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Judaism Reading List: Antisemitism and Christian Relations (Pt. X)
Section - What Led To The Holocaust

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Top Document: Judaism Reading List: Antisemitism and Christian Relations (Pt. X)
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    The Lead-Up
          Browning, Christopher R. The Path to Genocide: Essays on
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    The Holocaust
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          the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum by the head of its research
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          willing participants in executions and torture provides yet
          another side of the Holocaust picture, criticizing
          long-established answers to questions and providing a new
          exploration of those who carried out the Holocaust.]
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          infamous "final solution." This book traces the history from
          1914-the year that saw the foundations laid for both the house
          and the Holocaust-to the present.]
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    America and the Holocaust
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    Coping with the Aftermath
          Feld, Edward. The Spirit of Renewal: Finding Faith After the
          Holocaust. Jewish Lights Pub; 1995. Paperback. ISBN
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          Katz, Steven T. Post-Holocaust Dialogues: Critical Studies in
          Modern Jewish Thought. New York Univ Pr; 1985. Paperback. ISBN
          0-814745-87-3. [This book attempts a reconstruction of modern
          Jewish philosophy into a more compelling and tightly composed
          account of Jewish thought. The main concern is religious
          responses to the Holocaust by Eliezer Berkovits, Richard
          Rubenstein, Emil Fackenheim, and Ignaz Maybaum.]
          [35][Buy at Amazon:

          Katz, Steven T. Historicism, the Holocaust, and Zionism:
          Critical Studies in Modern Jewish Thought and History. New York
          Univ Pr; 1991. Hardcover. ISBN 0-814746-16-0. [This book offers
          a critical exploration of several of the most important topics
          in modern Jewish thought. Besides containing papers on Franz
          Rosenzweig and Abraham Joshua Heschel, Katz discusses the role
          of racial antisemtism in Germany after WWI; outlines and
          analyzes the issues of comparing the Holocaust to other
          historical events, such as the mass witch burnings of the
          middle ages, black slavery, the decimation of North American
          Indians, the Nazi assaults on Gypsies and homosexuals, and
          Polish and Ukranian losses during WWII.]
          [36][Buy at Amazon:

          Kushner, Harold S. When Bad Things Happen to Good People. Avon;
          1994. Paperback. ISBN 0-380603-92-6.
          [37][Buy at Amazon:

          Rosenberg, Bernhard H.; Heuman, Fred (ed). Theological and
          Halakhic Reflections on the Holocaust. Ktav; 1992. May be out
          of print. ISBN 0-881253-75-8. [This collection of articles
          represents in great measure the thological response of centrist
          Orthodoxy a generation after, and represents a rejection of
          'God's judgement theory'. It contains a wealth of material,
          some of them classic pieces long unavailable and many written
          for this volume by distinguished Orthodox thinkers.
          Contributors include Rabbis Joseph Soloveitchik, Norman Lamm,
          Emanuel Rackman, Haskel Lookstein, Reuven Bulka, Eliezer
          Berkovits, and more.]
          [38][Buy at Amazon:

          Roth, John K. (ed); Berenbaum, Michael (ed). Holocaust:
          Religious and Philosophical Implications. Paragon House; 1989.
          Paperback. ISBN 1-557782-12-1.
          [39][Buy at Amazon:

          Wiesenthal, Simon; Cargas, Harry James (ed); Fetterman, Bonny
          V. (ed). The Sunflower: On the Possibilities and Limits of
          Forgiveness. Schocken Books; 1998. Paperback. Expanded edition.
          ISBN 0-805210-60-1. [Based on his experiences as a
          concentration camp prisoner brought before a dying Nazi soldier
          who asked for his forgiveness, The Sunflower is a collection of
          essays in which a host of intellectuals considers the question:
          Can evil be forgiven?]
          [40][Buy at Amazon:

   There is also an excellent bibliography of Holocaust resources in The
   Third Jewish Catalog

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