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Meteorology FAQ Part 5/7: Sources of weather data
Section - 4) Mailing lists

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Top Document: Meteorology FAQ Part 5/7: Sources of weather data
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In the following list of mailing lists, commands to mailservers are
set off using quotation marks ("example").  Don't use the quotes when
sending actual mail to the servers.

  A mailing list has been created to discuss issues arising out of the
preservation of the archives of the Alberta Hail Project (AHP).  The Alberta Hail Project operated from 1957-1986, and collected meteorological data (centered around hail storms) using several sensors, including a circularly polarized 10 cm radar, a co-located 3 cm radar, and an instrumented aircraft, as well as extensive ground operations and surveys.
  A project is currently underway to move as much digital data as possible to CD-ROM and store those at the University of Alberta Data Library.  For more information on the project or the archives, email or see <URL:>.
  To subscribe, send a message containing the line "SUBSCRIBE AHP_ARCHIVE-L" to MAILSERVE@ARC.AB.CA.
  For information on how to use the list, send a mail message to 
MAILSERV@ARC.AB.CA with one line containing "HELP".  To get a list of the addresses on the list, send a message to MAILSERV@ARC.AB.CA containing "SEND/LIST AHP_ARCHIVE-L"

  The ai-geostats mailing list was established by in May of 1995 by Gregoire Dubois (, a PhD student in radioecology who uses GIS and geostats software, for the discussion of spatial data analysis, GIS, and geostatistics.   As of September 1995 the list includes more than 330 subscribers from 31 countries, and new members are always welcome.
  To subscribe, send a message containing the line "subscribe ai-geostats" to  There is also a homepage, which includes an archive of past postings, at <URL:>.

astroweather-sne (Astronomy-oriented weather for southern New England)
  This mailing list is specifically devoted to "astronomer friendly" reports from weather observers around the North Eastern U.S.  This list was inspired by two things: 1) The absolute NECESSITY for sky-watchers of all kinds to know cloud conditions at night, throughout their local area, as much in advance as possible, and 2) The fact that details about cloud cover and heading, especially at night, are among the LEAST important items for most weather observers to note or report.
Send a message to the address "", with the following in the BODY (not the Subject line) of your message:
        subscribe astroweather-sne
Send a message to the address "", with the following in the BODY (not the Subject line) of your message:
        info astroweather-sne

CALMET (Computer Aided Learning in Meteorology)
  CALMET is a mailing list dedicated to computer-aided learning in
meteorology.  It is associated with the ftp site
  To join the list, send mail to  Messages
to the list go to

CLIMLIST (moderated by John Arnfield)
  CLIMLIST is a moderated electronic mail distribution list for climat-
ologists and those working in closely-related fields.  It is used to
disseminate notices regarding conferences and workshops, data avail-
ability, calls for papers, positions available etc, as well as requests
for information.  An updated directory of email addresses for the 
subscribers to the list is distributed every month (usually on the 15th).
  To subscribe, mail to whichever of these addresses works for you:
with the following information:
  Your name; your email address; your departmental & institutional 
affiliation; whether your email address is shared or personal; your area of interest or responsibility within climatology.

  This mailing list has been setup for those whom are hunting for geographic datas, maps and other, and for those whom have such resources available. To subscribe, send email to with the command
"subscribe grc your_email_address" in the text body.  To send mail to 
the list, use the address  

GT-ATMDC (coordinated by Ivo Bouwmans, Bouwmans@Interduct.TUDelft.NL)
  This is the `Theme Group' on Atmospheric Dispersion of Chemicals of the Global Research Network on Sustainable Development.  Discussions cover: sources of chemicals and their emission characteristics, the way chemicals disappear from the atmosphere, the atmospheric velocity field and the physical dispersion mechanisms, interaction between the physics and the chemistry of the dispersion process, the effects that chemicals have on the atmospheric system, interaction between the atmosphere and the compartme

nts water and land, selection of consensus models.
  This is part of the Global Research Network on Sustainable Development (GRNSD), a worldwide, independent forum of individual scientists.  The network will facilitate the international, interdisciplinary, and interactive coordination of the global sustainable development research process.
  [More information about GRNSD will be sent after registration or on
  To become a member of GT-ATMDC, you must fill out a form describing your contact information, affiliation and research interests.  To get the registration form, and more information about the mailing list, send email to Request@Interduct.TUDelft.NL with the subject "send gt-atmdc-info".

  The goal of HHNet is to promote communication between scientists  
interested in hydrology.  It will generate a regular newsletter called 
the 'HHNet  Digest' for announcements and scientific queries of general 
interest, provide a central site for obtaining current e-mail addresses 
of those working in these areas, and diffuse information such as data, 
information on meetings and seminars, details of new books and journal
articles, and vacant faculty positions.
  Submissions for Hydro Digest: E-mail to  
with "submit"  as  subject.
  Subscriptions for Hydro Digest: E-mail to with 
"subscribe" as subject.  To unsubscribe, e-mail with "unsubscribe" followed by your e-mail address as subject.

