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Maintainer: Cameron Simpson <>
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       The Aus.Motorcycles FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) comes in three parts.
       Part One contains introductory material for learners or new bike buyers.
       Part Two contains specific information about Australian touring, maintenaince,
       bike hire, gear, etc...
       Part Three covers the safety and everything else of clothing & gear.

       1.  2.1 Where to ride, sights to see, nice roads, touring...


       Where  to  ride, sights to see, nice roads, touring...  Also
       see the Group Rides section of this FAQ.

	   Can I ride	around	Australia  without  carrying  extra

	   Where should I ride in Victoria?

	   Where should I ride in Western Australia?

	   Where should I ride in New South Wales?

	   Where should I ride in South Australia?

	   Where should I ride in Queensland?

	   Where should I ride in Tasmania?

	   Where should I ride in the Northern Territory?

	   Where   should   I	 ride  in  the	Australian  Capital

       2.1  Can I ride around Australia without carrying extra


       Vic, NSW, Tas will present no problems  at  all.	 Just  make
       sure you hit smaller towns while the fuel stations are still
       open.  In the other  states  there  are	deserts	 to  cross.
       Hwy/Fwy	1  is no problem, even across deserts. Always check
       with locals before you leave a town anyway. It is  generally
       recomended  to carry 5-10 litres spare. Nasty rumours abound
       of dropped bikes going up in smoke from jerry cans  igniting

       2.2.1  300+km stretches from Darwin to Mt Iza
       From Chris Ruskie <>:
       I  crossed  the	Nullarbor  way	back  in  '81  (on the main
       highway, not through the dirt tracks) on a Ducati with  only
       just  over  200 km before reserve. We stopped at all bar one
       petrol stations, but made  it  without  any  concerns  about
       running out of fuel. Pity we broke down though.... ;^(

       From Tony Fathers <>:
       Some  of the desert areas - no way! 460 km from Lyndhurst to
       Innamincka (fuel to fuel)......

       2.3  Where should I ride in Victoria?


       Black's Spur (Healesville to Marysville), Lake Mtn,  Reefton
       Spur (Marysville to Reefton), Great Ocean Rd, Kew Blv (Melb.
       metro   area)...	   Arthur's   Seat(Mornington	Peninsula),

       2.5  Where should I ride in Western Australia?


       Round Wongong Dam - short but twisty bits.
       Serpentine	    Dam,	   South	   Dandalup
       York, Toodjay, Northam.
       Caves Road Yallingup to Margret River.

       2.7  Where should I ride in New South Wales?


       2.8.1  Day trips from Sydney
       Old Pacific Highway, Hornsby to Gosford
       Bells Line of Road,  out Lithgow way
       Putty Road, Windsor to Singleton

       2.8.3  Sydney metro, short but different
       Berowra Waters Ferry road
       Galston Gorge, for terminal crazies (especially at night)
       2.8.5  NSW country
       Oxley Highway, Wauchope	to  Armidale/Walcha  (left,  right,
       left, right.....)
       Buckett's  Way  (Hexham?	 to  Taree via Gloucester); the run
       from Singleton (above - Putty) to Dungog stitches up  nicely
       to this.

       2.9  Where should I ride in South Autralia?


       Up  the	BelAir road through Coromandel Valley, to Clarendon
       then Meadows,  MAcclesfield,  Strathalbyn,  Ashbourne,  Bull
       Creek, back to Meadows.
       Up  the	Gorge  Road  to Gumeracha then Birdwood.  Check the
       Motor  Museum  out,  then  home	the   same   way   or	via
       Hahndorf/Freeway.   Basically,  head  for the Adelaide hills
       and go nuts :)

       2.11  Where should I ride in Queensland?


       Mt Glorious - good for a	 quick	fang.	Nice  windy  roads,
       coffee  shops,  scenery.	  Can go down the other side to the
       Wivenhoe Dam.  Downside is that a lot of people are  killing
       themselves on that road, and the police are doing more speed
       traps.  Mapleton Pub - rip up the Bruce Highway, maybe  stop
       into  the Ettamogah Pub on the way, then swing up high for a
       nice lunch  and	view.	Ride  back  through  Montville	and
       Maleny.	 Stanthorpe - for a longer ride (read overnight) go
       west to Stanthorpe, stay the night in a national park.  Drop
       down  through  NSW  to  Glen  Innes  to wave at the friendly
       bikers, then come back up past Byron and the Gold Coast.

       Mt Tamborine through to Springbrook (via the Russ Hinze	Dam

       A  perfect  day	ride from Brisbane includes Mt. Glorious to
       Esk via Somerset. From Esk head to Toowoomba (the road  gets
       a a bit thin here, but still bitumin). At Hampton turn right
       and head to Yarraman. This section of the road is ideal	for
       big speeds, no cops. At Yarraman head back towards Brisbane.
       At Kilcoy head towards Somerset again.

