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soc.culture.jewish.parenting FAQ: Newsgroup Policies and Procedures
Section - 1.9. (Hebrew Usage) I have a question nogaiah hilchos...

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Top Document: soc.culture.jewish.parenting FAQ: Newsgroup Policies and Procedures
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The primary language for Usenet is English.  Translate your Hebrew and Aramaic
when you post in order to maximize the understanding of what you write.
Include a glossary for the lesser known terms.  Some common ones are part of
the S.C.J FAQ (see Section 19 in Part 11).  Words of non-English origin need
not be translated if they are used widely enough to appear in a standard
dictionary such as _Webster's Ninth New Collegiate_ (e.g. Talmud; bat

Usenet is a bad place to ask technical questions of Jewish law.  Instead, ask
a qualified rabbi.  If you know of none, then post a request for rabbinic
advice - many have access to electronic mail, and many readers can find a
rabbi near you.

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