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comp.mail.misc Internet Mailing List Providers

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Last-modified: 1999/05/29 19:28:16
Version: 1.73

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                      Internet Mailing List Providers
                   Copyright (c) 1995-1999, Brian Edmonds
              $Revision: 1.73 $, $Date: 1999/05/29 19:28:16 $
   This list is maintained by Brian Edmonds <>. Please
   send all additions, corrections, and comments to this address. New
   entries and extra information from listed providers are especially
   This is a list of individuals, organizations and companies on the net
   who offer mailing list services, either for a fee, or as a service to
   the net community. If you wish to start a mailing list, please contact
   one or more of these services for more information.
   The list is posted on the eighth day of each month to the newsgroups
   comp.mail.misc,, comp.answers, and
   news.answers. It is also available from the following locations:
     * send mail to with the following line in the
       body: get faq ml-providers.txt
   For a list of list management software, please visit Vivian Neou's
   List Management Software page. Vivian also maintains another list of
   list service providers, as well as other list related resources, so do
   visit her site. The (older) List Management Software FAQ may also
   prove useful.
   The following people have helped out in the creation of this list
   (excluding providers and people associated with them):
   Norm Aleks <>
   Roger Burns <>
   Franz Hemmer <>

     * Contents
     * Listserv Lists
     * No-fee Providers
          + Coollist
          + Expansion, LLC
          + Horizon Online
          + IGV InterLink
          + ListQuest
          + The Mail Archive
          + OakNet Publishing
          + ONElist
          + Prodigy Services Corporation
     * For-fee Providers
          + BIGLIST Inc.
          + Brazerko Communications
          + Cantec Communications
          + Capital Area Internet Service
          + Carnell Information Systems
          + Cooldog Technologies
          + Cuenet Systems
          + CyberSolutions GmbH
          + Digital Marketing
          + Dundee Internet Services, Inc.
          + Esosoft
          + Euphline Network Resources
          + Expansion, LLC
          + Fornits workshop
          + Ga-USA.Com Internet Services
          + Harte & Lyne Limited
          + InterLink BBS
          + Internet Business Access Group
          + Listbox
          + -- E-Mail List Services
          + L.O.F. Communications
          + L-Soft International, Inc
          + Lyris.Net
          + Micronicos Internet Design Studios
          + Milepost 1
          + The Nerve Internet Service
          + Norbert Bollow
          + North Star Technical Services
          + OakNet Publishing
          + OnServices
          + Postbox
          + Revnet Systems
          + Rivertown.Net/Jar.Net Communications Ltd.
          + SkyList
          + SoHoMart
          + SparkLIST
          + SparkNET's JokeLISTS Email Hosting Service
          + Spencer-Davis Group
          + SportSurf.Net
          + Stargame
          + VAR.CODE
          + Wharfedale Computers
          + World Data Network, Inc.
          + Worldmachine Technologies Corporation
                                Listserv Lists
   From: Roger Burns <>
   The most widely used mailing list software is Revised Listserv,
   developed by Eric Thomas of L-Soft. Over 200 sites run Listserv
   mailing list software at no charge to the list-owners, and many may be
   willing to sponsor a list for you if your proposed topic strikes their
   To find a Listserv sponsor, write up a draft proposal which describes
   the list you'd like to create and mail it to LSTSRV-L@SEARN.SUNET.SE.
   Mention in your message that you don't usually follow those discussion
   groups, so could responses please be mailed to your private address.
   Please only submit your proposal once. If someone is willing to host
   your list, then you will hear back from him or her. Repeated proposals
   for the same topic are only likely to annoy the readers of the list
   and may make them less likely to want to take on new lists. For more
   detailed advice on this process, send the command GET NEW-LIST CREATE
   as an e-mail message to the address LISTSERV@VM1.NODAK.EDU.
   For general documents explaining Listserv, send the following commands
   in the body of a message to LISTSERV@SEARN.SUNET.SE:
   For documents about running Listserv lists, send the following
   commands to that same address:
                               No-fee Providers

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: ?
   Status: no-fee service
   We are a free mailing list provider providing total control over your
   lists via the WWW.