       Gillies highway near Cairns.

       2.13  Where should I ride in Tasmania?


       See also Kevin Gleeson <>'s
	 Tassie Touring Tips

	 Where? Everywhere! Tasmania has some of the curviest roads
	 in  Australia.	  For  the  most part they are bitumen, but
	 narrow. Some of the "traditional" frequently used sections
	 are:  Grass  Tree  Hill  Road, Channel Highway, East Coast
	 Highway, Lyell/Murchison Highway (beware at Hellyer Gorge,
	 those 100m straights are not really enough to overtake on)
	 Main hazards in Tassy	are:  log  trucks,  occasional	bad
	 camber,  log  trucks,	lack  of  use of indicators by cage
	 drivers, and log trucks.

	 Hobart area: Grasstree hill road ( Risdon vale -  Richmond
	 )  1 Hour
	 Mud walls road ( Campania - midland highway )	1 Hour
	 old   Huon   Road   (Ferntree	 -  Huonville)	over  Mount
	 Wellington. 2 Hours
	 Cygnet - Verona Sands road 1/2 day

	 East coast,  1 day ( maybe two ) Elephant Pass (check	out
	 the pancake shop at the top)
	 St. Mary's Pass
	 the Sidling (Scottsdale - Launsecton)

	 Strathgordon  road,  1	 day  return Devonport-Forth-Cradle
	 Mountain (some dirt), 1 day return

	 Lake Leake Road from just North of Swansea to Campbelltown
	 in the midlands.

       2.15  Where should I ride in the Northern Territory?


       Everywhere as fast as you can :)
       [INDEED.	 Well,	after Humpty Doo turn-off anyway.  - Radley
       Jones <>]

       Try Litchfield Park for a day trip from Darwin (visit all  3
       For  a  quick 3 hour trip try Fog Dam, get there for Dawn or
       Dusk  (usually  no-one  there  at  Dawn,	  listen   to	the
       birds/silence.)	- Radley Jones <>

       2.17  Where should I ride in the Australian Capital


       The Uriarra/Cotter loop is a fantastic stretch of road, with

       wide variations in road 'style' and landscape type. Start on
       the  Cotter  road,  turn	 off at Coppins Crossing, then head
       onto Uriarra road. Follow Uriarra until the Turn-off back to
       canberra,  and  it  will	 take you back onto the Cotter road
       just before  Cotter  Pub.  Continue  along  Cotter  road	 to
       Tuggeranong,  and return to canberra along any viable route.

       You can	continue  from	the  Cotter  Pub  south	 down  past
       Murray's	 Corner	 and  Tidbinbilla to Tharwa and back up the
       Monaro Hwy.  The bit through the pine forest  past  Murray's
       Corner  is  a  bit  prone  to slow/unpredicatble traffic and
       gravel on the road but once it opens up, its quite good, and
       makes the ride about twice as long.

       A quick fang up Coppins Crossing is always fun.

       Heading	down  the  coast  via  the  Clyde  mountains  is an
       interesting  ride  with	lots  of  twisties  in	the   later
       sections,  and  the  ride  up the coast from Batemans bay to
       Sydney (through the national park  south	 of  sydney)  is  a
       great  alternative  to  the highway (if you have a few extra
       hours to spare)

       The road down Brown Mtn (between Cooma and the coast)  is  a
       vastly  better  road than Clyde Mtn.  Every time I went down
       Clyde Mtn (admittedly a long time ago), the road surface was
       shocking.   Of  course,	both Brown Mtn and Clyde Mtn are in
       NSW, not ACT.
       3.  2.2 Bike hire? Bike Shops?


       Bike hire? Bike Shops?

	   Where can I get my bike dyno'd?

	   Where can I hire a motorcycle?

	   How should I go about importing a bike to Australia?

       4.1  Where can I get my bike dyno'd?


       Most states should have one or  two  performace	shops  that
       offer  this  service.  Look  out for their Dyno Days in AMCN
       (Aus MotorCycle News) Ring around and  ask,  shouldn't  cost
       you more than $10-$15 a go.

       Vic - Dynobike
       WA  - SuperCycles
       NSW - Parry's
       SA  -
       Qld -

       4.3  Where can I hire a motorcycle?


       Also see
	 my bike hire page
	 and Adam Vaughan's <> most excellent
	   Australian Motorcycle Rentals

	   Victoria Motorcycle Hire and Sales: 606 High st
	   Kew East  3102
	   Ph:	   (03) 817 3206
	   Mobile: (015) 314 970
	   Fax:	   (03) 817 3662

	   3  bike  shops  in  Brisbane that do guaranteed buy-back
	   Shogun Honda (07) 808 7850  - Knew what  was	 going	on,
	   very helpful.
	   Phil	 Beaumont  (07) 252 2115  - Knew what was going on,
	   dubious shop.
	   Springwood Suzuki (07) 208 7999  - Helpful, will do buy-
	   back but no system, negotiable.

