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alt.culture.malta FAQ

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Posted-By: auto-faq 3.3 beta (Perl 5.001)
Archive-name: malta/faq
Posting-Frequency: monthly

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Welcome to alt.culture.malta. This FAQ is regularly posted to the
alt.culture.malta,alt.answers and news.answers newsgroups, and the most 
up-to-date version is also available at the alt.culture.malta web site

The Maltese newsgroup alt.culture.malta was set up for the discussion of
anything related to  Malta, or the Maltese islands. It may be used by web
page creators as a springboard for URL announcements of Maltese websites.
Created on the 25th October 1996, this is now another good place where to submit
a message describing your new Maltese web page. The newsgroup is
unmoderated. The alt.culture.malta web page can be found at the URL

To get more information on Maltese WWW sites, other resources such as
mailing lists, and more general information on Malta, you might visit
Malta Network Resources ( which is
delegated from Virtual Tourist.


 I cannot connect to alt.culture.malta. HELP!

 The list of newsgroups carried by your service provider (ISP) is
 generally the responsibility of the news administrator. Since this
 group is relatively quite  new, not all news administrators will
 have added it to their lists. If the newsgroup is still
 unavailable at your site, please contact your news administrator
 (e.g. by sending an email message) and request that it be carried.
 Regular booster messages will be sent out to help the group get the
 widest possible coverage. If you have recurring problems please
 send email to Temporarily you might access it
 using a web site which allows access to alt.culture.malta - this

 Why has alt.culture.malta been set up? What is its purpose?

 It has been set up as a new Maltese newsgroup since there is a
 demand for a newsgroup where to discuss Maltese topics.
 Anything related to Malta, Gozo, the Maltese Islands, Maltese
 culture, tradition, history, future, whatever is Malta-related.
 Even discussion of Maltese WWW sites and announcements of Maltese
 Web resources physically located in Malta and abroad may take place
 on the newsgroup. alt.malta is technically "defunct" and still 
 exists only in a few isolated pocket locations, it does not 
 propagate any more (if at all) since most sites have now dropped it
 replacing it with alt.culture.malta. 


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