   Email Contact:,
   Web Contact:
   Software: Majordomo
   Status: free mail lists provides free mailing lists to those people who want a small
   mailing list. There are also other free net services that we provide
   (visit above URL for more information). is currently at (or
   very close to) its max number of lists it will host. Feel free to
   apply for a list by contacting us, but be aware that might
   not be able to host the list for you at this time.
Expansion, LLC

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: LetterRip
   Status: free service with ads
   Small sponsorship message in each posting. Minimum of 50 current
   subscribers to open new account. Maximum of 10 kilobytes per message.
   Moderated lists accomodated. Includes web-based sub/unsub. Includes
   custom email headers if required. Includes a digest (daily or weekly)
   if required. Includes promotional support if required. Includes
   searchable web archive (if required).

   Email Contact:
   Software: SPAM<TM> an RDBMS-backed Web System
   Status: No Fee Service
   A service intended for Web publishers who wish to collect names,
   addresses, and demographic information from readers without the hassle
   of maintaining a relational database themselves. It is not a mailing
   list in the Listserv sense. You, the administrator, are the only
   person who can send mail to the list. Users receive mail that appears
   to have come directly from you. If they reply, it is directly to the
   email address that you specify. Most typically, this service is used
   by Web publishers to apprise readers of new documents. However, via
   Web forms, you can configure SPAM to collect custom information and to
   deliver custom confirmation pages. For example, you could easily use
   the system to collect names of users who register to try out demo
   software and then deliver them a page with downloading instructions.
Horizon Online

   Software: Majordomo
   Status: no-fee service
   Horizon OnLine host mailing lists supported by the latest version of
   majordomo giving list owners full control whilst being off site. Help
   is provided for list owners in using majordomo. We can also supply a
   web page for the list and POP3 accounts to manage the list from if
   required. We are well connected for the USA and Europe, being
   connected by UUNET provides adequate bandwidth for your lists
IGV InterLink

   Email contact:
   Web Contact: (Majordomo Service Site)
   Software: Majordomo (with Majorcool)
   Status: no fee service
   IGV InterLink offers a free mailinglist hosting service for the
   internet community. Lists are not blindly accepted, but we're willing
   to review every request. IGV InterLink is a students assosication,
   providing extended internet access for the students at Fontys
   Hogescholen, the Netherlands.

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: Written by Core Networks Inc.
   Status: free searchable list archiving
   ListQuest came about because some of our staff were members of active
   lists, but the lists did not have searchable archives. So we wrote an
   engine to provide the archives. The members loved it and told others.
   Soon we added a few more lists and so it goes. The engine has been
   upgraded three times since inception and a new version is in the
   works. The service is FREE and we actively FIGHT SPAM. We also host
   lists that we are archiving, and have a dedicated Sun running
   Majordomo for this purpose.
The Mail Archive

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: mhonarc + htdig
   Status: free searchable list archiving
   We specialize in doing only one thing -- list archiving. The Mail
   Archive offers searchable archiving services for public Internet
   mailing lists. The goal is to make outsourcing mailing list archives
   as easy or easier than doing it yourself. You may archive your list at
   the Mail Archive regardless of where the list itself is hosted.
OakNet Publishing

   Email Contact: Phil Tanny <>
   Web Contact:
   Software: ListSTAR
   Status: free autoresponders and announcement lists
   OakNet Publishing offers free autoresponders and announcement lists
   (newsletter mailings etc) to businesses and organizations in exchange
   for permission to attach small ads for our listserv services to the
   top and bottom of outgoing mails. We also offer commercial accounts
   for those who would prefer not to display our ads in their mailings.
   Most commercial accounts are $25/month. Discussion groups are
   available for our commercial customers. We provide friendly and
   attentive customer service to both our free and commercial accounts
   and use very flexible software (ListSTAR) which allows us to customize
   our services to meet each customers unique needs.

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: custom
   Status: free list hosting and archiving
   ONElist provides free, easy to use and reliable list services. You can
   start and manage new mailing lists, subscribe to existing mailing
   lists and view archives of old list messages, all from the ONElist web
   site. ONElist supports many different types of mailing lists,
   including announcement lists, restricted lists, moderated lists, and
   open lists.
Prodigy Services Corporation

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: Majordomo
   Status: free list support for certain topic areas
   Prodigy mailing lists are free and open to anyone. Many are related to
   our communities, but any topic may be considered. Prodigy Services
   Corporation is not accepting any new Mailing Lists at this time,
   although existing lists are being maintained.

