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68hc11 microcontroller FAQ

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Archive-name: microcontroller-faq/68hc11
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Last-modified: January 28, 1996

See reader questions & answers on this topic! - Help others by sharing your knowledge
This article is a collection of information sources on the line of
Motorola 68hc11 microcontrollers.

The following topics are addressed:

      0)  Rantings and ravings (to make the FAQ zero-based)

      1)  ABOUT THIS FAQ
    1.1)  Who put this FAQ together?
    1.2)  How can I contribute to this FAQ?
    1.3)  What newsgroups will this FAQ be posted to?
    1.4)  May I distribute this FAQ or post it somewhere else?
    1.5)  How about FAQs on other microcontrollers?

      2)  ABOUT THE 68hc11
    2.1)  The 68hc11 microcontroller
    2.2)  68hc11 flavors
    2.3)  Sources and prices
    2.4)  Advantages realized in implementing control applications
          with this family of microcontrollers

    3.1)  FTP sites
    3.2)  Mailing Lists
    3.3)  BBSs

      4)  68hc11 PRODUCTS
    4.1)  Free languages and development systems
    4.2)  Free C compilers
    4.3)  Plans for 68hc11-based boards
    4.4)  Commercially available software

      5)  68hc11 DOCUMENTATION
    5.1)  Periodicals
    5.2)  Books

0)  Rantings and ravings

    Disclaimer:  Just so it is understood, the "rantings and ravings" are
    MY rantings and ravings.  My readers are refined and sophisticated
    and would never rant or rave.  I, on the other hand, sit in front of
    the TV in torn underwear and drink beer out of the bottle.

    Well gang, this should be my last post of the 68hc11 FAQ.  I'm
    turning this FAQ over to Bob Boys who never ceases to complain about
    my FAQs being more popular than his Motorola 68K FAQ.  Maybe he'll
    stop whining now :-).

    Seriously, I'm finding it harder and harder to find the time to do
    justice to my FAQs.  I'm afraid the 68hc11 FAQ suffered the most.
    That's where Bob comes in.  Besides being a first class beer drinker,
    he already has experience with FAQs (Motorola 68K and VME bus).  I'm
    sure that Bob will infuse much needed life into this FAQ.

    I thank all of you for your kind assistance and encouragement during
    the time I worked on this FAQ.  It may sound like a cliche, but the
    Internet is a great place to live.  I've met a lot of friends and I'm
    having a great time.  Someday, we'll all have to get together and
    drink some beer.  See ya around.

    Thanks to Motorola for sending me a set of their famous "pink books".
    This is a really great collection of reference material.  I wish that
    the manufacturers' literature for other microcontrollers (the 8051
    for example) was of such high quality.  These books are definitely
    not for the beginner, but if you are into the hc11, these books are a
    must.  A real first class effort on Motorola's part!

    The Imagecraft C compiler, ICC11 V3, is now shipping. It includes a
    Windows IDE with integrated editor, terminal program and the ability
    to operate compiler tools and options.  A make utility and library
    source are included along with the field proven compiler tools. Price
    $100. For more info, check out the Webpage
    or Email to

    Dunfield Development Systems has just released version 3.14 of their
    C development tools.  They also have a new web page and new email
      Email: General information:     
             Sales inquiries/Administration:
             Technical inquiries/Support:

    Take care,

              Uncle Russ


1.1)  Who put this FAQ together?

    I started by putting together a FAQ on the 8051 microcontroller in
    response to my own frustration in finding information.  The FAQ has
    now been out for some time and has been very well received.  One of
    the questions that I'm frequently asked is if I know of a FAQ on the
    68hc11.  Not only that, but how many times have you seen the
    following questions posted on the newsgroups:  "anyone know of a C
    compiler for the 68hc11?", "anyone know of an assembler for the
    68hc11?", and so on.

    Therefore, I decided to jump in and try my hand again.  I figured
    that this would be a good learning experience.  From what I've seen
    so far, the 68hc11 is a good chip, and well worth learning and
    developing with.  I really don't have any experience with the 68hc11
    (yet), so I'm going to need everyone's help on this.  Just as with
    the 8051 FAQ, with everyone's help this FAQ should turn out to be a
    pretty useful document.

1.2)  How can I contribute to this list?

    I please ask that if you have any suggestions or additions, or you
    would like to correct any of the information contained herein, please
    send me a note.
         My Email address is:
         My Smail address is:
               Russ Hersch
               HaVradim 11
               Ginot Shomron

    The list of individuals who have sent suggestions and encouragement
    has overflowed.  I hope it suffices to say "Thank you to all who have
    contributed to this FAQ - we all appreciate it."

    Special thanks to:
          David Dunfield (Dunfield Development Systems)
          Bob Boys (maintainer of the superb Mot. 68K FAQ)
          Forrest Cook
          Carl Barnes (Technological Arts)
          Jens Holm
          Patrick Campbell (Mosaic Industries)
          Ken Hornstein

    Very special thanks to Ping Huang and Thomas Koenig of the
    news.answers moderators team for all of their help.

    I certainly hope that those of you who know of interesting items for
    the 68hc11 will share with everyone by contributing to this list.

    If you are a manufacturer and have an anonymous ftp site available
    that supports the 68hc11, please let me know by Email so that I can
    add it to this FAQ.  Also please feel free to keep me updated on your

1.3)  What newsgroups will this FAQ be posted to?

    This FAQ will be posted to the following newsgroups:
    The first three newsgroups often contain discussions, announcements,
    or information on the 68hc11.  Check them out from time to time.  By
    posting to the *.answers newsgroups, the FAQ will automatically be
    archived.  The archive name of this FAQ (also included in the header)
    is: microcontroller-faq/68hc11.

    The schedule for posting will be once a month.  I can't promise that
    it will be on time, but I hope to post it on the 26th of each month.

    You might also want to check out the following newsgroups, since they
    occasionally have items of interest for you 68hc11 users.

    A bit farther afield, but still of possible interest:


1.4)  May I post this FAQ to my local BBS?

    I am putting no restrictions on the use of this FAQ except - It must
    be distributed in its entirety with the copyright notice, and no
    financial gain may be realized from it.  After all, I have spent, and
    continue to spend, a lot of time on this, and the only thing that I
    intend to gain from it is more information on the 68hc11, and getting
    to know my fellow 68hc11 groupies better.

    For this reason I have appended a copyright statement to the end of
    this FAQ.  I feel pretty silly doing this, but I just want to protect
    myself.  The copyright does not limit the use of this list for
    noncommercial purposes.  I hereby give my permission to one and all
    to pass this list around and post it wherever you want - as long as
    it is not for financial gain.

        Thank you.

1.5)  How about FAQs on other microcontrollers?

    If anyone wishes to start a FAQ on another microcontroller, please
    feel free to copy the format of this FAQ - I don't intend on
    copyrighting the look and feel ;-).  With a common format, we will
    all benefit when trying to find information on a particular

    If anyone has any comments on the format itself, I'm open for

    Other Microcontroller FAQs

      Subject:  PIC microcontrollers
      Newsgroups:  comp.realtime
      Archive: :  <plus all mirror sites>
      Maintainer:  Tom Kellett

      Subject:  8051 microcontrollers
      Archive: :  <plus all mirror sites>
      Maintainer:  Russ Hersch

      Subject:  Microcontroller primer and FAQ
      Archive: :  <plus all mirror sites>
      Maintainer:  Russ Hersch

    Additional FAQs of interest

      Subject:  Robotics
      Newsgroups:  comp.robotics
      Maintainer:  Kevin Dowling
                   Smail:  Carnegie Mellon University
                           The Robotics Institute
                           Pittsburgh, PA  15213

      Subject:  Electronics
      Newsgroups:  sci.electronics
      Comments:  There are a number of FAQs available in this newsgroup
                 on various subjects.  Among some of the subjects covered
                 are:  LCDs, stepper motors, etc.