	   Outrider	   Rentals	  in	   Sydney	c/-

       4.5  How should I go about importing a bike to Australia?


       From  Roy  Armstrong  <>  Thu   Apr	 13
       22:10:22 1995:
	 We recently imported two bikes from the USA after a 7 week
	 holiday there. There are many avenues	open  to  importing
	 bikes	into  Aus.  The first and most IMPORTANT step is to
	 contact the:

	 Department of Transport
	 GPO Box 1553
	 ACT		 2601
	 Fax: +61 6 274 6013
	 Tel: +61 6 274 7506
	 +61 6 274 7111

	 If you contact them first  you	 should	 have  no  problems
	 importing bikes into Aus. You may even find that they will
	 not have to comply with  Australian  Design  Rules  (ADR).
	 The  Federal  Office  of  Road	 Safety	 will  send you the
	 information that you need about importing  bikes  to  Aus.
	 There	are  a	number	of different classifications that a

	 bike may fall into.  Approval can take up to 3	 weeks	and
	 costs	$50.00	per  application. You can put more than one
	 bike on an  application.   With  the  info  you  get  from
	 Canberra  there is also a list of people who can issue ADR
	 plates in different states. This may  solve  any  problems
	 but  as  with	all  services  you will have to pay someone
	 something.  Once you get the bike imported you	 then  have
	 to  sort  out	registration  in  your	state.	Below is an
	 extract of relevant information from the booklet that	the
	 Federal Office of Road Safety will send out.


	 The  Motor  Vehicle  Standards	 Act  1989, which came into
	 effect on 1 August 1989, makes it an offence to  import  a
	 new or secondhand vehicle unless:

	     it  meets the safety and emissions standards applying
	      to vehicles to be used on Australian roads (the ADRs)
	      and has a valid Australian compliance plate fitted;


	     arrangements   are   in  place,  by  way	of  written
	      agreement, for  an  organisation	holding	 Compliance
	      Plate Approval from the Federal Office of Road Safety
	      to modify the vehicle to meet the ADRs and to  fit  a
	      compliance plate, after its arrival in Australia

	 The  importer	will require a Vehicle Import Approval from
	 the Federal Office of Road Safety to obtain  clearance	 at
	 the  port of entry.  The vehicle cannot be given into your
	 possession without this approval and any delays may  prove

	 Import	  approval   will  be  granted	if  the	 above	two
	 requirements are met. Import approval will also be granted

	     you   obtained   a  letter  of  compliance  from	the


	     you have owned and used the vehicle  overseas  for  a
	      continuous  period of not less than three months, you
	      are of driving age and are an Australian	citizen	 or
	      migrant holding permanent residency in Australia


	     the vehicle was manufactured before January 1974 (for
	      vehicles	other  than  motorcycles  small	  trailers,
	      trucks  and buses), or 1 July 1975 (for motorcycles),

	      or 1 July 1988 (for  small  trailers  less  than	4.5
	      tonnes   ladden  weight).	 These	will  be  known	 as
	      `specified dates' for the remainder of this brochure.

	 Before importing a vehicle it is essential that you ensure
	 it will be allowed into Australia. Otherwise you may  have
	 to  export  or	 scrap	the vehicle, or be penalised with a
	 fine of up to $12 000.	 Potential importers  should  check
	 with  the  Australian	Customs	 Service  for  requirements
	 relating to tariffs and quarantine.

	 There are vehicles such as  agricultural  and	earthmoving
	 equipment,   competition,  display,  farm  and	 evaluation
	 vehicles which	 are  not  subject  to	the  Motor  Vehicle
	 Standards  Act.  Contact the Federal Office of Road Safety
	 for further advise on these vehicles as an import approval
	 may  still  be	 required  to gain clearance at the port of

	 These guidelines relate to the import of  vehicles  before
	 first	registration. If some of these requirements are not
	 met at the time of importation,  then	they  must  be	met
	 before	  registration.	  A  vehicle  must  also  meet	the
	 registering  authority's  requirements	 for  registration,
	 such as roadworthiness.