   Email Contact: Benji Spencer <>
   Web Contact:
   Software: Majordomo
   Status: free mail lists hosts free mailing lists for people who would like them.
   Some features include the use of Major Cool, MHonArc, and a
   subscribe/unsubscribe web page interface. Each list will be dealt with
   on a personal level, but there is no intent to limit the lists, unless
   there becomes a problem with bandwidth/machines.
                               For-fee Providers

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: Majordomo + integrated packages
   Status: for-fee service
   BIGLIST Inc. manages electronic mailing lists. We provide
   comprehensive services to create, maintain, and administer e-mailing
   lists of any size for businesses and organizations - from customers to
   shareholders to members. We help businesses leverage the power of
   e-mail - the most popular part of the Internet!
   BIGLIST features easy web-based configuration, speedy customer
   support, searchable WWW archives, and virtually unlimited messages.
   Listmember addresses are kept private and secure. We do not sell your
   lists to anyone. You can even use your own domain name so it looks
   like you are running the show!
Brazerko Communications

   Email Contact:
   Software: WaterGate
   Status: for-fee service
   We specialize in small discussion and announcement lists. We can also
   gate your list to a FidoNet or other FTN (Fido Technology Network)
   echo. Shareware authors are especially welcome!
Cantec Communications

   Email Contact:
   Software: NT-List and propietary mailing software
   Status: for-fee service
   Cantec Communications offers Internet-related services including
   mailing lists and mail related marketing and communication aids for
   businesses and community organizations. By using high-speed internet
   connections, maintaining low peak usage loads, and with ease of
   maintenance, we strive to provide the best and most cost-effective
   communications services available. Our prices start at $4.95 per month
   and vary depending upon the type of list and projected and actual
   usage. For more details, contact the address listed above.
Capital Area Internet Service

   Email Contact: or
   Software: SmartList/custom
   Status: for-fee service
Carnell Information Systems

   Email Contact:
   Software: cAML
   Status: for-fee provider
   The Carnell Automated Mailing List (or cAML) is an enhancement to any
   web site that offers content that is constantly being updated, like an
   electronic magazine or technical documentation. Visitors to your web
   site fill out a quick and easy form to add themselves to the list.
   From then on, you have easy access to that list. More importantly, the
   list has a built-in utility for sending personalized messages to each
   member, and giving him his private ID (for use in changing his profile
   or removing himself altogether). This frees you from the task of
   relying on external email list servers to monitor the Internet for
   incoming signal messages. When you want to find out who's on your list
   or send mail to everyone, you simply make your way to a special page
   on our site that gives you complete control of your list. In addition,
   cAML software upgrades are automatic and free. cAML is a very low cost
   service. At $5.00 (US) per month (no size limits), we're making cAML
   the best and most popular way to maintain a mailing list.
Cooldog Technologies

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: Lyris
   Status: for-fee provider
   We specialize in serving businesses with full feature lists including
   archives, newsgroups, subdomain hosting, etc. Prices start at $36. We
   do not provide any services to bulk emailers.
Cuenet Systems

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: Customized
   Status: for-fee service
   Cuenet provides listservice with WWW interface as well as email based
   list management features. WWW and search engine browsing of listserver
   archives, autoreponders, are available upon request. Cuenet also
   offers domain, web, and POP3 email services making Cuenet a complete
   one stop interactive Internet solution.
CyberSolutions GmbH

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Status: for-fee service
   Software: Petidomo 2.0 commercial
   Prices can be found at
Digital Marketing

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: Majordomo
   Status: for-fee service
   Digital Marketing (DigiMark) offers a variety of value-added services
   to the Internet business community, including mailing lists and
   mailbots. We utilize Majordomo software for client-controlled listing
   and approval, and we support distributed mailing lists approval and
   moderation is handled off-site.
Dundee Internet Services, Inc.

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: Lyris
   Status: for-fee service
   Dundee Internet Services, Inc., an authorized reseller of Lyris(TM)
   Email List Server software for Solaris, OS/2, and Windows NT, operates
   the fastest Lyris site on the planet. Dundee Internet offers a full
   range of list hosting services, from low-cost personal lists (no
   commercial use allowed) starting at $15.00/month up to 125 members, to
   customized list solutions for commercial use. One-way bulk e-mail for
   lists over 1000 members are also available.