      Subject:  Real-time
      Newsgroups:  comp.realtime, comp.answers, news.answers
      Archive: : pub/usenet/comp.realtime
      Maintainer:  Mark Linimon
                       Lonesome Dove Computing Services
                       Roanoke, Virginia

      Subject:  Motorola 68K microprocessor line
      Newsgroups:  comp.sys.m68k
      Archive: : pub/motorola/general
       : /pub/misc/motorola/faq
                file name of archive is m68kfaq?.zip (? is version)
      Maintainer:  Robert Boys - Ontario, Canada

    Two useful articles are also available.  One article provides a
    tabular cross reference of features and pin counts.  The second
    article provides pinout diagrams of many of the Motorola line of 8
    bit microcontrollers.  Both lists were compiled and are being
    maintained by Roger Nelson <>.

    For more information on various microcontrollers and their features,
    refer to the Microcontroller primer and FAQ listed above.

2)  ABOUT THE 68hc11

2.1)  The 68hc11 microcontroller


    The 68hc11 is a powerful 8-bit data, 16-bit address microcontroller
    from Motorola with an instruction set that is similar to the older
    68xx (6801, 6805, 6809) parts.  Depending on the variety, the 68hc11
    has built-in EEPROM/OTPROM, RAM, digital I/O, timers, A/D converter,
    PWM generator, and synchronous and ansynchronous communications
    channels (RS232 and SPI).  Typical current draw is less than 10ma.


    CPU has two 8 bit accumulators (A & B) that can be concatenated to
    provide a 16 bit double accumulator (D).  Two 16 bit index registers
    are present (X,Y) to provide indexing to anywhere in the memory map.
    Having the two index registers means the 68hc11 is very good for
    processing data.  Although an eight bit processor, the 68hc11 has
    some 16 bit instructions (add, subtract, 16 * 16 divide, 8 * 8
    mulitply, shift, and rotates).  A 16 bit stack pointer is also
    present, and instructions are provided for stack manipulation.
    Typically multiplexed address and data bus.

    Onboard subsystems

    Timer -  Main timer system comprises of a single 16 bit counter
    clocked at the E clock (2,3,or 4 Mhz - there is a programmable
    prescaler to slow it down if required). From this single counter run
    a number of input capture and output compare registers (3-4  IC, 5 -
    4 OC). The IC and OC functions are very versatile, and pulses as
    short as 1 E clock can be generated.

    A-D Convertor - Typically 8 channel 8 bit A/D, although the G5 has a
    10 bit A/D.

    Serial Communications Interface (SCI) - Asynchronous serial
    communications; Data format - 1 Start, 8 or 9 data, and one stop bit.
    Data rate - 150 - 312500 Baud (312500 is using 4 mhz E clock)

    Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) - Synchronous serial
    communications, comprises CLK, DATA IN, DATA OUT and optionally chip
    selects.  As well as using specific SPI devices, it is very easy to
    expand IO using the SPI and standard logic devices (e.g. 74HC595 and

2.2)  68hc11 flavors

    The following are Motorola flavors:

    HC11 A Series
       8K ROM (A8), ROMless (A0,A1), 256 RAM, 512 EEPROM (A1,A8), SPI,
       SCI, 3 IC 5 OC, 8 channel 8 bit A/D

    HC11 C0
       Nice new device developed together with AT&T.  ROMless, on board
       bank switching to support memory maps of up to 256K.  Totally
       glueless interface - Chip selects on board, Read Enable and
       Write Enable signals now generated on chip.  256 RAM, 8 channel 8
       bit A/D - Good pricing

    HC11 D Series
       Smallest and lowest cost member of the hc11 Family.  ROMless (D0),
       4K ROM (D3), 4K EPROM (711D3) - No A-D or EEPROM.  Still has
       standard timers and serial ports

    HC11 E Series
       Same as A series execpt 512 bytes RAM and 512 EEPROM (2048 for
       E2).  Pin compatible, only difference is one timer pin (PA4) can
       now be used for IC or OC instect of just OC.  Also have EPROM
       devices and larger memory - hc711e9 (12K OTP), hc711e20 (20K

    HC11 F series
       ROMless, non multiplexed address/data bus with 4 chip selects
       built in.  1K RAM, 512 bytes EEPROM - otherwise same peripherals
       as E series

    HC11 G Series
       16K ROM/EPROM, Non mulitplexed address/data bus, 512 RAM, 4
       channel PWM, 10 Bit A/D convertor, 2 separate 16 bit timers

    HC11 K4
       24K ROM/EPROM, 1Mb addressing using on chip memory mapping.  Non
       multiplexed address and data  bus. 4 programmable chip selects, 8
       channel 8 bit A/D.  4 channel PWM, 768 bytes RAM

    Toshiba second-sources the 68hc11, and they list the following
    variants: A0/A1/A8 and E0/E1/E9.

    For a nice breakdown of the 68hc11 line, check out the file
    taxonomy.txt at : /pub/miniboard/hobby-tips.
    The file contains a table detailing all of the possible combinations
    that the 68hc11 is supplied in.

2.3)  Sources and prices

    Sources??  Prices??  Hell - you can't even find the suckers!  For
    those of you who remember the old Chicken Man series on radio, "He's
    everywhere! He's everywhere!" - the 68hc11 is not Chicken Man.  The
    68hc11 - "It's nowhere, it's nowhere!"  I remember one episode in
    which our hero was fighting against an evil plot to steal all of the
    refrigerator light bulbs in the world.  Well, maybe the same thing
    happened with the 68hc11 - they just can't be found.

    Maybe it's just a clever scam.  The 68hc11 really doesn't exist.
    Instead, Motorola cobbled together a microprocessor using an Intel
    8051 running an emulation of the 68hc11 instruction set (Intel

    Ruud Schramp found some in the Netherlands (sounds like an
    appropriate place to find them).  The breakdown is as follows
    (1 US dollar =+- Dfl 1.70):
       Main Importer of Holland   Dfl 15.-- (quantity >100)
       Main Importer of Holland   Dfl 19.-- (if you buy 1 and if they
                                             want to sell 1)
       Distributor                Dfl 25.-- (also no single sales)
       Shop (Display Electronica) Dfl 35.-- (quantity 1)

    Also, the 68hc11 can be found at the following places:

    Active Electronics

       Some prices from catalog #914:

          68HC11A1FN      13.90
          68HC11A0FN      13.40
          68HC11A1P       18.75
          68HC11A0P       16.40
          68HC11E1FN      17.90
          68HC11F1FN      29.85
          68HC24          18.00 port replacement
          68HCP11A1FN     14.90
          68HCP11A0P      17.90
          68HCP11A1P      20.90
          68HC711D3S      26.90 (OTP)
          68HC711E9FNX    37.50 (OTP)
          68HC711E9FS     44.90 (OTP)
          68HC811E2FN     28.40

          They also sell evaluation boards

    JDR Microdevices
       1850 South 10th Street
       San Jose, CA 95112-4108 USA
       Sales: (800) 538-5000 or (408) 494-1400
       Fax Orders: (800) 538-5005
       Tech Support: (800) 538-5002
       BBS: 408-494-1430

       They list the 68HC11A1P (48 pin DIP version) at $11.95 in their
       1994 electronic component catalog (#37).  They have lots of other
       good stuff in the catalog.  No minimum order.

    Newark Electronics
       Branches throughout the USA, several in Canada, one in U.K.
       One branch at:
       20700 Hubbell Avenue
       Oak Park, MI 48237-0630
       Sales: (313) 967-0600
       Fax: (313) 967-0957

       Catalog number 112 indicates that the carry Motorola micros
       (including the HC11 family.  These guys are big distributors, so
       they can probably get any part in the HC11 family, but they
       probably won't be cheap.

       Prices shown in their 1992 catalog are:

       MC68HC11E0FN (PLCC version) lists at $21.26
       MC68HC11E1FN (PLCC version) lists at $22.36

    B.G. Micro
       P.O.B. 280298
       Dallas, TX  75228

       They usually have a couple varieties at good prices.

