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FAQ: CFS Index to FAQs

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Archive-name: medicine/chronic-fatigue-syndrome/cfs-index
Posting-Frequency: weekly
Last-modified: 2000/02/23

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                             CFS Index to FAQs

This document describes the several FAQ files about chronic fatigue
syndrome and explains where to find them. These FAQs will be posted to and will also be available via Listserv e-mail retrieval and
ftp. Details about how to retrieve these documents as files are
at the end of this document.

Some FAQs overlap in their coverage since some of them have been
separately and independently. The CFS Resources FAQ will have much of
info repeated in the general CFS FAQ and in the Electronic Resources

                            Catalog of CFS FAQs

Subject: FAQ: CFS Index of FAQs ftp archive name: cfs-index Listserv filename: CFS INDEX (at St. John's and Albany) Web page: This file.
Subject: FAQ: CFS FAQ ftp archive name: cfs-faq Listserv filename: CFS FAQ (at St. John's and Albany) Web page: Answers to typical questions about chronic fatigue syndrome. There is a separate FAQ on CFS treatments.
Subject: FAQ: CFS Treatments FAQ ftp archive name: cfs-treatments Listserv filename: CFS TREATMTS (at St. John's and Albany) Treatments for chronic fatigue syndrome.
Subject: FAQ: CFS Topics, Rules and Information ftp archive name: cfs-guidelines Listserv filename: CFS-L RULES (at St. John's) Web page: Rules and technical info about the CFS discussion group, i.e. the newsgroup and the mailing list CFS-L.
Subject: FAQ: CFS Network Help ftp archive name: cfs-network-help Listserv filename: CFS NET-HELP (at St. John's and Albany) Web page: Where to find discussion groups and info files about CFS available on Internet, Usenet and Listserv.
Subject: FAQ: CFS Resources ftp archive name: cfs-resources Listserv filename: CFS-RES TXT (at St. John's and Albany) General resource file for CFS. Lists books, articles, national organizations, newsletters, and electronic discussion groups and files. A large document (60K).
Subject: FAQ: CFS Electronic Resources ftp archive name: cfs-electronic-resources Listserv filename: CFS-NET TXT (at St. John's) Web page: Lists all computer network resources for CFS on Internet, commercial services, and BBSs. Includes advice for those new to computer networking.
Subject: FAQ: CFS IRC ftp archive name: cfs-irc Listserv filename: CFS IRC (at St. John's) Describes how to participate in Internet Relay Chat (IRC, i.e., live conferencing), and info about the CFS channel on the IRC Undernet network. A broader source of information on this topic can be found on the web at URL
Subject: FAQ: CFS Guidelines ftp archive name: cfids-guidelines Listserv filename: CFIDS-L WELCOME (at St. John's) Web page: Procedures and rules for the CFS political action group, i.e. the newsgroup and the mailing list CFIDS-L.
Subject: FAQ: CFS Hello survey ftp archive name: cfs-hello Listserv filename: CFS SURVEY (at Albany) Survey for the get-to-know-you "Hello" files for the participants of the / CFS-L group.
Subject: Getting these documents On Usenet these FAQs will be posted to, with the Subject lines as shown in the description above. Via anonymous ftp these files can be found at in directory /pub/usenet/news.answers/medicine/chronic-fatigue-syndrome . The documents can also be obtained by e-mail from various Listservs. To do so, create an e-mail message which contains the command the command GET followed by the two-part Listserv filename. Send to the Listserv indicated in the description above. The various Listserv addresses are shown below. For example, to get the CFS Network Help file, send the command GET CFS NET-HELP as an e-mail message to the address LISTSERV@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU (or to any of the other Listserv that are also listed in that document's description shown above). Listserv addresses St. John's LISTSERV@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU Albany LISTSERV@HEALTH.STATE.NY.US ------------------------------ For inquiries about these files, send e-mail to CFS-L-REQUEST@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU. To participate in the development of the general and treatments FAQs, post messages to the FAQ topic of the newsgroup or to the mailing list at CFS-L@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU (which is the same group.) -- Roger Burns CFS-L-REQUEST@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU Moderator, CFS-L / ============ From: CFS-L@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU ===================

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