   Email Contact:; Sign up form:
   Software: Majordomo 1.94.3 + many enhancements
   Status: for-fee service
   For $5 per month: Free 10-day trial period, Four domain names to
   choose from (such as,, up to 2500
   subscribers (see Pricing for larger lists), Majordomo 1.94.3+ (with
   enhancements such as setting an address to nomail temporarily, the
   ability to change the welcome message sent to new subscribers, and
   more...for specific information, send an e-mail to, Complete documentation for list management,
   Full Speed of three T-3 lines (45Mbps each), Usage Reports, Digests &
   Archives, Free unlimited e-mail support, No Setup Fee, Commercial use
   is allowed, and much more. Write to for
   more information.
   If your list needs a web site, too, you can get a WebSite with the
   following features: 5 MB of WebSpace (can be increased), WWW Address (or the domain name you can choose
   like:,, Unlimited updates via your own FTP
   account, Free E-mail address, Free updateable Autoresponder, Free 2
   e-mail aliases to your e-mail address, Free E-mail forward Service,
   CGI-Local Directory, Server-Side-Included Scripts feature, Option to
   create Password Protected Pages, Over 30 different Web page counters
   to track traffic, No Transfer Limits, Free unlimited e-mail support,
   No Setup Fee, Discounts on Mailing List Service, Commercial use is
   allowed and much more. The price for such a WebSite is $5 a month.
   Write to for more information.
Euphline Network Resources

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: Custom or Majordomo
   Status: for-fee service
   We offer inexpensive Majordomo lists ($6/month) and also an even less
   expensive custom option ($2/month). The custom option is not as cool
   as majordomo -- the list manager must edit a text file to do deletions
   and additions -- but both are very affordable options!
Expansion, LLC

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: LetterRip
   Status: for-fee service
   No advertisements. No minimum number of subscribers or maximum size
   per message. Email attachments permitted. Private and moderated lists
   accomodated. Includes web-based sub/unsub and daily reports of
   activity. Includes custom email headers if required. Includes a digest
   (daily or weekly) if required. Includes promotional support if
   required. Special customization if required. Cost: No setup fee, $.15
   per day plus $.15 per 1000 message deliveries (``Message delivery''
   defined as one message of 10 kilobytes or less delivered to one
   address). Includes searchable web archive (if required).
Fornits workshop

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: MReply 1.75
   Status: for-fee service (soft on some issues)
Ga-USA.Com Internet Services

   Email: Sales@Ga-USA.Com
   Web Contact: http://www.Ga-USA.Com
   Software: MajorDomo
   Status: for-fee service
   Internet Presence Services including web space, e-mail accounts and
   mail lists. A ``full-service'' site, we offer customized services to
   meet your short or long-term IP (Internet Presence) needs. Note:
   Ga-USA.Com is not an ISP (Internet Service Provider) -- you still need
   Internet access from an ISP to utilize our services. All lists hosted
   from our site treat list member information as confidential. As a
   matter of policy, list e-mail addresses are not provided to outside
   interests. If this is agreeable to your needs, we invite you to visit
   our site or send us e-mail.
Harte & Lyne Limited

   Web Contact:
   Software: Majordomo
   Status for-fee service
   Harte & Lyne Limited was founded in 1892 (sic) and has been operating
   an Internet Services Division since November 1995. We specialize in
   professional individual access accounts and provide a full range of
   internet services, including e-mail mailing list services. Among the
   lists that we currently host are the Diplomacy Cat23-L list, the
   WarinEur computer wargame mailing list, the PacWar computer mailing
   list, and many private lists.
   Our mailing list software is majordomo 1.94.4. Our SMTP MTA is
   sendmail 8.8.7. We have a policy prohibiting UCEM and we have
   anti-relay rulesets installed on our servers. We are located in
   Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and yet we have clients from around the
   world. Germany, the USA, Singapore, Great Britain, Brazil and Italy
   are representative of the range of nations that we have clients
   located in.
   Our prices for international services are quoted in Canadian Dollars
   but we can bill in any currency that is freely exchanged by Canadian
   banks. In practice this means that you can pay either in Canadian or
   US funds but we have in the past dealt in Deuschmarks and Pounds
   Stirling. We accept VISA. If VISA is used to settle payment then the
   charge is made in Canadian Dollars and the issuing bank determines the
   exchange rate.
InterLink BBS

