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Medical Image Volume Visualization Software FAQ

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Archive-name: medical-image-faq/volume-visualization
Posting-Frequency: see below

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I have removed Medical Image Volume Visualization Software FAQ from archives.

The latest version of this file is still available at:


The FAQ initially started as a personal memo (I used V.C. Arun Kumar's and
Lance Ladic's "mini-FAQs" as a start) when I was specializing in radiology
(and studied 3D CT) at the Oulu University Central Hospital 1993-1996. I
was especially interested to get info from the actual end-users of 3D
software because at that time I was evaluating which packages were
practical, user-friendly etc. I also included general info about
radiological image viewers.

I posted the first drafts of the FAQ to newsgroups in March 1994. Later, on
a suggestion by David Clunie I posted the FAQ to the archives
among other "official" FAQs.

Now many parts of the FAQ are showing their age and I decided it was best
to remove it from the FAQ archives and continue it as a personal memo.

Many thanks to all who contributed,

Matti Haveri <>
Seinšjoki central hospital
Department of diagnostic radiology

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