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Judaism Reading List: Zionism (Pt. IX)
Section - The Founders

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Top Document: Judaism Reading List: Zionism (Pt. IX)
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          Avineri, Shlomo. The Making of Modern Zionism: The Intellectual
          Origins of the Jewish State. Basic Books, 1981. Out of Print.
          [A series of eighteen profiles of major thinkers: Krochmal,
          Graetz, Hess, through Jabotinsky, Kook and Ben Gurion.]
          Begin, Menachem. The Revolt: Story of the Irgun. Schuman, New
          York. 1951. Out of Print.
          Ben-Gurion, David. Rebirth and Destiny of Israel. Philosophical
          Library, New York. 1954. Out of Print.
          Dayan, Moshe. Moshe Dayan: Story of My Life. Da Capo Pr; 1992.
          Paperback. Reprint edition. ISBN 0-306804-97-2.
          [6][Buy at Amazon:

          Dothan, Shmuel. A Land in the Balance: The Struggle for
          Palestine 1919-1948. Gefen Books; 1996. Hardcover. ISBN
          [7][Buy at Amazon:

          Eban, Abba. My Country: The Story of Modern Israel. Random
          House, New York. 1972. Out of Print.
          Fromkin, David. A Peace to End All Peace: The Fall of the
          Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East. Avon
          Books (Pap Trd); 1990. Paperback. ISBN 0-380713-00-4. [The
          Balfour Declaration and the early history of the Mandate in the
          context of the larger international situation.]
          [8][Buy at Amazon:

          Gal, Allon. David Ben Gurion and the American Alignment for a
          Jewish State (Modern Jewish Experience). Indiana Univ Pr; 1992.
          Hardcover. ISBN 0-253325-34-X.
          [9][Buy at Amazon:

          Halamish, Aviva; Cummings, Ora (Translator). The Exodus Affair:
          Holocaust Survivors and the Struggle for Palestine (Religion,
          Theology and the Holocaust). Syracuse Univ Pr (Trade); 1998.
          Hardcover. ISBN 0-815605-16-1.
          [10][Buy at Amazon:

          Heller, Joseph. The Birth of Israel, 1945-1949: Ben-Gurion and
          His Critics. University Press of Florida; 2000. Hardcover. ISBN
          [11][Buy at Amazon:

          Herzl, Theodor; Overberg, Henk (Translator). The Jews' State: A
          Critical English Translation. Jason Aronson; 1997. Hardcover.
          ISBN 0-765759-73-X.
          [12][Buy at Amazon:

          Hurewitz, J. C. The Struggle for Palestine. Schocken, 1976. Out
          of Print. [Reprint of the edition published by Norton, written
          in the late 1940s as a thesis at Columbia. A detailed account
          of Arab and Jewish politics in the Mandate and the Arab revolt
          from 1936 on.]
          Hurwitz, Harry Zvi; Denker, Patrick R. (ed). Begin: A Portrait.
          Bnai Brith Books; 1994. Paperback. ISBN 0-910250-28-6.
          [13][Buy at Amazon:

          Jabotinsky, Z'ev. The War and the Jew. Altalena Press, New
          York. 1987.
          Jabotinsky, Vladimir; Sarig, Mordechai. The Political and
          Social Philosophy of Ze'Ev Jabotinsky: Selected Writings.
          Vallentine Mitchell; 1998. Paperback. ISBN 0-853033-59-5.
          [14][Buy at Amazon:

          Jerusalem Report Staff; Horovitz, David (ed). Shalom, Friend:
          The Life and Legacy of Yitzhak Rabin. Newmarket Press; 1996.
          Hardcover. ISBN 1-557042-87-X.
          [15][Buy at Amazon:

          Katz, Shmuel. Lone Wolf: A Biography of Vladimir (Ze'Ev)
          Jabotinsky. Barricade Books; 1996. Hardcover. ISBN
          [16][Buy at Amazon:

          Kurzman, Dan. Soldier of Peace: The Life of Yitzhak Rabin:
          1922-1995. Harpercollins; 1998. Hardcover. ISBN 0-060186-84-4.
          [17][Buy at Amazon:

          Perlmutter, Amos. The Life and Times of Menachem Begin.
          Doubleday and Company, Inc. 1987. Out of Print.
          Rabin, Yitzhak. The Rabin Memoirs. Little, Brown. 1979. Univ
          California Press; 1996. Paperback. Expanded edition. ISBN
          [18][Buy at Amazon:

          Robertson, Ritchie (ed); Timms, Edward (ed). Theodor Herzl and
          the Origins of Zionism. Edinburgh Univ Pr; 1997. Hardcover.
          ISBN 0-748609-44-X.
          [19][Buy at Amazon:

          Salmon, Yosef. Religion and Zionism: First Encounters. Hebrew
          University Magnes Press. November 2001. ISBN 965-493-092-7.
          [This book deals with the role that Jewish religion played in
          the evolution of the Zionist movement, both in the
          consolidation of a Jewish national consciousness and in the
          actual day to day activity of the Jewish nationalist movement.
          Insofar as national consciousness was concerned, a recurring
          question in the early movement was whether religious identit
          constituted a necessary component of nationalist identity. This
          book traces the tweists and turns of the interaction between
          these two forces in Jewish history from the early 1860s until
          [20][Buy at Amazon:

          Schechtman, J. B. The Life and Times of Jabotinsky. Eshel
          Books, Silver Spring MD. 1986. (2 vols). Out of Print. ISBN
          [21][Buy at Amazon:

          Seidman, Hillel; Schreiber, Mordecai. Menachem Begin: His Life
          and Legacy. Shengold Pub; 1990. Hardcover. ISBN 0-884001-42-3.
          [22][Buy at Amazon:

          Shavit, Jacob. Jabotinsky and the Revisionist Movement
          1925-1948. Frank Cass & Co; 1988. Hardcover. ISBN
          [23][Buy at Amazon:

          Sicker, Martin. Between Hashemites and Zionists: The Struggle
          for Palestine, 1908-1988. Holmes & Meier Publishing, Inc; 1989.
          Hardcover. ISBN 0-841911-76-2.
          [24][Buy at Amazon:

          St. John, Robert. Ben-Gurion: Builder of Israel. London Pub Co;
          1998. Hardcover. ISBN 0-961326-24-7.
          [25][Buy at Amazon:

          Teveth, Shabtai. Ben Gurion: The Burning Ground 1886-1948.
          Houghton Mifflin. 1987. Out of Print. [1988 National Jewish
          Book Award winner]
          Tuchman, Barbara. Bible and Sword: England and Palestine from
          the Bronze Age to Balfour. Funk and Wagnalls, 1956. Ballantine
          Books (Trd Pap); 1988. Paperback. Reissue edition. ISBN
          0-345314-27-1. [British cultural background to the Balfour
          [26][Buy at Amazon:

          Weitzmann, Chaim. Trial and Error. JPS, Philadelphia. Schocken,
          New York. 1966.
          Zadka, Saul. Blood in Zion: How the Jewish Guerrillas Drove the
          British Out of Palestine. Brasseys Inc; 1995. Hardcover. ISBN
          [27][Buy at Amazon:


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Top Document: Judaism Reading List: Zionism (Pt. IX)
Previous Document: Zionism and The Development Of Israel
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