   Email Contact:
   Software: Listbot
   Status: for-fee provider
   InterLink BBS will manage your email discussion group for only $15.00
   US a month, or $59.75 for six months (one month free!). We proudly
   offer: no setup fees, no contracts, no commitments and no size limits.
   Mastercard and Visa welcome! Ideal for clubs and newsletters. We let
   you choose your own address, making your list unique. Options include
   a menu to manually add and delete users. Users can automatically
   subscribe/unsubscribe, receive a weekly or daily ``digest'' of all
   posts made to the list and even access an archive of old digests. We
   also do autoresponders, allowing people to receive your information
   automatically when they write to a certain address. For a
   comprehensive FAQ, write to:
Internet Business Access Group

   Email Contact:
   Software: Majordomo
   Status: for-fee service
   The Internet Business Access Group provides mailboxes and mailing list
   services (using Majordomo software) at the following rates:
   Mailboxes: $25.00 setup (up to 5 mailboxes), $7.50/month/mailbox
   Mailing Lists: $25.00 setup, $15.00/month or $10.00/month when paid in
   12 month blocks.
   Majordomo allows remote administrators to have a high degree of
   control over the managment of the mailing list.

   Web Contact:
   Email Contact:
   Software: Majordomo
   Status: for-fee service
   Since 1995, Listbox has been providing mailing lists using Majordomo,
   the most popular list management software in existence today.
   Listowners from beginners to experts enjoy Listbox's free custom web
   interface that makes list management a snap. We have custom extensions
   built on top of the basic majordomo package: listowners can forbid
   certain individuals from posting, or even kill outright any messages
   that contain forbidden words. Dedicated email customer support,
   separate digests, and list archiving facilities are included free with
   each list.
   We serve hundreds of lists, ranging in size from three subscribers to
   eleven thousand. Making millions of message deliveries every month, we
   still manage to boast some of the fastest delivery times in the
   business -- your messages will reach 95% of your subscriber list
   within 60 seconds. To find out more about Listbox, we invite you to
   check out our website at, or contact us directly at -- E-Mail List Services

   Email Contact:
   Software: Majordomo
   Status: for-fee service
   Specialize in all types of bulk mailling lists such as discussion
   lists, annoucement lists, e-mail zines, newsletters. There is a $10.00
   non-refundable setup fee for all mailling lists. List prices start at
   $49.00 per year, depending on if the list owner wants a WWW page for
   the list. Digest lists are included in the price of all basic lists.
L.O.F. Communications

   Email Contact: (Charlie Summers)
   Software: unknown
   Status: for-fee service
   Professional Internet mailing services, including Mailing Lists
   (one-way, discussion, and digest), AutoResponders, POP accounts, and
   re-directed accounts are available from L.O.F. Communications - for
   much less than you think! All accounts, unless otherwise requested,
   include a free listing on the Mailing List Sign-Up page at, to make it easier for your
   potential subscribers to join.
   For information on available services and our advantages, send mail to For a current rate card on Mail Services, send
   mail to For a complete rate card, including Web
   Services, send mail to Your information will be
   returned within a few minutes.
L-Soft International, Inc

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: LISTSERV
   Status: for-fee service
   L-Soft international Inc., the company that sells the authentic
   LISTSERV(TM) software for IBM mainframes, VMS, Unix, Windows NT and
   Windows 95, also operates the largest LISTSERV site in the world, with
   1,600,000 daily deliveries (DEC95, weekday average). L-Soft offers a
   full range of list hosting services, from low-budget hobby lists
   (non-commercial use only) starting as low as $8.00/month, to
   high-profile personalized solutions for businesses, with five levels
   of list management assistance to choose from. There is also a bulk
   service for very large lists with infrequent postings.
   L-Soft currently (DEC95) operates lists as large as 110,000
   subscribers and has the technology to host lists of 1,000,000 members
   with response times of 0.2 sec or less for typical administrative
   requests (ADD, SUBSCRIBE, SIGNOFF, etc). Note that L-Soft is not an
   ISP and does not sell shell accounts, only mailing lists.

