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FAQ: CFS Topics, Rules and Information

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Archive-name: medicine/chronic-fatigue-syndrome/cfs-guidelines
Posting-Frequency: weekly
Last-modified: 2003/05/27

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                   Rules, Topic Scheme, Info 

                    for CFS-L / 
       Patients discussion group on chronic fatigue syndrome 

This document contains information that is essential for
participation in the CFS-L / group.  If you have CFS,
you may find this document too long to read all at once.  If so,
please read a portion every day until you have completed the
document.  You may find it helpful to print it out.

Welcome to CFS-L /!  This discussion group has been
created as a forum to discuss chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), also
known as CFIDS, and myalgic encephalomyelitis.  CFS is an illness
characterized by debilitating fatigue and a variety of flu-like
symptoms.  In the past the syndrome has been known as chronic
Epstein-Barr virus (CEBV).

For a wealth of CFS related information, see the web page at

This discussion group on chronic fatigue syndrome is accessible as an
e-mail list, a Usenet newsgroup, and via a web page.

                      GROUP RULES:

This group was originally created with no rules, but we have found over
time that the group doesn't work well unless it does have some rules. The
following rules were developed in open discussion with all participants. 

1. Discussion is limited to chronic fatigue syndrome. 

2. No commercial advertisements. 

3. Do not attack fellow group participants in public or in private. If you
see an attack, do not answer it but please forward it to the moderators at

4. Use and respect the topic keyword system (see below). The special
topic keyword ALL: is reserved for use by the moderator only. 

5. Do not over-quote prior messages; no attachments allowed; no
encoded text of any kind, i.e. no image files, no HTML code, no
compressed files; no word-processing documents; no newsletters. 

6. There is a 300-line limit on personal postings, i.e. text written by
oneself that will be used only as a one-time posting to this group. 

7. There is a 100-line limit on messages other than personal postings,
such as documents, web pages, and any other texts or messages copied
from outside of the group. Such postings may not be split up to get
around this 100-line limit. 

                       TOPICS SCHEME:

About half of the participants access this group via e-mail, and the high
volume of messages are overwhelming unless the topic system is used.
Please respect the needs of other readers and use the topic system by
including the appropropriate keyword in the Subject: line of your

Almost any message can be posted with no keyword at all, unless it
belongs in the non-CFS topics of CHAT or HUMOR. The most
commonly used topics are (no keyword), MED, and CHAT. The
definitions of all of the topic keywords are as follows: 


 (no keyword)   Known as the "OTHER" topic, this open category is
                appropriate for almost all postings except those 
                dealing with social chatter and humor. But please 
                do use a keyword such as MED: when appropriate since
                more people will then see your message. 

     MEDical:   Medical care issues such as treatment and diagnosis
                questions for individual cases,how to find a doctor;
                how to handle your doctor for CFS. (Caution: messages
                on this group cannot serve as medical advice.) 

       INTRO:   Questions about the group, for newcomers. 

       ADMIN:   For discussing issues about this group itself; the
                rules, how they are applied, possible new topic categories.

         FAQ:   Special notices for "frequently asked questions"; the
                formal notices will be posted by the moderators only, but
                follow-up discussion about them or how they may be
                improved may be posted here. 


        CHAT:   Social discussion about non-CFS issues. 

       HUMor:   Humor.

Messages for CFS-CHAT should be posted by email to

Activist messages are barred from this group, and should be posted to
CFIDS-L or other groups.

Keywords must end with a colon, e.g. ADMIN:. 

E-mail subscribers can restrict received messages to only selected topics.
Contact the Tech Support volunteers for assistance by writing to
subscription yourself, proceed as follows: 

Send an e-mail message in the form of SET CFS-L TOPICS topic1
topic2 etc. to the address LISTSERV@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU
Note: by default, all new subscribers receive all topics except CHAT and

To later add additional topics, you can send an e-mail message in the
form of SET CFS-L TOPICS +topic1 +topic2. To delete certain topics,
send a message like SET CFS-L TOPICS -topic1 -topic2. The open, "no
keyword" topic may be referred to as OTHER. To see your current topics
setting, send an e-mail which says QUERY CFS-L. Digest and Index
subscribers receive all messages regardless of topic. 

An abbreviation unique to the topic keyword relative to the other
keywords may be used in place of the full keyword, and is encouraged.
Please use the abbreviations as shown. 

NOTE:  There are other important notices about this group, see them
on the web at 

Again, for further assistance please contact the CFS-L Moderators

 - The CFS-L Management

================ From: CFS-L@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU ==============

---- end of document -------------------------------------------------

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