcome here.  Alot of the "speculative" information is used in
discussions or for giving "possible" answers to questions that cannot
be answered by events that occur in the movies.

If you would like to contribute to this FAQ, TRY and follow this

- include references where necessary.  If you're referring to a book,
  it's often a good idea to include the title of the book and Author's
  name as it would appear on the book (ie: " Alan Dean Foster " instead
  of " Foster ")

- DON'T be too wordy with your information as I'll be forced to 
  paraphrase it (the document is rather large).

- DON'T send stuff like "I really liked ALIENS" because it's OPINION and
  it's not FACT and it doesn't belong in this document.

- if you wish to update/add to something already in the FAQ, please do
  so.  Some of this information could easily be elaborated upon
  [especially the comments that are enclosed in square brackets].

- it's preferable if you make your contribution through Email as this
  FAQ can get posted to a newsgroup that I don't read and your efforts
  will be wasted.


                            1. MOVIE SYNOPSIS
     _.___                                                         ___._     
   . /   \\                                                       //   \ .   
  / `-,_  \\  _                                               _  //  _,-` \  
 .-,__  \__,-' `,                                           ,` '-,__/  __,-. 
/     `-/   ,  ,`                                           `,  ,   \-`     \
        |==  - ===========------------ ------------=========== -  ==|        
\   __,-\__ '  `.                * Note:                    .`  ' __/-,__   /
 `-'   _/ /`-._.'  the purpose of this section is to quote  '._.-`\ \_   '-` 
    ,-'  / /      what's on the back of the movie boxes. The     \ \  '-,    
 -''  ,-' /       section about Alien is not correct, Alien3      \ '-,  ''- 
    \/_.-'           isn't entirely correct either.                '-._\/    
    '                                                                   '

  (Color, 1979, Rated R, Shot in Panavision (2.35:1)) In deep outer
  space the crew of a commercial spaceship make an unscheduled landing
  on a barren and desolate planet for engine repairs. They encounter
  a pulsating organism which attaches itself to one of the crew members
  and reproduces within his body to become the deadly ALIEN.  As each of
  the crew members is slain by the creature - one by one - the final
  confrontation between the last surviving crew member and the Alien
  culminates in an explosive conclusion.  116 minutes.  [quoted from the
  1984 CBS/FOX Video release]

  (Color, 1986, Rated R, Shot flat (1.87:1)) Sigourney Weaver returns as
  Ripley, the only survivor from mankind's first encounter with the
  Alien.  Her account of the Alien and the fate of her crew is received
  with skepticism - until transmissions from space colonists who have
  since settled on the Alien's planet abruptly stop.  Determined to end
  the recurring nightmares of her terrifying ordeal and to completely
  exterminate the deadly creature, Ripley joins a team of high-tech
  combat vets sent to investigate the disappearance of the space
  colonists!  Approx. 138 Minutes.  [quoted from the 1992 CBS/FOX Video

  (10.000 copies, Color, 1986, Rated R, Shot flat (1.87:1)) 
  The Alien Has Bred...
  The Alien, the perfect organism. A killing machine whose physical excellence
  is matched only by it's hostility.
  Officer Ellen Ripley and the crew of the star ship Nostromo encountered one
  such creature, she alon survived the massacre. After floating in space for
  years Ripley is rescued only to learn she must return to the planet where
  her nightmare began. L.V. 426, the world on which Ripley first encountered
  The Alien, has now been colonized. When communication is lost with the
  settlers, a team of battle hardened space marines are sent in, and Ripley
  with them... What awaits them is not one creature, but thousands. The Alien
  has bred and this time it's all out war! 
  Approximatly 154 minutes [quoted from the 198? FOX-Video release]

_ALIEN^3_  (Standard version, not the above widescreen version)
  (Color, 1992, Rated R, Shot flat (1.87:1))
  Fiorna 161 is a lice-infected planet in a distant solar system. A maximum
  security work correctional facility, this monastic community is host to
  some of the most violent criminals of the universe. into this male dominated
  world crashes Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley, bringing with her an unwelcome
  visitor. Ince again Ripley is pitted against her deadliest enemy, only this 
  time wihtout aid of advanced technology or modern weapons.
  Approximatly 110 minutes [quoted from the 1992 FOX-Video release]

  (Color, 1992, Rated R, Shot in Panavision (2.35:1)) In _ALIEN^3_,
  Ripley finds herself an unwelcome guest on Fiorina 161, a
  lice-infested planet in a distant solar system, when the EEV she's
  travelling on malfunctions and crashes.  Fiorina -- or "Fury" -- 161
  is inhabited by a small community of violent criminals who discovered
  religion and stayed behind when their prison facility was evacuated.
  As a woman, Ripley is the ultimate outcast; her presence causes
  conflicts that endanger the pracarious balance of power on the planet,
  threatening to turn the reformed members of the monastic community
  back into killers.
  There is, however, an even more dangerous visitor to Fury 161 -- a
  stowaway alien who threatens not only the inhabitants of this planet
  but of the entire universe.  Faced with extinction, the prisoners band
  together under Ripley's leadership and, despite a lack of advanced
  technology and modern weapons, battle the creature for the very future
  of mankind. [quoted from the 1992 CBS/FOX laserdisc release]

  (Color, 1997, Rated R) This time it's twohundred years after Ripley has
  committed suicide. The company found traces of her blood from an
  examination that was conducted on her on Fury-161. They try to clone her
  from the blood and after seven invain tries they get a new Ripley. This
  Ripley is partly alien, though, which is the main reason why they want to
  clone her. Inside her she has a queen alien which is removed. They let the
  Ripley clone live and study her. She has enhightened perceptions and
  precognitions and learns very quickly.
  The facility where these experiments take place is a space-station where
  other aliens are bread now too. For this they need human hosts which are
  delivered by a small ship called the Betty. The Betty is run by smugglers.
  They deliver their cargo, a dozen humans in stasis, but when they find out
  what's happening on the station they turn out to have no other option then
  to fight the seven scientists and fourty-two soldiers on board, and the
  aliens which escape during the havoc. They are assisted by the new Ripley
  and her abilities. Ripley does have a tendency to protect the aliens,
  though, which makes her quite unreliable.



This section discusses what we know about the Alien life-form; it is
entirely based on facts that are provided to us in each of the movies.

* Note: nothing in any of the canonical sources indicates that aliens
        use the DNA of their hosts to help adapt to their environment.

* Note: the phrase "acid for blood" is accepted in this section as a 
        convenient way of describing the corrosive liquid that comes
        out of the aliens/face-huggers when they are shot/cut/mutilated.

 - eggs are initially created inside a queen alien and enter the
world (after being queued in her extended abdomen) via slimey tube to
stand on their own (indicating that there is a definite "up" side and
"down" side to the egg).  The egg itself is a leathery object ['s
full of leathery- objects; like eggs or something...  Kane (Alien)],
translucent and approximately 2.5 feet tall.  According to a scene
that was cut from _ALIEN_ these eggs could also be "constructed" by a
regular alien "infecting" an organism (which would undergo some sort
of metamorphosis) however, this concept was not supported (nor denied)
in _ALIENS_ and _ALIEN^3_.  It is important to note that this method
was the originally intended method of the designer of the Alien, H.R.

_ALIEN^3_ eggs - the egg in _ALIEN^3_ was smaller than we had
previously seen and it was more bulbous.

 - hibernating inside one of these eggs is a parasite, commonly
refered to as a face-hugger.  When a viable host is brought near a closed
egg (either by curiosity, or being cocooned and held in place) it triggers
the "contents" of the egg to come to life.  The egg opens and the
face-hugger launches out at the organism and attaches itself by wrapping a
long "tail" around its victim's neck and using long spider-like legs (like
a spider, the face-hugger has 8 legs) to firmly grip the organism's head.
The face-hugger controls the amount of oxygen its host receives and puts
the victim in a comatose state while it reaches down the host's throat and
lays an egg.  In order to ensure that the job can be completed with little
outside interference, the face-hugger has concentrated acid for "blood" (a
possible self defense mechanism) and can strangle its host with its tail
['s not coming off without tearing his face off with it.  Dallas
(Alien)] After the egg is planted in the victim's body, the face-hugger
leaves the host (who will soon re-gain conciousness and have no
recollection of the implantation) and dies.  [...he's got an outer layer of
protein poly-saccarides, has a funny habit of shedding his cells and
replacing them with polarized silicon which gives him a longer resistance
to adverse environmental conditions.  Ash (Alien)]

 - the alien begins its life by bursting from the chest of
its host.  At this stage in its development it has a small cranium,
tan-colored skin and is susceptable to fire.