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: Lyris
   Status: for-fee service
   Lyris.Net specializes in high-reliability, high quality mailing list
   services. We use our own Lyris List Server software, which suports
   extensive web-based administration, quality of service monitoring,
   delivery progress notifications, auditing, scheduling, security, very
   high delivery speed, and many other features. Our list hosting
   facility is located at the West Coast NAP inside the Pacific Bell
   building, with redundant power backup and RAID hard disk subsystems.
   Our servers connect directly to a 45 megabit DS3 router at the UUNet
   access point.

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: Custom software designed for ease of use
   Status: for-fee service provides easy to use, affordable mailing list services
   for both announcment (broadcast) and discussion groups email lists.
   Special addresses like list-on, list-off, list-change, and list-switch
   (where list is replaced by your list name) make it super simple for
   your subscribers to get on your list, off your list, change their
   address, or switch to the digest version.
   Discussion groups are set up with two lists, which can be either
   individual messages, digests, or fancy multi-part digests. Send a
   blank message to to see if your email reader
   handles these new multi-part messages. A web page interface to your
   list is available, and status reports are emailed to you on a regular
   Save yourself time, hassles and keep from burning out by using the
   software that reduces and eliminates those annoying messages from
   people that cannot comprehend the traditional listserve type commands.
Micronicos Internet Design Studios

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: SVList
   Status: for-fee service
   Micronicos Internet design Studios runs mail lists of up to 3000
   members, using the popular and flexible SVList software. All the usual
   facilities for list digests, subscribe and unsubscribe validation,
   HTML generation, and even banner advertisement rotations, are
   available. Our pricing is competitive and our service second to none!
   Contact us for current prices and service delivery.
Milepost 1

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: unknown
   Status: no-fee service and fee
   Milepost1 internet mailing services, including Mailing Lists, Auto
   Responders, POP accounts, and re-directed accounts are available from
   Milepost1 starting at $0.00! For a complete pricing list send email to
The Nerve Internet Service

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: Majordomo
   Status: for-fee service
   US$75 per year. Flat rate regardless of the size of the list. Lists
   may not be used for unsolicited mailings.
Norbert Bollow

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: Majordomo version 1.94.4.nb2 or Majordomo 2
   Status: for-fee service
   I can offer you Mailing lists configured to exactly meet your needs,
   with virtual hosting under your own domain, automated bounce-handling
   and automated web-archives, whatever is desired. If the many
   configuration options of Majordomo don't allow you to do what you
   want, I know Majordomo well enough that I can easily modify the
   Majordomo program to do exactly what you want it to do.
North Star Technical Services

   Email Contact:
   Software: majordomo
   Status: for-fee service
   NSTS provides mailing list services using Majordomo software for
   $10/month or $100/year in advance. Majordomo allows remote
   administrators to have a high degree of control over the managment of
   the mailing list. Questions or comments can be sent to
OakNet Publishing

   Email Contact: Phil Tanny <>
   Web Contact:
   Software: ListSTAR
   Status: for-fee service
   See entry in the No-fee Providers section.

   Email Contact: or
   Status: for-fee service
   Software: custom
   Small mailing lists are our specialty, which we call MailCalls (tm).
   Families, girl scouts, clubs and sports fans use our service. We also
   provide autoresponse services (infobots) and cutomised services like
   email journals, diaries and catalogs. Internet mailing services are
   our only business. Unlike most companies, OnServices handles all of
   the administrative tasks for you. Small lists for as little as $20 per
   quarter after setup.

   Email Contact:
   Phone Contact: +44 1275 795551
   Fax Contact: +44 1275 340056
   Web Contact:
   Software: NTList
   Status: for-fee service
   Postbox provides all forms of automated e-mail service (except spam
   delivery), Mailing List Management, Auto-Responders,
   Document-on-Demand Servers and Electronic Newsletter delivery
   services. We are a wholly owned division of Gordano Ltd., the authors
   of the highly regarded NTMail and NTList products. Our role is to
   deploy the parent's products to the benefit of clients who, for
   whatever reason, do not wish to run them in-house.
   For many clients, an important feature is the integration of automated
   E-Mail and WWW sites. We have a blue chip, international client base
   for whom we have undertaken such examples of complex and constantly
   changing projects. We have the business processes in place, together
   with the experience, that provide security, flexibility and peace of
   mind to our clients -- at competitive rates.
Revnet Systems