2.4)  Advantages realized in implementing control applications on this
      family of microcontrollers

    Traditional architecture - a more traditional architecture than other
    competing products (such as the 8051 and PIC) makes it easier to
    learn and develop on (especially well-suited for teaching

    More features - a 68hc11 is typically a "one-chip" solution since it
    often includes such items as A/D, PWM, and many I/O lines

    Popular - widely used since it is very inexpensive and has a wide
    range of development tools available (both freeware and commercial)


3.1)  FTP sites

    The following is a list of the various anonymous ftp sites that have
    68hc11 source code and programming languages.  There are many others
    that  are not listed here that contains bits and pieces.  Usually you
    can find them using Archie and searching for "68hc11", "6811", or
    "hc11". (Motorola)
        - the ftp site version of the freeware BBS
        - lots of free software for the HC05, HC08, HC11, HC16, 680x0,
          683xx, and PowerPC (preferred address)
        - Circuit Cookbook
        - HUGE archive of all sorts of stuff on the 68hc11 (lots of other
          good stuff too!)
        - you'll have fun mucking around this ftp site, there's piles of
          stuff here
        /pub/motorola/mcu11 (
        - HUMUNGOUS archive of all sorts of stuff on the 68hc11 including
          the 6.270 robotics project, Mini Board, F1 board, and more
          (lots of other good stuff too!)
        - you'll lose yourself rooting around this ftp site, there's
          heaps of stuff here (assemblers, tools, C compilers, plans and
          schematics, and many other items)
        /pub/projects - tools, docs, schematics, etc. for the MIT 6.270
          robotics project using a 68hc11-based development system
        /pub/6811 - software, schematics, etc. for the 68hc11-based F1
        /pub/incoming - various unsorted or new items
        /pub/miniboard - software, docs, schematics, etc. for the 3"x2",
          68hc11-based Mini Board controller (
        - this is a good one, too
        other subdirectories in /pub/microprocs include:
          1802, 6805, 8048, 8051, 8096 and many other microprocessors
        - files provided by local Motorola representative
        other subdirectories include: ibm, dsp96k, dsp56100, dsp56k,
        dsptools, develop, mac, mcu302, mcu332, mcu11, pgmr, mcu16, mcu,
        market, qa, general, m68k, evm, dsp (a little bit of something
        for everyone)
        /pub/hc11/Mcintosh.Evb.Disk - Macintosh software for EVB
        /pub/hc11/beacon - navigation project for mc68hc811e2-based
        /pub/imagecft - version 0.50 (prerelease) of ImageCraft C - Email (not ftp)
        - send Email to get information file on services available
        - all Circuit Cellar INK and BYTE related files available
        /pub/misc/motorola - lots of stuff
        /pub/non-lexical/6811 - AS11 assembler and other misc files
        - ftp site for the 68HC11 workgroup
        - Scrumpel monitor (SCRUMPEL.ZIP), a nice monitor with
          simple breakpoint features, lots of memory accessing
        - Buggy101.ARJ, a program for their robot project
        - soon to come Disk Operating System
        - documentation on the Scrumpel 6g microcrontroller system - FORTH archive

3.2)  Web pages (WWW page)
        - Semiconductor WWW page
        - on-line searchable Master Selection Guide and OEM Price Book
        - 'MFax' service to request all kinds of data sheets
        - a bunch of other cool stuff (WWW page)
        - Motorola's microcontroller WWW page
        - the WWW version of the freeware BBS
        - lots of free software for the HC05, HC08, HC11, HC16, 680x0,
          683xx, and PowerPC
        - Orion Instruments web page
        - information on the Orion product line
        - my microcontroller FAQs on-line here
        - Scrumpel web page
        - New Micro web page
        - Technological Arts web page
        - Bob Gunn's web page of hc11 prices, etc

3.3)  Mailing Lists

    Mini Board and 6.270 board
        - To subscribe, send the message "subscribe robot-board" to
  To get a daily digest of the
          list, one can subscribe to "robot-board-digest" using the
          same procedure.
        - The mailing list address is
        - The list maintainer is now Ken Hornstein

    68hc11 mailing list
        - for information, send empty message to
        - to join, send the message "subscribe mc68hc11 your_real_name"

    Imagecraft C
        - to join, send the message "subscribe icc11-list" to

3.4)  BBSs

    The following BBSs have 68hc11 information:

    Austin Texas Motorola BBS
        - terrific, has piles of stuff, only some of which is on

        - (512) 891-3733 (Austin, Texas)
        - V.32 9600 Baud modems w/ MNP-5
        - 8 Data Bits, No Parity, 1 Stop Bit.

    Other Motorola BBSs:
        - Munich, Germany:  49-89-92103-111
        - Stuttgart, Germany:  49-7031-275496   (19200 baud)
        - San Diego, California:  (619) 279-3907
        - Toronto, Canada (no longer in operation)

    Circuit Cellar, Inc.
        - contains code from their magazine articles and from the
          original Circuit Cellar articles in Byte magazine, also
          contains many other interesting items
        - The BBS is mentioned in the masthead of each issue (on the
          table of contents page).  Excerpts from the BBS appear in Ken
          Davidson's ConnecTime column in every issue with a description
          of how to access the system at the end of every column.
        - (203)871-1988
        - Voice: (203)875-2751
        - Fax: (203)872-2204

    Dunfield Development Systems
        - support for their Micro-C and development tools
        - lots of goodies with some items contributed from BBS users
        - (613)256-6289 (new phone number)
        - v32/v42/HST

    Electronics Now
        - contains code from their magazine articles
        - (516)293-2283
        - 1200/2400
        - 8 Data Bits, No parity, 1 Stop bit

    Elektronik Laden Mikrocomputer GmbH
        - product descriptions and sample code
        - +49-05232/85112, 14.4k 8n1

    Jens Holm's electronics BBS:
        - one of a number of BBSs that are networked over most of the
          industrial part of Europe
        - +45-86-510356 (Denmark)
        - distributes all shareware and freeware software which
          relates to electronics
        - system administrator - Jens Holm

    Maus BBS
        - contains most of the files of Motorola's Munich Mailbox but
          much faster baud rate
        - Boeblingen, Germany (near Stuttgart)
        - 49-7031-275496.

    New Micros
        - support for their line of development systems
        - (214)339-2321

        - support for their line of simulators and assemblers
        - (804)873-4838

    Scrumpel BBS
        - Forth and 68hc11 software
        - also new implementations of eForth and FIG Forth, as well as a
          new Forth implementation
        - +31-40-2527266

3.5)  Help available!

    This is a new feature in the FAQ.  To be listed here are individuals
    who have expressed interest in helping others with hardware and
    software problems for 68hc11 systems.  Thanks to Nick Brok who
    volunteered to be the first on the list.

    Does any one else out there think that they can help?  Just let me
    know what your areas of specialization are and I'll add your name to
    the list.  Thanks!

    Nick Brok <>
       Operating systems, Forth, hardware

    Martin A. Smith <>
       Assembly language, sensor interfacing, hardware and system design,
       embedded control systems, and instrumentation

4)  68hc11 PRODUCTS

    This section includes descriptions and references to free and
    commercial software for the 68hc11.  FTP sites and BBSs contain many
    quality packages and code samples for free.  For heavy duty use, you
    might prefer the many commercial packages that are available.  Some
    very high quality, low-priced packages are available which are
    suitable for both the hobbyist and professional on a limited budget.
    With the public domain (or free) stuff, you're usually on your own.
    The commercial packages usually provide extensive documentation and

4.1)  Free languages and development tools

    The following is a list of the languages and development tools that I
    could find on the net.  Nearly all of them include source code,
    however not all are public domain.