_ALIENS_ chestburster - Unlike the one in _ALIEN_ this chestburster had

_ALIEN^3_ chestburster - This chestburster was different from the ones in
_ALIEN_ and _ALIENS_; it was more "mature looking" immediately after its
birth.  Specifically, unlike the chestbursters of the previous movies,
this one had legs.

 - As the chest-burster matures, it sheds its skin (similar to a snake),
its cranium becomes elongated and it has a hard, dark (black/green) outer
shell (exo-skeleton).  The mature alien has concentrated acid for "blood"
and a higher tolerance to fire.  As indicated in _ALIENS_ the alien
creature does not "show up" on infra-red scanners which would indicate
that it does not emit heat. One distinguishing feature of the alien is
that it has two mouths, one inside the other.  According to H.R. Giger,
the inner mouth is in fact the alien's "tongue" (it is such a vicious
creature that even its tongue is dangerous).  Another interesting feature
of the alien is that it does not have (what we would perceive to be)

_ALIENS_ alien - these aliens only had 3 fingers as opposed to the 6
fingered creature in _ALIEN_.  Aliens in this movie had a "ribbed"
cranium unlike the smooth cranium of _ALIEN_.

_ALIEN^3_ alien - This alien is different than the previous ones we've
seen; it tends to move around on all fours at times and ensures that the
unborn queen alien is kept safe.  There are a few speculations as to why
this alien is different; refer to section [13] frequently discussed

_ALIEN-RESURRECTION_ alien - These aliens have a darker appearance. They
definately have a high form of communication which is best seen when the
three aliens talk to eachother in the cage in which they are locked up.
In this scene we also find out that aliens do have the intelligence to
sacrifice one of them to open up doors that would otherwise be kept shut.
They also are seen swimming. Their agility under water is higly evolved.
They are also portrayed as highly intelligent strategic planning
creatures: they form alien egg-filled traps for humans. They also don't
need the queen alien that much to figure out what to do like in ALIENS.
These aliens are far more smart than in the previous movie.
 Also, these aliens drool a lot more watery than the previous ones.

_ALIENS_ Alien Queen - little is known about her.  From _ALIEN^3_ we know
that a queen alien can be born in the same way as a regular alien. Some
things that we do know about the queen: she has a much larger cranium
than the usual alien and is slightly taller (approx 2-3 feet). The queen
has the ability to create and lay eggs (through the use of the extended
abdomen) and she has the ability to survive without the extended abdomen
(for an unknown amount of time).

_ALIEN-RESURRECTION_ Alien Queen - This queen has the ability to
procreate with a womb instead of an abdomen. It also created a nest which
is less resin-like and more flesh-like. The womb opens up with a slit
which runs all over the 'stomache'. The alien that emerges is full-grown
and is largely human. The queen also seems to be more attached to the
womb than the one in ALIENS, and is slightly deformed. Her arms are
shorter and stick backwards from the first joint. The nest she makes also
does not need humans like in ALIENS. In this movie the facehuggers are
there to create drones for the nest, but the true birthing takes place in
the womb. The queen does not seem to be able to create eggs anymore like

_ALIEN-RESURRECTION_ alien child - In the last movie we get to see that
the alien species can mix it's appearance with the appearance of humans
and vice versa. The alien queen is able to retrieve information from the
body of the Ripley-clone. It grows a womb, in which a new alien grows
which is part alien and part human. It seems most of it is human, due to
the appearance of the creature and the urge it has to see Ripley as it's
mother and not the creature that gave birth to it: the new alien queen.

For more information, consult the last document of the FAQ, a document
written by a molecular biologist called 'HiveQueen'.



If you seek further information about the cast or creators listed
below, check out the rec.arts.movies movie database package which is
available via anonymous FTP to in the
pub/tv+movies/lists directory.


Director:  Ridley Scott 
Writer:    Dan O'Bannon 
Composer:  Jerry Goldsmith
Director of Photography:  Derek Vanlint
Designer:  H.R.Giger  (Hans Rudi Giger.  Giger pronounced rhyming with "eager")

Ellen Ripley [Sigourney Weaver]: Warrant Officer
J. Lambert   [Veronica Cartwright]: Navigator.
Ash          [Ian Holm]: Science officer, an android.
Parker       [Yaphet Kotto]: Chief engineer.
G. E. Kane   [John Hurt]: Executive officer; the alien bursts from his chest.  
             (In the novel, his first name is "Thomas")
S. E. Brett  [Harry Dean Stanton]: Engineering technician.
A. Dallas    [Tom Skerritt]: Captain.
Alien        [Bolaji Bodejo]
Mother       [Helen Horton]: voice of the Nostromo computer.


Director:  James Cameron
Writers:   James Cameron, David Giler (story), Walter Hill (story)
Composer:  James Horner
Director of Photography:  Adrian Biddle

Ellen Ripley           [Sigourney Weaver]: Cargo loader, gets assigned (by 
                       choice) as an advisor for the mission to LV-426.
Sergeant A. Apone      [Al Matthews]: sergeant, ground commander.
Corporal Dwayne Hicks  [Michael Biehn]: only soldier that survived. 
Private W. Hudson      [Bill Paxton]: "Game over man!  Game over!"
Private J. Vasquez     [Jenette Goldstein]: uses a smart gun. Woman.
Private M. Drake       [Mark Rolston]: uses a smart gun.
Corporal C. Ferro      [Colette Hiller]: dropship pilot (wears sunglasses).
Private D. Spunkmeyer  [Daniel Kash]: dropship co-pilot and cargo loader.
L. Bishop              [Lance Henriksen]: Android; science officer.
Carter J. Burke        [Paul Reiser]: Company advisor.
Private R. Frost       [Ricco Ross]: Hated the corn bread.
Private T. Crowe       [Tip Tipping]
Corporal C. Dietrich   [Cynthia Scott]: Medic.
Lieutenant S. Gorman   [William Hope]: Controls the marines from the APC.
Private T. Wierzbowski [Trevor Steedman]
Rebecca Jorden         [Carrie Henn]: Newt.
Mrs Jorden             [Holly De Young]: Newt's mother.
Timmy (Timothy?) Jorden [Christopher Henn]: Newt's brother.
Russ Jorden            [Jay Benedict]: Newt's father.
Lydecker               [Bill Armstrong]: Acheron colony administrator
Simpson                [Mac McDonald]: Acheron colony administrator


Director:  David Fincher
Writers:   Larry Ferguson, David Giler, Walter Hill, Vincent Ward (story)
Composer:  Elliot Goldenthal
Director of Photography:  Alex Thomson

Ellen Ripley [Sigourney Weaver]: sole survivor of the Sulaco, shaves her
             head, carries the next alien queen embryo in her body.
Bishop II    [Lance Henriksen]: android and (in a different roll) the designer
             of the android or another android (looking like Bishop).
Clemens      [Charles Dance]: the doctor.
Golic        [Paul McGann]: in the infirmary, wearing the straitjacket.
Dillon       [Charles S. Dutton]: the religious leader.
Andrews      [Brian Glover]: superintendant
Newt         [Danielle Edmond]: the little girl corpse.
Aaron        [Ralph Brown]              Morse       [Danny Webb]
Arthur       [Dhobi Oparei]             Murphy      [Chris Fairbank]
Jude         [Vincenzo Nicoli]          Eric        [Niall Buggy]
Frank        [Carl Chase]               Kevin       [Philip Davis]
Rains        [Christopher John Fields]  Gregor      [Peter Guinness]
Boggs        [Leon Herbert]             William     [Clive Mantle]
Junior       [Holt McCallany]           David       [Pete Postlethwaite]
Troy         [Paul Brennan]             Company Man [Hi Ching]