	 NOTE:	Not  mentioned	in the main text of the book but on
	 the Application for Vehicle Import Approval:
	 Part 4 - Date of manufacture
	 Was the vehicle manufactured:
	 * 15 or more years ago? or
	 * before 30/6/88 for trailers under 4.5t ATM?

	 |  Y  |		 |  N  |
	 Go to Part 10		 Go to Part 5

	 This means that if your motorcycle is 15 or more years old
	 then  it  may	not be required to have an ADR to obtain an
	 Import Approval.
       5.  2.3 Cleaning your bike


       Cleaning your bike Somebody asked us "How do i get all  that
       oil  and	 grease off my engine, rims and the like? Can i use
       that cheap degreaser? What works and how well?"


	   the $2 spraycans of degreaser from The_Reject_Shop have
	    been used with good results.

	   kerosine in a pump pack works well

	   use	 an old paint brush, you can cut the bristles right
	    back for a good scrub. Toothbrushes are good too.

	   Spray_&_Wipe is good for steel wheels

	   Mr_Sheen is good for painted alloy rims

	   Autosol, Gumption etc.. for the  other  bits,  thinners
	    for carbies.

	   Detergent for paintwork followed by polish.
       7.  2.4 Other clues on the Information SuperRacetrack :)


       Other  clues  on	 the  Information SuperRacetrack :) Are you
       running a useful a.m service? Send me your URL now!
       [ Web Sites | Picture Archives and making your own  |  Group
       Rides and info | Books and magazines ]

       8.1  Web Sites


	 Moto FAQs at
	   Home of the FAQ
	     Beginner Motorcyclist Information
	       Cameron Simpson's pointers to various pages
		 Kevin Gleeson's Pointers to various pages
		   Aus.Moto faces page
		     Cameron Simpson's Moto Page
		       Mike Cutter's upcoming events
			 A   Guide   to	  Motorcycle   Parking	 in
			 Australian Universities
			   The Rec.Motorcycles Index

       8.3  Picture Archives


	 I know there're heaps more.  Try starting at
	   Cameron's Pic Links

       8.4.1  How do I scan photos & piccys so they look great?
       The  trick  in  my  experience  is to not scan at too high a
       resolution. If my original is large enough, I will  scan	 at
       75dpi  in  24 bit. Any higher and you pick up the texture of
       the paper and it looks all  speckled.  If  the  original	 is
       small and you'd like to try and enlarge it then try scanning
       at higher resolutions.

       Always scan at more than you'll want to	put  on	 your  page
       (i.e. at the maximum res you can without showing the grain).
       Keep the	 originals  (on	 your  home  machine,  on  a  tape,
       whatever)  and  post resized (smaller) ones to your web site
       if you have bandwidth or storage costs.

       Image format? Avoid wasteful image formats like TIFF or	BMP
       (neither	 has any compression).	Choose JPEG format usually.
       Avoid GIFs for full size images -  the  colour  quantisation
       ruins the image (but see thumbnailing, below)..

       Indexing?  Don't	 include  the  full-size  pic in your page.
       Include thumbnails and attach HREFs to the full-size pic	 to
       the  thumbnail.	Do make real thumbnails. Novice web authors
       sometimes use the size attributes of the IMG tag to  include
       a  resized-very-small inline image of the original simply by
       pointing at it.	This is	 bad,  as  the	whole  original	 is
       downloaded  by  the  browser  and only then resized.  So the
       page takes  forever  to	load  anyway.	Use  GIFs  for	the
       thumbnails,  quantised  to  few	colours	 (i.e. 16, 32 or 64
       instead	of  the	 default  close-to-256);  you'll  get  good
       compression  this  way, better than JPEG for thumbnail-sized

       Tools? I use
	 for my image galleries.  You just throw the images into  a
	 directory  and	 run the script.  You can use the thumbnail
	 script	 supplied  with	 it  standalone	 if  you  want	the
	 thumbnails  but prefer a different web page layout scheme.
	 Anyone got other good tools?

       8.5  People to contact for group rides, info, etc...


       Just post to  NSW, Vic, Qld, SA	 &  WA	are
       all  into  net  rides, so you'll get some response.  Mailing
       lists also exist for several regions.  Check out the
	 Australian Local Ride Mailing Lists

       8.7  Books and magazines


       Motorcycle tuning: chassis    -	John Robinson Redwood Press
       Limited, Melksham, Wiltshire ISBN 0 7506 0798 X

       AMCN (Australian MotorCycle News) magazine

       Two Wheels magazine

       David Minton - The Motorcyclist's Handbook.  a little  dated
       in  some	 areas (written in 1982) but brilliant on defensive
       riding, clothing, basic maintenance, and intro to motorcycle

       The   Illustrated  Encyclopaedia	 of  Motorcycles  by  Erwin

       Another book to have a look at is 'A twist of the  wrist'  .
       Ed  II.	 These	books  are  limited in there scope, more on
       advanced riding techniques for racing rather than the  road.
       Written	by  Keith  Code.   Look	 it up, it's put out by the
       Californian Superbike School.  "

       " " "
       " " " " "
       " " " " " " " " " " " "

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