      Program: A11.ZIP
      Description: PseudoSam 68hc11 Cross Assembler
      Location: : /pub/microprocs/6811

      Program: CUG292WK.ZIP
      Description:  C source for a cross assembler, includes 68hc11
      Author:  Alan R. Baldwin
      Location: : /pub/msdos/crossasm
        : /pub/msdos/systools
                 many other locations (use Archie to find)

      Program: asxxx-v1.51-beta.tar.gz
      Description:  This is an updated version of the ASXXXX
                    cross-assembler package written by Alan R. Baldwin of
                    Kent State University.  This version includes the
                    following changes:
                      - Port to Unix and Unix-like OS's
                      - Support for ar(5) style libraries in the linker
                      - Improved code area management
      Comments:  This is the assembler back-end currently used by the
                 Coactive Aesthics gcc port; a majority of these changes
                 were made to better support the gcc port.  The current
                 distribution is a drop-in upgrade for the version
                 currently used in the Coactive gcc port.
      Author:  Alan R. Baldwin
               With changes by Ken Hornstein
      Location: : /pub/kenh/asxxxx-v1.51-beta.tar.gz

      Program: Frankenstein
      Description:  C source for a cross assembler, includes 68hc11
      Author:  Mark Zenier
      Location: : /pub/msdos/frankasm/FRANKASM.ZOO
        : /pub/netnews/alt.sources/volume90/dec
        : /pub1/unix/languages/frankenstein.tar.Z
                 many other locations (use Archie to find)

      Program:  as11
      Description:  Portable cross assembler (source in C), other
                    processors available
      Author:  William C. Colley, III
      Location: : /misc/ns32k/beowulf/a2-6811

      Program:  MOTOASM
      Description:  68HC11/68HC05 assembler for Acorn RiscPC or 300x/400x
                    Includes:  C-like preprocessor, editor throwback,
                    drag & drop multitasking assembly, command-line
                    assembly option
      Author:  based on the Motorola freeware assemblers
               ported and improved by Maurizio Ferrari
      Location: : micros/arch/riscos/b/b044

      Program:  TASM
      Description:  Table driven cross-assembler for DOS, supports
                    many different microcontrollers and microprocessors
      Author:  Speech Technology Inc.
      Location:  various different places

      Program:  DASM
      Description:  Dasm is a rich macro assembler for the 6502, 68705,
                    6803/HD6303 and the 68HC11.
      Author:  Written by Matt Dillon for the Amiga
               Ported to MSDOS and Linux by Jay Carlson
      Comments:  Author says that for now this software should be
                 considered beta.  Although he also says that he's been
                 using it to great success for 3 years, including using
                 it to rebuild two major commercial products without
      Location: : /pub/Linux/apps/dasm.tar.z <Linux port>
                 Author has lost the DOS port, but claims it was fairly
                 trivial.  Mostly changing "r" to "rb" in fopen()s.

      Program:  modified Motorola freeware 6811/68xx assemblers
      Description: Motorola freeware assemblers which have been
                   modified.  Includes several improvements, bug fixes,
                   and support for intel Hex format.  The assemblers run
                   under SunOS, Solaris, and Linux.
      Comment:  The code originally worked with DOS and could be easily
      Author:  Forrest Cook

      Program:  68hc11 assembler/editor
      Description:  Integrated 68hc11 editor/assembler for the Macintosh
      Author:  Mark Congilio


      Program:  Basic11 and Bas11
      Description:  Basic interpreter for the 68hc11
      Location: : /pub/motorola/mcu11


      Program:  forth11.arc
      Description:  FIG-Forth for the 68hc11
      Author:  based on the original 6800 FIG-Forth
               ported by Brian McClellan
      Location: : /pub/motorola/

      Program:  Tiny4th
      Description:  MS-DOS 6811 FORTH system
      Author:  Karl Lunt
      Location: : /pub/6811/tiny4th

      Program:  68hc11 eForth
      Description:  Public Domain optimized eForth for 8051 and 68HC11,
                    written in native UCASM assemblers.
      Comments:  Most of the documentation is in German.  Supplied with
                 EFTERM terminal emulator.
      Author:  W. Schemmer
      Location:  Available for $25 from:
                 Offete Enterprises, 1306 South B Street
                 San Mateo CA 94402

      Description:  C to MCX11 interface library that allows C programs
                    compiled with Image Craft's v0.43 C compiler, ICC11,
                    to make MCX11 service calls.  Without this, MCX11
                    applications would have to be written in 68hc11
                    assembly language.  The SCI driver extension provides
                    buffered, interrupt driven, serial I/O on the
                    68hc11's SCI serial port.  It runs in conjunction
                    with MCX11.
      Author:  Brian Dombrowski

    Development systems

      Program:  SIM68.EXE
      Description:  A simulator for MS-DOS machines for the 6811 family
                       of microcontrollers (MS-DOS)
                    Includes:  breakpoints, watchpoints, source tracing,
                       register viewing and modification, data viewing
                       and modification, supports all 6811 interrupts.
                    Registered copy costs $25US
      Author: Perry J Fisch,
      Location:  A shareware version (v2.21j) is available on many BBSs
                 as well as on many of the FTP sites.  It is also
                 available on the Motorola BBSs in Austin and Toronto.

      Program:  68hc11 simulator
      Description:  An opcode simulator for the 68HC11 processor.
                    Ported to Unix and MS-DOS.
      Author:  Ted Dunning <>
      Location: : /pub/non-lexical/6811/sim6811.shar

      Program:  MCX11
      Description:  Real-time kernel for the 68hc11
      Author:  Tom Barrett (Embedded System Products)
      Location: : /pub/mcu11/mcx11v15.arc

      Product:  ADev11
      Description:  Development system for Amiga computers.
                    Includes:  C compiler, assembler, linker, downloader,
                    disassembler, simulator, and other tools
      Author: Stan Burton <>
                 any ftp site on the Amiga archive net

      Description: Integrated 68hc11 editor/assembler for MAC
      Author: Mark Congilio

4.2)  Free C compilers

    One of the big advantages of choosing the 68hc11 for your next
    project (especially you hobbyists on a low budget) is the
    availability of freeware and low cost C compilers.

      Program: smallc11
      Description:  Small-C ported to the 68hc11
                    (includes source code for Turbo C)
      Author:  James E. Hendrix
               Ported to 68hc11 by John Dumas
               Improved and Converted to Turbo C by Hellmuth Michaelis
      Comments:  may be buggy depending on the version
      Location: : /pub/motorola/68hc11/

      Program: ImageCraft C Compiler (icc11)
      Description:  version 0.50 (prerelease, but complete) of a C
                    compiler for the 68hc11
      Author:  ImageCraft
      Comments:  this seems like a pretty nice package, a commercial
                 version (v 1.0) has just been released for $40
      Location: : /pub/motorola/
        : /pub/6811
        : /pub/imagecft (version 0.50)

      Program: interactive-c
      Description:  C compiler for use with the 6.270 robotics project
      Author:  Randy Sargent -
      Location: : /pub/6270/interactive-c

      Product:  ADev11
      Description:  Development system for Amiga computers.
                    Includes:  C compiler, assembler, linker, downloader,
                    disassembler, simulator, and other tools
      Author: Stan Burton <>

      Program: gcc11
      Description:  beta version of the GNU C compiler for the 68hc11
      Author:  Free Software Foundation
               Ported to 68hc11 by Coactive Aesthetics, Inc.
      Location: : /pub/motorola/68hc11/gcc
        : /pub/miniboard/gcc

    A freeware version of the Hi-Tech C compiler is available for
    evaluation and tinkering.  This compiler produces crippled assembler
    output only and does not include libraries.  A method was developed
    and uploaded to make the compiler output usable.
      Program: Hi-Tech C
      Description:  demonstration version of the Hi-Tech C compiler
      Author:  Hi-Tech Software
               fixup stuff has no identification
      Location: : /hitech - the compiler itself
                    /pub/miniboard/incoming/CheapSkateC - fixup stuff

    I've been playing with the Dunfield Development System lately (on the
    8051), and it's really quite nice.  I've also heard many good things
    about it from others.  It includes a near ANSI-C compiler, run-time
    library with source, assembler, ROM debugger, integrated development
    environment, monitor with source, utilities, and other extras.
    Although not freeware, the low price ($100), the features, all of the
    extra goodies, and the good reviews make this a package worth looking
    at.  Also, if you're interested in working on more than one family of
    microcontroller, Dunfield supports a wide range.  This means only
    needing to learn one system, instead of many.

