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Judaism Reading List: Introduction and General (Pt. I)
Section - Women and Judaism

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Top Document: Judaism Reading List: Introduction and General (Pt. I)
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See reader questions & answers on this topic! - Help others by sharing your knowledge
   In this section, you'll find a wide variety of material, from the
   strongly feminist perspectives of Reform Judaism to the more
   traditional perspectives of Orthodoxy, with a few more general books
   relating to feminism and women-and-religion in general. Use caution
   when selecting, and I always welcome annotations to further help the
   readers. Many of these suggestions come from a reading list developed
   by Rabbi Shira Stern, originally published in v4n60 of the [6]Liberal
   Judaism Mailing List.
          Abrams, Judith Z. The Women of the Talmud. Jason Aronson; 1995.
          Paperback. ISBN 1-568212-83-6.
          [7][Buy at Amazon:

          Adelman, Penina V. Miriam's Well: Rituals for Jewish Women
          Around the Year. Biblio Pr; 1986, 1996. Paperback. 10th Anniv.
          Ed. ISBN 0-930395-11-5.
          [8][Buy at Amazon:

          Adler, Rachel. Engendering Judaism: An Inclusive Theology and
          Ethics. Jewish Publication Society; 1998. Hardcover. ISBN
          [9][Buy at Amazon:

          Aiken, Lisa. To Be a Jewish Woman. Aronson, Northvale NJ. 1992.
          Jason Aronson; 1994. Paperback. ISBN 1-568211-53-8.
          [10][Buy at Amazon:

          Alpert, Rebecca. Like Bread on the Seder Plate. Columbia Univ
          Pr; 1998. Paperback. ISBN 0-231096-61-5. [Explores the
          difficult balance of living as both a Jew and a lesbian]
          [11][Buy at Amazon:

          Anderson, Sherry Ruth; Hopkins, Patricia. The Feminine Face of
          God: The Unfolding of the Sacred in Women. Bantam Doubleday
          Dell Pub; 1991, 1992. Paperback. Reprint edition. ISBN
          [12][Buy at Amazon:

          Antonelli, Judith S. In the Image of God: A Feminist Commentary
          on the Torah. Jason Aronson; 1997. Paperback. ISBN
          [13][Buy at Amazon:

          Balka, Christie (ed); Rose, Andy (ed.). Twice Blessed: On Being
          Lesbian, Gay, and Jewish. Beacon Pr; 1991. Paperback reprint
          ed. ISBN 0-807079-09-X.
          [14][Buy at Amazon:

          Baskin, Judith R. (ed). Jewish Women in Historical Perspective.
          Wayne State Univ Pr; 1999. Paperback. 2nd edition. ISBN
          [15][Buy at Amazon:

          Biale, Rachel. Women & Jewish Law: An Exploration Of Women's
          Issues In Halakhic Sources. New York : Schocken Books, 1984.
          [This book does a nice overview of various portions of Jewish
          law and how it applies to women. I have only briefly read a few
          parts but it is a good reference and overview.]
          Biale, Rachel. Women and Jewish Law: The Essential Texts, Their
          History, and Their Relevance for Today. Schocken Books; 1995.
          Paperback. ISBN 0-805210-49-0.
          [16][Buy at Amazon:

          Bletter, Diana; Grinker, Lori (Photographer). The Invisible
          Thread: A Portrait of Jewish American Women. Jewish Publication
          Society; 1989. Hardcover. ISBN 0-827603-33-9.
          [17][Buy at Amazon:

          Brody, Leslie (ed). Daughters of Kings: Growing Up As a Jewish
          Woman in America. Faber & Faber; 1997. Hardcover. ISBN
          [18][Buy at Amazon:

          Broner, E.M. The Telling - The Story of a Group of Jewish Women
          who Journey to Spirituality Through Community and Ceremony.
          Harpercollins; 1993. Hardcover. ISBN 9-992334-49-5.
          [19][Buy at Amazon:

          Broner, E. M. Bringing Home the Light: A Jewish Woman's
          Handbook of Rituals. Council Oak Distribution; 1999. Hardcover.
          ISBN 1-571780-84-X.
          [20][Buy at Amazon:

          Chinnia, Rosemary. Can Women Re-Image the Church?. NY: Paulist
          Press, 1992. [Non-Jewish, but related to the subject of Jewish
          women in religion]
          Clanton, Jann Aldredge. In Whose Image?: God and Gender.
          Crossroad Publishing Company; 1990. Paperback. ISBN
          [21][Buy at Amazon:

          Davidman, Lynn. Tradition in a Rootless World: Women Turn to
          Orthodox Judaism. Univ California Press; 1991. Hardcover. ISBN
          [22][Buy at Amazon:

          Davidman, Lynn; Tenenbaum, Shelly (ed). Feminist Perspectives
          on Jewish Studies. Yale Univ Pr; 1995. Hardcover. ISBN
          [23][Buy at Amazon:

          Diamant, Anita. The Red Tent. Picador USA; 1998. Paperback.
          ISBN 0-312195-51-6.
          [24][Buy at Amazon:

          Fine, Irene. Midlife: A Rite of Passage and the Wise Woman: A
          Celebration. Womans Inst Cont Jewish Educ; 1988. Paperback.
          ISBN 0-960805-47-8.
          [25][Buy at Amazon:

          Fiorenza, Elisabeth Schussler. But She Said: Feminist Practices
          of Biblical Interpretation. Beacon Pr; 1992,1993. Paperback.
          Reissue edition. ISBN 0-807012-15-7.
          [26][Buy at Amazon:

          Fishman, Sylvia Barack. A Breath of Life: Feminism in the
          American Jewish Community (Brandeis Series in American Jewish
          History, Culture, and Life). Maxwell Macmillan International,
          c1993. Brandeis Univ; 1995. Paperback. Reprint edition. ISBN
          0-874517-06-0. [The challenge of being Feminist and Jewish in
          America. Touches on all sorts of issues (Ritual, Marriage,
          [27][Buy at Amazon:

          Frankiel, Tamar. The Voice of Sarah: Feminine Spirituality and
          Traditional Judaism. Harpercollins; 1992. Biblio Pr; 1997.
          Paperback. Reprint edition. ISBN 0-930395-22-0. [A feminist and
          observant Jew wrestles with the Jewish feminine mystique].
          [28][Buy at Amazon:

          Frankel, Ellen. The Five Books of Miriam; A Woman's Commentary
          on the Torah. 1996. Hardcover. Putnam Pub Group; 1996. ISBN
          [29][Buy at Amazon:

          Goldstein, Elyse. The Women's Torah Commentary: New Insights
          from Women Rabbis on the 54 Weekly Torah Portions. Jewish
          Lights Pub; August 2000. Hardcover. ISBN 1-580230-76-8. [In
          this book, more than 50 women rabbis come together to offer
          their own inspiring commentaries on the Torah, following the
          traditional weekly reading.]
          [30][Buy at Amazon:

          Gottlieb, Lynn. She Who Dwells Within: A Feminist Vision of a
          Renewed Judaism. Harper San Francisco; 1995. Paperback. ISBN
          [31][Buy at Amazon:

          Greenberg, Blu. On Women and Judaism: A View From Tradition.
          Jewish Publication Society; 1981, 1994. Paperback. ISBN
          [32][Buy at Amazon:

          Greenberg, Blu. How to Run a Traditional Jewish Household.
          Simon and Schuster, New York. 1983, 1985. Paperback. ISBN
          0-671602-70-5. [A book on Jewish home rituals and Blu's
          experiences and techniques. Blu is also a Feminist.]
          [33][Buy at Amazon:

          Goldstein, Elyse. ReVisions: Seeing Torah Through a Feminist
          Lens. Jewish Lights Pub; 1999. Hardcover. ISBN 1-580230-47-4.
          [34][Buy at Amazon:

          Grossman, Susan; Haut, Rivka (ed). Daughters of the King: Women
          and the Synagogue. Jewish Publication Society; 1992, 1994.
          Paperback. ISBN 0-827604-41-6.
          [35][Buy at Amazon:

          Handelman, Susan (Editor); Elper,Ora Wiskind (Editor). Torah of
          the Mothers : Contemporary Jewish Women Read Classical Jewish
          Texts. Lambda Pub Inc; 2000. Hardcover. ISBN 9-657108-23-3. [A
          collection of essays and teachings culled from years of Bible
          and Jewish study by highly accomplished women Torah scholars
          and educators. Each contributor brings her own area of
          expertise to bear, providing novel and refreshing insights into
          biblical and rabbinic texts. Each also offers thought-provoking
          commentary on the ever present themes of exile and redemption,
          which are intrinsic to the ongoing saga of the Jewish people.]
          [36][Buy at Amazon:

          Harris, Lis. Holy Days: The World of a Hasidic Family. Collier
          Books, 1985, 1986. MacMillan Publishing Company; 1995.
          Paperback. ISBN 0-684813-66-1. [Lis Harris goes and visits a
          Hasidic family. She writes about what she learns and sees. It
          gives some of the history of the Lubavicher movement, some of
          the experiences of the holidays, and some of the every day
          experiences. It is a well written book.]
          [37][Buy at Amazon:

          Hauptman, Judith. Rereading the Rabbis : A Woman's Voice.
          Westview Press, 1998, 1999. Paperback. ISBN 0-813334-06-3.
          [Acknowledging that Judaism, as described in both the Bible and
          the Talmud, was patriarchal, Hauptman demonstrates that the
          rabbis of the Talmud made significant changes in key areas of
          Jewish law in order to benefit women. Reading the texts with
          feminist sensibilities, the author shows that although the
          rabbis whose rulings are recorded in the Talmud did not achieve
          full equality for women they should be credited with giving
          women higher status and more rights. Rather than plucking
          passages from a variety of different rabbinical works and
          sewing them together to produce an artificial, unified point of
          view, Hauptman reads sources in their own literary and legal
          context and then considers them in relationship to a rich array
          of associated materials.]
          [38][Buy at Amazon:

          Henry, Sondra; Taitz, Emily. Written Out of History: Our Jewish
          Foremothers. Biblio Pr; 1988, 1997. Paperback. ISBN
          [39][Buy at Amazon:

          Heschel, Susannah. On Being a Jewish Feminist. Schocken Books;
          1983, 1995. Paperback reprint edition. ISBN 0-805210-36-9.
          [Graphically demonstrates how Judaism is broken with respect to
          feminism, and presents the writers belief how this can be
          addressed within Halacha]
          [40][Buy at Amazon:

          Hyman, Naomi M. (ed). Biblical Women in the Midrash: A
          Sourcebook. Jason Aronson; 1997. Hardcover. ISBN 1-568219-50-4.
          [41][Buy at Amazon:

          Kantrowitz, Melanie Kaye (ed.); Klepfisz, Irena (ed.). The
          Tribe of Dina: A Jewish Women's Anthology. Sinister Wisdom
          29/30; 1986. Beacon Pr; 1989. Paperback. Revised and expanded
          edition. ISBN 0-807036-05-6.
          [42][Buy at Amazon:

          Katex, Judith A. (ed); Reimer, Gail Twersky (ed). Reading Ruth:
          Contemporary Women Reclaim a Sacred Story. Jewish Lights Pub;
          1997. Hardcover. Volume 2. ISBN 1-879045-15-X.
          [43][Buy at Amazon:

          Kaufman, Debra Renee. Rachel's Daughters: Newly Orthodox Jewish
          Women. Rutgers Univ Press; 1991. Paperback. ISBN 0-813516-38-2.
          [44][Buy at Amazon:

          Kaufman, Michael. The Woman in Jewish Law and Tradition.
          Unknown; 1995. Paperback. ISBN 1-568216-24-6.
          [45][Buy at Amazon:

          Klirs, Tracy Guren; Selavan, Ida Cohen. The Merit of Our
          Mothers: A Bilingual Anthology of Jewish Women's Prayers
          (Jewish Perspectives, Vol 5). Hebrew Union College Press, 1992.
          Wayne State Univ Pr; 1999. Paperback. ISBN 0-814327-33-8.
          [46][Buy at Amazon:

