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Archive-name: medicine/education-faq/welcome
Misc-education-medical-archive-name: faq/welcome
Posting-Frequency: 7 days
Maintainer: Eric P. Wilkinson, M.D. <>

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                **Welcome to!**          

Welcome to  Please read the following before

1) While the name of this newsgroup,, may seem to
indicate that it deals with educating you about illnesses, medical
procedures, and other medical questions, it actually discusses the
education of future health care professionals (primarily MDs and DOs).  It
is not the place to ask questions about medical conditions or procedures.
The proper place for those kinds of questions is the* hierarchy
of groups.  If you need medical advice, consult a licensed physician.

2) See the charter below.  The topics listed are the focus of this

3) Read the FAQ.  It is posted periodically to, and
is also available at the following sites:

4) Discussions of chiropractic and podiatric medicine, allied health
professions, and alternatives to medical school are not excluded.

  This unmoderated group will provide a forum for discussion of issues 
  related to medical education. These include, but are not limited to
   * Applying to medical school (premed concerns)
   * Financial aid/debt management (what discussion of med education is
     complete without this? :-))
   * Medical school curricula
   * Applying for internships/residencies/fellowships
   * Postgraduate medical education 
   * Continuing medical education (CME)
   * Current problems with medical education
  There are currently over 100,000 people (with Internet/Usenet access)
  actively pursuing medical education.  The wide distribution of the misc. 
  hierarchy will provide an effective forum for discussion of the issues 
  mentioned above, while providing the means for an effective, informal and 
  timely sharing of information, ideas and experiences.

[revised from S. Dave 6/1994]

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