    Another decent C compiler comes from ImageCraft.  Version 3 is now
    shipping. It includes a near ANSI C compiler, a Windows IDE with
    integrated editor, terminal program, and the ability to operate
    compiler tools and options.  A make utility and library source are
    included along with the field proven compiler tools. Price $100. For
    more info, check out the Webpage or Email

4.3)  Plans (and boards) for 68hc11-based controllers

      Board: F1 controller system
      Description:  68hc11f1-based microcontroller
      Designer:  Peter Dunster <>
      Location: : /pub/6811/F1-board

      Board: MIT 6.270 robotics board
      Description:  68hc11-based robotics microcontroller
      Designer:  Fred Martin and Randy Sargent of MIT
      Location: : /pub/6270

      Board: Mini Board
      Description:  small inexpensive 68hc11-based microcontroller system
                    for robotic applications
      Designer:  Offshoot of the MIT 6.270 project
      Location: : /pub/miniboard
      Suppliers:  MIT Epistemology and Learning
                    Epistemology and Learning Publications
                    MIT Media Laboratory
                    20 Ames Street E15-301
                    Cambridge MA  02139
                  Gregory Ratcliff (
                    1763 Hess Boulevard, Columbus, Ohio  43212
                    (614) 487-0694 (late evenings EST)
                  Mark Reeves (
                    1117 Braemar Court, Cary, NC  27511
                    FAX/voice (919)481-3170
                  Douglas Electronics, Inc.
                    2777 Alvarado Street, San Leandro, CA  94577
                    (510)483-8770    Fax: (510)483-6453

4.4)  Commercially available products

    Many firms (large and small) offer a variety of 68hc11 programming
    languages, support packages, and development systems.  No endorsement
    is implied by inclusion in this list.  I have made an attempt to
    include as many companies as possible.  I apologize to those I left
    out;  It's only because I didn't know about you.  If you want to be
    included in this list, just drop me a line - please.  Any corrections

    C compilers
        - Archimedes Software
        - Avocet Systems (repackaging of the Hi-Tech Software C compiler)
        - Cosmic
             reportedly based on Whitesmith's compiler
        - Dunfield Development Systems
             C cross compiler for MS-DOS, near ANSI C
             includes: assembler, library source code, ROM debugger,
                integrated development system, utilities, lots of
                other goodies
             extensive documentation
             low price:  $100
             good reputation and good support
        - Fabius Software Systems
             includes: ANSI-C cross compiler, relocatable macro assembler
                linker, locater, librarian, and runtime library
                (including full math and IEEE floating point support)
             the complete package which includes a MS-DOS command-line
                version and a WINDOWS GUI version costs: US $395.00
                (Germany: DM995.00)
             demo version available
        - Hi-Tech Software
             $500 USD, $350 for students
             high compliance to ANSI C
             available for MS-DOS and soon for SUN
        - IAR Systems
             IAR tool kit comes with a C-Cross compiler, assembler,
                Xlink linker, Xlib librarian, C-SPY simulator, editor,
                make utility and a real-time kernel
             formerly licensed for distribution in the US and Canada
                under the Archimedes brand name
        - ImageCraft
             C cross compiler for MS-DOS and OS/2, near ANSI C
             low price:  $39.95
             includes: assembler, linker, and librarian
             standard C header files and library functions
             90 page manual
             both 16 bit and 32 bit executables
             MIT Interactive C compatible multitasking kernel library
             Miniboard library
        - Intermetrics Microsystems Software, Inc.
             Whitesmith's compiler
             comes with assembler and C source level debugger
        - Introl Corporation
             (non-commercial license available for only $150)

    Board level products
        - Ackerman Computer Sciences (ACS)
        - AM Research
             complete FORTH based system with PC based host system
        - Beall & Glenn Enterprises (68HC11 Quick Setup Board)
             about 4x5 inches with a 68hc11E1, 32K byte external EEPROM,
                BUFFALO monitor in the EEPROM, RS232 driver, and SIP
                headers for running the address and data lines to your
                custom proto board
             easy to set up for debug or downloading to the 32K EEPROM
             comes with two diskettes with tons of cross development
                software that runs on an IBM PC
             minimal documentation, no schematic, 512 byte RAM limit
             $45 for an assembled and tested board
        - Black Feather Electronics (U-HC11 Board)
             a very versatile board, was designed to be the starting
                block for many creative projects from hobbyist to
                commercial applications (the "U" stands for "Universal")
             the heart of the U-HC11 board is the 68HC11A1
             features: a socket for a 64 or 256 bit E/EPROM, RS-232
                converter chip, 555 timer for reset, a HCT574 output
                latch, HCT245 for extra I/O beyond that of the
                hc11, and a large (about 3 square inches) prototyping
                area is included
             the expansion board has sockets to hold a EPROM, RAM and
                EEPROM, it also has a custom chip that allows the bank
                switching of these chips, the expansion board also has a
                small prototyping area
             both boards are 2.5" X 4" and have mounting holes for
                4-40 screws at each corner
        - CGN
             a "module" which is the 68HC11 CPU, address latch, and
                 RS-232 interface on a board that has wirewrap pins
                 coming out of the bottom of it (you take the board,
                 plug it through a piece of perf board, and wirewrap
                 memory, I/O, etc)
        - Coactive Aesthetics, Inc.
                  Powerful networked microcontroller based on the
                  68hc11f1.  Software includes ImageCraft's ICC,
                  monitor/debugger, libraries, etc. Networking
                  software also available.
        - Elektronik Laden Mikrocomputer GmbH
             MOPS 11 Development kit which includes a board with
             32k EPROM/RAM, 32k RAM, 68hc24, RTC, MAX232, serial LCD,
             expansion connector, assembler, Basic, Pascal and a
             monitor with a tracing option.  For a PC or Atari ST host.
        - GIBB
             LEMPS (Learning MicroProcessor System)
             300 Swiss Francs
             Includes: LEMPS (+serial Wire), PC software, printed and
                 on-line documentation, assembler
             technical information: 68hc11g5 processor 4/8MHz, 64KB
                 address space (48KB used by the System ports) 32K RAM,
                 16KB ROM (12KB used by monitor), 24 general purpose I/O
                 ports, 4 PWM, 2 event counters, 8 input ports -> 8 A/D
                 converters, RS232, SPI
        - J & M Microtek, Inc.
             about 4.5x5.25 inche, 68hc11a1 based board with 32K ROM
                and 32K RAM, SPI, 8255A, 2 26 pin headers for expansion
             Software package available with assembler, monitor,
        - LDG Electronics
        - Midwest Micro-Tek
        - Mosaic Industries
             QED Board
                - surface mount board based on the MC68HC11F1CFN4 (16MHz)
                - built-in Forth true multi-tasking PROM
                - 8 Mbyte address space
                - 60 I/O lines
                - interface for LCD and keypad
                - built in math functions for FFT, matrix manipulation,
                  and floating point
                - 2 RS-232 UARTS, one can perform RS-485
                - built-in debugger
                - C programmable, using Control C
                - Graphics display support
                - Touchscreen support
                - 4 high current drivers on-board (MOSFET up to 150 mA)
                - Up to 512K of memory on board
                - supplements the 68hc11 A/D and D/A with an 8 channel 12
                  bit A/D and an 8 channel 8 bit DAC all on board
        - Motorola
             M68HC11EVBU - Basic Evaluation board comprising HC711E9
                programmed with a monitor program, running in single chip
                mode.  Can run programs of up to 1/2 K in internal RAM.
                Serial interface to PC. Patch area on PCB for adding
                other hardware.  Comes with AS11 freeware assembler.
                HC11E Series
             M68HC11EVB - Provides a single chip emulation capability.
                Monitor program runs in top 8K of memory map, 8 or 16K
                RAM is available for user program / data. Comes with AS11
                freeware assembler. HC11A or E series devices
             M68HC11EVM - Full incircuit emulation for both single chip
                and expanded modes. Supports HC11 A, E and D series
                devices.  Comes with P&E's front end software which
                provides symbolic debug in assembler (EVM11) and
                integrated assembler / editor ( IASM11)  Note :-
                assembler is not linkable
             M68HC11EVS - System comprises of a platform board and a
                target board. Target boards are available for C0, F1, G5,
                K4, L6 devices.  Functionally the same as the EVM and
                comes with the same software tools.
        - New Micros, Inc.
             F68hc11 based microcontroller board with built-in Max-Forth,
                1 async serial port and 1 sync serial port, 8 channel 8
                bit A/D, 512 EEPROM, 8K RAM
        - Technological Arts
             $74.95US Starter Package includes ADAPT-11 module, which
                plugs vertically into solderless breadboard, 68HC811E2FN
                micro, PC serial cable, manual, & software.
             PLCC-to-solderless breadboard adapters for all popular
                PLCC sizes, which makes it possible to plug any HC11
                series chip into a solderless breadboard.
        - Wheatstone MicroSystems, Inc.
        - Zorin (BOTBoards & Components)
             Full kit comes complete with PC software, BUFFALO monitor
             and full documentation, RS-232 interface, and servo motor.
             All I/O pins come out on pin headers. Includes 1"x2" proto
             area.  Other kits available.