          Koltun, Elizabeth (editor). The Jewish Woman: New Perspectives.
          New York : Schocken Books, 1976. ISBN 0-805205-32-2. Out of
          print. [Collection of writings on women and Judaism. Feminist
          Kornbluth, Doron (Editor); Kornbluth, Sarah Tikvah (Editor).
          Jewish Women Speak About Jewish Matters. Feldheim Publishers;
          2000. Paperback. ISBN 1-568711-51-4. [Twenty-five female
          contributors from around the world speak about various topics
          within the sections of "Body and Soul," "Spiritual Matters,"
          "Biblical Texts," "Gender and Roles," and "Jewish Women Past
          and Present."]
          [47][Buy at Amazon:

          Levine, Elizabeth R. A Ceremonies Sampler. Womans Inst Cont
          Jewish Educ; 1991. Paperback. ISBN 0-960805-49-4.
          [48][Buy at Amazon:

          Levitt, Laura. Jews and Feminism: The Ambivalent Search for
          Home. Routledge; 1997. Paperback. ISBN 0-415914-45-0.
          [49][Buy at Amazon:

          Manning, Christel. God Gave Us the Right: Conservative
          Catholic, Evangelical Protestant, and Orthodox Jewish Women
          Grapple With Feminism. Rutgers Univ Press; 1999. Paperback.
          ISBN 0-813525-99-3.
          [50][Buy at Amazon:

          Meiselman, M. Jewish Woman in Jewish Law. Ktav Publishing
          House; 1978. Paperback. ISBN 0-870683-29-2.
          [51][Buy at Amazon:

          Moskowitz, Faye. A Leak in the Heart: Tales from a Woman's
          Life. David Goodine, 1985. ISBN 0-879235-51-9. Out of print.
          Ochs, Vanessa. Words on Fire: One Woman's Journey Into The
          Sacred. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1990. Westview Press; 1999.
          Paperback. ISBN 0-813367-18-2. [Story of Vanessa Ochs
          experience in going to Israel and deciding to study Tanach in
          Orthodox offerings. It teaches bits of torah and talmud as you
          go along and also brings up some of the issues she had with the
          Orthodox communities. (I believe she identifies herself as
          Conservative Jew).]
          [52][Buy at Amazon:

          Orenstein, Debra (ed). Lifecycles V. 1: Jewish Women on Life
          Passages and Personal Milestones. Jewish Lights Pub; 1994.
          Hardcover. ISBN 1-879045-14-1. [Non-Orthodox point of view].
          [53][Buy at Amazon:

          Orenstein, Debra (ed); Litman, Jane Rachel (ed). Lifecycles V.
          2: Jewish Women on Biblical Themes in Contemporary Life. Jewish
          Lights Pub; 1997. Hardcover. ISBN 1-879045-15-X.
          [54][Buy at Amazon:

          Orenstein, Walter. Letters to My Daughter: A Father Writes
          About Torah and the Jewish Woman. Jason Aronson; 1995.
          Hardcover. ISBN 1-568213-87-5.
          [55][Buy at Amazon:

          Orsborn, Carol. Return from Exile: One Woman's Journey Back to
          Judaism. Continuum Pub Group; 1998. Hardcover. ISBN
          [56][Buy at Amazon:

          Plaskow, Judith (ed.); Christ, Carol P. (ed.). Weaving the
          Visions: New Patterns in Feminist Spirituality. Harper San
          Francisco; 1989. Paperback. ISBN 0-060613-83-1.
          [57][Buy at Amazon:

          Plaskow Judith and Christ, Carol. Womanspirit Rising: A
          Feminist Reader in Religion. San Francisco: Harper and Row,
          1979, 1992. Paperback. Reissue edition. ISBN 0-060613-77-7.
          [58][Buy at Amazon:

          Plaskow, Judith. Standing Again at Sinai: Judaism from a
          Feminist Perspective. Harper San Francisco; 1991. Paperback
          reprint edition. ISBN 0-060666-84-6.
          [59][Buy at Amazon:

