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Children's Software FAQ

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Original Authors: Sherry Feiler and James Wilson
Current Maintainer/Modifier: Margaret D. Gibbs

                      Frequently Asked Questions
		      about Software for Children


For a list of other FAQ topics, tune in to, and/or
look for the FAQ File Index posted to weekly.

Copyright 1997-99, Margaret Gibbs.  Use and copying of this information 
are permitted as long as (1) no fees or compensation are charged for
use, copies or access to this information, and (2) this copyright
notice is included intact.
NOTE:  This is a rough draft, and most of the below information was 
compiled in May 1995.  I apologize for any errors or inaccuracies.
Please send any comments or corrections to the above email address.
The purpose of this FAQ is to give a concise summary of the comments and  
opinions of readers of and on topics related to  
children and computers, and to provide a list of resources (electronic and  
print) for information, reviews, demos, and shareware.

Table of Contents:

1. Recommended Programs by Age Group
2. Product Info and Reviews (Web sites)
3. Company List
4. Resources
	Internet: Web Pages and FTP Sites
	Printed : Magazines, Catalogs, & Books
5. Program Access and Management and File Protection (for PCs only -
       feel free to contact me with information about Macs)
6. Pointing Devices (this topic is not well-covered in the rough draft)
7. Known Bugs and Fixes (this topic is not covered in the rough draft
   - please email with any suggestions, for example:
     how does one use "KidPix" with "AtEase"?)

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