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alt.mens-rights Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Part 5/6

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Posting-Frequency: monthly

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Maintainer: Peter D. Zohrab 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 
(posted to Usenet around the FIRST day of each month). 
by Peter D. Zohrab 
As creator of the Usenet Newsgroup alt.mens-rights, I'm providing an
FAQ, divided up into 5 parts for practical reasons, containing: 
1) A specimen, condensed Men's Rights manifesto; 
and 2) A Men's Rights Resource-List (in 5 parts). 

compiled, and continuously revised, 
by Peter D. Zohrab 
around the 1st day of each month) 

Contents of FAQ Part 5: Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Rape

 Child Abuse

Virtual and Actual Organisations

	Abuse of children...The 	other part of the story 
	Charging 	Women for Sexual Abuse

	Child-Abuse by Relationship 	to Perpetrator

	Child-Abuse 	Statistics

	Child Abuse 	-- the Respective Roles of the Genders

	Child 	Maltreatment 1999

	Covert Video 	Surveillance Needed to Diagnose Munchhausen
Sydrome by Proxy

	Domestic and Sexual Violence 	Data. Series: NIJ Research
Report Published: July 1996

	Most 	Child Sex-Abusers are Siblings

	Mothers are Responsible 	for "ONLY" 55% of Child

	Sexual Abuse by Women of 	Children and Teenagers

	Type 	of Maltreatment by Sex of Perpetrator

	VOCAL (Victims of Child Abuse Laws), 
	       (1) Lot 2, 	Caboolture River Road, Upper
Caboolture, Queensland
	4510, Australia.
	       Ph.: (047) 	822 888.  	
	       (2) PO Box 	25, Katoomba, NSW 2780,
	       Ph.:   0247 	82 3471

	Web's 	First Completely Documented Case of Child Abduction,
Emotional/Physical/Sexual 	Abuse, and the System that Encouraged

Printed Resources on Child Abuse

Books and Articles

	American Humane Society (1991 ?)
	National Study on Child Neglect and Abuse Reporting.
	Cited in Statistical Abstract of the United States 1992.

	Besharov, D.J. & Laumann, L. A. (1996):
	Child Abuse Reporting. Social Science & Modern Society, 33(4).

	Ceci, Stephen and Bruck, Maggie (1995):
	Jeopardy in the Courtroom: A Scientific Analysis of
	Children's Testimony. American Psychological Association.  	
	Ceci, Stephen and Huffman, M. (1997):
	How Suggestible are Pre-School Children ? Cognitive and Social
	Journal of American Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 36 (7):

	Child Support Action Group (CSAG Inc.), South Australia
	The Silence of the Screams: Violence by Women in Intimate
Relationships, 	 	researched by Y. Joakimidis.

	Elliot, Michelle (ed.) (1995?):
	Female Sexual Abuse of Children: The Ultimate Taboo.

	Fergusson, D., Lynskey, M. & Horwood, J. (1996):
Childhood Sexual Abuse and Psychiatric Disorder in Young Adulthood I:
Prevalence of Sexual Abuse and Factors Associated with Sexual Abuse.
Journal of American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 35
	Gordon, Michael and Susan Creighton (1988):
	Natal and Non-Natal Fathers as Sexual Abusers in the United
Kingdom: A 	Comparative Analysis.  	Journal of Marriage and the
Family 50 (February 1988).
	Marie Claire Magazine - Issue UK March 2000:  	"The Last
	Nagi, Saad (1977):  	Child Maltreatment in the United
States.  New York: Columbia University 	Press.
	Russell, Diana (1984):  	The Prevalence and Seriousness
of Incestuous Abuse: Stepfathers vs. Biological 	Fathers.
Child Abuse and Neglect Vol. 8.
	Statistical Abstract of the United States (1992):  	"Table
No. 301. Child Maltreatment Cases Reported -- Summary: 1976 to 1986"
(NB.: Editions after 1992 have censored out the sex of the
perpetrator, because 	this was predominantly female.)
Source: "National Study on Child Neglect and Abuse Reporting" American
Humane 	Society (1991 ?).
	Stirling, Pamela (1996):  	The Last Taboo: Sexual Abuse
of Children By Women -- a Secret Crime Is Now 	On The Rise. New
Zealand Listener, June 1, 1996.

	Welch, Denis (1994):
	When Mother Love Turns Lethal in: New Zealand Listener,
December 10-16, 1994.


Virtual and Actual Organisations

MAFRA (Men Against False Rape Allegations), c/o U.K.M.M.
P.O. Box 205, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL51 OYL

New Mythology of Rape

No Escape: Male Rap in US Prisons

SAFAR (Society Against False Accusations of Rape), 215 E. Eaglewood,
Sunnyvale, CA 94086,  USA.

Stop Prisoner Rape P.O. Box 2713, Manhattanville
Station New York, NY 10027-8871,  USA.        Ph.: (212) 663-5562

The Real Scam

Printed Resources on Rape

Books and Articles

Anderson, James D. (1995? ):  The Date Rape Epidemic: Profitable Myth
? MS.  
Anderson, James D. (1998):  Falling on the Deaf Ear -  False
Accusations of Rape, Child Abuse Hoaxes, Innocent People in Prison,
and How to Stop the Sex Crime Witch Hunt.
Concar, David (2000):  Crimes of Passion ? New Scientist, 19 February
Human Rights Watch

Kanin, Eugene (1994):
False Rape Allegations Archives of Sexual Behavior Vol 23,No.1:
81-    92

Laframboise, Donna (1996):
"Princess At the Window: A New Gender Morality". Penguin.