        - 2500 A.D.
        - Archimedes Software
        - Dunfield Development Systems
        - Emulation Technology, Inc.
        - Micro Dialects, Inc.
             Integrated development environment including assembler,
             editor, and terminal emulator for the Macintosh (supports
             many, many different chips)
        - Motorola
             MCUasm is an assembly language development tool that
               supports the Motorola M68HC05, M68HC11, M68HC16, and
               M68300 families of microcontrollers.
             To order or for more information contact the authorized
               distributor, Hamilton Hallmark, at 1-800-424-2668.
        - Nohau Corporation
        - PseudoCorp
        - Speech Technology Inc.
             TASM (table driven cross assembler supports many different
             microcontrollers and microprocessors)
        - The Engineers Collaborative, Inc. (TECI)

        - Forth, Inc.

        - 2500 A.D.
        - Avocet Systems
        - J & M Microtek
             Univeral simulator/debugger simulates a wide range of
                microprocessors on IBM PC compatibles, with support for
                on-board debugger
        - PseudoCorp

        - American Automation
        - Emulation Technology, Inc.
             OpenEmulator in-circuit emulators adaptable for over a
                hundred microcontrollers/microprocessors
        - Hitex
        - MetaLink
        - MicroTek International, Inc.
        - Motorola
             MMDS11 - Motorola's new modular development system.  Full
                incircuit emulation, historical trace buffer, hardware
                triggers.  16 general purpose logic clips.  A full system
                comprises MMDS11 station module, target module (same
                boards as used by EVS) and a target cable.
        - Nohau Corporation
        - Orion Instruments
        - The Engineers Collaborative, Inc. (TECI)

        - Accelerated Technology, Inc.
             small, scalable, preemptive real-time kernel;  networking
             and file system add-ons available;  modular, using a
        - Byte-BOS Integrated Systems
             small, prioritized, preemptive real-time kernel
        - Embedded System Products (formerly A.T. Barrett and Associates)
             ROMable embedded-system kernel: source provided.  Provides
             programming interface identical on all target platforms.
             Basic, advanced, and extended library packages available.
        - ImageCraft
             REXIS (Real-time EXecutive for Intelligent Systems) is a
             multitasking executive with support for subsumption style
             programming.  It is sold as a library (binaries only) for
             ICC11 (their C compiler) for $40.  It is being used by the
             Canadian Forestry to program their forest tending robots.
        - Intelligent Systems International Inc.
             prioritized, preemptive, real-time kernel;  highly
             distributed design;  offered by several DSP board vendors
             for their products
        - JMI Software Systems, Inc.
             small, prioritized, preemptive real-time kernel
        - U S Software
             SuperTask! -  RTOS

        - Quantasm Corp.
             ASMFLOW - produces flowchart and tree diagrams from source
                code, register usage analysis, Xref, timing info
        - U S Software
             USNET   - TCP/IP Networking Suite
             USFiles - File System
             GOFAST  - Floating Point Library

    2500 A.D.       109 Brookdale Ave., Box 480, Buena Vista, CO  81211

    Accelerated Technology, Inc.
                    P.O. Box 850245,  Mobile, Alabama  36685
                    (205)661-5770   (800)468-6853   Fax: (205)661-5788

    Ackerman Computer Sciences (ACS)
                    4276 Lago Way, Sarasota, FL  34241
                    (813)377-5775   Fax: (813)378-4226

    AM Research     4600 Hidden Oaks Lane, Loomis, CA  95650
                    (800)949-8051   (916)652-7472   Fax: (916)6642
                    BBS: (916)652-7117

    American Automation
                    2651 Dow Avenue, Tustin, CA  92680

    Archimedes Software
                    2159 Union St., San Francisco, CA  94123

    Avocet Systems  120 Union St., Rockport, ME  04856
                    (800)448-8500   (207)236-9055

    Beall and Glenn Enterprises
                    Route 1, Box 243, Lacey's Spring, AL  35754

    Black Feather Electronics
                    645 Temple 7B, Long Beach, California  90814
                    Info & Orders: (800) 526-3717
                    Tech Support: (310) 434-5641
                    Fax: (310)434-9142
                    Email: BFE <>

    Byte-BOS Integrated Systems
                    P.O. Box 3067, Del Mar, CA 92014
                    (800)788-7288   (619)755-8836

    CGN (see-gen)
                    Sunnyvale,  CA

    Coactive Aesthetics, Inc.
                    4000 Bridgeway, Suite 303, Sausalito, CA 94965
                    (415)289-1722   Fax: (415)289-1320

    North America   100 Tower Office Park, Suite C
                    Woburn MA, 01801 USA
                    (617)932-2556   Fax: (617)932-2557
    Europe          33 Rue Le Corbusier, Europarc
                    94035 Creteil Cedex, France
                    (33) 1 43 99 53 90   Fax: (33) 1 43 99 14 83

    Dunfield Development Systems
                    P.O. Box 31044   Nepean, Ontario Canada   K2B 8S8
                    613-256-5820       Fax: 613-256-5821
                    BBS: 613-256-6289
                    Email: General information:
                    Technical inquiries/Support:

    EE Systems      50935 Hill Dr., Elkhart, IN  46514
                    (219)296-1754   Fax: (219)522-4271

    Elektronik Laden Mikrocomputer GmbH
                    W. Mellies Str. 88, D-32758 Detmold
                    +49-05323/8171   Fax: 05232/86197
                    BBS: 05232/85112, 14.4k 8n1

    Embedded System Products (formerly A.T. Barrett and Associates)
                    11501 Chimney Rock, Houston, TX  77035-2900
                    (800)525-4302   (713)728-9688   Fax: (713)728-1049

    Emulation Technology, Inc.
                    2344 Walsh Avenue, Bldg. F, Santa Clara, CA  95051
                    (408)982-0660     Fax: (408)982-0664

    Enertec, Inc.   (215)362-0966

    The Engineers Collaborative, Inc. (TECI)
                    RR #3, Box 8C, Barton, VT  05822
                    (800)336-8321   (802)525-3458   Fax: (802)525-3451

    Fabius Software Systems
                    24000 Alicia Pkwy., Suite 17-353
                    Mission Viejo, CA 92691
                    (800)6-FABIUS  (714) 470-0565   Fax: (714)470-3224
                    Email: 102004,

    Forth, Inc.     (800)55FORTH

                    B. Wamister, Loarianestrasse 1, CH 3000 BERN 7

    Hi-Tech Software
                    PO Box 103, Alderly QLD 4051, Australia
                    (+61-7) 300 5011   Fax: (+61-7) 300 5246