Director:  Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Writer:    Joss Whedon
Director of Photography:  Darius Khondji

Ripley-Clone    [Sigourney Weaver]: the eighth clone of Ripley who was grown
                artificially with a queen alien inside her, has hightened
                abilities and perception after removal of the alien
Annalee Call    [Winona Ryder]: crewmember of the Betty, android
Johner          [Ron Perlman]: crewmember of the Betty
Vriess          [Dominique Pinon]: chief mechanic of the Betty, paralyzed
Elgyn           [Michael Wincott]: leader of the Betty
Gen. Perez      [Dan Hedaya]: leader of the Auriga
Dr. Wren        [J.E. Freeman]: scientist on the Auriga
Gediman         [Brad Dourif]: scienist on the Auriga
Distephano      [Raymond Cruz]: soldier on the Auriga
Hilliard        [Kim Flowers]: pilot of the Betty
Christie        [Gary Dourdan]: mercenary of the Betty
Purvis          [Leland Orser]: kidnapped technician aided by the Betty
                crew, used for procreation of the aliens



* From Famous Monsters #158, Special 1980 Annual:

A gruesome scene where Kane's bloated corpse floats past the observation
blister. [This is quite a strange, because in the movie we see Kane
clearly _shooting_ away from the Nostromo.]

* From the _ALIEN_ box set:

After being awakened from hypersleep, Kane wanders out to the kitchen
to prepare breakfast, he says "Rise and shine Lambert".

Scene where the crew gathers on the bridge and listens to the signal
coming from the derelict craft. [1 min, 40 sec]

Scene where Lambert confronts Ripley about Ripley's reluctance to let
them back on the ship with Kane and the facehugger.  Lambert tells
Ripley, Parker and Brett how the face hugger got on Kane. [1 min, 40

Ripley radios down to Parker and Brett to see how they're progressing
on the repairs, Parker and Ripley exchange tense words over the radio.
[1 min, 17 sec]

After the face hugger's acid eats through a few floors, the crew
returns to the med lab to check up on Kane's condition.  Ripley sees
an X-Ray of Kane's chest and asks Ash, "What is that dark stain on
Kane's lung?"  The rest of the crew starts asking if Kane's going to
live, Dallas tells everyone to go back to work. [2 min, 16 sec]

After Kane's death, the crew gathers around at the meal table to
discuss what they're going to do with the escaped alien.  Brett
anounces the cattle-prod idea and suggests "catching" the alien in a
net. [2 min, 58 sec]

Longer version of Brett's death.  This scene had Brett frozen with
fear as the alien grabs his head, he yells "Parker!" and then blood
poors from beneath his cap.  The alien lifts him up into the landing
gear and Ripley and Parker come rushing in.  Parker stands where Brett
once was and looks up; blood drips on his shirt and then Brett's
cattle prod falls to Parker's feet. [48 sec]

2/3 of a scene was filmed, this involved Parker, Ripley and Lambert
trying to flush the alien out of the air lock.  As they are about to
succeed, an alarm is triggered and the alien rushes out of the airlock
(getting its tail caught in the closing door, and spilling acid that
causes a hull breach).  Parker falls unconciously to the floor, Ripley
does the same and Lambert and Ash come to their rescue.  Ripley
vocalizes her suspicions about Ash by accusing him of setting the
alarm off. [total: 1 min, 51 sec]

After Dallas's disappearance, Ripley (being suspicious of Ash) asks
Lambert if she's ever slept with him. [1 min, 37 sec]

The build-up to Lambert's death is much longer.  (Watch the alien's
shadow on the wall, it walks in, crouches down, then immediately gets
up) A scene where we see the alien enter, crouch down and wait until
Lambert notices its presence was cut.  When Lambert sees the alien, it
uncoils its tail and walks (like a crab) over to Lambert.

After Ripley discovers the remains of Parker and Lambert, she makes
another discovery.  Ripley enters the landing gear area of the
Nostromo (where Brett got killed) and discovers a cocooned Dallas and
Brett mutating into an egg.  Dallas pleads, "Kill me".  Ripley flames
Dallas and the Brett-egg and then runs to set the ship on
self-destruct. [3 min, 22 sec]


* From the "liner notes" that came with the collector's edition of the
  movie on laserdisc.

Ripley is sitting on a park bench waiting for Burke (before the
inquisition), immediately following her stay in Gateway Station'
hospital. She presses a button, and the entire park behind her disappears,
reveiling a grey screen. Burke enters and tells her how to act at the hearing.
Ripley asks about her daughter. Burke keeps talking about the hearing. She
insists to hear about her daughter. Burke hands her a computer printout
(colour) that shows her a nice old lady. Burke tells her her daughter died at
the age of 67. That was two years ago. Ripley whispers that she promised her
daughter she'd be back before her 11th birthday before going off on the

After Ripley's outburst during in the inquest ("Because if one of
those creatures gets down here, you can kiss all of this goodbye"),
dialogue has been restored in which Van Leuwen voices the council's
final decision.  (her flight status is revoked because she is deemed
unfit to serve as a flight officer, she has to have monthly psych
evaluations, and no criminal charges being filed against her)

A scene where the colonists receive orders from Burke telling them to
explore the derelict space craft.  Newt's family drives to the site,
during the trip Newt and her brother Timothy are arguing about a game of
hide and seek that they play in the colony's airduct system. Timothy
complains that Newt has the unfair advantage of being able to hide in the
small places that the rest of the players can't get to. Following this,
they arrive at the derelict ship and the mother and father go in; later
the mother returns dragging the father who now has a face hugger clamped
on his face. 

There's a scene of the colony, before contact with the aliens, in this
scene we see a sign outside the colony reading: "Hadleys Hope - pop.

During the sequence in Ripley's apartment (where they try to convince
her to go investigate the lack of contact with the Colony), Burke's
dialogue regarding "The Company's" interest in the colony has been

Immediately following the establishing shot of the Sulaco is a
restored introdution to the interior of the ship, eventually leading
to the frost- covered hypersleep chamber (and then they wake-up. this
is similar to the start of Alien).

During the drop from the Sulaco to LV-426, is a restored scene of
Hudson playfully boasting about the Marines and their weaponry. He tells
Ripley he'll protect her. He also tells her the Sulaco carries every
weapon from knives to 'nukes'.

During the Marines' initial search through the colony, a sequence has
been inserted in which Hudson and Vasquez investigate some motion they
have deteced ahead of them. It were some hamsters walking around in their

The scene in which Ripley, Burke, Gorman, and Bishop enter the colony
has been restored. (you see lotsa hesitation on Ripley's face before
entering the complex). Hicks leaves behind, asks her if she's ok. She
says yes and enters the complex.

During Hick's discussion of the equipment salvaged from the APC
wreckage, additional dialogue has been added in which he discribes the
four remote sentry guns and how they can be used.

When Ripley and the Marines examine the colony's blueprints,
discussing how they will barricade themselves inside the complex,
there is some additional dialogue referring to the strategic placement
of the sentry guns.

The sequence of Hicks arming the sentry, and Hudson and Vasquez
testing one of the sentry guns been restored.

Before the scene where Ripley carries Newt into the infirmary, a
single show of the sentry guns has been inserted.

During the scene where Ripley puts Newt to bed in the medical center,
the dialogue about Ripley's daughter and the origin of babies as been
restored.  Newt asks Ripley if human babies are born the same way the
aliens are. (Newt asks if Ripley ever had a daughter and she finds out
Ripley's daughter's dead).

In the scene where Ripley, Bishop, Hudson, and Vasquez discuss the
aliens' life cycle, there is some additional dialogue in which Hudson,
Vasquez and Bishop offer their speculations. (beehive/anthill sort of

After Ripley's confrontation with Burke, the sequence involving the
aliens attempting to make their way past the sentry guns in the
service tunnel has been restored.

Something probably only showed at the opening day of Aliens was a
scene in which Ripley puts on her Reebok sneakers after she just
found out that the facehuggers broke free, when she rested with
Newt in the MedLab.

