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Psychology & Support Mailing-List Pointer (2/2)

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Archive-Name: medicine/support-mail-lists
Posting-Frequency: every 4 weeks
Last-Modified: 10/07/1996
Version: 1.25

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Psychology & Support                          Professional Mailing Lists
Mailing List Pointer

Associate Editor: Ross Powell <> 

This Pointer will help you find mailing lists that are available on the
Internet.  It is provided as a public service.
  Check out Dr. GROHOL's Mental Health Page, your
  personalized index for mental health, psychology and
  support resources on the Internet. (Including this one!)
INSTRUCTIONS on how to use this pointer:

   * Mailing lists are listed in alphabetical order, by topic.
   * After each topic is an example of the command you might
     send to subscribe to that particular mailing list. Most
     of these commands will work as listed.
   * You subscribe to a mailing list by sending email to the
     subscription address listed for each mailing list.
     Typically, you send a one-line email message
     (leave the subject heading blank) to this address
     which includes the words:

                  subscribe NAME-OF-LIST

   * Sometimes your name or email address is also required
     after the name-of-list. If so, you will probably receive
     an automated reply from the mailing list server.
     When known, it is indicated in the below listing as:
         N = Your name   or   E = Your email address

   * Sometimes you will be sending email to a real person,
     not some software that will automatically process
     your request; or, sometimes a person will have to
     approve your request before you can subscribe.
   * If nothing else works, send a one-line email message
     with the word "help" in it.

     Key: * = New to this version

Comments & suggestions for additions are always welcome!


Most forums are for professionals only and often require user-verification
before a subscription may be obtained.

Question on...            Subscription address:             Subscribe...
------------------------  -------------------------------   ---------------
Addiction               add_med N
Affective Disorders        affectd N
Against the Medical Model of Behavior
                        NUVUPSY N
Aggression,Psychology of    aggression-psychology N
Anxiety Disorders        anx-dis N
Attachment Issues        attach N
Behavior Analysis       behav-an
* Behavioral Sciences             scan-53 N
Bodywork Practitioners              Bodywork N
Clinical Psychophysiology & Biofeedback
                           psyphy N
Clinical Research Coord. subscribe
Cognitive science         LISTSERV@NIC.SURFNET.NL           COGSCI N
Community psychology     community-psychology N
Computers in Mental Health      CIMH N
Controlled Drinking        CD N
* Creative Arts Group Psychotherapy
                         grouptalk N
Current issues in psych.        psych-ci N
Custody and assess evals       assess-L
Dependency & Self-Criticism in Psychological Health & Psychological Functioning
                        DEPEN-CRIT N
* Disabilities, Social & Relational Context
                        Disabled N
Dissociative disorders        dissoc N
Dual-diagnosis     (Mental illness & substance abuse, credentialed list)
                        dualdiag N
Eating Disorders        eat-dis N
Emergency Psychiatry        ERPSYCH N
Employment - General    subscribe
Employment - Medical      subscribe
Family Networker      
Forensic Psychiatry        forensic-psych N
Geriatric Neuro         G-Neuro N
Group psychotherapy           group-psychotherapy
Helplessness               helplessness N
HIV-AIDS Psychosocial        HIVPsych N
Holistic and alternative medicine                      join Holistic-L
                          Listserv@Citadel.Net  (in the Subject line put: join)
Human Relations, Authority and Justice
                        HRAJ N
Human resources           MAIL-SERVER@BRCNET.COM            HR-L N
Human rights in psychiatry               dendrite
Hypnosis                hypnosis N
Internet Psychology        NetPsy N
Joint Commission Accreditation           JCAHO-WATCH N
Language Theories        psy-lang N
Latin Psych             latin-psych N
Learning - Behavior, Models, Theory
                        learning N
Managed Behavioral Healthcare     MBHC N
Medical Records Automation                medrec-L N
* Medical Students Interested in Psychiatry
                        PsyDoc2B N
Medicare part-B Billing                  PARTB-L N
Mental health in the media         psy-media
Mental Health Professionals, Development of alternative income sources
                        PsyBUS N
Neuro-psych                   neuro-psych N
Neuropsychology of HIV/AIDS   neuropsych-hiv-aids N
Personality Assess Inv.            PAI-NET
Political Science - Psychology/Psychiatry
                        poli-psy N
Psy-Language            psy-lang N
Psybernet                 LISTSERV@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM      PSYBER-L N
Psyche Journal
      (On consciousness)            psyche-L N
Psychiatric nurses        psynurse N
Psychiatric Social Workers      psyc-soc N
Psychiatry              PSYCHL N
Psychiatry, Child & Adolescent  child-psych N
Psychiatry and the Law        PSYLAW-L N
Psychiatry, Philosophy, and Society
                        PSYPHIL N
Psychiatry Resources        P-Source N
PsychNews International        PsychNews N
Psychoanalysis          psychoan N
Psychoanalysis and the Public Sphere
                          psa-public-sphere N
Psychoanalytic Studies     Psychoanalytic-studies N
Psychoeducational Assessment
Psych. Assessment        assess-P N
Psychologists, Clinical    clinical-psychologists
Psychologists, Div. 12/APA    div12
Psychologists, Natl. List        PsyUSA N
Psychology, Developmental Disabilities
Psychology Graduate
     Student Journal       psygrd-J
Psychology of the Internet: Research and Theory
                                 Research N
Psychology, Theoretical & Philosophical Foundations
                          LISTSERVER@PMC.PSYCH.NWU.EDU      socrates N
Psychology of Women pwinet-L
Psychopharmacology              psycho-pharm
Psychotherapists in Training    pit-D
Psychotherapy Practice           psychotherapy-practice
Psychotherapy-pharmacotherapy comparative outcome research
                        PSY-PHAR N
Psychotherapy Research           psychotherapy-research
PsychINFO Suite of Products        Psychinfo E
Psycoloquy Journal       psycoloquy
Research Design            research-design N
Rorschach               Rorschach N
Rural care                 rural-care N
Sex offenders treatment   LISTSERVER@CASCONN.COM            SOTP-L N
Social Work                 SCIOFSLW N
Social Work              socwork N
Thanatology                   thana-tology N
Therapists in recovery
         from addiction        TREAD
* Training of Doctoral Interns  LISTSERV@UTKVM1.UTK.EDU     Intern-L N
Transcultural Psychology transcultural-psychology N
Traumatic stress           traumatic-stress N
WebPsych Partnership                 webpsych N
Youth-anxiety-depression        yanx-dep N
N = Your name; E = Your email address; * = New to this version

If you still haven't found a mailing list for your particular topic, you
may want to try searching the List of Lists:

which is a large database of *all* the mailing lists in the world.  I don't
find that it is particularly up-to-date, but you just might find that
difficult something you haven't yet found elsewhere.

   This Pointer is freely distributable to  any  other mailing list,
   newsgroup,  or  network  service provider  as  long as it remains
   fully intact. Copyright 1992-1996 John M. Grohol.
   All rights reserved.

   Send comments/questions/suggestions regarding this Pointer to the
   author (replying to this message should work).   Do *not* include
   this Pointer in your reply, or it may not be read.
Dr. Grohol's Mental Health Page:     Co-moderator sci.psychology.research           Associate Editor, Behavior OnLine
Mental Health Net:                Editor, Self-Help & Psychology Magazine                       Editor-in-chief, Perspectives

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