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Judaism Reading List: Trad. Lit. and Practice (Pt. II)
Section - The Household

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Top Document: Judaism Reading List: Trad. Lit. and Practice (Pt. II)
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          Dresner, Samuel H; Siegel, Seymour. The Jewish Dietary Laws.
          Burning Bush Press, New York. 1959. United Synagogue Book
          Service; 1980. Paperback. ISBN 0-838121-05-5.[Conservative
          authorship. The book presents liberal positions on ingredients,
          wine, cheese, gelatin, swordfish. Among Conservative rabbis,
          the book reflects more lenient views.]
          [6][Buy at Amazon:

          Epstein, Rabbi Joseph D. Mitzvot Habayit: The Precepts of the
          Jewish Home (translated by Gershon Taschman). Torath HaAdam
          Institute, New York, 1981. [Translation of the introduction to
          the author's comprehensive work of the same name in Hebrew.]
          Forst, Binyomin. The Laws Of Kashrus. Artscroll Mesorah.
          Hardcover. [A comprehensive exposition of their underlying
          concepts and application]
          [7][Buy at Artscroll:
          Goldman, Alex J. Handbook for the Jewish Family: Understanding
          and Enjoying the Sabbath and Other Holidays. ISBN
          0-819700-85-1. Out of print
          Greenberg, Blu. How to Run a Traditional Jewish Household
          Paperback reprint edition (September 1985) Simon & Schuster
          (Paper); 1985; ISBN 0-671602-70-5. Jason Aronson (Hardcover);
          1989; ISBN 0-876688-82-2.
          Paperback: [8][Buy at Amazon:

          ish] ; Hardback: [9][Buy at Amazon:

          KiTov, Eliyahu. The Jew and His Home: A Guide to Jewish Family
          Life. Shengold, 1963. Philipp Feldheim; 1999. Hardcover. ISBN
          [10][Buy at Amazon:

          Levi, Shonie and Kaplan, Sylvia. Guide for the Jewish
          Homemaker. Schocken Books, New York. 1964. ISBN 0-805200-87-8.
          Out of Print.
          Lipschutz, Yacov. Kashruth: A Comprehensive Background and
          Reference Guide to the Principles of Kashruth (The Artscroll
          Series). Mesorah Publications Ltd.; 1988. Hardcover. ISBN
          [11][Buy at Amazon:

          ish/] [12][Buy at Artscroll:
          Lubavitch Women's Organization. Body and Soul: A Handbook for
          Kosher Living, Lubavitch Women's Cookbook Pub, NY. 1989. Bloch
          Pub Co; 1997.Paperback. ISBN 0-826602-39-8. [Short introduction
          to kosher basics.]
          [13][Buy at Amazon:

          Lubavitch Women's Organization: Blau, Esther; Deitsch, Tzirrel;
          Light, Cherna. Spice and Spirit: Complete Kosher Jewish
          Cookbook. Lubavitch Women's Cookbook Pub, NY, 1990, 1997.
          Hardcover. Reprint edition. ISBN 0-826602-38-X. [Contains
          detailed information about the laws of kashrut and holidays
          from the Lubavitch point of view and thus follows Lubavitch
          customs regarding Kashrut; for non-Lubavitch, use in
          conjunction with other Kashrut references. Lots of traditional
          recipes that tend not to fail, if followed. Good section on
          Passover baking.]
          [14][Buy at Amazon:

          Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, Rabbinical
          Council of America. Kashruth: Handbook for Home and School
          UOJCA, New York. 1972.
          Rosenberg, Ehud. Meat and Dairy, an illustrted guide for the
          Kosher Kitchen. Mesorah, NY. 1991. [Uses pictures to teach
          about kashrut.]
          Syme, Daniel. The Jewish Home: A Guide for Jewish Living. Union
          of American Hebrew Congregations; 1998. Paperback. ISBN
          0-807404-00-4. [Reform]
          [15][Buy at Amazon:

          Wagschal, S. The Practical Guide to Kashruth. Philipp Feldheim;
          2000. Hardcover. ISBN 0-873065-61-1.
          [16][Buy at Amazon:

          Welfeld, Irving. Why Kosher - An Anthology of Answers. Jason
          Aronson, New York. 1996. Hardcover. ISBN 1-568216-06-8. [Offers
          a variety of opinions on the subject from some of Judiasm's
          greatest thinkers.The sources explored come from ancient Egypt
          and the internet. Among the comments expresse are those of
          Maimoides, Nehama Leibowitz, Cynthia Ozick, the Lubavitcher
          Rebbe, Dennis Prager, Abraham Joshua Heschel and Adin
          [17][Buy at Amazon:

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   ([19], published by Yeshiva Birkas
   Reuven. For information, contact Kashrus at P.O. Box 204, Brooklyn NY

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Top Document: Judaism Reading List: Trad. Lit. and Practice (Pt. II)
Previous Document: Traditional Practice
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