After Vasquez and Ripley seal Bishop in the pipe, the aliens confront
the other two sentry guns that have been set up in the colony
corridors. At the end of the sequence, when Hicks dispatches Hudson
and Vasquez (to walk perimeter), some of the shots have been
rearranged from the theatrical edition and Hicks' dialogue slightly

Before Ripley leaves the drop-ship to rescue Newt, there is some
additional dialogue in thich she turns to Hicks to say goodbye, and
they exchange their first names:
                RIPLEY : See you Hicks.
                HICKS  : Dwayne.  It's Dwayne.
                RIPLEY : *smiles* Ellen...
                HICKS  : Don't be gone long, Ellen.

When Ripley is searching for Newt, she finds Burke who has been
cocooned and impregnated.  Burke begs Ripley to shoot him, instead she
hands him a grenade.  < this scene did not appear in the director's
cut, but WAS filmed. Problem with this scene was that Burke couldn't
have had a chestburster inside, because the impregnation was only one
hour ago, so he should've had a facehugger on his face, being in a state
of coma >


Scene where Ripley's face is covered with bugs [lice].

The original movie didn't include the scene of the alien bursting from
the dog's chest.  Card #39 (of the _ALIEN^3_ trading card set) is a
picture of an ox hanging in an Abattoir and the text says, "In one of
the original scenes for Alien^3, oxen are used to pull Ripley's EEV
from the water.  When one of the oxen falls to the ground, the
prisoners take it to the Abattoir for butchering.  But while a
prisoner is preparing to butcher the ox, the Alien bursts from the
animals chest."

There was a dream sequence near the start of the movie where Ripley
dreams that an alien is searching the wreckage and tries to rape her.

There's a scene where Clemens runs into the complex carrying Ripley after
she has been pulled from the wreckage. He enters the complex and carries
her to the infirmary.

FILMED ???  A scene when the EEV crashes and the Newt's cryogenic unit is
flooded with water and she drowns. It was in the script, but it is not
known wether this scene was shot.

[  It is rumoured that Newt was the first to be facehugged when the alien
  got onboard the EEV. Because she drowned the foetus which was partialy
  developed (could explain why the chestburster was larger and more
  developped than in the 2 other movies) and couldn't exist in this host
    This foetus then came out of Newt through her throat and went to the
  cryo-chamber of Ripley. This would explain the acid burns on two of the
  cryo-chambers as seen in the movie. The feotus then entered Ripley by
  her throat.
    This would also explain the reason why Ripley had a very soar throat
  during the first parts of the movie. The source for this rumour is the
  Dark Horse Comic "Alien 3 movie adaptation".
    According to PR-people of that Comic this story was the comic version
  of the movie was held strictly to it's original script/contents. Because
  the comic was released a few months prior to the movie release this
  change in script/direction would not be seen in the comic. ]




Video   - standard (has been resold in several different box re-prints)
        - standard widescreen
        - special edition (wide screen)

Disc    - standard
        - special letterbox version containing a seperate
          section with the cut scenes, photos and several design drawings,
          including drawings by Moebius, Ron Cobb and H.R. Giger.
- "Alien" Super 8 Film (200 feet long)

Video   - standard (130 minutes)
        - "extended version" (145 minutes) this version is a shorter version
          of the Special Edition but includes the scenes that were cut form
          the standard version.
        - Special Edition (154 minutes)
        - Special Edition widescreen (from the Ultimate Alien Collection
          boxed set)
Disc    - standard
        - special letterbox, director's cut version containing a seperate
          section with design drawings, behind the scenes footage and 
          interviews with the director.  Extended version's running time:
          154 minutes.

Video    - standard
         - standard widescreen
         - "Making of..." US version of 22 minutes
         - "Making of..." Dutch version of 20 minutes
Disc     - standard letterboxed edition
 NB:It should be noted that this disc contains an extreme amount
    of video noise/interference for (approx) the last 15 minutes on
    each side of the disc. This was confirmed by several posters on with no one claiming to have a disc without
    this problem. 

Alien Trilogy Collectors Set

There is a "Alien Trilogy Collectors Set" (limited edition with 5-digit
numbers; possibly available in the UK only) which contains the three
movies in digitally remastered widescreen/letterbox editions. (It is
evident in _ALIEN^3_ that *not* the full width of the film is shown.)
_ALIENS_ is not the director's cut, it's referred to as "special edition"
because James Cameron decided _himself_ to cut the scenes. In Bladerunner,
for example, the cut scenes were not due to Ridley Scott's opinion, so 
here the uncut version is the "director's cut" 
  After each movie is a "special collector's section," containing the  

* Three-part interview with Ridley Scott presumably from 1991. (It starts
  "Let's go back twelve years" and then talks about _ALIEN_.) Interviewed
  by Don Shay (Cinefex Magazine).
* Some of the outtake scenes described in section [5] of the FAQ:
 - >> Ripley radios down to Parker and Brett ... <<
  - >> Longer version of Brett's death. <<
  - >> ... Parker, Ripley and Lambert trying to flush the alien out of the
    air lock. <<
  - >> ... Ripley (being suspicious of Ash) asks Lambert if she's ever
    slept with him. <<
  - The cocoon sequence.
* Trailers: Advance trailer, theatrical trailer, US 30 sec + 10 sec

* Trailers: Advance trailer and theatrical trailer
* Interview with James Cameron from 1986, again by Don Shay.

* Trailers: Advance trailer, theatrical trailer, international trailer, UK
  (no typo) 30 sec + 10 sec trailers

The running times of the cassettes (including the collector's section) are  
given as 142, 164, and 119 minutes respectively.
  The set also includes the Making Of Alien^3 tape (22 mins) in a special  
packaging similar to the movies in this set, plus: (quoted from a sticker  
on the wrapper foil)
  "* 32 page full colour brochure
   * 12 full color lobby stills
   * Exclusive Alien Trilogy T-Shirt (XL Size)
   * Individually numbered Collector's Certificate
   * 3 button badges (one for each film)
   * ALIEN WAR Privilege Card (allowing '2 for the price of 1 entry' and
     'queue jump')"
  The whole thing comes in a "Deluxe 'Face Hugger' Case," which is
basically a plastic suitcase with an embossed/sculptured face hugger
'hugging' it.
  This limited edition was (probably) announced in late 1993 and was
only manufractured in numbers equal to the orders recieved after the
announcement. ("Only one production run will be made," the photocopy of
the announcement stated.) Probably less than 10'000 were made in this
production run.



This is an ever-expanding portion of the FAQ so it is probably FAR
from complete.


* NOTE: "pb" = paperback, "hc" = hardcover.

- Alien Souvenir Movie Program sold in theatres (pb)
- Alien Official Movie Magazine (pb, Warren Publishing)
- "The Book Of Alien" by Scanlon/Gross (pb, Simon & Schuster)
- "Alien, The Illustrated Story" by Goodwin/Simonson (pb, Heavy Metal)
- "Alien", The Movie Novel edited by Anobile (pb, Avon)
- "Giger's Alien" art by H R Giger (pb, Big O Publishing) 
  (hc, Morpheus International)
- "Aliens", The Official Movie Book (pb, Starlog) (pb, Japanese)
- "Aliens", The Official Movie Magazine (pb, Starlog)
- "Alien" by Alan Dean Foster (novelisation) (pb, 1st US ed. Warner)
  (1st US. hc, SFBC, code J-27) (1st trade hc, UK)
- "Aliens" by Alan Dean Foster (novelisation) (pb, 1st US ed. Warner)
  (1st US hc, SFBC, code Q-44) (1st trade hc, UK, Severn House)
- "Alien^3" by Alan Dean Foster (novelisation)
- "Alien" Movie Script by Hill and Giler
- "Aliens" Movie Script by James Cameron
- "Alien III" Movie Script by William Gibson
- "Alien Poster Magazine" Nos. 1 & 2
- Alien Press Book
- Alien Press Kit
- Aliens Press Kit
- "Aliens, book 1: Earth Hive" by Steve Perry (Bantam, Oct 1992)
  (ISBN 0-553-56120-0 pb)
- "Aliens, book 2: Nightmare Asylum" by Steve Perry (Bantam, May 1993)
  (ISBN 0-553-56158-8 pb)
- "Aliens, book 3: The Female War" by Steve Perry and Stephani Perry
  (Bantam, Aug 1993) (ISBN 0-553-56159-6 pb)
- "Aliens vs. Predator: Prey" by Steve and Stephani Perry (Bantam, 1994)
  (ISBN 0-553-56555-9)
- "Aliens: Genocide" by Davi Bischoff (Bantam, 1993) novel version of the
  Dark Horse Comic "Aliens: Genocide" #1-4
  (ISBN 0-553-56371-8)
- "Dissecting Aliens: Terror in Space" by John L. Flynn (pb, Boxtree Ltd. UK)
- "Aliens vs. Predator: Hunter's Planet" (Bantam, 1994)
- "Aliens: Alien Harvest" (Bantam, 1995)
- "Aliens Technical Manual" by Lee Brimmicombe-Wood (1994)