Macdonald, John M. (19??):
Rape -- Controversial Issues, Criminal Profiles, Date Rape, False  
Reports, and False Memories. 
Illimois: Thomas Publishing

McDowell, Charles (1985):
Practical Rape Investigation: A Multidisciplinary Approach.
New York:Elsevier North Holland Inc.

New Zealand Police (1998):
Adult Sexual Investigation Policy, Policy Pointers, Ten-One, 6
February 1998, 159: 11-15.

Smiedt, David (1999):
"Male Rape" Australian Men's Health Magazine - February 1999

Struckman-Johnson, Cindy and Struckman-Johnson, David (1994):
Men Pressured and Forced Into Sexual Experience. Archives of Sexual
Behavior, Vol. 23, No. 1, pp. 93 ff.

Zepezauer, Frank and Scott Kuehl (1998?):
Sex Crime and Politics -- The Feminist Anti-Rape Crusade and Its
Consequences. Sunnyvale, California.

Domestic Violence Against Men

Virtual and Actual Organisations

All-India Crime Against Men by Women Front
(Akhil Bharatiya Patni Virodhimorcha)
C/o Mr. Ram Prakash Chugh,
H-712 A, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi-110052,
Tel : 291-2720, 743-8335, 746-1408, 98-101-24368
FAX:(91-11) 7438335-7410982,7413899,3782595

Battered Men's Shelter, George Gilliland,
1039 E. Bush Street, St.Paul, MN 55106, USA.
Ph.: (612) 774-9577

Bürgerinitiative Familienpolitik im Rechtsstaat (BIFIR)
(Petition gainst male-bashing change in the law)

Domestic and Sexual Violence Data. Series: NIJ Research Report
Published: July 1996

Domestic Violence Against Men

Domestic Violence Against Men

Domestic Violence Against Men ( particularly in Colorado)

Family of Men Support Society
#302 - 635 56 Ave SW
Calgary, AB, Canada
T2V 0G9

Family Research Laboratory, University of New Hampshire
World Wide Web:
Durham, NH 03824,
Ph.: (603) 862-2594

Family Resources and Research
11216 Tamiami Trail North # 223, Naples, FL 34110
Contact: Rev. Sam and Bunny Sewell
Ph.: 941-591-4565

Fiebert Bibliography

Fiebert, M.S. (1998):
Family Violence

Men and Domestic Violence Index

Mensline New Zealand
64 9 522 2500

MenWeb:Domestic Violence

National Clearinghouse on Family Violence
Ph.: 1-800-267-1291

Robin Crowe's Article

Separated Fathers' Support Trust Refuge House,
PO Box 20495, Glen Eden, Auckland,
New Zealand.
Ph.: (09) 8133747

Stop Abuse For Everyone (S.A.F.E.)

Summary Of Restraining Order Abuse


Books and Articles on Domestic Violence Against Men

Adler, E.S. (1981):
The Underside of Married Life; power, influence and violence." in
L.H.Bowker (ed.) Women and Crime in 
America. New York: Macmillan.  
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The incidence of violence and acquaintance rape in dating
relationships among college men and women. Journal of College Student
Development, 29, 305-311.

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Dating violence in the United Kingdom: a preliminary study. Aggressive
Behavior, 15, 337-343.

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Prevalence and correlates of physical aggression during courtship.
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Evaluations of physical aggression among intimate dyads. Journal of
Interpersonal Violence, 4, 298-307.

Atkinson, Kent (2000):
"Women are throwing the punches." Dominion newspaper, Wellington, New
Zealand. October 11, 2000.

Author Unknown (1986):
Violence in Adolescent Dating Relationships Common, New Survey
Reveals. Sexuality Today Newsletter, December 22, 1986.

Author Unknown (1986):
First Large-Scale Study Reveals Elder Abuse is Primarily by Wives
Against Husbands. Marriage and Divorce Today, December 15, 1986.

Author Unknown (1993):
How Can I Admit I Am a Battered Husband: Special 
Report. Best Magazine, April 15, 1993.

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A Plea for the Battered Husband. Family Law 

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couples: Methodological issues in the National Survey of Families and
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Wednesday, October 18, 2000

Cook, Philip W.(1997):
Abused Men: The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence. ISBN 0-275-95862-0.
Australia: Greenwood Publishing Group, Inc.  
Email: mailto:elouer@greenwood.com

Daily News (1998):
Women Aren't the Only Victims
Davis, Richard L. (1998):  "Domestic Violence: Facts and Fallacies".
ISBN: 0275961265
Davis, Richard L. (1998):  "Mandatory Arrest And Restraining Orders"
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Wellington, New Zealand. December 11, 1996; page 32.

Detroit News article  

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Domestic and Sexual Violence Data. Series: NIJ Research Report
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Fiebert Bibliography

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MENZ Issues

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When Did You Last Beat Your Wife ?  

WHY women strike husbands as often as men strike wives.  
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