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Meteorology FAQ Part 4/7: Sources of CD-ROMs
Section - 5) Miscellaneous

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Top Document: Meteorology FAQ Part 4/7: Sources of CD-ROMs
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NASA discs:
  Various discs available, including:  Voyager spacecraft images (12 discs, under $20 each!), Viking images of Mars, Magellan Venus data, Halley's
comet data (25 discs), excerpts from astronomical catalogs, and more.
  Contact:  NSSDC (NASA Space Science Data Center), Code 933.4, NASA
Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD  20771.  301/286-6695.  They
also publish a free newsletter.

  Several hundred discs available, including:  "GRIPS 2" high resolution images of topography, Landsat, vegetation maps, plus software ($49), 
"JEDI" 3 discs full of earth, space, and sea science data intended for
school use ($31), 13 business/economic discs, >50 literature and
entertainment discs, >40 health-related discs, many science discs.
Prices range from $29-$895.  Free catalog available from them.
  Contact:  CD-ROM, Inc, 1667 Cole Blvd. Suite 400, Golden, CO  80401.
303/526-7600, FAX 303/231-9581.  

Digital Chart of the World ($200):
  The Digital Chart of the World (DCW) is a comprehensive 1:1,000,000-scale vector basemap of the world containing cartographic, attribute, and textual data.  It is provided with software that permits the database to be accessed, queried, and displayed on PC-class computers.  The primary source for the database is the U.S. Defense Mapping Agency (DMA) Operational Navigation Chart (ONC) series.  
  There are 4 discs:   (1)North America, (2)Europe/Northern Asia, (3)South American/Africa/Antarctica, and (4)Southern Asia/Australia.  The data are organized into 17 thematic coverages, including political boundaries and ocean coast lines, cities, transportation networks, drainage, land cover, and elevation contours.  
  Contact:  USGS Open File Section, Box 25286, Denver, CO  80225. 

GOES Space Environment Data (price unknown):
  This disk includes data from January 1986 - April 1994 in 1-minute and 5-minute averages.  Includes measurements of the 3 components of the Earth's magnetic field, whole-sun X-ray fluxes for the 0.5-to-4.0 and 1-to-8 Angstrom wavelength bands, photon, alpha particle, and electron fluxes.
  The CD-ROM includes software to display and analyze the Space Environment Monitor data.  DOS and IDL (Interactive Data Language) versions of the software allow the use of data on many platforms. 
  Contact:  Solar-Terrestrial Physics Division, National Geophysical Data Center, NOAA Code E/GC2, 325 Broadway, Boulder, CO  80303.  303/497-6761, fax 303/497-6513, email

Windows on the Weather (price unknown):
  This is an educational disc which allows the user to explore typical 
airmasses over Britain using satellite sequences, weather charts, weather data, pictures, diagrams, text and audio descriptions.  Samples from this disc can be seen at:
  Contact:  The Advisory Unit computers inEducation, 126 Great North Road, Hatfield Herts, AL9 5JZ UK, email 

Landsat images ($10):				*COMMERCIAL*
  Over 500 Landsat satellite images (JPG and GIF) from around the world, 
along with many Windows and DOS utilities for CAD and image processing,
some educational games and a tutorial about LANDSAT satellites.
  Contact:  Intermountain Digital Imaging, LC, 275 East 200 South, Suite 15, Salt Lake City UT  84111.  801/355-4030, US toll-free 800/280-4030, 
fax 801/355-4063, email

Earth Observatorium ($49 for 2 CDs)             *COMMERCIAL*
  These disks explore NASA's program "Mission to Planet Earth" through the use of the complete photographic results of Earth from Space Shuttle flights 59 & 68. (almost 25,500 24- bit color photos). Includes annotation of each picture by country name, general feature, time, and lat/long location. 
  Contact:  Rocky Mountain Digital Peeks, 303/258-3779, US toll-free 
800/266-7637,  fax 303/258-7170, URL:

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Top Document: Meteorology FAQ Part 4/7: Sources of CD-ROMs
Previous Document: 4) Research data

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