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Military Space A Travel FAQ
Section - 6. Sources of Information

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6.1) Where can I find out more?

The best source of up to date information is a passenger terminal.
The personnel assigned there should be able to answer most of your
questions about regulations and schedules.  To get some advice on how
to plan a trip you can try siting in the snack bar and talking to some
of the "regulars" there.  There are many retirees who catch hops for
months at a time and can tell you stories about their Space A travels
and some of the best places to go!  There are also some excellent
guidebooks available that have been written by seasoned Space A

6.2) What's the best guidebook to get?

The best known introductory guide is "Military Space-A Air Basic
Training and Reader Trip Reports" by Ann and Roy Crawford.  You can
find it in many exchanges, and it is also available from Military
Living Publications, P. O. Box 2347, Falls Church, VA 22042-0347.
Their telephone number is (703)237-0203, and Ann and Roy receive
Internet email at  Their company also offers
several other publications that might be of interest to Space A
travelers, including maps, topic-specific guidebooks listing sources
of flights and billets, and a bi-monthly newsletter.  Other publishers
also offer guidebooks and newsletters, many of which are listed on the
Space A World Wide Web home page.  Which one you chose will depend on
a number of factors such as price, availability, currency,
comprehensiveness, and compactness (remember that 30 pound baggage
limitation!).  The most compact and comprehensive guidebook available
is the "Worldwide Space-A Travel Handbook", which is available from
2-10-4 Publications, P.O. Box 55, Hurst, TX 76053-0055 or by
calling (888)277-2232.

6.3) Where can I find more Space-A information on the Internet?

On the Space A World Wide Web home page you will find the relevant
portions of DoD Regulation 4515.13-R and COMDTINST M3710.1C, extensive
how-to information, a listing of every facility with permanently
stationed fixed wing aircraft that can carry Space A passengers, some
lists of phone numbers, reviews of the best known guidebooks, news
articles about Space A, the latest version of this FAQ, links to every
other known Space A resource, and a wealth of related information.
Just point your World Wide Web browser to
<>.  Dirk Peppard runs a fairly
active web chat page that is available from the Space A web page.
Another source of Space A information on the Internet is Usenet News.
The newsgroup <news:soc.veterans> is full of people with Space A
experience, and that newsgroup is available on most systems.  Another
newsgroup with a more active discussion (but a somewhat less
experienced membership) is <news:alt.military.cadet>.  Your system may
not carry that group, however, since many systems do not subscribe to
the "alt" hierarchy.  One thing that you should NOT do is send me
(Doug Oard) a question about how to get somewhere.  I maintain this
page in my spare time, and there's not nearly enough of that!  So I
routinely refer such questions to the resources listed above.

6.4) Where should I send corrections and additional frequently asked

To Doug Oard <>.

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Top Document: Military Space A Travel FAQ
Previous Document: 5. Other Questions

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