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Archive-name: misc-kids/faq/part1
Last-Modified: 4/14/98
Posting-Frequency: weekly

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Copyright 1998, Diane Lin, John R. Cobarruvias and Maureen Vahey. Use and
copying of this information are permitted as long as (1) no fees or
compensation are charged for use, copies or access to this information, and (2)
this copyright notice is included intact. 
                               Table Of Contents
Part 1.
   1.  Changes to the FAQ File Index 
   2.  Welcome to 
   3.  Netiquette on
   4.  Posting to via email   
   5.  Related newsgroups
   6.  Mailing lists 
Part 2.   
   7.  FAQ index 

                      *** Changes to the FAQ File Index  ***

                                 *** New File ***           
Head Lice                           Christopher Biow

On the Web: <> and

                            *** end of changes ***
                         *** Welcome to ***

Welcome to, the newsgroup for parents, soon-to-be parents, and other
people interested in children. In this group, we discuss issues relevant to
pregnancy and child rearing, solicit advice from other netters on a host of
parenting concerns, and generally seek and provide support and encouragement
with respect to raising kids. This is a group intended for parents of children
of *all* ages, including teenagers and adult children. This document introduces
new readers both to the preferred etiquette for and to a service we
have devised in this group: a compilation of files of Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQ).


                       *** Netiquette on ***

Most of the guidelines here are the same as in news.announce.newusers. In fact,
it is *strongly* recommended that you read the etiquette guidelines in
news.announce.newusers (or in any other introductory text on news readers)
before you post any articles. 

   * is a discussion group. Please do not post binaries. There are
     groups specifically chartered for this purpose. already has a
     tremendous amount of traffic and the extra bandwidth used by these files  
     is not appreciated.  Please remember that someone has to pay for all 
     those bytes to be trasmitted around the world.
   * Please do not post advertisements. is a non-commercial
     newsgroup. Reviews and discussions of commercial products relating to
     children are appropriate, although they would be more appropriate      

   * Please be very careful when asking for or giving medical advice. It is
     one thing to state what your experience with X might have been, and
     another thing entirely to dispense medical advice to complete
     strangers. If you are asking for medical advice, please consider the
     source, and consult with a trusted medical professional before using
     any advice you obtain from the net. 

   * Please respond via e-mail whenever possible; if the original poster was
     soliciting advice/information, s/he should post a summary to the net.
     This helps cut down on net traffic. 

   * If someone takes the time and energy to respond to a query which you have
     posted, *please* extend some common courtesy by acknowledging his/her
     response via e-mail. A simple "thank you" should suffice in most

   * Please read all follow-ups before posting one of your own; in many cases,
     someone else has already covered the same point. 

   * Please limit the amount of material included from previous postings as
     much as possible, and try to be concise. Certainly, .signatures should
     be excised. Remember that most of the audience for are busy
     parents. However, please make sure you include enough of the original
     article so as to make your follow-up sensible. (For example,
     follow-ups such as "I totally agree!" with no material included from
     the previous article make no sense at all, due to the nature of news
     readers. And of course, if *ALL* that you want to say is "I totally
     agree!", that should certainly be handled via private e-mail.) 

   * Please watch your attributions carefully; avoid misquotes and

   * Please avoid cross-postings to other newsgroups unless you are absolutely
     sure there is relevance to the other group(s). There is usually
     nothing that will spark a flame war faster than to cross-post an
     article to groups such as, soc.women, or If you feel
     you must cross-post or respond to a cross-posting, please delete from the Newsgroups line as soon as the relevance to this
     newsgroup disappears. 

   * Please check your Subject line carefully! If you are starting a new
     thread, do not use the standard follow-up command. (If you aren't sure
     about how to post a new article, read some help articles, or read
     news.announce.newusers (strongly recommended reading for any new
     netter anyway).) Similarly, if you want folks to read your article,
     and especially, if you want people to offer advice/comments, tailor
     your Subject line accordingly. This is a very busy newsgroup, and
     Subject lines that are vague might not catch the eye of the very
     people who might have something to offer. For example, if you have
     questions about breastfeeding and sibling rivalry, please take the
     time to write two separate articles with appropriate Subject lines. 

   * Please remember that this newsgroup has a world-wide readership. With
     that in mind, please note the following: First, readers whose primary
     language is not English might not know what a VBAC (Vaginal Birth
     After Cesarian) is, or what Tylenol is. (There is an FAQ file entitled
     "Acronyms" -- please check the FAQ File Index for instructions on how
     to request that file.) Second, check your Distribution line before
     posting an article. If you are looking for an occasional babysitter in
     Idaho, you're unlikely to find interested readers in New Zealand!
     Third, please be understanding and patient with spelling or style
     errors made by people who are obviously posting from a non-English
     speaking country. (For that matter, spelling and/or grammatical errors
     should not be pointed out via the newsgroup, but through private
     e-mail if you feel it is absolutely necessary to show someone the
     error of their ways.) 