    North America   HiTOOLS Inc., 2055 Gateway Place, Suite 400
                    San Jose, CA 95110
                    (408) 451 3986   Fax: (408) 441 9486
    Germany         Greschbachstr 12, 76229 Karlsruhe
                    0721/9628-0      Fax: 0721/9628-149
    United Kingdom  Sir William Lyons Road, Science Park
                    Coventry CV4 7EX
                    +0203 692066     Fax: +0203 692131

    IAR Systems Software
    North America   One Maritime Plaza, Suite 1770
                    San Fransisco, CA 94111  USA
                    (415)765-5500       Fax: (415)765-5503
    Sweden          IAR Systems AB
                    Box 23051, S-750 23 Uppsala, Sweden
                    +46 18 16 7800      Fax: +46 18 16 7838
    Germany         IAR Systems GmbH
                    Brucknerstrasse 27, D-81677 Munchen, Germany
                    +49 89 470 6022     Fax: +49 89 470 9565
    United Kingdom  IAR Systems Ltd
                    9 Spice Court, Plantation Wharf, York Rd
                    London SWII 3UE, England
                    +44 71 924 3334     Fax: +44 71 924 5341

    ImageCraft      P.O.Box 64226, Sunnyvale, CA 94088-4226
                    (408) 749-0702

    Intelligent Systems International Inc.
                    Lindestraat 9, B-3210 Linden, Begium
                    +32 16 62 15 85   Fax: +32 16 62 15 84

    Intermetrics Microsystems Software, Inc.
                    733 Concord Ave., Cambridge, MA  02138
                    (617)661-0072   Fax: (617)868-2843

    Introl Corporation
                    (414)327-7171   Fax:  (414)327-7734

    J & M Microtek, Inc.
                    83 Seaman Rd., W. Orange, NJ  07052
                    (201)325-1892   Fax: (201)736-4567

    JMI Software Systems, Inc.
                    P.O. Box 481, 904 Sheble Lane, Spring House, PA 19477
                    (215)628-0840   Fax: (215)628-0353

    LDG Electronics
                    1445 Parran Road, St. Leonard, MD  20658

    Lear Com Company
                    2440 Kipling St. Suite 206, Lakewood, CO  80215
                    (303)232-2226   Fax: (303)232-8721

    Logisoft        (408)773-8465

    MetaLink Corporation
    North America   325 E. Elliot Road
                    Chandler, AZ  85255
                    (800)638-2423  or  (602)926-0797
                    Fax:  (602)926-1198
    Europe          MetaLink Europe GmbH
                    Westring 2, 8011<85614>
                    (08091)2046         Fax:  (08091)2386

    Micro Dialects, Inc.
                    P.O. Box 190, Loveland, OH 45140
                    (513)271-9100    FAX: (513)271-4922
                    MCI Mail: 'MICRODIALECTS'
                    AppleLink: 'MDI'

    Microtek International, Inc.
    North America   3300 N.W. 211th Terrace
                    Hillsboro, OR  97124
                    (503)645-7333   Fax:  (503)629-8460
    Europe          Microtek Electronics Europe GmbH
                    Starnberger Strasse 22, 82131 Gauting bei Munchen
                    +49(89)893139-30       Fax:  +49(89)893139-50

    Midwest Micro-Tek
                    2308 East Sixth St., Brooking, SD  57006
                    (605)697-8521   Fax: (605)697-8109

    Mosaic Industries
                    5437 Central Avenue, Suite 1, Newark, CA  94560

    Motorola Literature Distribution
    North America   P.O. Box 20912, Phoenix, Arizona  85036
    Europe          Motorola Ltd.
                    European Literature Center
                    88 Tanners Drive, Blakelands,  Milton Keynes
                    MK14 5BP,  England
    Hong Kong       Motorola Semiconductors H.K. Ltd.
                    Silicon Harbour Center
                    No. 2 Dai King Street, Tai Po Industrial Estate
                    Tai Po, N.T., Hong Kong
    Nippon Motorola Ltd.
                    4-32-1 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141, Japan
    MFAX (Design-NET MFAX document faxing system)
                    Questions about service:  (602)244-6591

    MPE: MicroProcessor Engineering Ltd.
                    133 Hill Lane, Shirley, Southampton SO1 5AF U.K.
                    (+44) 703-631441 fax: (+44) 703-339691
                    Email: <>
                    U.S. dealer: AMICS Enterprises
                    Canadian dealer: Universal Cross-Assemblers

    New Micros, Inc.
                    1601 Chalk Hill Road, Dallas, Texas  75212
                    (214) 339-2204     Fax: (214) 339-1585

    Nohau Corporation
                    51 E. Campbell Ave., Campbell, CA  95008
                    (408)378-2912 (24 hr. information center)
                    Fax: (408)378-7869

    Orion Instruments
                    1376 Borregas Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA  94089
                    (408)747-0440   Fax: (408)747-0688

    P&E Microcomputer Systems, Inc.

    Pentica Systems
                    19A Crosby Dr, Bedford, MA  01730 USA
                    (617)275-4419  Fax: (617)275-6514

    PseudoCorp      716 Thimble Shoals Blvd., Newport News, VA  23606
                    (804)873-1947   Fax: (804)873-2154
                    BBS: (804)873-4838

    Quantasm Corporation
                    19672 Stevens Creek Blvd.
                    Cupertino, CA  95014
                    (800)765-8086   (408)244-6826   Fax: (408)244-7268

    Speech Technology Inc., Software Division
                    837 Front Street South, Issaquah, WA  98027

    Technological Arts
    USA             309 Aragona Bv., #102-418, Virginia Beach, VA  23462
    Canada          1644 Bayview Ave., #1704, Toronto, Canada  M4G 3C2
                    (416) 963-8996

    US Software     14215 N.W. Science Park Drive, Portland, OR  97229
                    (800)356-7097   (503)641-8446   Fax: (503)644-2413
                    Product information available by ftp -
              : pub/ussw

    Wheatstone MicroSystems, Inc.
                    105-14 Elm St., Suite 418, Old Saybrook, CT  06475

    Zorin           PO Box 30547, Seattle, WA 98103-0547
                    (206) 282-5179   Email:


5.1) Periodicals

    Various magazines and journals (journals seems to be THE popular name
    for magazines these days) provide articles from time to time on the
    68hc11 line of microcontrollers:

    The Computer Applications Journal (Circuit Cellar Ink)
        - programming and construction articles
        - POB 7694, Riverton, NJ  08077-8784
        - Fax: (203)872-2204
        - Voice orders: (609) 786-0409
        - On-line orders (BBS): (203) 871-1988
        - Email orders:
        - $21.95, $31.95 surface Canada and Mexico,
          $49.95 air all other countries

    Computer Design
        - industry announcements and trends
        - One Technology Park Drive, P.O. Box 990, Westford, MA  01886
        - (508)692-0700

    The Computer Journal
        - programming and construction articles
        - PO Box 535, Lincoln  96648

    Dr. Dobbs Journal
        - programming articles, concepts, and designs
        - 411 Borel Ave., San Mateo, CA  94402
        - (415)358-9500

    Electronic Engineering Times
        - industry announcements and trends
        - FREE to qualified engineers and managers involved in
          engineering decisions
        - Fulfillment Dept., PO Box 9055, Jericho, NY  11753-8955
        - FAX: (516)733-6960

    Electronics Now
        - construction articles
        - Box 55115, Boulder, CO  80321-5115
        - $19.97 one year

    Elektor Electronics
        - programming and construction articles
        - World Wide Subscription Service Ltd
          Unit 4, Gibbs Reed Farm, Pashley Road
          Ticehurst TN5 7HE, England
        - 27 UK pounds
        - Old Colony Sound Lab, P.O. Box 243, Peterborough, NH 03458
        - Tel. (603) 924-6371, 924-6526
        - Fax: (603) 924-9467
        - $57 USA and Canada per year

    Embedded Systems Programming
        - programming and systems design articles
        - Miller Freeman Publications
        - 500 Howard St., San Francisco, CA  94105
        - (415) 397-1881

    Forth Dimensions
        - monthly magazine on Forth
        - Forth Interest Group, P.O. Box 2154, Oakland, California 94621
        - (510)893-6784   Fax: (510)535-1295
        - Email:
        - Forth Interest Group home page:

