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soc.culture.jewish.parenting FAQ: Newsgroup Policies and Procedures
Section - 2.2. Who are the moderators for S.C.J.P?

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Top Document: soc.culture.jewish.parenting FAQ: Newsgroup Policies and Procedures
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 o  Irene Bleiweiss <>
	  * Irene was raised in a culturally Jewish family in New York City.
	    As an adult she rediscovered Judaism's spirituality through
	    regular study and practice of Torah and meditation from an
	    Orthodox/Chassidic perspective.  She lives near Washington,
	    D.C. where she attends a Conservative Havurah. When not focussed
	    on Jewish studies or her two children Elizabeth (5/4/89) and
	    Andrew (1/20/95), Irene is a communications lawyer and writer.
	    She is happily married to a non-Jew who supports the family's
	    Jewish studies and observances.
	  * Irene joined the moderation team in April 1998.

 o  Rona Michelson <>
          * Rona currently lives in Modiin, Israel.  Although raised by
	    parents who had a cultural identification as Jews, Rona's
	    commitment comes from early memories of Jewish observances in the
	    homes of her grandparents.  Seeing herself as a link between past
	    and future generations is what motivated many of her life choices.
	    She decided as a result of her Jewish studies at Gratz College and
	    her experiences at Camp Ramah to become an observant Jew.  She has
	    5 children who she and her husband, Rabbi Aaron Michelson, raised
	    while he was serving as a US Army chaplain at several
	    installations in the US and one assignment in Germany.  In an
	    effort to give their children the Jewish education that was not
	    available locally, they added to the Jewish practices in their
	    home, speaking only Hebrew to the children and enriching them with
	    Israeli music and books.  It must have worked, because all 5 of
	    them went one by one to settle in Israel and all of them are
	    living traditional Jewish lives. Rona is a marriage and family
	    therapist and the proud Savta of 9 sabra grandchildren.
	  * Rona joined the moderation team in April 1998.
 	  * Home Page:

o  Jennifer M Paquette <>
	  * Jennifer Paquette is a divorced single mommy to Yerachmiel Meir
	    (25 Tishrei, 5754) and Elisheva Chaya (8 Teves, 5755).  She has a
	    B.A. in Philosophy (Computer Science minor), and works for a
	    Jewish seniors' centre.  She sometimes jokes that she's "raising
	    Orthodox children," and in truth, often feels ambivalent about
	    affiliating with any one synagogue, congregation, or movement.
	    She considers herself Torah-observant in the sense that she allows
	    Jewish law, custom, and philosophy to guide the course her life
	    wherever possible.  But as a "ba'alas tshuvah", or "returnee" to
	    religious Judaism, she also tries to learn from anybody willing to
	    teach an old dog new tricks, including the many wise parents in
	    SCJP.  Jennifer also tries to help other Jews become more
	    open-minded to the details of a traditional lifestyle; many carry
	    around counterproductive stereotypes which prevent them from
	    living their lives more Jewishly.  She tries to live her Jewish
	    life with a sense of tradition's great weight, but also with
	    feelings of joy and wonder, and these are the messages that she
	    tries to pass on in her own parenting.
	  * Jennifer joined the moderation team in April 1998.
 	  * Home Page:

 o  Marjorie Peskin <>
	  * Marjorie was one of the original founders of
	    soc.culture.jewish.parenting. She is also a founding member and
	    advisor for, and is involved in several other
	    parenting mailing lists. Marjorie was raised by an Orthodox father
	    and a unaffilitated mother active in socialist causes, as well as
	    social and philanthropic aspects of Judaism. She attended a Reform
	    congregation throughout childhood and is now affiliated with the
	    Egalitarian Conservative movement. Marjorie serves as the concert
	    committee chairperson at her shule, where she also helps with
	    MiniMinyan, the children's service for ages 5-8. Her children
	    attend a Solomon Schechter Day School. Marjorie is an information
	    engineer at an internet web commerce software development company.

 o  Jo Pitesky <pitesky@mira.ASTRO.Ucla.EDU>
	  * Jo belongs to a Conservative shul, grew up in a Reform
	    congregation, and considers herself a Reform Jew.  She has two
            daughters, with the vaguely palindromic birthdates 6/29/93 and
	  * Jo is one of the founding moderators of SCJP.