w writer
a artist
c cover artist
? indicates more information needed
Comics Debut
1       Jun 93  Aliens/Predator: Deadliest of the Species preview

Aliens 1-6 (1988-9)
w:Mark Verheiden ac:Mark A. Nelson
1 (6 printings)
2 (3 printings)
3-6 (2 printings)
collected in hardcover, trade pb (aka Aliens Book One), includes
reprint of DHP 24
collected also in Signed and numbered (1500) hardcover

Aliens Portfolio 1 (Feb 89)
a:Mark Nelson
Contains seven b&w plates and an eight-page mini-comic
reprinting first Alien story from DHP 24
Aliens Volume 2 1-4 (1989-90)
w:Mark Verheiden ac:Denis Beauvais
1-2 (2 printings)
collected in limited hardcover 2500 copies, trade pb
(aka Aliens Book Two and Aliens II)
Aliens: Earth War 1-4 (1990)
w:Mark Verheiden a:Sam Keith c:John Bolton
1 (2 printings)
collected in trade pb with an introduction by Verheiden explaining
how all of the various Alien projects interconnect
The Complete Alien (1993?)
reprints Aliens Book One, Aliens Book Two, Aliens: Earth War
and stories from DHP
limited hardcover 500 copies
slipcover, leather binding, signed and numbered
Aliens vs. Predator 0-4 (1990)
w:Randy Stradley ac:Phill Norwood a:Karl Story c:Mike Mignola
a:Chris Warner a:Robert Campanella c:Dave Dorman
0 (reprints Dark Horse Presents 34-36, b&w)
1-4 (2 printings)
collected in limited hardcover 1000 copies, trade pb, includes
color reprint of DHP 34-36

Aliens Vs. Predator: War  0-4
Contents unknown
Aliens: Genocide 1-4 (1991-2)
w:Mike Richardson w:John Arcudi a:Damon Willis a:Karl Story c:Arthur  
collected in trade pb
Aliens: Hive 1-4 (1992)
w:Jerry Prosser ac:Kelley Jones
collected in trade pb, c:Dave Dorman
Aliens: Newt's Tale 1-2 (1992)
w:Mike Richardson a:Jim Somerville a:Brian Garvey c:John Bolton
prestige format
Alien3 1-3 (1992)
w:Steven Grant a:Christopher Taylor a:Rick Magyar c:Arthur Suydam
movie adaptation
Aliens: Tribes (1992)
w:Steve Bissette ac:Dave Dorman
graphic novel
Winner 1992 Bram Stoker Award from Horror Writers of America
limited hardcover 1000 copies, hardcover, trade pb
Aliens: Sacrifice (May 93)
w:Peter Milligan ac:Paul Johnson
prestige format
Aliens: Salvation (Nov 93)
w:Dave Gibbons a:Mike Mignola a:Kevin Nowlan
prestige format
Aliens: Colonial Marines 1-12 (1993-4)
w:Chris Warner a:Tony Akins a:Paul Guinan c:Robert Mentor
1 (cardboard cover)
w:Kelley Puckett a:Paul Guinan a:Allen Nunis c:Joe Phillips
w:Kelley Puckett a:Paul Guinan a:Bob Smith c:Joe Phillips
wa:Paul Guinan a:Tony Akins c:Robert Mentor
(#11 and 12 were canceled, story was shortened!)

Aliens: Rogue 1-4 (1993)
w:Ian Edgington ac:Will Simpson
Aliens/Predator: The Deadliest of the Species 1-12 (1993-4)
w:Chris Claremont a:Jackson Guice a:John Beatty c:John Bolton
a:Eduardo Barretto
1       Jul 93  Special Ash Can Edition (red foil cover)
1       Jul 93  Special Ash Can Edition (numbered, copper foil cover ?)
1       Jul 93  Time of the preacher
1       Jul 93  Time of the preacher (audio-enhanced edition ?)
1       Jul 93  Time of the preacher (platinum edition)
2       Sep 93  The hunt
3       Nov 93  Virtually real
4       Jan 94  The great escape
5-12 (forthcoming)
Aliens: Labyrinth 1-4 (1993-4)
w:Jim Woodring ac:Kilian Plunkett
Aliens: Music of the Spears 1-4 (1994)
w:Chet Williamson a:Tim Hamilton ac:Timothy Bradstreet c:Guy Burwell
Aliens: Dragon (1994)
w:Mark Askwith ac:Charles Vess
graphic novel (forthcoming)

Aliens: Berserker 1-4 (1995)

- DARK HORSE PRESENTS (b&w anthology series):
24      1987?
Theory of Alien Propagation
w:Mark Verheiden a:Mark A. Nelson
first Alien appearance in Dark Horse comics
(part 2 of 3 of the aliens vs. predator prologue) 
34      Nov 89
w:Randy Stradley a:Phill Norwood a:Karl Story c:Chris Warner
36      Feb 90
Aliens vs. Predator
w:Randy Stradley a:Phill Norwood a:Karl Story c:Chris Warner c:Dave  
b&w, line drawn cover
36      Feb 90
Aliens vs. Predator
w:Randy Stradley a:Phill Norwood a:Karl Story c:Chris Warner c:Dave  
b&w, painted cover
42      Jul 90
Aliens part 1: Advent
wac:Paul Guinan
43      Aug 90
Aliens part 2: Terminus
wac:Paul Guinan
56      Nov 91
The Alien parts 1 & 2
w:John Arcudi a:Tony Akins ac:Paul Guinan
101 (Sep '95)
  cover: Bernie Wrightson/John Bolton

102 (Oct '95)
  cover: Bernie Wrightson/John Bolton

Superman vs. Aliens       1-3 ('95)  

