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alt.magicK KfaQ#08: Alt.Magick FAQ? (kreEePing oOze faQ)

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Archive-name: magick/kreeeping-ooze/part08
Posting-Frequency: to alt.magick -- by inquiry and desire;
to news.answers -- approximately monthly

See reader questions & answers on this topic! - Help others by sharing your knowledge ( writes:

|Where is the best place to get the alt.magick faq?


Revised 9412

KREEPING OOZE FAQ #8: "Is there a FAQ for this newsgroup??"

If you write a response then I may include it with mine and we'll have some
more Kreppping Ooze.

My response:

Yes, there are many FAQs for this newsgroup.  There is even an old one
which attempts to approach a general overview (with a little sex magick
thrown in).  It contained writings by Shava Nerad Averett (who posts here 
occasionally), Rev. JB Bell (hanging around somewhere) and our very own 
josh 'go away' geller (who contributed wonderful OTO sex magick stuff).

Many people in the newsgroup did not like the tone and/or content of the
original FAQ and so there was an attempt to replace it, which failed due
to a lack of interest.  Since then there have been individual FAQs, such
as the KabbalahFAQ by Colin Low, the GoldenDawnFAQ by Steve Cranmer,
the NecronomiconFAQ by Kendrick Kerwin Chua, Shawn Knight's EgyptianGods 
FAQ, and Mark Danburg's TarotFAQ.

I've started the 'Kreeping Ooze FAQs' which compile responses from list 
inhabitants for future use and most of these FAQs can be found at this
ftp site:

Beyond this, there is no 'Official FAQ' which serves for this newsgroup,
and there is not likely to be one.  It is something of which all alt.magick
people can be proud. ;>

=================================================== END OF OOZING FAQ #08

This document is Copyright (c) 1994, authors cited.

All rights reserved.  Permission to distribute the collection is
hereby granted providing that distribution is electronic, no money
is involved, reasonable attempts are made to use the latest version
and all credits and this copyright notice are maintained.

Other requests for distribution should be directed to the individual
authors of the particular articles.

This is from a series of continually-updated posts responding to recurrent
questions in this newsgroup.  Please debate anything in here which seems
extreme and add your own response to these questions after the post.  I'll
integrate what I like.  Thanks.

tyagi nagasiva
tyagI@houseofkaos.Abyss.coM (I@AM)
                       PLEASE CC ALL PUBLIC RESPONSES TO EMAIL.    |
telnet://            |           news:alt.magick.tyagi

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