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MH Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with Answers
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Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2001 11:29:16 -0800

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01.00 Introduction

 01.01 Why should I use MH?
!01.02 What is the current version/status of MH?
!01.03 Where can I get MH?
!01.04 What references exist for MH?
 01.05 What other MH software is available?
!01.06 How can I print a MH manual?
 01.07 How should I report bugs?
 01.08 How can I convert from my mailer to MH?
 01.09 What is the copyright status of nmh?

02.00 Building MH

 02.01 What machines does MH run on?
 02.02 How do I build MH?
 02.03 What options should I use?
 02.04 What do I need to do to use POP?
 02.05 Does MH support IMAP?
 02.06 Why does "mailgroup mail" only affect inc and not slocal?
 02.07 How can I build MH on Solaris 2?
 02.08 How can I build MH on Linux?
 02.09 How can I build MH on IRIX?
 02.10 How can I get MH to interpret the Content-Length field?
 02.11 How do I build MH on HP-UX?
 02.12 Can I prevent adding the local hostname to addresses behind firewalls?
 02.13 Is there a patch to fix this or that?
 02.14 How can I build MH on OS/2?
 02.15 Do any POP/IMAP servers handle MH format?
 02.16 How can I build MH on Windows?
!02.17 How can I build MH on a Mac?

03.00 Scanning & Reading

 03.01 What do I do if scan shows the wrong date?
 03.02 How would one go about reading Usenet with MH?
 03.03 How can I search through multiple folders?
 03.04 Why don't MH format commands such as %(friendly) work?
 03.05 Why doesn't "show" display all of a MIME message?
 03.06 Can I get show not to run "less" so much on MIME messages?
 03.07 Why do I get "mhn: don't know how to display content"?
 03.08 How can I automatically delete MH backup files?
 03.09 Fixing "cannot fopen and lock /var/spool/mail/(user)"
 03.10 Can I read my mail with a Web browser?
 03.11 How can I run inc automatically with POP?
 03.12 Why does inc hang (on Sun)?
 03.13 How can I get POP to work?
 03.14 How do I persuade mhshow (mhn) not to bring up a new window?
 03.15 How do I turn off of all the mhshow (mhn) prompts?
 03.16 Why is inc splitting messages improperly?
 03.17 Can MH thread messages?
 03.18 How can I avoid reading the HTML version of the message?
 03.19 How do I view or save attachments?
 03.20 How do I view HTML attachments with Netscape?
 03.21 Fixing folders: unable to allocate storage for msgstats
 03.22 How do I recursively list message attachments?
 03.23 Why do folder and flist overlook some of my sub-folders?

04.00 Filing

 04.01 Can I append MH messages to a Unix mailbox format file?
 04.02 Can I append MH messages to a GNU Emacs rmail BABYL-format file?
 04.03 Why do I get ".../.mh_sequences is poorly formatted?"
 04.04 How can you save News articles into an MH folder?
!04.05 Are there any good tools to archive MH messages?
 04.06 How can I remove duplicate messages?
 04.07 How can I remove holes in numbering?

05.00 Composing & Replying

 05.01 Why does repl add a "Re:" to a message that already has one?
 05.02 How do I include messages in repl with or without ">"?
 05.03 How can I eliminate duplicate copies of letters to myself?
 05.04 How can I include my signature?
 05.05 How do I call my editor with arguments?
 05.06 How can I digestify messages in a folder for mail to another user?
 05.07 How can I change my return address?
 05.08 How can I change my From header?
 05.09 How can I save a copy of all messages I send?
 05.10 Can the folder in Fcc: be dynamically specified?
 05.11 Can I post secure/encryped mail?
 05.12 How can I send multi-media (MIME) attachments?
 05.13 What's the best way to send mail to a long list of people?
 05.14 What is the Dcc header?
 05.15 How can I make sense of the replcomps file?
 05.16 How can I convert quoted-printable to 8bit in quoted text in replies?
 05.17 Can I have aliases include aliases?
 05.18 Why doesn't mhmail understand aliases?
 05.19 How do I send blind carbon copies?
 05.20 When I forward a message, can I use its Subject?
 05.21 Why is the timezone field in my 'Date:' field wrong?
 05.22 Can I automate the comp -editor mhn process?
 05.23 How can I remove those "=20" characters when forwarding?
 05.24 Can I use mh-format substitution with forw?
 05.25 How can I keep repl from breaking long lines?
 05.26 How do I fix a bogus In-Reply-To or missing References field?

06.00 Posting

 06.01 What to do with "Problems with edit - draft removed".
 06.02 Can I run my message through a program (e.g., ispell) before sending?
 06.03 What to do with "bad address 'xxx' - no at-sign after local-part".
 06.04 Fixing "post: problem initializing server; [BHST] no servers available"
 06.05 Fixing "post: problem initializing server; [RPLY] 503 Sender
       already specified"
 06.06 Fixing "post: unexpected response; [BHST] no socket opened"
 06.07 How do I fix the "X-Authentication-Warning" header?
 06.08 Fixing "post: unexpected response; [RPLY] 503 Need MAIL
       before RCPT"
 06.09 Fixing "post: problem initializing server; [BHST] premature
       end-of-file on socket"
 06.10 Fixing "Sender didn't use the HELO protocol"
 06.11 Fixing "post: problem initializing server; [RPLY] 553 Local
       configuration error, hostname not recognized as local"

07.00 Mail Filters

 07.01 What mail filters are available?
 07.02 Why slocal writes messages to system mailbox that from(1) can't read.
 07.03 Where can I read about slocal and the format of .maildelivery?
 07.04 How do I debug my .maildelivery file?
 07.05 Why isn't slocal working?
 07.06 Are there any good biff applications for MH?
 07.07 How do I read new messages filed by procmail?

08.00 MH-E

 08.01 I have a question about MH-E

09.00 Xmh

 09.01 How can I get xmh to use Emacs as the editor?
 09.02 Does xmh support subfolders?
 09.03 How do I precede included messages with ">" when replying in xmh?


 Glossary & Acknowledgments
 Switching xmh's editor
 inco - babyl to MH converter
 t2h - add hyperlinks to message viewed
 srvrsmtp.c patch
 IRIX config file
 HP-UX 10.20 config file
 Removing duplicate messages (Bourne)
 Removing duplicate messages (Perl)
 Removing duplicate messages (Perl)

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