   Email Contact:
   Phone Contact: 888-999-1420
   Web Contact:
   Software: GroupMaster
   Status: for-fee service
   GroupMaster Express is Revnet's mail list hosting service, based on
   the next generation, award-winning GroupMaster list server software.
   Create any type of email list in minutes. No arcane command-line
   knowledge is required--all of your list management is done through our
   easy, intuitive web interface. Also, GroupMaster has an integrated
   database that allows for dynamic message scheduling and powerful
   readership tracking. The subscriber's side is also easy, with simple
   email commands and even our one-of-a-kind web-based Member Control
   Panel--unsubscribe with one click. No more list hassles with
Rivertown.Net/Jar.Net Communications Ltd.

   Email Contact:
   Software: Smart-List (part of the Procmail package)
   Status: for-fee service
   Mailing lists provided for a $25 set up fee and $12.50 per month for
   up to 125 subscribers. Contact us for a custom quotation for larger
   lists. Prices scale up from 125 subscribers at the approximate rate of
   $0.10 per subscriber based upon peak monthly membership. Billed
   quarterly. Special arrangements available for not-for-profit groups.

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: ListSTAR, Lyris, LetterRip, Sendmail
   Status: for-fee service, some free service
   Start your own online community with SkyList! Through our unique
   combination of Internet tools and services, we can help you plant the
   seeds of a virtual community, and nurture them to fruition. SkyList
   prides itself on professional service, technical excellence, and
   confidentiality. We work closely with our clients to develop a
   community which matches their needs and exceeds their expectations. If
   you are serious about your Internet mailing lists, you want SkyList.
   All lists include a web subscription form, searchable archives, and

   Email Contact: Gerhard Oosthuizen <>
   Software: Majordomo 1.94.4
   Status: free mailing lists
   SoHoMart offers free mailing lists (newsletter mailings, announcement
   lists, discussion lists, moderated or unmoderated, with or without
   digestified versions, with or without archives, etc.) to individuals,
   businesses and organizations in exchange for permission to attach
   small ads to the top and bottom of outgoing mails. We also offer
   commercial accounts for those who would prefer not to display our ads
   in their mailings. Most commercial accounts are $10/month. We provide
   friendly and attentive customer service to both our free and
   commercial accounts. SoHoMart hosts mailing lists supported by the
   latest version of Majordomo giving list owners full control whilst
   being off site. Help is provided for list owners in using Majordomo.
   We can also supply a web page for the list and POP3/IMAP4 accounts to
   manage the list from if required. Our USA-located server provides more
   than adequate bandwidth for local and/or international lists of any
   size, with our three high speed (3x 45Mbps) connections to MCI, Sprint
   and UUNET.

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: Majordomo 1.94 / SparkLIST hybrid
   Status: for-fee service
   SparkLIST makes Email list hosting management easy, via your own web-
   based interface. Whether you have 20, 200, 2000, or 200,000 list
   members, our investment of 6 dedicated list servers will ensure your
   list is taken seriously, delivered FAST, and `Rock-Solid-Reliable'.
   Current speed capacity is 675 Emails per second. To receive an
   autoresponder of testimonials, send an Email to SparkLIST specializes in Business
   Announcement lists & Email Discussion lists for as low as $14.99 a
   month for the first 30,000 Emails.
SparkNET's JokeLISTS Email Hosting Service

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: Majordomo 1.94 /SparkLIST hybrid
   Status: for-fee service
   JokeLISTS specializes in Email Joke List Hosting for Joke/Humor List
   owners who send their joke to lists as small as 25 people to as large
   as over 100,000+. JokeLISTS takes your list seriously, via 6 dedicated
   Email list servers that gives your list speed, security, reliability
   and with the web based interface; ease of use.
Spencer-Davis Group

   Email Contact:
   Phone Contact: (360) 786-1501
   Web Contact:
   Software: ListServ and ListProc
   Status: for-fee service
   The Spencer-Davis Group is a leading provider of broadcast email,
   autoresponders, and mailing list hosting and administration services.
   If you would like more information about our services please visit our
   web page.

