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Judaism Reading List: Introduction and General (Pt. I)
Section - Where Can I Get These Books From?

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Top Document: Judaism Reading List: Introduction and General (Pt. I)
Previous Document: The following is an index to all the SCJ Reading Lists. It is grouped by the files available through the SCJ FAQ Autoretriever.
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   With the growth of the Internet, there are now many, many, many
   retailers of both secular and Jewish products on the Internet. This
   reading list cannot claim to list them all; however, we can identify
   some of the largest ones. Note that the FAQ makes no claim as to the
   quality of any of these services. They are likely all good, but the
   reading list can provide no guarantees.
    Secular Services
   The following commercial concerns all provide a large selection of
   books, including a fair selection of Jewish books:
     * Amazon. [6]
       [7][Amazon Associate] Note: The S.C.J Reading List has established
       an affiliate relationship with Amazon.Com. Now you can complete
       your Jewish library and support the continued development of the
       Reading Lists at the same time. For those reading this at, you can click the link to the
       left to browse Amazon's selections. Alternatively, if you enter
       Amazon using the URL
       ewish, the reading lists will get credit for your entry.
       [9]We make it easy. When you see the Amazon graphic (or "[Buy at
       Amazon: http:...]") on an entry in the reading list, this
       indicates that the specific book is available for purchase at
       Amazon. Click on the graphic/link to go to Amazon and purchase the
     * Barnes and Noble. [10]
    Jewish Retailers
   The following retailers all provide a large selection of Jewish books:
     * Broders Rare and Used Books. [11]
       A good sources for the rare or used books, often not stocked by
       other retailers.
     * Jewishmall [12]
       A collection of online Jewish retailers
     * Jewishmusic.Com [13]
       Operated by Tara Publications. Stocks both books and music.
     * Judaism.Com. [14]
       Operated by US Judaica, formerly Pinsker's Bookstore in Pittsburgh
       PA. This concern is well known from their land-line number:
     * J. Levine Books and Judaica. [15]
       Based out of New York, NY. Sells books, media, and Judaica.
     * My Jewish Books. [16]
       An online discount Jewish bookstore. Orders are fulfilled by, and proceeds go to tzedakah.
     * Virtual Jerusalem Shops. [17]
       A collection of Judaica shops in a wide variety of categories.
   The following are publishers of Jewish Music or Jewish texts. You can
   often order directly from them. An additional source of Jewish
   Publishers is the Association of Jewish Book Publishers
   ([18] There is another list of
   publishers at
   Additionally, almost all "mainstream" publishing houses, such as Simon
   and Schuster ([20], Macmillan Publishers
   ([21], Doubleday
   ([22], another division of Random
   House), Random House ([23], Harper Collins
   ([24], among others, all offer
   popular Judaica in their catalogs.
   Some good publishers that focus specifically on Judaica are:
     * Artscroll/Mesorah. [25]
       [26][Artscroll Affiliate] Publishers of timeless Jewish classics,
       including Talmud commentaries. The S.C.J Reading Lists have also
       established a relationship with Artscroll. Support the Reading
       Lists by purchasing books through Artscroll. In the web version of
       the reading lists, you can use the Artscroll graphic link link to
       the left (or the link that is at the bottom of each page) to shop
       at Artscroll. If you are reading this without the graphical links,
       either visit [27] to read the web
       version, or go to Artscroll directly at
       [29]We make it easy. When you see the Artscroll graphic (or "[Buy
       at Artscroll: http:...]") on an entry in the reading list, this
       indicates that the specific book is available for purchase at
       Artscroll. Click on the graphic/link to go to Artscroll and
       purchase the book.
     * Jacob Aronson Inc. [30]
       Publishers of Judaica
     * Behrman House. [31]
       Behrman House is the leading publisher of Judaica and educational
       materials for Jewish religious schools in North America and in
       English-speaking countries around the world.
     * Ben-Simon Publications. [32]
       Publishes Jewish and family themed books.
     * CCAR Press. [33]
       Publishers of liturgical and reference material for the Reform
     * Feldheim Publishers. [34]
       "Bringing you the finest in Torah Literature for the Entire
     * Five Star Publications. [35]
       Various categories including kosher cookbooks, Holocaust memoirs,
       consumer-oriented (Profits of Death, an expose of the funeral
       industry) and children's books.
     * Jewish Lights Publishing. [36]
       Publishers of a large amount of contemporary Jewish thought and
       practice books, including Anita Diamont's stuff.
     * Jewish Publishing Society. [37]
       The oldest publisher of Jewish literature published in the English
       language. Since 1888, JPS has providing titles that further Jewish
       culture and education
     * Jonathan David Press.
       A New York-based nonfiction trade book publisher that specializes
       in sports, biography, reference, and popular Judaica. The parent
       corporation, Jonathan David Co., Inc., markets and distributes
       Jonathan David publications throughout the world. In addition, it
       issues Judaica Book Guide, a mail-order catalog offering the very
       best in Judaica from the lists of all publishers at bargain
     * Kehot Publishing. [39]
       The publishing arm of Chabad.
     * KTAV Publishing Company [40]
       Publisher of fine Jewish books and gifts, including prayer books,
       books for children and young adults, toys, games, school supplies
       and textbooks. KTAV also produces distinguished scholarly books on
       topics ranging from Biblical study to contemporary issues.
     * Milah Press. [41]
       Books on the holocaust, Hebrew language, and Zionism.
     * Paulist Press [42]
     * Pelican Publishing Company, Inc. [43]
       Publishes books of Jewish interest for all ages, including A
       Travel Guide to Jewish Europe, Passover Lite Kosher Cookbook,
       Kosher Cajun Cookbook, Kosher Creole Cookbook, Kosher
       Southern-Style Cookbook, Toby Belfer's Seder: A Passover Story
       Retold, Toby Belfer Never Had a Christmas Tree, and A Belfer Bar
     * Praeger Press. [44]
     * The Reconstructionist Press.
       Publishing arm of the Reconstructionist movement. Publishes over
       fifty titles dealing with Reconstructionist philosophy, liturgy,
       education and current issues in daily Jewish life. The press also
       publishes and distributes the works of Mordecai M. Kaplan.
     * Schocken Books.
       A division of Random House, Schocken is well known for publishing
       scholarly books on a wide variety of Jewish subjects.
     * SHJ Press. [47]
       The publishing arm of the Society for Humanistic Judaism movement.
     * Soncino Press. [48]
       Publishers of Judaic classic books.
     * Targum Press. [49]
       A major publisher of Jewish books. A subsidiary of Feldheim
     * UAHC Press. [50]
       Publishers of a large amount of material dealing with the Reform
     * USCJ Bookstore. [51]
       USCJ is the publisher of books for the Conservative movement.
   The following University presses occasionally publish books of Jewish
     * Columbia University Press.
     * Oxford University Press. [53]
     * University of Chicago Press. [54]
    Specialty Sources
   The following vendors and publishers provide books for more
   narrowly-focused audiences:
     * [55] is a one-stop shop for a wide
       variety of Jewish Russian-language literature sold over the
       Internet. Their catalogue, which can be accessed at
       [56], includes over 400 titles,
       including fiction, poetry, biographies, Biblical commentary,
       Judaic encyclopedias, history and academic texts, Hebrew-Russian
       dictionaries and kosher cookbooks. guarantees a
       wide range of Russian language Judaica, with reasonable prices and
       excellent service.

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