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Libertarian FAQ: Mailing Lists

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Archive-name: libertarian/mailing-lists
Posting-Frequency: monthly

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                           LIBERTARIAN MAILING LISTS
Selected News and Announcements Lists
      Freedom News - daily digest of news and commentary
      Libertarian Party - official public announcements
      Libertarian Party business - news and announcements
      Libertarian Clips (daily news clippings)

     Most libertarian organizations have an announcement list or
     e-mail newsletter to keep supporters informed of their
     activities.  Look for subscription information on the
     organization's web site -- in most cases you will find it
     on their home page.

LP-Related National Discussion Lists
      Libertarian Party business - miscellaneous

  LP - campaigns
      Ken Krawchuk for President 2004
      Libertarian Party business - campaigns (other than pres/VP)
      Libertarian Party business - presidential campaigns
      L. Neil Smith for President 2004

  LP - platform and positions
      Libertarian Party business - the LP Platform
      Libertarian Party business - the LP Program

  LP - strategy
      "all politics is local"
      Libertarian Mainstream Caucus
      "a caucus to develop, analyze and discuss strategic plans"
      Libertarian Party business - strategic planning

  LP - tactics and tools
      Libertarian Party business - databases
      Libertarian Party business - newsletters and other publications
      Libertarian Party business - television/video
      Libertarian Party business - world wide web

Other National Discussion Lists by Topic

      Libertarians for Life
      LP Platform - Women's Rights and Abortion

      spreading libertarian ideas through art, music, television, etc.
      Libertarian Fiction - discussion of authors and literature

  drug war
      Constitutional Patriots Opposing Prohibition
      Drug Reform Coalition discussion - industrial hemp
      Drug Reform Coalition
      Drug Reform Coalition discussion - medical marijuana

      Hayek related research

      separation of school and state

  election laws
      Libertarians discuss proportional representation



  foreign policy
      LP Platform - Foreign Intervention
      LP Platform - Presidential War Powers

  free regions
      Free State Project (a USA state)
      Libertarian Nation Discussion Group
      "new, free nations not tied to existing States"

      Libertarian Futurists



  other political parties
      "conversation amongst libertarian and other pro-liberty Republicans"
      Libertarian Party business - other political parties
      Democratic Freedom Caucus

      Christianity and Libertarianism
      Pagan and other old religions

  self defense

      "the mechanics of campus activism and outreach"

      veterans concerns and recruiting veterans

      "reaching out to the women of America with the libertarian message"
      Ladies Talk Liberty
      Libertarian Feminists
      "Libertarians who self-identify as women in their daily life are welcome"

Miscellaneous National Discussion Lists
      (to join mail to
      "freedom, liberty, anarcho-capitalism, libertarian, conspiracy, ..."
      current events notes forwarded from various sources
      "a list for all lovers of freedom and civil rights"
      "explore libertarian thought and expose the flaws in collectivist logic"
      In Pursuit of Liberty and Respect for All
      Liberty Northwest Conference and Newsgroup
      "a place to discuss the future of Libertarianism"
      "holding the line against big government"

Region/State/Local Lists by Location

  USA - southeast

  USA - midwest

  USA - New England
      Pink Pistols - New England


      repealing the Arizone state income tax

  Arizona - Pima County
      University of Arizona
      University of Arizona

      LP of California - official public announcements
      LP business in California - news and announcements
      Libertarian Mainstream Caucus
      discussions of firearms legislation and issues
      California Libertarian News and Discussion
      LP business in California - campaigns
      LP business in California - LPC Executive Committee
      LP business in California - local organizations
      LP business in California - membership
      LP business in California - miscellaneous
      LP business in California - planning
      LP business in California - platform
      LP business in California - ballot propositions
      LPC Political Prisoner Support Committee

  California - northern
      Bay Area Libertarian News and Discussion

  California - Alameda County and Contra Costa County
      East Bay Libertarian Party (LPC Region 1)

  California - Contra Costa County
      University of California at Berkeley
      University of California at Berkeley

  California - Los Angeles County
      (to join mail to
      LPC Region 65 - Southeast L.A.