   Email Contact:
   Software: Majordomo
   Status: for-fee service
   We offer those in the sports, fitness, health, reacreation and even
   entertainment industry Majordomo list services, chat rooms and
   web-boards. The services can be operational on a high-noise
   (advertising) or high-academic (pure peer review) basis. We are keen
   only to our target markets, but cover everything from A to Z in those
   markets. Furthermore, if you present us with the ``qualified
   moderators'' -- we'll host your list for a fraction of the cost that
   you'll pay the others. Sports is about teamwork and this service is
   about synergy.
   We have Unix, NT, and Mac services, bots too, on redundant T3
   bandwidth. The fees are annual, pay-in-advance, -- but very modest.
   Sites include and

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: majordomo
   Status: for-fee service
   Stargame provides mailing list hosting through Majordomo and includes
   a web interface that can also be used to do list configuration. We can
   host all types of mailing lists from small hobby lists to large
   business or newsletter lists. Pricing varies based on the type of list
   and full pricing information in available on our web page.

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: LetterRip Professional
   Status: for-fee service has pricing as low as $5 per month for 200 subscribers.
   Lists up to about 2000 subscribers are only $15 per month. Larger
   lists are custom quoted. Enjoy our super fast service, sign-up now and
   be up and running in less than 12 hours! Our servers are FAST and

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: ?
   Status: for-fee service is a new kind of e-mail marketing tool designed to help
   small to medium size companies, educational institutions, and
   non-profit companies capture interested web site visitors, segment
   them by general demographic categories and custom categories related
   to the company's services and/or products, and communicate with these
   interested individuals using an easy-to-use web browser.

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: SmartList/ProcMail
   Status: for-fee service
   Mailing lists are included at no additional charge with virtual web
   server services which start at $24.95/month with quarterly billing.
   Mailing list administration can be perfomed remotely via e-mail. List
   content can also be archived and made searchable via the web.
   Discounts available to bonafide non-profit organizations.
Wharfedale Computers

   Email Contact:
   Software: smoflist
   Status: for-fee service
   Included in the service: we provide publicity for the list, an archive
   of old articles, regular information to the list owner about new and
   lapsed users, WWW support and maintenance of the list.
World Data Network, Inc.

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: Majordomo
   Status: for-fee service
   WDN has provided online services for the Washington, DC metropolitan
   area since 1984. We are a small company and our niche is unique in
   that we primarily work with small businesses and small associations.
   Our focus is on providing the individual service(s) needed by each
   individual client. Let us work with you to provide your online needs.
   All our servers are connected to the Internet by high speed
   connections. These servers have been up and running 99% of the time
   since installed. Downtime has consisted of time necessary to replace a
   defective power supply or to install additional memory.
   We provide dial-up Internet access and dedicated Internet access via
   high speed US Robotics modems including ISDN and 56k (X2). In
   addition, we provide www servers which virtual domain homepages,
   private domain e-mail and subdomain homepages. A number of companies
   use our office for the co-location of their servers. If you need an
   online mailing list, we can set one up for you within hours of receipt
   of your order. Typically the client (you) has total management of
   their own mailing list via e-mail commands. You can have either a
   public or private mailing list. The most important aspect of such a
   list is that it is virtually automatic and requires little of your
   valuable time. We can provide broadcast e-mail, auto-responders and
   interactive mailing lists.
Worldmachine Technologies Corporation

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: SmartList, proprietary WWW-based archive search/browse
   Status: for-fee service
   We offer both bounce and digest-mode mailing lists. Our fees vary
   based on monthly message traffic - there is no limit on number of
   subscribers. All lists include the following services: full list
   administration, message archiving and weekly backups, both email and
   web-based archive search/ browse/retrieve engines, a homepage for the
   list (with www-based subscription), and message auditing.

   Email Contact:
   Web Contact:
   Software: unknown
   Status: for-fee service
   We do provide mailing list services for a fee, (usually just the cost
   of an account with us) however, the setup is really something that we
   do after an account is set up with us. ``Individual'' account pricing:
   $19.00 per month, $17.00 per month for six months ($102). Individual
   account includes: UUCP mail/PPP/SLIP/CSLIP access for a single user,
   single user UUCP feed.
    Brian Edmonds

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