Dark Horse Presents Fifth Anniversary Special (1992?)
Aliens: Reapers
w:John Arcudi a:Simon Bisley
Also contains unseen epilogue to Aliens vs. Predator series
w:Randy Stradley a:Phill Norwood
trade paperback, b&w
Dark Horse Presents: Aliens 1 (1992)
c:Simon Bisley
1       prestige format
1       prestige format, platinum edition
color reprints of stories from DHP 24, 42, 43, DHP 5th Anniv special,  
Best of Dark Horse Presents (1992-3?)
Volumes 1-3 may contain Alien stories ?
trade pb, reprint collection
- DARK HORSE COMICS (color anthology series):
Aliens: Horror Show
w:Sarah Byam a:David Roach
3       Oct 92  part 1 c:David Roach
4       Nov 92  part 2
5       Dec 92  part 3 c:Dave Dorman
Aliens: Taste
w:Edward Martin III a:Mark Nelson c:Arthur Adams
11      Jul 93
Aliens: Backsplash
w:Jim Woodring a:Kilian Plunkett
12      Aug 93  part 1
13      Sep 93  part 2 c:Kilian Plunkett
Aliens: Cargo
w:Dan Jolley a:John Nadean a:Terry Pallot
15      Nov 93  part 1 c:John Higgins
16      Dec 93  part 2
Aliens: Alien
w:John Arcudi a:Paul Mendoza
17      Jan 94  part 1 of 3
18-19 (forthcoming)
- DARK HORSE INSIDER (promotional series):
Aliens: Countdown (1990-1)
w:Mike Richardson a:Dennis Beauvais
Serialized story probably started in issue #14 of Volume 1 (Sep 90)
and continued for an unknown number of issues but completed by Jan 92
Aliens vs Predator 2 (1992-3)
w:Randy Stradley a:Chris Warner
Serialized story probably started in issue #1 of Volume 2 (Jan 92)
and completed in issue #14 (Feb 93)
Vol 2 #12       Dec 92  Alien cover
- DARK HORSE INTERNATIONAL (UK monthly magazines):
Aliens Volume 1 - issues 1-16 Trident Comics.issue 17 Dark Horse
17 issues, Serial Reprints
1       Feb 91 Aliens book 2,Aliens V Predator
2       Mar 91 Aliens book 2,Aliens V Predator
3       Apr 91 Aliens book 2,Aliens V Predator
4       May 91 Aliens book 2,Aliens V Predator
5       Jun 91 Aliens book 2,Aliens V Predator
6       Jul 91 Aliens Earth War,Aliens V Predator
7       Aug 91 Aliens Earth War,Aliens V Predator
        + Aliens V Predator Poster
8       Sep 91 Aliens Earth War,Aliens V Predator
9       Oct 91 Aliens Earth War,Aliens V Predator
10      Nov 91 Aliens Earth War,Aliens V Predator
11      Dec 91 Aliens Earth War,Aliens V Predator
12      Jan 92 Aliens Earth War,The Alien,Aliens book 1
13      Feb 92 Aliens Genocide,The Alien,Aliens book 1
14      Mar 92 Aliens Genocide,Aliens V Predator 2?,Aliens book 1
15      Apr 92 Aliens Genocide,Aliens book 1
16      May 92 Aliens Genocide,Aliens book 1
17      Jun 92 Theory of Alien propagation (colour),Advent prt1
        and Terminus prt 2, Reapers

Aliens Volume 2
Serial reprints and original stories
1       Jul 92 Hive, Aliens vs. Predator 2
2       Aug 92  Hive, Aliens vs. Predator 2, Newt's Tale
3       Sep 92  Hive, Aliens vs. Predator 2, Newt's Tale
4       Oct 92  Hive, Aliens vs. Predator 2, Newt's Tale
5       Nov 92  Hive, Aliens vs. Predator 2, Newt's Tale
6       Dec 92  Hive, Aliens vs. Predator 2, Newt's Tale
7       Jan 93  Hive, Aliens vs. Predator 2, Newt's Tale
8       Feb 93  Hive, Aliens vs. Predator 2, Newt's Tale
9       Mar 93  Hive, Aliens vs. Predator 2, Countdown (mini-comic part  
        1, collected from Dark Horse Insider), Colonial Marines, Sacrifice
10      Apr 93  Aliens vs. Predator 2, Countdown (mini-comic part 2),
        Colonial Marines, Sacrifice, Tribes
11      May 93  Aliens vs. Predator 2, Colonial Marines, Sacrifice,  
12      Jun 93  Aliens vs. Predator 2, Colonial Marines, Sacrifice,  
        Tribes, Horror Show
13      Jul 93  Aliens vs. Predator 2, Colonial Marines, Tribes, Horror  
        Show, Crusade (w:Christian Gorny a:Michael Cook)
14      Aug 93  Aliens vs. Predator 2, Colonial Marines, Tribes, Horror  
        Show, Crusade
15      Sep 93  Colonial Marines, Tribes, Crusade, Backsplash
16      Oct 93  Colonial Marines, Tribes, Crusade, Backsplash
17      Nov 93  Colonial Marines, Crusade, Cargo, Taste
18      Dec 93  Colonial Marines, Crusade, Cargo
19      Jan 94  Colonial Marines, Crusade, Salvation
20      Feb 94  Colonial Marines, Crusade, Salvation
21      Mar 94  Colinial Marines, Crusade, Salvation, Alien
22      Apr 94  Colonial Marines, Crusade, Alien, Rogue
23      May 94  Colonial Marines, Alien, Rogue,
        Matrix (graphic novella, w:Grant Morrison a:Chris Halls)
Alien3 Movie Special
(includes only official comic version of Alien3)
movie adaptation
Total Carnage
Aliens/Predator: The Deadliest of the Species serialized starting in
issue #9 (Nov 93)
Aliens: Earth Angel (1993-4)
wa:John Byrne
Serialized in Previews, Vol III #1 - Vol IV #1
To be collected in a future issue of Previews
(This should be listed under DARK HORSE COMICS, DIAMOND is just a
 distributor which distributes comics to stores, it doesn't print

Illegal Aliens (Sep 92)
w:Clint McElroy ac:Bill Maus ac:Bob Hanon
parody, modern vs. classic movie monsters

Alien, the Illustrated Story (1979)
w:Archie Goodwin a:Walter Simonson
ISBN 930-36842-8 trade pb


- Alien Invasions (Warren Presents No.3)
- American Cinematographer: August, 1979 issue
- American Film: Vol.4, No.5.
- Cinefantastique: Vol.9, No.1 Vol.16, No.3, No.4/5 (double issue)
- Cinefex: Nos. 1 & 27
- Cinemacabre: No.2
- Cracked Magazine: (parody) Digest No. II (Monster Party, 1/87)
- Entertainment Weekly    may 28, 1992
- Famous Monsters of Filmland: Nos. 154,155,156,157,158,159
- Fangoria: Nos. 1 & 3
- Fantastic Films: Nos. 9,10,11,12,13,22
- Filmfax: No. 4
- Future Life: No. 11
- Galactic Journal: No. 21
- Mad Magazine: (parody) Nos. 212, 268
- Mediascene: Nos. 32 & 35
- Monsterland: Nos. 11 & 13
- Premier: May 1992, Vol. 5, No. 9
- Prevue: No. 65
- Questar: No. 5
- Space Monsters: No. 1
- Space Wars: issues dated 9/79, 3/80
- Spotlight: Oct - Nov 1986, No 4 (French)
- Starburst: (British) Nos. 8,14,16,17,19,88,97,98,99,100,102,105
- Starlog: Nos. 22,23,24,25,26,27,41,99,103,105,106,107,108,109,110,111,
- Japanese Edition: Nos. 7 & 9
- Sci-Fi Yearbook: No. 1
- Scrapbook: No.6
- Best of Starlog: Nos. 1 & 7
- Poster Magazine: Vol.1, Nos. 2 & 7
- Starlog Yearbook: Nos. 1,2,6,7
- Starwarp: Vol.2, No.3
- Visions: The Art of Arthur Suydam ($29.95) ISBN 1-56971-043-0
         color and b&w, 12"x12" SC: contains a number of drawings of the 
         alien by Suydam.
  Previews Vol II #11-12 (Oct 92-Nov 92)
  Interviews with Alien writers and artists, previews of Colonial Marines
  Mad #212     Jan 80  Alias (Alien parody)
  Mad #268     Jan 87  (Aliens parody)
  Mad #?       ~1992   (Alien3 parody)
  Comics Interview 68, 84, 87 (interviews with Alien writers and artists)
  Comics Interview Super Special: Aliens vs Predator
  Comics Interview Special Edition: Aliens
  Hero Illustrated 2 (Aug 93)
  Aliens/Predator cover, bagged with Aliens/Predator ashcan comic
- Cinefantastique   also Vol. 22 no. 6 (Alien 3)
- ImagiMovies       Vol.  1 no. 3 (Giger Alien interview)
- Cinefex           no. 50 may 1992
- HR Giger          ARh+ artbook (Taschen distrib.)

_CLOTH PATCHES_                             _IRON ONS_

- US Colonial Marines (with Eagle)          - USCS Nostromo
- US Colonial Marines (words)               - Alien Egg
- USCS Nostromo (emblem)                    - Space Jockey
- USCS Sulaco (emblem)
- Delta (USCM emblem)

(An outfit called Space Station (508 667-2314) has an array
 of "official" patches, identical to the ones in the movies.  They
 have the "Nostromo" patch, as well as the complete set of United
 States Colonial Marines uniform patches. They also have a good
 supply of pins & such.)

