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soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Holocaust, Antisemitism, Missionaries (9/12)
Section - Question 15.2: Where can I get information on the Holocaust?

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Top Document: soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Holocaust, Antisemitism, Missionaries (9/12)
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   Additional information may be found in the [5]Antisemitism Reading
   List, found at [6]
   Information is also available on the newsgroup
   [7]soc.culture.jewish.holocaust, which is a storagehouse for all kinds
   of information from various sources on the Holocaust in Europe that
   occurred between 1942-1945 (along with the events leading up to it
   that happened in the early 30's). In that group you will find
   Holocaust materials from both personal testimonies of survivors and
   their families and "hard" facts from historians and observers. The
   newsgroup has a archive at [8]
   The [9]Nizkor Project (An Electronic Holocaust Educational Resource)
   [Home Page: <>] has also made the following
   information on the Holocaust available; it can be used to answer the
     * A two-part FAQ on Auschwitz. The URL for [10]part 1 is:
       The URL for [11]part 2 is:
     * A two-part FAQ on Operation Reinhard -- A Layman's Guide to
       Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka. The URL for [12]part 1 is
       >. The URL for [13]part 2 is
     * A two-part FAQ on the Institute for Historical Review. The URL for
       [14]part 1 is
       <>. The
       URL for [15]part 2 is
     * A two-part FAQ that provides common answers to the various
       revisionists claims that the Holocaust never occured. The URL for
       [16]part 1 is
       1>. The URL for [17]part 2 is
   If you are using WWW or Mosaic, the relevant pointer is:
   The Nizkor Project also offers a direct and well-documented response
   to the IHR's "66 Questions & Answers About the Holocaust," at
   The Nizkor Project's archives are now searchable, using URL
   Alas, Nazi-ism didn't end with the Holocaust, and there has been a
   resurgance of neo-Nazi groups in Germany. Between October 1992 and
   April 1993, the [21]Simon Wiesenthal Center
   ([22] conducted a covert operation to
   determine the strength, financial base, and ultimate leadership of
   Germany's neo-Nazi movement. Center officials also wanted to find out
   the links between Germany's radical right and similar organizations in
   the United States, and to determine the degree of commitment on the
   part of German police towards the enforcement of laws passed by the
   German parliament over the years to thwart the resurgence of Nazism in
   the Bundesrepublik. The results of this operation are documented and
   [23]available on the net at the URL
   A [24]Holocaust bibliography is also available at the URL
   <>. It contains thousands
   of listings for those interested in research.
   You might also contact the [25]Simon Wisenthal Center:
    9760 West Pico Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90035
    voice: (310)-553-9036
    fax: (310)-277-5558
    e-mail: [26]
    WWW: <>
    Reference librarian/archivist: Paul Hamburg

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