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Judaism Reading List: Antisemitism and Christian Relations (Pt. X)
Section - Antisemitism Today (Including Dealing With Hate Groups)

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Top Document: Judaism Reading List: Antisemitism and Christian Relations (Pt. X)
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          Abanes, Richard; Innis, Roy. American Militias: Rebellion,
          Racism & Religion. Intervarsity Pr; 1996. Paperback. ISBN
          [6][Buy at Amazon:

          Aho, James A. The Politics of Righteousness - Idaho Christian
          Patriotism. University of Washington Press; 1990, 1995.
          Paperback. ISBN 0-295974-94-X. [The author is a professor in
          the Sociology Dept. at the Idaho State University, Pocatello,
          ID. Topics covered include: 1. White supremacy movements -
          Idaho, 2. Arayan Nation, 3. Antisemitism - Idaho, 4.
          Christianity and politics. Includes an extensive bibliography,
          index, and notes. This a scholarly but readable work which is
          essential for anyone concerned with the history and dynamics of
          antisemitism in the Pacific Northwest.]
          [7][Buy at Amazon:

          Barkun, Michael. Religion and the Racist Right: The Origins of
          the Christian Identity Movement. Univ of North Carolina Pr;
          1996. Hardcover. Revised edition. ISBN 0-807823-28-7.
          [8][Buy at Amazon:

          Bronner, Stephen Eric. A Rumor About the Jews: Reflections on
          Antisemitism and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.
          St. Martins Press; 2000. Hardcover. ISBN 0-312218-04-4.
          [9][Buy at Amazon:

          Coppola, Vincent. Dragons of God: A Journey Through Far-Right
          America. Longstreet Press; 1997. Hardcover. ISBN 1-563523-27-2.
          [10][Buy at Amazon:

          Dees, Morris. Gathering Storm: America's Militia Threat.
          HarperCollins (paper); 1997. Paperback. ISBN 0-060927-89-5.
          [11][Buy at Amazon:

          Dinnerstein, Leonard. Antisemitism in America. Oxford Univ Pr
          (Trade); 1995. Paperback. ISBN 0-195101-12-X. [This book traces
          American antisemitism from its roots in the dawn of the
          Christian era and the arrival of the first European settlers,
          through the 18th and 19th centuries, to its peak during World
          War II and its present day permutations.]
          [12][Buy at Amazon:

          Kurthen, Hermann (ed); Bergmann, Werner (ed); Erb, Rainer (ed).
          Antisemitism and Xenophobia in Germany After Unification.
          Oxford Univ Press; 1997. Hardcover. ISBN 0-195104-85-4.
          [13][Buy at Amazon:

          Lipstadt, Deborah. Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault
          on Truth and Memory. Free Press. 1993. Plumsock Mesoamerican
          Studies; 1994. Paperback. Reprint edition. ISBN 0-452272-74-2.
          [Some people argue that the deaths of six million Jews in Nazi
          concentration camps is a myth. For a long time, proponents of
          this theory have been regarded as distasteful eccentrics on the
          lunatic fringe. But lately they have gone on the offensive and
          have achieved a shocking new degree of credibility; This book
          exposes this fraud and refutes its contentions.]
          [14][Buy at Amazon:

          McWilliams, Carey. A Mask for Privilege: Anti-Semitism in
          America. Transaction Pub; 1999. Paperback. ISBN 0-765806-12-6.
          [15][Buy at Amazon:

          Shapiro, James. Oberammergau: The Troubling Story of the
          World's Most Famous Passion Play. Pantheon Books; 2000.
          Hardcover. ISBN 0-375409-26-2.
          [16][Buy at Amazon:

          Shermer, Michael; Grobman, Alex; Hertzberg, Arthur. Denying
          History: Who Says the Holocaust Never Happened and Why Do They
          Say It. Univ California Press; 2000. Hardcover. ISBN
          [17][Buy at Amazon:

          Stern, Kenneth S. A Force Upon the Plain: The American Militia
          Movement & the Politics of Hate. Simon & Schuster. 1996. Univ
          of Oklahoma Pr (Trd); 1997. Paperback. Reprint edition. ISBN
          0-806129-26-3.[The author, who is an attorney, is a specialist
          in hate groups and extremist groups at the American Jewish
          Committee in New York City.) Topics covered include: 1.
          domestic U.S. terrorism, especially militia politics as a
          source motivation for the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal
          building, 2. para-military organizations active in more than
          two-thirds of the states supported by extreme right-wing
          political groups including neo-nazis, KKK, and Christian
          Identity, 3. attacks on local, state, and federal workers, 4.
          cross-over of militia politics from anti-gun control to
          anti-abortion, anti-environmentalism, anti-equal employment
          opportunity, and anti-feminism, 5. anti-semitism as an
          important element of militia "conspiracy theories regarding the
          future "downfall" and "overthrow" of the U.S. Constitution. 6.
          James "Bo" Gritz, U.S. Rep. Helen Chenoweth, Randy Weaver,
          Branch Davidians as important elements in militia politics.]
          [18][Buy at Amazon:


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Top Document: Judaism Reading List: Antisemitism and Christian Relations (Pt. X)
Previous Document: Medieval Oppression
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