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College Email Addresses 6/5 [Monthly posting]

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Xavier University (Cincinnati, OH, USA):              Changed: Wed Apr 22 1998
  World-Wide Web service at <URL:>.
  E-mail directory at
    <URL:>.  Students:, where the ID is a six-digit number assigned by
    the university.  Faculty: Administration:
  These sites support whois and finger.

Yale (New Haven, CT, USA):                            Changed: Mon Aug 21 1995
  World-Wide Web service at <URL:>.
  Gopher service at <URL:gopher://>.
  Faculty, staff, students:  Finger firstname or for more information.

York University (Toronto, Ontario, Canada):           Changed: Sat Dec 18 1999
  World-Wide Web service at <URL:>.
  Almost all faculty, grad students, and a majority of undergrads, have e-mail
    accounts.  Directory at <URL:>.

Young Harris College (Young Harris, GA, USA):         Created: Wed Nov 18 1998
  World-Wide Web service at <URL:>.

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