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Judaism Reading List: Intermarriage (Pt. XI)

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              Selected Sources for Additional Reading on Judaism
                            Part XI: Intermarriage
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                    [Last Post: Thu Feb 19 11:07:05 US/Pacific 2004]

   This list provides a collection of sources on the subject of
   intermarriage for the readers of soc.culture.jewish. This list is not
   attempting to present a position either for or against intermarriage;
   that is up to the individual to decide in consultation with their
   Rabbi. This list does attempt to include books from all sides of the
   spectrum, so that educated consideration can be given to the subject.
   Intermarriage is a serious concern in the Jewish community. According
   to the 1991 issue of Newsweek, 52% of men and women who have married
   since 1985 took gentiles as spouses (in 1964, the number was 9%).
   Furthermore, 3 of every 4 children of intermarriages are being raised
   either as Christians (41%) or with no religion at all (31%). The issue
   stated that 60% of Reform Jews, 50% of Conservative Jews, and 25% of
   Orthodox Jews are intermarried, and at many Reform Shabbat services a
   third or more of the participants are unconverted spouses. Now these
   numbers may have inaccuracies, but the concern and trends remain the
   same regardless of the exact value of the numbers.
    Where Can I Get The Books
   Many of these books are available through general bookstores or
   Judaica bookstores. A list of links to these may be found in the
   [6]sources section of the [7]General Reading List (if you are reading
   this at [8], you can simply click on the "Sources"
   button in the header navigation bar).
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   restriction. See Part 1 (general) for more details.

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