   * Before posting an article to, please be sure it is actually
     relevant to parenting or children. can be a great source of
     support, but it is not the only newsgroup on Usenet. Thus, queries
     regarding the best dishwasher to get would be entirely inappropriate
     for this newsgroup. 

   * While there is a newsgroup ( for non-adults to participate
     in, comments from children and teens are very welcome in this

   * Please refrain from name-calling, tantrums or other hysterics-- we get
     enough of that from our children :-). 


                    *** Posting to via email ***

NOTE: Please only use this method if you cannot post to the newsgroup 
via your newsreader

1) Send the email message to the following addresse

2) The words you put in the subject line will be displayed
   verbatim as the subject line of your post in the newsgroup.

3) The body of your email message will be displayed verbatim
   as the body of your post in the newsgroup.

                            *** Related Newsgroups ***

There are several groups, and many of the following FAQ files are
posted in (and are therefore archived). The other
related groups are: 

   *   Breastfeeding Issues 
   *        Software and computers for kids 
   *        Holidaying with children 
   *       Consumer issues related to children 
   *          Health issues related to children 
   *       Pre pregnancy planning, pregnancy, childbirth 
   *            FAQ's and important announcements (Moderated)
   *                 Other kid related discussions 
   *       Parenting questions, ideas, and
                               experiences (Moderated)

Other newsgroups:
   * rec.arts.books.childrens              Children's books 
   *  Homeschooling for religious reasons 
   *       Homeschooling for other reasons
   * soc.culture.jewish.parenting          Raising Jewish children (Moderated)    
   *            Support Group
   *               Issues related to infertility
Alt newsgroups:
   * alt.adoption                  Adoption 
   * alt.child-support             Child support issues 
   *         Discussions among children with net access 
   * alt.missing-kids              Missing children
   *       Solutions to parenting problems 
   * alt.parenting.twins-triplets  Parenting multiples
   * alt.parents-teens             Parenting a teenager 
   *     Dealing with breastfeeding issues 
   *     Dealing with diabetes in children 
   *      Being a step parent 
   *    Being a single parent 
   *    Being a foster parent
   * alt.childrens-camps           Issues related to children's camps.    

If your site carries these and you're interested in the topics that would 
naturally fall into such groups, please add them to your news reader file.
                             *** Mailing Lists ***
Adoption (in general):      

The body of the request should say something like "subscribe 
adoption ".
Adoption (for adoptees):            To join, send mail to

The body of your mail should read "subscribe adoptees".   
Post by sending mail to
Asthma/Allergies:                   To join, send mail to 

Post by sending mail to
Bilingual Families                  Subscribe by mailing to

In body of message write
subscribe biling-fam <your-email-address>                                    
For further information, write: info biling-fam
Birthmothers:                       Send mail to 
Birthparents:                       LISTSERV@INDYCMS if you are on BITNET
                                    LISTSERV@INDYCMS.IUPUI.EDU otherwise

To subscribe, send the following command in the BODY of mail 
 SUB BRTHPRNT yourfirstname yourlastname.
Developmentally Delayed Kids:

To subscribe, send a message  containing
        subscribe our-kids (youraddress)
where (youraddress) is your e-mail address.
Endometriosis:                      LISTSERV@LISTSERV.DARTMOUTH.EDU              
To Subscribe to the list, send mail with the command:
SUBSCRIBE WITSENDO (your full name here)
In the BODY of the message (not the subject)

Digests are available by sending the comand SET WITSENDO MAIL DIGEST to
the listerv.  

To post to the list, send mail to:
Extended Breastfeeding List:

To Subscribe to the list send one of the following 
commands in the body of an email message   

 subscribe parent-l or subscribe parent-l-digest

If you have any questions or difficulties, contact  
Lois Patterson at 
Home Education:                     subscribe by mailing to

Post by sending mail to 
Infertility                         Subscribe by mailing to
A mailing list for infertile

In body of message write
subscribe ilist (your email address)                                    
Kids                                subscribe by mailing to
A mailing list for kids   

In body of text write 
subscribe kids (your email addr)
list address
Contact person Bosco Tsang
Twins                 subscribe by mailing to

In the body of the message type
subscribe twins-L <your first name> <your last name>

You can get subscription info, and access to
the Twins List FAQs, at:

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