    Inquisitor Magazine
        - If you're the type that watched Gilligan's Island for its
          socio-political insights, then you'll love a new 'zine that
          just crossed my desk - Inquisitor Magazine.  It's general
          philosophy seems to be ... well, it seems to be ... uh, yeah!
          Technical in nature, bizarre, tongue in cheek, eclectic,
          electric, did I mention bizarre(?), and lots of fun.  Worth
          looking at if you like the out of the ordinary.  The moving
          force behind this magazine is Daniel Drennan, who seems to have
          suffered from an overdose of radiation from his computer
          monitor ;-).
        - Planetarium Station, P.O.Box 132
          New York, NY  10024-0132
        - (212)595-8370
        - Email:
        - $16 per year (4 issues)

    Microcomputer Journal (formerly Computer Craft)
        - programming and construction articles
        - 76 N. Broadway, Hicksville, NY  11801
        - $29.70 one year

    Midnight Engineering
        - 1700 Washington Ave., Rocky Road, CO  81067
        - (719)254-4553

    MW Media - Product Directories
        - Motorola Microcontroller Tools Directory
          ('94 edition out in 3 weeks)
        - Motorola 68K Source ('94 edition available now)
        - Intel Development Tools Handbook ('95 edition just beginning)
          (survey of commercial development tools for the 8051, 8096,
          and 80186 lines of Intel microprocessors)
        - These documents could very well be a "must" if you're into
          serious development using any of these chips.  If you are
          "just" a hobbyist, see how the "other half" lives.
        - other guides on Intel development tools, Embedded Intel 386,
          Intel 486/Pentium, 8051 products, Hitachi microcontroller
          development tools, AMD FusionE86, AMD 29K; low power products,
          DSP, multimedia CD
        - FREE to qualified developers
        - MW Media
        - Fairmont Plaza, 50 W. San Fernando, #675, San Jose, CA  95113
        - (408)288-4721   (408)286-4200   FAX: (408)288-4728

    Nuts & Volts Magazine
        - A National Publication for the Buying and Selling of
          Electronic Equipment
        - 430 Princeland Court, Corona, CA  91719
        - Mailed third class, USA only:  $17.00 one year
                                         $31.00 two years
        - Mailed first class, one year only:  $34.00-USA
        - Foreign/Air Mail - $70.00;  Foreign/Surface - $39.00
        - (800)783-4624
        - Email:

5.2)  Books

    If you know of any books that cover the 68hc11, or if you can provide
    any details on the books listed here, please send me a note.  Thanks.

    The 68hc11 Microcontroller
        - Joseph D. Greenfield (at R.I.T.)
        - Saunders College Publishing, (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich)
        - 1992
        - ISBN 0-03-051588-2
        - A number of the sections make use of the Buffalo monitor.
          This could be useful if you are using the EVB.

    Data Acquisition & Process Control with the MC68HC11 Microcontroller
        - R.R. Bowker
        - Macmillan Publishing Company, 1993
        - ISBN 0-02-330555-X

    Data Acquisition and Process Control with the M68HC11 Microcontroller
        - Frederick Driscoll, Robert Coughlin, Robert Villanucci of
          Wentworth Institute of Technology.
        - Macmillan Publishing Company, 1994
        - ISBN 0-02-33055-X
        - Several Chapters on the 68HC11, instructions, and EVB;
          chapters on interfacing Analog and Digital signals to the
          68HC11;  example applications of interfaces to temperature,
          load cell, pressure and thermocouple sensors.
        - a good companion to Motorola's "pink" books

    Design with Microcontrollers
        - John B. Peatman (professor at Georgia Tech)
        - ISBN 0-07-049238-7
        - This book is on a more advanced level.  Uses both the 68hc11
          and Intel 8096 as example systems.
        - This textbook is used to teach the author's very popular EE
          class "Design with Microcontrollers"
        - Professor Peatman has been elected Teacher of the Year (by the
          students) and advises the EE seminar.

    Embedded Systems Programming in C and Assembler
        - John Forrest Brown
        - Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1994
        - 304 pages, $49.95
        - ISBN 0-442-01817-7
        - covers Motorola and Intel processors
        - includes diskette with code from the book
        - book review in Dr. Dobb's Journal, November 1994, page 121

    M68hc11 Reference Manual
        - Motorola - literature reference M68HC11RM/AD
        - This document is the "bible" of the 6811 and is a must-have
          for any serious 6811 programmer.  <description provided by
          Fred Martin>
        - contact Motorola at 800-521-6274 (in the U.S.) to get a
          free copy of this manual

    MC68hc811E2 Programming Reference Guide
        - Motorola - literature reference M68HC811E2RG
        - a pocket-sized guide to the version of the 6811 used on the
          Mini Board, "ownership of this handy reference is proof of
          being a true 6811 nerd" - by Fred Martin

    Microcomputer Engineering
        - Gene H. Miller
        - Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ  07632
        - 1993
        - ISBN 0-13-584475-4
        - Explains the basics.  Many clear and concise assembly language
          example programs.
        - Written to be used with the Motorola Trainer (EVB).

    Microcontroller Technology, The 68hc11
        - Peter Spasov
        - Prentice Hall
        - ISBN 0-13-583568-2

    Microcontrollers: Architecture, Implementation, & Programming
        - Kenneth Hintz and Daniel Tabak
        - McGraw-Hill Inc.  1992
        - ISBN 0-07-028977-8
        - Covers a wide variety of  microcontrollers including: TMS1000,
          uPD7500, COP400, 6801, 6805, 68HC11, MCS-51, TMS370, MCS-96,
          68332, 80960CA, LR33000.
        - has some programs in the appendix

    Mobile Robots: Inspiration to Implementation
        - Joseph L. Jones and Anita M. Flynn
        - Very hands-on book. Lots of pictures about stuff the author
          actually built (rather than diagrams of stuff an author just
          theorized about).
        - Focuses on every little detail involved in the design and
          construction of the "Rug Warrior", based on the MC68HC11A1FN,
          using the Interactive C compiler developed by Randy Sargent
          and Fred Martin.

    Programming Microcontrollers in C
        - Ted Van Sickle
        - HighText Publications, 1994
        - 394 pages, $29.95
        - ISBN 1-878707-14-0
        - thorough tutorial on C programming, covers aspects of C
          programming specific to embedded systems
        - covers the Motorola line of microcontrollers (small to large)
        - book review in Dr. Dobb's Journal, November 1994, page 121

    The Real-Time Kernel
        - Jean Labrosse
        - R&D Publications, Inc.
          Suite 200 1601 W 23rd St., Lawrence, KS  66046
        - (913)841-1631   Fax: (913)841-2624
        - Based on the article "A Portable Real Time Kernel in C"
          in Embedded Systems Programming (Part 1: vol 5 no 5
          May 1992, Part 2: vol 5 no 6 June 1992)
        - original written for Intel's  '186 cpu but ported to HC11
          source code for UCOS11

    Single- and Multiple-Chip Microcomputer Interfacing
        - G.J. Lipovski
        - Copyright 1988
        - 478 pages
        - ISBN 0-13-810557-X (Prentice-Hall Edition)
          ISBN 0-13-810573-1 (Motorola Edition)
        - Based around the 68HC11 it covers both hardware and
          software at undergraduate level, but the emphasis is on
        - Chapter titles:
               1  Microcomputer Architecture
               2  Programming Microprocessors
               3  Bus Hardware and Signals
               4  Parallel and Serial I/O
               5  Interrupts and Alternatives
               6  Analog Interfacing
               7  Counters and Timers
               8  Communications Systems
               9  Storage and Display Systems

    Single- and Multiple- Chip Microcomputer Interfacing (Lab Manual)
        - Peter Song and G. Jack Lipovski
        - Prentice-Hall, 1988
        - ISBN 0-13-811605-9
        - Support for the above book.  Examples based around the Motorola
          EVB and the BUFFALO monitor or the EVBU (or 3-chip micro) and


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