_PUZZLES (all from HG Toys)_

- "Alien" painted by Montage (large size)   - "Alien Egg"
- "Nostromo in Flight"                      - "Kane Looking In Egg"
- "Puzzle in an Egg"(painted Alien Warrior) - "Alien Space Jockey"


- "Alien" movie promo (probably more than one)
- "Aliens" movie promo (probably more than one; the one I have is a blue
  3-D button with the word logo)
- "Alien^3" movie promo (large and rectangular with a picture of an egg,
  the title "Alien^3" and the date "1992" on it)
- "Alien 2" Japanese painted metal pin (figure of Alien Warrior)
- Dark Horse Cloisette Series:
    No.1 (Alien Warrior)            No.2 (Alien Warrior)
    No.3 (Alien Queen)              No.4 (Chestburster)
    No.5 (Facehugger)               No.6 (Facehugger)
	scheduled (ie, Nos. 7 & 8, the "Alien Drones")


-  Alien Warrior: comic illustration (by MARK A. NELSON!!!!!!! not Neilson)
- "Alien" movie poster issue (one sheet) [possibly a 3 sheet]
- "Aliens" movie poster issue styles "A" and "B"
- "Ripley and Newt" Aliens promo poster
- Alien Warrior: comic illustration (by Mark Neilson)
- "Aliens" video promo poster
- door sized Alien Warrior
- Alien Warrior photo poster
- H. R. Giger set of 6 or 8 concept design lithographs (S/N, edition of 325)
- "Alien" movie sticker (Italien)
- "Alien" movie stills (eight coloured stills, labeled "Set A") [more?]
- "Alien" set of eight lobby cards (larger/smaller sizes)
- "Alien" promotional matchbook (given away at 7-11, features Alien Egg logo)
- "Alien" 8" by 16" cardboard promotional (movie theatre) insert
- "Aliens" cardboard promotional (movie theatre) stand up of Ripley in Alien
   Egg Chamber
- "Aliens" video store promotional display
- "Alien 3" nylon promo flag/banner (1 meter high, 4 meters long)
-  Alien 3 video promo stand with rotating alien foetus


- "Alien" card set (84 cards with 22 stickers) (Topps)
- "Alien^3" card set (80 cards + one card for ordering the 3 Alien^3 comics)
- In "Fright Flicks", there is a set of cards from Alien and Aliens. The
  numbers are:
  For Alien: 34,40,70,74,83,86
  For Aliens: 11,23,46,50,57,59,64, and sticker 2
- "Alien vs. Predator" 90-card set (1994)


- KAIYODO Alien Warrior (Japanese)
- KAIYODO Alien Queen (Japanese)
- KAIYODO Alien Warrior II (based upon H.R. Giger's pre-production concept
  design; limited ed., issued at 8/89 Japanese Model Fest)
- KAIYODO Alien Warrior ("deformed") (Japanese)
- TSU promo poster
- Alien Warrior: comic illustration (by Mark Neilson)
- "Aliens" video promo poster
- door sized Alien Warrior
- Alien Warrior photo poster
- H. R. Giger set of 6 or 8 concept design lithographs (S/N, edition of 325)
- "Alien" movie sticker (Italien)
- "Alien" movie stills (eight coloured stills, labeled "Set A") [more?]
- "Alien" set of eight lobby cards (larger/smaller sizes)
- "Alien" promotional matchbook (given away at 7-11, features Alien Egg logo)
- "Alien" 8" by 16" cardboard promotional (movie theatre) insert
- "Aliens" cardboard promotional (movie theatre) stand up of Ripley in Alien
  Egg Chamber
- "Aliens" video store promotional display
- TSUKUDA Alien Warrior (Japanese)
- JRC Facehugger (Japanese "Garage Kit")
- JRC Chestburster (Japanese "Garage Kit")
- NYC Narcissus (Japanese)
- NYC Alien Queen Metal Miniature Figure (Japanese)
- OZ SHOP Alien Warrior, Astronaut, APC, Drop Ship (all "deformed")
- SCOOP Alien Facehugger Bust (Japanese)
- Scoop Alien Egg (on base) (Japanese)
- MPC Alien Warrior (1st edition with jaws, 2nd edition no jaws)
- HALCYON Aliens Armoured Personnel Carrier
- HALCYON Aliens Drop Ship (* Note: SHED customising kit available)
- GONZOID Alines Armoured Personnel Carrier (1/72 scale)
- LATTIMER PRODUCTIONS Chestburster (lifesize)
- MFR. UNKNOWN Alien Nostromo Astronaut (on base with egg) (Japanese)
- AEF MODEL KITS (small scale, highly detailed)	Hicks; Drake; Frost; Dietrich;
  Apone; Gorman; Hudson; Wierzbowski; Crowe; Ferro; Spunkmeyer; Vasquez(gun);
  Vasquez(escape); Ripley(combat); Ripley(escape); Completion Kits A,B,C;
  Equipment Kits A,B,C; Alien Warriors A,B,C,D; Alien Queen (attack mode);
  Alien Egg Assortment; Closed Egg Assortment; Facehugger/Chestburster
  Assortment; Alien Egg Chamber [very ltd edition of 150?]; USCM Power Loader
- Sulaco, ALIEN^3 chestburster, facehugger (full scale), Queen Chestburster,
  Power Loader
- MFR. UNKNOWN M41A Pulse Rifle kit (full size)
- HALCYON/HORIZON Nostromo ("Nostromo model #HT-03 US.Doll.185.00")


- Unknown Mfr. Alien Chestburster (Japanese Garage Kit)
- Unknown Mfr. "Aliens" Deformed Queen (Japanese Garage Kit)
- ICHIBA Nostromo Model Kit (200+ pieces) (Japanese)


- "Alien" Film Soundtrack (J. Goldsmith)
  CD:   Polygram, FILMCD003
        Festival, D41565
  Cass: Polygram, FILMMC003
  Tracks: Main Title, The Face Hugger, Breakaway, Acid Test, The Landing, 
          The Droid, The Recovery, The Alien Planet, The Shaft, End Title
- "Aliens" Film Soundtrack (J. Horner)
  CD GE Colosseum VCD 47263
  CD JA Soundtrack Listeners Communications SLCS-7009
  CD UK That's Entertainment CDTER 1115
  CD US Varese Sarabande VCD 47263
  CD US Varese Sarabande VSD-47263
  Tracks: Main Title, Going after Newt, Sub-Level, Ripley's Rescue,
          Atmosphere Station, Futile Escape, Dark Discovery, 
          Bishop's Countdown, Resolution and Hyperspace
- "Alien^3" Film Soundtrack (E. Goldenthal)
  CD:   BMG, MCAD10629
  Cass: BMG, MCAC10629
  Tracks: Agnus Dei, Bair and Chase, The Beast Within, Lento, Candles in the
          Wind, Wreckage and Rape, The First Attack, Lullaby Elegy, Death
          Dance, Visit to the Wreckage, Explosion and Aftermath, The Dragon, 
          The Entrapment, Adagio