  California - Orange County
      LP of Orange County (LPC Region 30) - announcements
      LP of Orange County (LPC Region 30) - discussion
      Pink Pistols - Orange County

  California - Sacramento County
      LP of Sacramento County (LPC Region 34)

  California - San Bernardino County
      San Bernardino County LP (LPC Region 36)

  California - San Diego County
      LP of San Diego County (LPC Region 37) - announcements

  California - San Francisco
      LP of San Francisco (LPC Region 38) - announcements
      LP of San Francisco (LPC Region 38) - activist list
      LP of San Francisco (LPC Region 38) - general discussion

  California - San Mateo County
      LP of San Mateo County (LPC Region 41) - announcements
      LP of San Mateo County (LPC Region 41) - discussion

  California - Santa Clara County
      LP of Santa Clara County (LPC Region 43) - announcements
      LP of Santa Clara County (LPC Region 43) - discussion

  California - Santa Cruz County
      LP of Santa Cruz County (LPC Region 44)

  California - Ventura County
      LP of Ventura County (LPC Region 56)

      Colorado Libertarian and Objectivist Personals

  Colorado - Adams County

  Colorado - Boulder County

  Colorado - Denver area

  Colorado - Jefferson County



  District of Columbia


  Florida - Alachua County

  Florida - Broward County

  Florida - Hillsborough County

  Florida - Lee County

  Florida - Leon County

  Florida - Martin County

  Florida - Orange County

  Florida - Pasco County

  Florida - Seminole County


  Georgia - Atlanta




  Illinois - central
      University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign College Libertarians

  Illinois - Chicagoland

  Illinois - DuPage County

  Illinois - Lake County



  Iowa - east





  Massachusetts - west

  Massachusetts - Boston
      Boston Objectivist Network


  Michigan - Kalamazoo




  Nevada - University of Nevada Las Vegas

  New Hampshire

  New Hampshire - Nashua

  New Jersey

  New Jersey - northern
      LP of Somerset and Middlesex Counties

  New Mexico

  New York

  New York - Kings County

  New York - Long Island

  New York - New York County

  New York - Queens County

  New York - Westchester County

  New York - capital region

  New York - central region

  North Carolina
      Pink Pistols - Asheville


  Ohio - northeast
      Kent State University libertarian discussion list

  Ohio - northwest

  Ohio - south

  Ohio - west
      Miami University Libertarians

  Ohio - central



  Oregon - Multnomah County

      LP of Pennsylvania Board of Directors
      getting Libertarians into office in Pennsylvania
      Pennsylvania general libertarian list
      Pennsylvania general libertarian list
      Pink Pistols - Delaware Valley

  Pennsylvania - Allegheny County

  Pennsylvania - Centre County
      Penn State College Libertarians

  Rhode Island

      Pink Pistols - Knoxville area

  Tennessee - Hamilton County

      (to join send "subscribe lptexas" to

  Texas - northern
      Pink Pistols - Dallas / Ft. Worth

  Texas - central
      Pink Pistols - Austin / San Antonio

  Texas - Brazos County
      Aggie Libertarians at Texas A & M University

  Texas - Collin County

  Texas - Denton County

  Texas - Harris County

  Texas - Montgomery County

  Texas - Travis County

      official news from the LP of Virginia
      discussion of State Central Committee business
      State Central Committee discussion (others read-only)

  Virginia - northern
      Pink Pistols / Northern Virginia

  Virginia - southern

  Virginia - central


  Washington - King County

  Washington - Whatcom County

  West Virginia


  Wisconsin - north

  Wisconsin - northeast

  Wisconsin - Eau Claire area

  Wisconsin - Fond du Lac / Oshkosh area

  Wisconsin - Madison area

  Wisconsin - Milwaukee area

  Wisconsin - Racine area


      Libertarian Party of Canada

      University of Waterloo Youth for Liberty

      Parti Libertarien du Quebec

      South African Libertarian Society

  ASIA - India
      Centre for Civil Society / Liberty and Society Seminar

      European Libertarian Society
      Libertarian International

  United Kingdom
      Libertarian Alliance (UK)

  Australia - Queensland
      Libertarian Society Queensland

  Australia - Victoria
      University of Melbourne

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