 o  Nina Salkin <>
          * Nina was raised in a secular Jewish home, attended a Yiddish
	    speaking Sholom Aleichem kindershul and now struggles to learn
	    Hebrew.  After a long career in advertising, she married her old
	    college pal Jeff Salkin, who had (suprise!) became a Reform
	    congregational rabbi.  Nina's life now revolves around family,
	    shul, and freelance writing, in roughly that order.  She
	    coordinates a community-wide Rosh Chodesh group in her hometown,
	    Port Washington, NY, edits a desktop newsletter for rabbinic
	    spouses in the Reform Movement, and is owner/moderator of
	    HUCSPOUSE an online discussion list for students, spouses and
	    family members of alumni of Hebrew Union College.  Nina has two
	    sons: Samuel Asher 9/1/86 and Gabriel Adin 8/24/92.
	  * Nina is one of the founding moderators of SCJP.

 o  Sherri Shulman <>
	  * Sherri was raised in a conservative synagogue and is currently
	    affiliated with an egalitarian conservative synagogue. She has 3
	    children: Ricki (7/20/85), Aaron (11/7/92) and Isabel (11/7/92),
	    all attending Hebrew Day School.  When not parenting she is a
	    professor of computer science currently on research leave.
	  * Sherri is one of the founding moderators of SCJP.

o  Steven Weintraub <> 
          * Steven is an active member of the backwater Conservative
 	    community where he grew up.  He has been everything from
 	    Men's Club president to kashrut supervisor to janitor.  He
 	    has been involved with computers since the 70's and internet
 	    since the mid-80's.  Active in various parts of the internet
	    Jewish community, he was active in SCJP's creation and a
	    moderator since its inception.  He is happily married (6/23/85) 
	    to Tina Huckabee and is now trying to figure out how to 
	    raise two successful Jewish children (Shoshana Ruth 12/31/92 
	    and Aaron Joshua 3/9/95).
	  * Home Page:

The S.C.J.P Advisory Board consists of all the moderators plus the following
individuals (who occasionally serve as backup moderators):

 o  Tom Alpert <>
	  * Tom was raised in a Reform congregation and continues to affiliate
	    with that movement.  His wife is a Jew by Choice.  They have three
	    children: David and Katherine, each born 12/28/91, and Andrew,
	    born 10/4/93.
	  * Tom is one of the founding advisors of SCJP.

 o  Daniel Faigin <>
	  * Daniel Faigin is an (at least) third generation Reform Jew, who
	    has a strong committment to Reform Judaism thanks to his
	    interactions with Rabbi Mordecai Soloff and the Wilshire
	    Blvd. Temple Camps. A native of Los Angeles, CA, USA, he has been
	    married since 1985, and has one daughter, Erin Shoshana
	    (11/17/94).  His wife is also Jewish, but has a background in
	    Conservative Judaism.  He has been active on the net in
	    soc.culture.jewish since 1985, and is the maintainer of the
	    multipart S.C.J FAQ and Reading Lists. Since 7/91, he has
	    moderated the Mail.Liberal-Judaism mailing list. He helped
	    establish the SCJP newsgroup/mailing list, serves as an advisor
	    and back-up moderator, and maintains the SCJP software. He also
	    maintains the homepage for his congregation (Temple Beth Torah of
	    Granada Hills), and the Calfornia Highway Home Page.  Daniel
	    currently works in the field of Computer Security.
 	  * Home Page:

 o  Robyn Kozierok <>
  o  Robyn Kozierok <>
	  * Robyn was raised in a Reform household, but after marrying a
	    Conservative Jew, now affiliates with the Egalitarian Conservative
	    movement.  She has two sons, Ryan, born 9/7/93, and Matthew, born
	    6/16/96.  Robyn is also a moderator for and 
          * Robyn is one of the founding advisors of SCJP

 o  Michael Rand <>
	  * Michael was raised in a Reform household, but after attending a
	    national Hillel conference and attending various yeshivas now
	    affiliates with a Egalitarian Conservative synagogue and a liberal
	    Orthodox one, and acts as online editor for Tikkun Magazine.  He
	    is married with no children.
	  * Michael is one of the founding moderators of SCJP, and now serves
	    as an advisor.

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