MET-AI (administered by
  MET-AI is an unmoderated mailing list for meteorologists and AI researchers interested in applications of artificial intelligence to meteorology. Suitable topics for discussion include (but are not limited to): applications of machine learning to weather forecasting, artificial neural networks in meteorology, automatic interpretation and analysis of satellite imagery, automatic synthesis of weather forecast texts, case-based reasoning and meteorology, expert systems and decision aids for weather forecast

ing, high-level interfaces to archives of meteorological data, and statistical 
pattern recognition
  To subscribe to MET-AI, send e-mail to,
including the command "subscribe" in the body of your message.

MET-JOBS (administered by
  MET-JOBS is a moderated list for posts of employment opportunity 
announcements in meteorology, climatology, and other atmospheric sciences. 
Announcements of teaching or research graduate assistantships, postdoctoral research positions, etc., also are appropriate.  Any employment setting (academia, government, or private industry) located anywhere in the world is appropriate.
  *** DO NOT *** post resumes, inquiries, responses to job opportunity 
posts, etc., to this list. Persons who do so may be removed from the list.
  There is also a GEOSCI-JOBS list, which can be accessed in a similar
fashion, for other geoscience jobs.  
  You may subscribe/unsubscribe at any time by sending email to with the suject SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE.
If you would rather receive the messages as a DIGEST (several messages 
compiled into one) instead send your subscription message to
  To post an Employment Opportunity Announcement, send it as a message
to  The preferred format is to (1) include the
educational level required, field, and location as the subject of
the message [e.g., PhD: Meteorology: USA-KS would indicate a PhD-level
meteorology position located in Kansas] and (2) format your message 
to a width of 72 characters or less (longer lines get truncated at 
some sites, including archive sites).

Met-stud (administered by Dennis Schulze)
  This mailing list is open to all, but particularly intended as a 
communications facility among meteorology students worldwide.  Subjects
of discussion could include scholarships, summer schools, conferences,
and comparisons of the meteorology programs at various universities.
Meteorological problems and questions could also be discussed.
  To subscribe, send mail to with 
"SUB met-stud First_Name Last_Name" in the body of the message.  
Administrative mail should be sent to that address too.  
  The list's address itself is
Although the list is based in Germany, the language used is English.

nfc (National Forecasting Contest)
  This mailing list is open to everyone but particularly intended as a 
communication facility for participants of the National Forecasting Contest which is carried out over the Internet.  The organizers hope that it will lead to debates about the issued forecasts and to discuss different ways of creating forecasts.  Topics may also range from numerical models to current weather events. Everything which has to do with weather and forecasting is welcome.  
  To subscribe, send email to containing 
the line "sub nfc first_name last_name" in the message body.
The list's address itself is  If you have any problems or questions send mail to  Though the list is situated in Germany the language is English.

Weather-users (administered by
  This list is for discussions of weather servers; sharing of code to 
automatically query weather servers; and announcements of availability 
(or lack thereof) and changes to weather servers.  Initially, Jeff Masters ( has agreed to send Weather Underground status notices to this list.
  To join or quit the list, email to;
the list mail address is

WXOBS-SNE-DIGEST (run by, Todd Gross)
  This is a Southern/Central New England amateur weather observer mailing list where observations are made by weather watchers on a continuing basis and shared with the rest of those subscribed to the list.  We are also accepting observations from nearby portions of N.Y. State.  To subscribe to the digest version send email to WXOBS-SNE-DIGEST-REQUEST@SHORE.NET with "SUBSCRIBE" in the body of the message.

WXOBS-MDA (run by, William Hipkins)

  This maillist is for those interested in obtaining more information 
regarding weather in the states of: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, 
Maryland, Virginia, DC and parts of New York. You will receive weather 
watches/warnings, state summaries and forecasts, special weather statements, and best of all, local observations by other list subscribers.  If you keep daily weather records for your community, you can post them to the list.  There is also a digest version available.
  To subscribe, send email to In the body of the message, include "SUBSCRIBE".   To send information to the list, mail to

Wxsat (administered by Richard B. Emerson)
  Wxsat resends all NOAA/NESDIS bulletins on polar and geostationary weather satellites as well as occasional material on Meteosat.  Bulletins with orbital predictions, spacecraft operation schedules, and related messages are copied from NOAA.SAT on SCIENCEnet and forwarded to all addresses on the list.  The list is configured to accept and broadcast mail from subscribers to the list at large.  Wxsat does not store or distribute imagery and is not primarily a "chat" list.  Wxsat is oriented towards users w

ith a daily operational need for TBUS and related bulletins.
  An archive of roughly 60 days' messages are available for retrieval via email messages to  Send the message "help" in the text to the archive server for details on how to retrieve the current index and other files.  There is also an archive for programs and gifs at <URL:>.
  Subscription requests go to  

WX-TALK and other WX-lists
WX-TALK is a mailing list for weather-related topics, special event
notifications, job announcements, and administrative messages.  WX-CHASE is for tornado/storm chasing discussions.  SKYWARN is for discussions related to severe local storm spotting and civil defense issues.  These lists, and some other specialized weather-related lists, are run from the LISTSERV machine at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois.   For more information about these lists and information on how to subscribe, send e-mail to LISTSERV@PO.UIUC.EDU with the following command:
   sendme wx-talk.doc

Volcano mailing list (edited by Jon Fink)
  Send submissions and subscription requests to Jon Fink at, or aijhf@ASUACAD (via Bitnet).

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Top Document: Meteorology FAQ Part 5/7: Sources of weather data
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