- LARAMI "Alien" Glow Putty
- "In space, everybody can wear a cap" cap.
- BEN COOPER "Alien" Halloween Costume
- DISTORATIONS "Alien" Full Size Mask (cast from original used in movie,
  limited edition) [anywhere from 25 to 300 in edition?]
- DON POST "Alien" Facehugger (lifesize in plexiglass case)
- SF MASK COMPANY "Alien" Head Mask
- MARCO INDUSTRIES "Alien" Head Mask
- MARCO INDUSTRIES "Alien" Full Sized Body Suit with Mask & Working Jaws
- MARCO INDUSTRIES "Aliens" M-41 A Pulse Rifle Set (3 grenades, locater
  wristband, web sling, extra pulse cartidge, etc.)
- "Aliens" Logo Mug
- "Aliens" Doorknob sign ("This Room Protected By Aliens" and "Bug Off")
- "Aliens" Car Window Sign ("Aliens on Board")
- "Aliens" Door Sign ("Aliens Fan Club Members Only")
- "Aliens" Note Pads ("Trust Me, I'm The Boss" & "A Note From The Better Half")
- Full-scale inflatable alien doll.
- Door-sized poster "Aliens don't have to knock"
- Alien^3 joystick for Atari/Amstrad/Commodore computers, manufactured by
  CHEETAH (Alien figure as the joystick)
- Alien Triple-Pack. Contains video's of Alien, Aliens extended version and
  the making of Alien^3. These 3 videos are collected in special Triple-Pack 
  paper wrap around cover and then shrink-wrapped. US and subtitled versions 
- Ultimate Alien Collection numbered boxed set. 5000 copies. Contains videos
  of Alien Special Edition, Aliens Special Edition and Alien^3 (ALL 
  WIDESCREEN) and a "Making of Alien^3". There is also
    * a book telling about the 3 movies
    * a photo with the number of this box
    * 3 pins/badges with logos of the 3 films
    * 12 large photos from the movies (4 per movie)
    * a "privelege card" for the London "Alien war" attraction which allows
      you to skip lines and get 2 for 1 tickets.
    * a T-shirt with the three movie logos
  This is all collected in a black plastic case with a facehugger molded into
  the case. The T-Shirt is packaged seperatly in a plastic bag. The case and
  T-Shirt are contained in cardboard with "list of contents".


- Black Shirt with Drooling Alien (front) Green Alien Egg (back)
- Black/Grey Shirt with Alien Warrior (front) Warrior's Tail and words
  ("In Space No One Can Hear You Scream") (back)
- Black Shirt with Alien Egg and words ("How Do You Like Your Eggs?") (front)
- 3-D Alien Chestburster coming through front of shirt
- Grey Shirt with USCM Emblem (front)
- Grey Shirt with "Aliens" logo (front)/words ("There Are Some Places In The
  Universe You Don't Go Alone")
- Several T-Shirt from 'OPERATION ALIENS', by 20th century Fox F.C.,
  distributeur Exclusif L.P.S. France (1994)
  These T-Shirts contain figures like a two-headed alien, a bull-alien,
  the alien queen and others.


- KENNER 18" "Alien" Warrior Action Figure
- KENNER "Alien" Board Game
- HG TOYS "Alien" Blaster Target Game
- HG TOYS "Alien" Chase Target Game
- KENNER "Alien" Movie Viewer and Cartridge
- "Alien" Computer Game
- ACTIVISION "Aliens" Computer Game
- ELECTRIC DREAMS "Aliens" (European version) Computer Game
- "ALIEN^3" for the Sega Mega Drive, Amiga and possibly others.
- LEADING EDGE "Aliens" Role Playing Game
- LEADING EDGE "Aliens" Expansion Module
- LEADING EDGE "Alien" board game
- HG TOYS "Alien" pistol (shoots ping-pong balls)
- action figures: Ripley (w/flamethrower), 
                  Hicks (w/missile?), 
                  Apone (w/grenades), 
                  Bishop (w/Gatling gun),
                  Drake (w/"smart gun"?),
                  ATAX (wearing Alien Queen "disguise"),
                  Alien Queen (w/swinging tail and extending second jaw;
                               includes "chestburster"),
                  Flying Alien Queen (w/flapping wings), 
                  Scorpion Alien (body explodes; includes facehugger),
                  Bull Alien (head rams; includes facehugger),
                  Gorilla Alien (arms grab, squirts "acid"; includes
                  Giant Face Hugger,
                  Snake Alien,
                  Mantis Alien,
- miniatures: (25 mm scale, available in blister packs)
        (20300) Alien Warriors (6 pc.)
        (20301) Col. Marines (8 pc.)
        (20302) Col. Marines 2 (8 pc.)
        (20303) Alien Queen Mother 
        (20304) Colonists Last Stand (5 pc.)
        (20305) Alien Warriors 2 (6 pc.)
        (24101) Aliens Warriors blister pack 1 (2 Alien warriors)
        (24102) ...... ........ ....... .... 2 (same)
        (24103) ...... ........ ....... .... 3 (same)
        (24104) ...... ........ ....... .... 4 (same)
        (24105) ...... ........ ....... .... 5 (same)
        (24106) ...... ........ ....... .... 6 (same) 
        (24107) ...... ........ ....... .... 7 (1 warrior & 1 Warrior 
                                                attacking a colonist)
        (24201) Aliens Ripley blister pack  (Ripley, Newt, Hicks, Burke)
        (24202) ...... Dropship Crew (Ferro, Spunkmeyer, Frost)
        (24203) ...... Machinegunners (Vasquez, Drake, Wierzbowski)
        (24301) ...... Sentry Gun (4 sentry guns)
        (24204) ...... Game Over (Hudson, Bishop, Crowe)
        (24302) ...... Facehugger (4 open eggs & 6 facehuggers)
        (24205) ...... Apone (Apone, Gorman, Dietrich)
        (24303) ...... Egg (5 closed eggs)
        (24401) ...... Powerloader (Powerloader & Jones the cat)
        (24305) ...... Colonists (3 col. being attacked by facehuggers)
        (24307) ...... APC Boxed Set (The APC in 25 mm scale)
        (source: Advance Comics, #58)
        (20108) Aliens Dropship Boxed Set ("This is a large, in-scale 
        version of the Dropship, completely compatible with the Leading Edge
        line og Aliens Warriors, Colonial Marines, and the APC. This lead-
        free set is packaged in TWO figure cased and wrapped in a larger
        sleeve." (Advance comics, #59, p.322)
        (20109) Aliens Sulaco Miniatures Boxed Set ("This is a large 
        (roughly 6"long) version of the spacecraft used by the colonial
        marines. It is not 25mm scale, but hey, it's the Sulaco!" (Advance 
        Comics, #59, p.322)
- Vehicles:
                  Power Loader,
                  EVAC Fighter,
- RPG:  Primary Design: Barry Nakazono
        Writing and Design: David McKenzie
        Editing and Production: Irene Kinzek

  The role playing game contradicts the movie in several ways, therefore
  its contents are purely speculatory, however it has this to say about
  the aliens: 
    * Aliens feed on electricity, sort of like car batteries.
    * Facehuggers are awakened by MOTION outside their egg.
    * There are 3 types of aliens:  queen, warrior and sentries.
    * All types of aliens can lay eggs, however the queen's are larger and
      will last longer (centuries as opposed to months).
    * Warriors are the standard aliens that you see in the movies.
    * Sentries have special sensors that allow them to "feel" vibrations
      anywhere in the hive.
    * Aliens do have a language of gestures and audible sounds.
    * Aliens can see infrared as well as the visible spectrum.

- Video games
  Alien vs. Predator              Activision; for SNES and Gameboy (play as
  Alien vs. Predator              Capcom; for arcades (play as Predator, female
                                  marine, or male marine)
  Aliens                          Konami; for arcades (play as Ripley or male
  Alien^3                         Acclaim; for NES, Game Gear, Genesis, SNES
                                  (play as Ripley)
  Alien                           20th Century Fox; for Atari 2600 (play as ???)

(Note that the Activision and Capcom versions of Alien vs. Predator are not
 related, and neither version are related to the Dark Horse AvsP numerous comic 

- Computer games
  Alien Doom                      unauthorized 3rd party; for Doom 1.2 (will
                                  probably also work with 1.666+)
  Aliens: Total Conversion        unauthorized 3rd party; for Doom 1.2 and 1.666

(These are game "patches", and require the required version of Doom in order to
 be played.  These are UNAUTHORIZED, meaning no one responsible has gained
 permission from the proper Alien copyright and trademark holders to produce
 these add-ons.)

  MIND GAMES "Alien" Computer Game for the Spectrum 48k and Commodore 64

  ACTIVISION "Aliens" Computer Game for the Spectrum 48k/128k,
  Commodore 64 and Amstrad.

  ELECTRIC DREAMS "Aliens" (European version) Computer Game for the
  Spectrum 48k,Commodore 64 and Amstrad CPC464.

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