          Pogrebin, Letty Cottin. Deborah, Golda, and Me: Being Female
          and Jewish in America. Crown Publishers, 1991. Anchor
          Books/Doubleday; 1992. Paperback. Reprint edition. ISBN
          [60][Buy at Amazon:

          Raver, Miki Listen to Her Voice : Women of the Hebrew Bible.
          Chronicle Books 1998. Hardcover. ISBN 0-811818-95-0.
          [61][Buy at Amazon:

          Reimer, Gail Twersky (ed); Kates, Judith A. (ed). Beginning
          Anew: A Woman's Companion to the High Holy Days. Touchstone
          Books; 1997. Paperback. ISBN 0-684826-87-9.
          [62][Buy at Amazon:

          Roiphe, Anne. Generation Without Memory: A Jewish Journey in
          Christian America. NY: Simon and Schuster, 1981. ISBN
          0-671690-01-9. Out of Print
          Rudavsky, T.M. (ed). Gender and Judaism: The Transformation of
          Tradition. New York Univ Pr; 1995. Paperback. ISBN
          [63][Buy at Amazon:

          Ruether, Rosemary Radford. Sexism and God-Talk: Toward a
          Feminist Theology. Beacon Pr; 1983, 1993. Paperback. Reissue
          edition. ISBN 0-807012-05-X.
          [64][Buy at Amazon:

          Ruether, Rosemary Radford (ed.). Womanguides: Readings Toward a
          Feminist Theology. Beacon Pr; 1985, 1996. Paperback. Revised
          edition. ISBN 0-807012-35-1.
          [65][Buy at Amazon:

          Rush, Barbara. The Book of Jewish Women's Tales. Jason Aronson;
          1994. Hardcover. ISBN 1-568210-87-6.
          [66][Buy at Amazon:

          Schneider, Susan. Jewish and Female. NY: Simon and Schuster,
          1984. ISBN 0-671604-39-2. Out of Print.
          Spiegel, Marcia C.;Kremsdorf, Deborah L. (ed.). Women Speak to
          God: The Prayers and Poems of Jewish Women. Womans Inst Cont
          Jewish Educ; 1987. Paperback. ISBN 0-960805-46-X.
          [67][Buy at Amazon:

          Teubal, Savina J. Sarah the Priestess: The First Matriarch of
          Genesis. Swallow Pr; 1984, 1993. Paperback. Reprint edition.
          ISBN 0-804008-44-2.
          [68][Buy at Amazon:

          Teubal, Savina J. Ancient Sisterhood: The Lost Traditions of
          Hagar and Sarah. Ohio Univ Pr; 1997. Paperback. Reprint
          edition. ISBN 0-804010-01-3.
          [69][Buy at Amazon:

          Tolley, Jackie. On Our Spiritual Journey Creative Shabbat
          Service. Womans Inst Cont Jewish Educ; 1984. Hardcover. ISBN
          [70][Buy at Amazon:

          Umansky, Ellen M. (ed); Ashton, Diane (ed). Four Centuries of
          Jewish Women's Spirituality: A Sourcebook. Beacon Pr; 1992.
          Paperback. ISBN 0-807036-13-7.
          [71][Buy at Amazon:

          Wenkart, Henny (ed.). Sarah's Daughters Sing: A Sampler of
          Poems by Jewish Women. Ktav Publishing House; 1990. Hardcover.
          ISBN 0-881253-48-0.
          [72][Buy at Amazon:

          Winter, Miriam Therese; Craighead, Meinrad (illustrator).
          Womanwisdom: A Feminist Lectionary and Psalter: Women of the
          Hebrew Scriptures. Crossroad Pub Co; 1992. Paperback. ISBN
          [73][Buy at Amazon:

          Zones, Jane Sprague, ed. Taking the Fruit: Modern Women's Tales
          of the Bible. San Diego: Women's Institute for Continuing
          Education, 1981, 1990. Paperback. 2nd ed. ISBN 0-960805-48-6.
          [74][Buy at Amazon:

   There are other books relating to traditional views of the womens role
   in family life to be found in the [75]"LIFE, DEATH, AND IN-BETWEEN",
   of the reading list (the "traditional" file).

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